i made a gifset like this one once but i like this one better


10 parallels of Emma becoming a hero / Hook becoming a hero

Requested by Anonymous

I got this request following the “journey of having a family” gifset, but when I built this one, I realized that in oppose to the journey of having a family, the journey of becoming a hero is much more dynamic and doesn’t have a fixed chronological order (as you can see in the gifs above).

I think it’s kind of beautiful though, because becoming a hero is something that wasn’t happening in a day for them, especially not the understanding that they are ones. It began by them not seeing themselves as such, but it also continued with it after they already proven their heroism (like Hook saying he’s hardly a hero in 4x12 after he made heroic choices for already a season and a half before that). It continued with someone putting their faith in them (for Emma Henry, for Hook Emma), and so they just gave this new lifestyle a try by sticking around and not running like they always did.

They both helped people along the way, pushed the temptation of the darkness of being the DO away, sacrificed themselves for the sack of others, were acknowledged as heroes by other people, and were even able to acknowledge it about themselves eventually.

But I think the most important thing for both of them, even more than realizing they are in fact heroes, is acknowledging that being heroes is what they truly have wanted all along! After lifetime of convincing themselves that they are better of alone, that they should care only about themselves, they chose to embrace the change that someone offered them because they truly WANTED to be heroes. It wasn’t so they can be happy like Regina (they both know heroism comes with a price, and sometimes the ultimate sacrifice), it was because that’s what they secretly always wanted to be. So at the end of the day, the journey of becoming a hero didn’t end up with doing heroic acts, or even acknowledging that they have a mark on the heroes column, but the deep understanding that this is by their own choice. I think we saw it once more for Emma in the mid season finale, in which she became horrified that the EQ was gonna make her “wish” come true because she knew it was something that was said without truly being meant. The truth is that she wouldn’t trade being the savior at all, in the same way that Hook ended up choosing heroism over and over again after a lifetime (or better say several lifetimes) of darkness.

Send me a parallel/anti-parallel and I will turn it into a 10 parallels gifset

the 10 parallels project  



So, I have many ways of cutting out characters, and I pick which way to use depending on the scene. In this tutorial I will show you 3 ways to cut out characters for gifs. Let’s get started!

  • Program: Photoshop CS6 Portable
  • Difficulty: Easy (it’s just time consuming) 
  • Previous Knowledge: Basic knowledge on how to make gifs (any PS resource blog will have tutorials on how to make them)

put under a read more because it got quite long

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hear you me (a cinderella story au): chapter one

fandom: riverdale

pairing: jughead jones and archie andrews, betty cooper and veronica lodge

word count: 7k

on ao3


Jughead Jones is antisocial and brooding, invisible to everyone except for his bestfriend Betty Cooper who works on the school newspaper with him. Due to his fathers death, he’s forced to be under the care of his step-mother, Penelope Blossom; doing chores for her and her twins, Cheryl and Jason.
Archie Andrews is Riverdale High’s star quarterback, who is adored by all. But despite his father’s wishes to work for the family business, Archie secretly aspires to be a musician.
Under the name ‘burgerboy’, Jughead confides to 'musicman’, someone he met on an online form for LGBTQ+ teens; which eventually turns into an online relationship. He has no idea that 'musicman’ is Archie Andrews, his ex-bestfriend who doesn’t even remember he exists.

a/n: hey guys! this fic was inspired by this gifset that compared jarchie’s make up scene in 1x02 to a cinderella story, and since i have no self control, i created this. please let me know what you think!

Jughead Jones was seven when his dad died. Back then he wasn’t known as Jughead, but by his birthname, ‘Forsythe Pendleton Jones III’, although Jughead didn’t really think that name was much better. ‘Jughead’ was a teasing name his step-siblings, Cheryl and Jason Blossom called him once their parents had married the year prior to his dad’s death. After his dad died, he let his real name die too- ‘Forsythe’ constantly reminded that his father was gone, as he was named after him. He would never forget what happened that June day, partly due to the nightmares he still had; but also because he was the last one to talk to his dad before he passed.

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Red Light, Green Light.

A/N: There was a tie in the voting! Cavill will come next, but being as I’ve never posted for Chris Pine this one goes to him. Hope you like this one. The gifset is not mine, but it seems fitting

Summary: Chris gets jealous when his girlfriend decides to flirt with his co-star once he leaves her alone at a party

Words: 1978

Why is it red lights always seem to take the longest to pass?

You find this question running through your mind as you reach down to slip out of your heels for the evening. You are too lazy to shift in your seat to properly dispose of them. Your exhaustion from a full day of work, followed by an elaborate dinner party, prompts you to drop them over the back of your seat not caring where they land.

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My experience at the HVFF

This is going to be a very long post about my experience at the HVFF (sorry for my terrible English).

So, when we arrived, on our left, we saw Milo Ventimiglia and we almost fainted in front of him because we didn’t expect to see him so close to the entrance lol Infact we were shocked when we saw John Barrowman few seconds later on our right too haha

Then my friends and I went immediately to Robin’s stand and when we saw him we all freaked out -damn, he’s so good looking and he seems like 28, not 39 :O- So we stood right next to him (not in the queue) and when he saw us he waved and smiled at us (his smile is so bright and cute, I almost melted).

Then I met Em, Julia (@robinllordtaylor) and Jen (@christopherpaulcolfers) and they’re absolutely adorable ;-; I’m so happy that I’ve finally met them -I love you so much girls!

Then we all went to Robin’s photo-op and when I saw him I asked him if we could hug and he said ‘Of course, sweetie!’ and he smiled again. So I picked up my bags and I showed my hand to my friend -because I was literally shaking- and Dickie (Robin’s husband) saw me and he laughed -lol I was sooo embarrassed!

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anonymous asked:

Can you finish your thoughts on Shaw/Root/TM from the tags on that gifset? Please???? :)

y’all should know better than to encourage me to ramble about things. i have zero concept of being brief or concise. so here you go.

This is an expansion of some meta i wrote in some tags about Root’s character development as pertaining to her relationship with the Machine and Shaw. So I don’t have to repeat it every other sentence, a lot of this is headcanon…as in my opinions…you’re completely allowed to disagree and have your own headcanon, that’s the beauty of fandom:

As a kid, Root was already a smug little computer whiz before Hanna got killed, if not already a hacker then definitely heading down that path. Root’s always been arrogant and I imagine she thought she was too good for the horrible little town she was stuck in. On top of that there was whatever situation was going on with her mother…that’s open to interpretation of course, but it was said that she hung out in the library to avoid going home. Hanna and computers were the best things Root had going on in her life. Computers were easier to understand and deal with than humans and let her enact a measure of control over something in a world where she felt trapped and not in control. Especially after Hanna died.

I think root already liked bending and breaking the rules, feeling superior to people who didn’t, but when all the rules of the ‘civilized’ world failed her the night Hanna was taken she realized that rules only applied to you if you let them. Rules weren’t real. They were part of humans’ bad code and a thing to be exploited. Computers, of course, do have rules and logic that they can’t disobey. If a computer isn’t doing what it’s supposed to do than somewhere along the line a human messed up…either wrote bad code or made bad hardware, etc. The universe and humans and emotions are a giant chaotic mess without rhyme or reason, but computers are perfect, logical.

The thing about Root though is she very much is human and has so many of the traits she sees as flaws…I think that’s part of the reason for her wildly shifting self-value. She has an enormous emotional capacity that she’s struggled to keep in check and funneled only into anger for most of her life, so when her emotions do come out it’s like opening a floodgate. But before the Machine and Shaw she compartmentalized all of that, locked it away, didn’t allow herself to feel anything she considered weak. She cared about Hanna and then she lost her and that hurt horribly. Therefore, in Root logic, if she doesn’t care about people, she can’t get hurt. One of the reasons her emotions and mannerisms often come off as over the top and child-like is because she never allowed herself to learn to regulate them.

Then the Machine enters the picture. One of the many things Root’s been locking away is loneliness. I think from later seasons it’s fairly apparent that she’s a deeply lonely person even if she spent most of her life writing that off as a weakness. But if humans are bad code and weak than she can never really allow herself to care about them or let them in. But the Machine isn’t human. She sees the Machine not only as an inherently more worthy form of life, but as someone she can finally allow herself to care for.

Root’s face lights up whenever the Machine talks to her and that’s definitely partly her deification of her, but it’s also because she loves her, as a god and the friend she always wanted. When she doesn’t find TM at the end of God Mode it completely breaks her and she shuts down and goes away inside her head because she’s lost something again and it hurts horribly and she doesn’t know how to deal with that. And when the Machine chooses to talk to her it’s everything she’d always hoped for.

But the Machine isn’t exactly what she’d imagined. TM won’t let her kill and sets her up to help save humanity. Root starts out being somewhat amused but indulgent of the no kill rule (’even this guy?’), and probably doesn’t mind the saving humanity bit since she sees it as the Machine helping to make humanity better and also gives her a feeling of importance…because TM values her enough to ask her to do this.

Around this time, Shaw becomes another factor in Root’s life. I don’t see Root as having had any real meaningful relationships in her life, and I don’t think she immediately falls head over heels for Shaw…instant chemistry, yes..instant love, no. I do think TM sees potential there though either before or during Mors Praematura. At that point Root cares about what the Machine thinks/wants and won’t kill people because she cares about TM’s wishes, but she still doesn’t care about people. Perhaps TM saw Shaw as a person Root could care about. Also, even though this is a meta post about Root I’d like to say that TM probably also thought Root would be good for Shaw…it was never just about one or the other of them; it was always about both of them together.

Fast forward to Aletheia. Shaw goes back to look for Root. I’ve probably mentioned this in a ton of other posts but I strongly believe that was the first time someone had done something like that for her (the end of mors praematura doesn’t exactly count). It was an indication that a human cared for her and for once she doesn’t see that as a negative or a thing to be exploited.

That brings us to the episode I wrote the original meta tags about…Root Path. The whole episode is TM smacking her in the head to try and explain that her actions have cascading consequences and end up hurting multiple people. This isn’t something Root has generally thought about or given a shit about before, but TM is telling her and she loves TM and doesn’t want to disappoint her. Her whole ‘how badly did you have to break it’ speech is about her not understanding how a being that was supposed to be above human weaknesses is telling her that humans are important. And while TM can drill this into her head over and over it doesn’t click until she realizes she’s fallen for Shaw. I think that the end of root path is when she starts accepting that.

Root needed both of TM and Shaw to get where she ended up. I don’t think she ever genuinely likes people, and she continues to treat most people in a condescending fashion, but she can’t make the sweeping generalization that humans == bad code now because Shaw isn’t bad code so that statement is no longer always true. And that opens up a lot of possibilities. TM got Root to a point where she could admit to care for another human and Shaw was the human she could care for and who cared for her. All three of them are very much tied up on each other’s character arcs which is one of the reasons I thought it was such a shame we never got to see Shaw and TM interact over the course of the story.

One last comment…I’ve seen discussions of whether Shaw or TM is more important to Root and I personally don’t find this a useful question to ask. Both of them are so damn integral to her life that she’s devastated at the idea of losing either. They are both immeasurably important to her and being forced to put a value on one over the other would be deeply upsetting for her and ultimately pointless. It is possible to have more than one thing that you care for without it lessening the importance of either.

Hope that was what you were after, anon!

anonymous asked:

Can i ask ur thoughts on the scene between len and flash at argus? Where barry was holding onto len as king shark was trying to pull him back into the cell? I loved that scene. They've come so far from 1x04. I loved how len invited himself to the westallen wedding too.

Originally posted by coldsflash

I thought the entire scene at ARGUS was really fascinating, to be honest. I think there’s a lot that we can clean from it, including how fascinating it is that once they made it past the main guards, Len was so good at getting them to the basement that the show didn’t even see fit to actually, well, show the process of getting down there.

It’s possible they used the facial transmorgrifying to get past any guards, because no one internally is gonna question Lyla once she’s past clearance, I imagine, and they can use her retinal and bio scans to get through most parts or turn off half of their issues, and we’ve seen the cold gun take out lasers.

But still, the whole damn thing goes so smooth until they’re down there. And then there’s King Shark, and Barry being ready to kill him, and Len being unimpressed with that. And it’s not like Len’s unwilling to kill, we know he’s more than willing to, but he clearly holds other people to different standards. 

I’ve talked about that before, a bit, why he would maybe hold Barry to a different standard, with the upshot being that the guy who inspired him not to kill and to find better methods isn’t allowed to toss that dedicated out the window now, especially not when he’s asking Len for help.

But anyway, things are going relatively well until the alarm goes off, and then Len gets stuck inside. And it’s neat, he half-expects Barry to ditch him, I think, based on the way he calls Barry’s name as soon as the door closes, separating them.

Originally posted by coldsflash

He switches quick into egging Barry on, reminding him he has to leave in under two minutes, but it’s some reverse-psychology. “This is your chance to show how ruthless you really are” because of course, Barry doesn’t want to be ruthless. Not the Barry that Len knew, at least. Is capable of it? Sure. But doesn’t want it. Doesn’t want to have to be.

And of course, Barry doesn’t disappoint. It’s Barry. No matter the consequences, he has honor, and he’s not about to throw someone under the bus and leave them behind when he’s responsible for them. 

It’s interesting too though. Think back to the first trip to E2, with Jay stuck in another cage. Barry could’ve phased through the glass to get Jay out, but didn’t have the energy left, and Zoom was coming, so he left. There were other lives to protect, his friends, but he left Jay behind with the promise that he’d return. 

Originally posted by minettedylan

He had reason to believe Jay’s life wasn’t in immediate danger, and he didn’t know Jay yet, but still, it bears comparing.

Because if the guards arrive in the next minute, Len’s probably not going to turn into shark food. Him dying here would seriously screw up time considering he’s supposed to die a hero with the Legends, but Barry also has other lives he has to think about here, and getting caught up in ARGUS stuff and losing the power source would devastate his chances for saving Iris.

But even now, at the “ruthless” end of his rope, Barry doesn’t seem to even consider bolting. Maybe he considers it, but dismisses it immediately. He’s not leaving Leonard behind. 

And then the un-hackable door magically becomes hackable (likely because of Len’s tampering with it) and Barry urges Len to get out of there, only for him to get caught by King Shark at the last second. And then we get this.   

(he keeps saying “I got you” it kills me, just the reassurance that he’s not letting Len go no matter what)

Barry doesn’t hesitate to dive for him. In the space of a second, he goes from urging Len on under the door to launching himself forward, grabbing Len’s hand and pulling, definitely not letting him go. 

And you know something neat about this? Other than implied off-screen speed-running-carrying (since Barry had to get Len to 2017 somehow), the last time we saw them physically touch on screen was when Barry had Len pressed up to the mantle in 2x09? Barry has gone from physically pushing Len as a threat to physically pulling him to save him in the space of a single interaction, really.

I’m not sure what more you want me to say, except that it seems that every time these two work together, one of them gets the other into a pinch but ends up saving them (happens in 1x22, 2x03, and now here in 3x22). Their tally sheet must look like a messy with all the “you helped me, I saved your life, you saved my life, I helped you” back and forth they do. No wonder they seem to have simply thrown out their attempts to keep score.


Royal Albert Hall 2011 - Ramin Karimloo, Sierra Boggess, Hadley Fraser

Differences between the RAH and the replica blocking:

#1 and #2: No portcullies, the phantom chokes Christine to keep Raoul away from them, after this Christine falls to the ground and Raoul runs to her.

#3 and #4: Raoul is strangled on the staircase, hence Christine doesn’t run around him. The phantom has to walk up to Christine before he can grab her, this happens much later than usual.

#5: Christine doesn’t walk up to Raoul after ‘shattered’, she just turns around to stop the phantom.

#6: The phantom never puts the veil down, so he still carries it during ‘I gave my mind….’

#7 und #8: The throne is on the other side of the stage, therefore the phantom just sits on the ground. He puts the veil down after ‘make your choice’.

#9: The phantom directly addresses Raoul after he frees him.

#10: Christine stops halfway up the stairs, Raoul comes back to lead her out.

I was asked some time ago to do a RAH gifset and didn’t know how to do it because there are too many differences in the blocking - I can’t ignore them, they are important for the atmosphere of this interpretation but I also wanted to point the subtle acting choices out. Therefore I decided to do two gifsets, in this one you can see the most relevant (imo)  changes from the replica blocking. You can read my opinion under the cut.
(The other gifset can be found here)

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pldubrahs  asked:

hi! i saw ur posts about panarin and 1. welcome to the jackets fanbase! our team is a group of Good Boys trying their best to shed their years of failure and suffering, and i'm sure columbus will take good care of ur boy bc we adore fast goalscorers. 2. i've been doing some Research on ur boy but i would like to know More if you'd be amenable to sharing information about him

Anonymous said: Why do you like Artemi Panarin so much? (P.S. this is totally not some sort of judgy “omg why do you like him?” thing). It’s just I don’t know much about hockey or him at this point and I would like to read a cute little summary of what you like about him so that I can be educated about this fellow.

YES YES YES i would love to educate as many people as possible about my sweet pea artemi panarin…. strap yourselves in because i just made a PANERA PRIMER!!!

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willjtudor  asked:

ELLE !!!!! CONGRATS !!!! also malec + birthdays :))

RIYA!!! so it’s funny how i completed this for your birthday and the ask includes birthdays i mean iconic am i right? anyway happy birthday sweetheart!!! i love you to the moon and back and talking to you always brightens my day. i love when you tag me in your gifsets and i hold our friendship v dear to me especially when we expose our #darkpasts 👀 you’re beautiful and kind and i hope your day is absolutely amazing!! ❤️😚


(huge thanks to the best beta a girl could ask for @lightwoodlesbians 💕)

Magnus sips on his morning tea, checking over the guest list to Rafael’s party one last time. Rafael’s turning 11, and it’s his first birthday with them, spending it together as a family. Though Rafael has been here under a year, he’s still as much of a son to Magnus and Alec as little Max is. So Magnus wants Rafael’s first birthday with them to be special and to serve as a reminder that he has people who want to celebrate with him.

“I hope Helen and Aline are able to make it. Helen says Aline is still sick with a nasty flu.”

Looking up, Magnus watches his very shirtless husband flip a pancake expertly, and Magnus grins, twirling the pen between his fingers.

“Me too. Although even without them we have almost 25 people who said they’re going to come,” Magnus replies, making a mental note to call the caterer to make sure the food comes on time.

“It’s gonna be a big crowd,” Alec says, putting the pancakes onto four plates and passing one to Magnus with an easy wink and a smile.

“And why are you so happy this morning, hm?” Magnus asks, getting off of his chair and taking a step towards Alec, who won’t stop smiling. It’s very difficult for Magnus not to mirror his happiness.

“I have two amazing kids and a beautiful husband - what’s there not to be happy about?” Alec asks, picking up the ends of the sash of the robe Magnus is wearing and tugging him flush against his body, kissing him deeply.

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LEGION Recap: 1x01

Last spring when I was getting mildly sloshed off cheap French rosés and falling in love with the X-Men, I did not know it was because my compass heart had swung unerringly to the superhero franchise that, in its infinite batshit whimsy, would see fit to produce an eight-episode kaleidoscopic mutant concept piece less than one year later, as if the surrealist inventive fuckery inherent in the X-Men universe had just been waiting for me, DTF.

And then Legion had to wait for me a bit more, as historically I’ve only ever managed to watch one TV show at a time. Why? BECAUSE I DO NOTHING BY HALVES, SON. And presently I am still lost in space with my beloved golden-hearts on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

But then I saw a gifset of what looked like Jemaine Clement in a pale suit on some sort of Mylar-draped soundstage, and that was fucking it. I could feel a give in my ribs as I was pulled toward my true north, to Legion, to the show seemingly made out of scraps and spangles fished out of my own head.

So let’s do it. Let’s do two shows at once. Let’s see what my capacity for sustained enthusiasm actually is. Let’s open up all the valves, let’s set fire to tears, LET’S GO.

Legion - Season 1, ‘Chapter 1’

Wooouuuld you like this show to begin with a deeply stylized growing-up montage set to “Happy Jack” by The Who, hyper-slo-mo snapshots all centered in frame, quaint and retro until our boy hits age of onset and begins screaming it into a distorted symmetrical Wes Anderson nightmare? Hohoho, would I.


Troubled kid grows into troubled man, until his big haunted eyes see no more hope, and he tries to hang himself with an electrical cord, which sparks like synapses (!!! guys) into a sparkling candle on a cupcake — his birthday. Thirty-odd complete revolutions around the sun for David, the last five spent inside this mental institution, which outfits its patients in burnt orange track jackets with yellow stripes, because THE SIXTIES, groovy.

Dan Stevens does a pretty passable American accent, it turns out. His most amazing transformation is still when he left his second chin in Downton Abbey and suddenly looked like his own hot evil twin, but this is good too.

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Alpha Insanity (Part One)

Based off THIS Sterek AU

AN: You guys were requesting I write some parts to this so here’s part one :) I’m sorry it’s not as good as the AU gifset sounded.

“When did you get a tattoo?” Scott asked as Stiles tugged of his Lacrosse Jersey.

“What, are you kidding me!” Stiles growled and stomped over to the mirror to look at himself and found his ribs dusted with tiny triskelion patterns. He almost thought it was cool but then quickly remembered the last places the mark had shown up and decided he was really getting sick of it.

“You should have said and I’d have come with you.” Scott muttered as he grabbed his bags and frowned when Stiles started checking all over. “You didn’t get drunk and tattoo yourself, did you?”

“Scott I can barely draw a straight line, I don’t do art, I do brain stuff.” He mumbled and Scot flinched when Stiles turned his back to his friend and pulled the front of his shorts out. “Well better than last time I guess.”

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“A Rose By Any Other Name Would Smell As Sweet” - On Dissociation, Duality and Identity on Supernatural

“The mind is its own place, and in itself can make a heaven of hell, a hell of heaven…”
- John Milton / “Paradise Lost” 

After reading an interesting article on the 350th anniversary of Milton’s “Paradise Lost” I found myself pondering one of the themes prevalent in the poem and how it translates to one of the themes I love so much on Supernatural and how it has been especially explored during Carver Era: The Topic of Duality and Identity.

One of the key aspects of Lucifer as a character in Milton’s poem is how the archangel sheds his original name and by that also crafts a new “life” for himself along with it. He no longer calls himself or is addressed as Lucifer but as “Satan” or “the Devil” (interestingly enough that is something Supernatural’s longest standing villain rejects completely, and despises these names which is an interesting aspect to keep in mind and one I’ll come back to later). This re-invention and the power of names is an intricate part of shaping one’s own identity and reality. It’s something we have seen countless pop culture figures go through for very similar reasons.

The pattern can be traced all the way back to fairytales like Rumpelstiltsken, but it can be found in a multitude of modern pieces of literature, art or television too. Think of Tom Riddle vs. Lord Voldemort, Dr. Jekyll vs. Mr Hyde or Walter White vs. Heisenberg. They all create alter egos for themselves in a fashion comparable to the renaming process that happens to demons in Milton’s work, because once they lost their positive identity, they also lost their names. It’s very much in line with what we see happening on Supernatural as all the more “run of the mill”-demons we have met thus far have been addressed by the name of the person they inhabited, Meg is probably the most memorable example for that. And it’s also of course a transformation the King of Hell himself underwent when he died as Fergus McLeod and emerged as Crowley.

Much like his mother, who always tried to escape her past and shape a new world for herself in which she possesses the power she lacked before when being rejected, so Crowley tried his best to forget about his past altogether and shape a new world and identity for himself. And all that went well and good until, well, the Winchesters came along. Until then Crowley was able to craft his new self and by shaping himself shaping also his own reality, how he perceives and thinks of himself (unintruded) and by that trying to infer how people perceive him. In the end however the dilemma comes down to what Kurt Vonnegut once described as: “Be careful what you pretend to be because you are what we pretend to be.” Because sometimes that - or rather the way we think about ourselves - can turn into your Achille’s heel or something like a self fulfilling prophecy. And on Supernatural, I suppose no one fights that battle with himself harder than Dean Winchester. That battle of how he thinks about himself and how/who he really is (and that aspect is drawn attention to again with Mr. Ketch insinuating that Dean and he are alike or that Dean is merely an unhinged killer (see meta and gifset here) - something Dean may think of himself at the worst of times, but which hardly can be counted as a realistic picture of who he truly is).

And in this regard I feel it’s important to remember that Dean went to Hell, was well on his way to becoming a demon, but got rescued before his soul may have been twisted too far to dip back. That doesn’t change anything about the fact however that Dean remembers that time, remembers what happened to him, what he did and what he became. It left a taint, some darkness within him and one he is deeply ashamed of. Now, question is how far along the transformation or dissociation went when he was in hell. Was Dean close to forgetting his own name, his own positive identity? And is that possibly the reason why Dean’s struggles in terms of identity and perception of self has gotten all the much worse post Hell too (while also of course taking into account the trauma he faced there)? Because Dean thinking about himself merely as a killer definitely stems from his experiences in and post Hell.

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pedestrianfootbridge  asked:

Any thoughts/theories on who Savitar might be, in light of the "Once and Future Flash" episode? I'm hearing people suspect it might be Eddie, which could be cool. And that fits in with the whole "Barry ruined my life" thing and also 2024 Killer Frost's comments that Barry would be "so surprised" when he found out. But I also feel like if that was the case Caitlin would have been more confused/suspicious towards him instead of just immediately giving in like she did at the end of the episode?

I’ve talked a lot about my theories and the various ones I’ve heard, weighing the possibilities, but maybe I should have it all in one place, so here we go.

Who Savitar might be (in descending order of likelihood).

1. Barry Allen

This is my favorite theory. 

Maybe it’s a Barry who becomes so twisted by the death of Iris that he makes a time remnant who becomes Savitar somehow. Maybe it’s the version of Barry that was destroyed by Barry changing the timeline so many times, and he’s been caught in the speedforce going mad all this time, re-witnessing his mother’s death. 

Who knows? Not me. But I can see it from how this season has gone, with it being about consequences to Barry’s time travel. And Caitlin knows enough about time travel and time remnants to put that together quick, upon seeing Savitar’s identity. Like I mentioned somewhere else, her reaction could’ve been a “this version of you is as twisted as I am as Killer Frost” - a mutual understanding of what they’ve both become.

This theory also makes the most sense from Savitar’s “it’s me or you” thing with Iris. Maybe Barry needs to become so twisted and broken to become Savitar, and Iris has to die in order for that to happen.

2. Eddie Thawne 

This would warrant some surprise from Killer Frost, given that Eddie was pretty dead last we checked. She wasn’t quite confused enough for this, maybe?

But note that Eddie died within a time loop, right? The only reason he killed himself is because Eobard time travelled. No Eddie procreating, no Eobard to travel back in time and cause Eddie to ultimately kill himself. The speedforce shelters that timeline (Eobard’s original timeline) to prevent a world-collapsing paradoxical time loop, but we don’t really know if that means Eddie just stays dead, or if he’s maybe been stuck in the speedforce or caught in a time loop going mad?

It also plays into the “you’ll never guess” thing they’ve got going, but fit with it being someone who knows the team / has been watching them, has a personal connection to Iris. Idk, this gifset had some interesting points/parallels for it.

3. Cobalt Blue / Malcolm Thawne / Barry’s evil twin

This one is out of the comics but I’m a fan of this theory. Separated twins at birth, a twin who thinks Barry took “everything” from him by having the life that he was supposed to have but never got to, raised by the Thawnes and not the Allens. It seems unlikely to me that they’d actually play it out this way, but some Cobalt Blue reference or tie-in wouldn’t really surprise me.

Anyway, @ladyofpride and @prouvairablehulk have made an interesting case for this.

4. Ronnie Raymond

So people are suggesting this one I think because of the Killer Frost tie-in? And maybe because it’s sort of unclear what the heck happened to Ronnie’s body when he was sucked into the singularity. Maybe he wasn’t crushed by gravity and maybe he didn’t get chucked out as a corpse onto Earth 2. Maybe he just got lost in the speedforce, sucked in like Roscoe (Turbine) in the New 52.

I kind of dig this theory on a few fronts, including that it would be a genuine twist, fit with the comics in that weird way, and sort of have a strange tie-in with how Julian was Savitar’s avatar and was falling for Caitlin all season. But, I do believe if this were true, Killer Frost’s reaction to seeing him would’ve included more shock and awe and joy?

5. Iris West

This is a new theory I’ve seen floating around. It’s neat, placing the “it’s you or me, Iris” thing in an entirely new light. Iris doesn’t die, she becomes Savitar. Or I mean, she does die, and thus becomes Savitar.

I feel that Killer Frost’s reaction at the end of 3x19 would actually fit with it being Iris, to be totally honest, but I still think it’s ultimately a little unlikely. That being said, the seasonal big bad being a woman? Into it. And it would be an unexpected twist. What better to ruin Barry than the woman he loves becoming the one who ruins him? 

6. Another speedster: Jay Garrick, Wally West, Jesse Quick, Eliza Harmon

Mostly Wally and Jay, but I think these are all at least a little plausible, right? Jay is stuck in the speedforce right now though, so it would have to be a Jay from a different time. Wally is an interesting theory to me… Savitar took a shining to Wally and used him, got close to him, imprisoned him and the speedforce didn’t want to let Wally go.

Also, it would but a neat spin on 2024!Wally. Wally goes after Savitar, Savitar breaks his back and does something to him, and Wally becomes permanently catatonic? Maybe he’s catatonic due to becoming Savitar? I know it’s convoluted and silly and unlikely, but hell, this show handwaves a lot.

Jesse seems unlikely but she’s a speedster so? Same with Trajectory – she was destroyed by the speedforce after all. Maybe Velocity made her one with the speedforce. It’s silly and I doubt it, but hey, I’m being thorough.

7. Leonard Snart

I don’t think this is likely, but some people think Occulus!Len might’ve become the God of Speed. @literallyflashtrash suggested it as a crack theory but it’s taken off since then, and others have thought it up independently as well. I think we all just miss Snart. It’s okay guys, I miss him too.

8. Humanized!Grodd

“I am the future, Flash…” - Grodd, New 52. Enough Said.

9. Patty Spivot

@terrie01‘s joke but hell, at this point, I won’t even be surprised. Throw us all for a loop, writers.

10. A random hot dude because KF is thirsty

Someone joked about this and I 100% approve. “you’re gonna be sooo suprised… that Savitar is someone you haven’t even met!”

11. Edward Clarriss / The Rival

The dude had a big enough ego, right? Was created by Flashpoint. Maybe Savitar is somehow a remnant of him, and that’s part of why he killed Clarriss when he was done with him? It’s not like Zoom didn’t pull the same move with killing his remnant, and this show loves its parallels.

12. (Grown up) Sara Diggle

Barry erased her existence from the timeline. If I were her, I would want revenge too. Obviously not likely, but damn does he deserve this coming back to bite him.

anonymous asked:

Hey! So I know that you're the most famous person of the kabby fandom (and I love you btw) so there's something I need to tell you. I've seen a lot of people from the kabby fandom (which I am a part of it) getting mad whenever someone on twitter doesn't like Kane or Abby, saying that it's because they are ageist which I think is really annoying (like they start going off on them almost every time ) 1/2

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and if they don’t like a character it’s not necessarily bc they’re ageist. I think that this is the reason a lot of people don’t like us so (if you agree with me ofc) could you maybe pass the word? I love you btw you’re an amazing person and your ff are the best 😘 2/2             

Okay.  So.  

There’s a lot to unpack here.

I have a lot of thoughts, some of which may not be the thoughts you were hoping that I would have.  I do want to thank you for your very sweet words, but I also want to address a few things about this ask I find extremely frustrating, not with the intent of making you feel bad but because I think there are some big conversations here worth having in a broader context.

First and foremost, and this is something most of you have heard me reiterate many times, I am a strong advocate of people addressing their problems with each other directly.  If you saw someone on Twitter accuse someone of being ageist and you disagree, that’s fair to say!  Social media is a free and open exchange of ideas.  Also, if you’re a member of the Kabby fandom, and you witness another member of the Kabby fandom engaging in bad internet behavior, call them out!  It’s always better for communities to go collect their own people when they cross the line rather than expecting others to do it. If your fellow fan tweets something mean, call it out.  We all need to do our part to shut that stuff down and make the fandom a better place. But the right forum for that is to bring it up with the person who actually said or did the thing you’re upset about, and not to bring it to a completely unrelated party.

Which brings me to my second point: I’m extremely uncomfortable being addressed as though I speak for the entirety of the Kabby fandom.  I don’t.  No one person does.  Fandoms are communities made of individual people who have shared interests, but there’s no hierarchy. I don’t want to be the Bad Fandom Behavior Police. This is especially frustrating when I get asks where one member of the fandom comes to Kabby Mom about something another member of the fandom did … especially when it’s something I wasn’t part of and didn’t witness.  

And that, my dear Anon, is the big problem that I’m having with this request.  I don’t have any idea what incident you’re referring to, what was said, by whom, to whom, or what the context was.  You’re asking me to agree with you that somebody was out of line, and that, quote, “that’s why people don’t like us.”  But I can’t grant that premise without knowing what you’re talking about.  

(Also, by the way, I would urge you to let go of spending too much time caring about whether other fandoms like us.  I can assure you, most of them honestly probably aren’t thinking about us that much.)  

If I understand the situation correctly, and if we’re referring to a real incident and not a hypothetical, you’re saying that Person A tweeted something negative about Kabby and Person B said “that’s ageist.”  You, Anon, believe that Person A was not being ageist, that Person B overreacted, and that B is the one whose behavior is the problem.  And that’s certainly one possibility.  But the other possibility is that maybe Person A was being ageist but neither Person A nor you have recognized it.

And I cannot make that determination for you, because you haven’t told me anything concrete, and I wasn’t there.

I am also a thirty-six-year-old woman in a fandom full of teenagers and if you are not thirty-six then it is entirely possible that you and I are seeing the concept of ageism from two very different and incompatible points of view in the first place.

That being said, if you want my opinion, here is my opinion.

First, there really is no excuse for being a jerk on the internet, no matter what you disagree about.  There will always be people who love things you hate and hate things you love and ship things you find incomprehensible and reject headcanons you treat as gospel, because we all fandom in our own ways.  So if you’re asking me, should Kabby shippers get a pass on being jerks to non-Kabby shippers just because I, personally, ship Kabby, my answer to that is, “of course not, that is insane.”  Disagreement and discussion are always okay; Twitter is a public forum, and if someone voices an opinion, you get to have your own opinion about it.  But being a jerk is never okay.  

In general, I am a strong proponent of staying in your lane. I’m a pretty ruthless curator of my Twitter and Tumblr feeds, so I don’t follow anyone who talks shit about Kane or Abby (I have a one-strike block policy with this), and I recommend this approach to everyone.  Make your social media feed your happy place.

Now, there are lots of people in the fandom who don’t like, or simply don’t care for, Kane and/or Abby.  There are probably plenty of reasons for this, and not, not every single one of these reasons is inherently ageist. HOWEVER! The fact that you did not see the comment in question as being ageist does not actually mean it was not ageist or that the person who called them out was wrong for doing so.  

Ageism is hardwired into the very fabric of our society – like misogny and heterosexism and racism – and just like with those other -isms, most of the time when we serenely think that we are guiltless of it, we are lying to ourselves. And that goes for internalized prejudices, too.  This stuff is ingrained in us from birth. In general, the same way I am inherently suspicious of white people saying “I AM ZERO PERCENT RACIST” and men saying “I AM THE MOST FEMINIST MAN TO EVER MAN”, I tend to take with a grain of salt the words of people much younger than me talking about ageism in this fandom because I actually see it a lot.

And fam, we need to talk about the difference between fandom discourse about Abby and fandom discourse about Kane.

Now, your mileage may vary, but I will say that in my personal experience, when I stumble upon someone who does like Abby but doesn’t like Kane, I agree that it frequently has its roots in reasons which are not inherently, automatically ageist.  It tends to be rooted rather clearly in plot. More often than not, they’re still tripping up over something he did in a previous season that they can’t get past. (We should probably save the conversation about our fandom’s selective forgiveness problem for another time.)  They can’t get past the Culling, or arresting/shocklashing/attempting to float Abby, or being too hard on Bellamy, or losing the election to Pike by choosing to ally with the Grounders, or floating Aurora or Jake, or just in general being a mega-dick in the pilot.  And that’s fine!  I mean I feel like you’re missing out by giving his four-season character development arc short shrift and ignoring the way all the terrible things he’s done in the past shaped him into a better person once he confronted them, but whatever!  The point is that, you’re right, that reasoning is not, in and of itself, inherently ageist.  That’s not to say that there aren’t any fans who straight-up just don’t like him because they think old guys are boring, for the most part, when I see people dislike Kane, it’s a reaction to something that he did.

But we actually do need to talk about ageism and Abby in this fandom.  Because it is a big fucking problem. 

The problem with ageism and Abby is that more often than not, from what I’ve seen, when people dislike Abby, it’s a reaction to who and what she is.  It is absolutely impossible to separate it from internalized misogyny and the way older women are systematically devalued by our culture in ways that sometimes we can’t even see as ageist, because they’re just hardwired into us. 

Sure, every once in awhile you get an easy one, and someone whines on Twitter about “gross old person sex,” and then you can point to it very clearly, and nobody will dispute that we’re talking about ageism here.  But it’s often so much murkier than that.  Ageism can look like a lot of different things, many of which you’ll believe are completely unrelated.

Ageism can look like fans who show up in the comments of the writers’ room Twitter and Instagram when they post pictures of the adults to say “nobody cares about them, post [whoever I personally stan the most] instead.”

Ageism can look like gifset after gifset featuring “leading ladies of The 100″ where they include Fox and Maya and Charlotte, but not Abby (who has second billing in the cast after Clarke).

Ageism can look like a blanket refusal, under in any situation where Clarke and Abby are at odds, to grant that Abby might have a point, even when the narrative is clearly telling us that Clarke is the character at fault. The tendency within this fandom for young girls who closely identify with Clarke to graft their own mom frustrations onto Abby is virtually never-ending, and it can be hard to sift through the the complex intersection of ageism and misogyny that makes it impossible for them not to see mothers as human beings who are interesting, who are wise, who are right, who know things their children do not, who are sexual, who are allowed to make mistakes, who deserve screen time and plot agency, who are just as vital to the story as the teenagers.

Ageism can look like giving Clarke sole credit for establishing peace with the Grounders through Lexa, when in fact it was Kane who made the first contact with her and got her to offer the treaty in the first place, and it was Abby turning Lincoln from a Reaper back into himself again that cemented the alliance.

Ageism can look like shutting down Kabby shippers gleefully enjoying headcanons about bunker baby theory because Abby is “too old to have a baby” – a misconception that has permeated so deeply into our culture that we have all internalized the belief that no woman is supposed to have a baby over the age of 35 as though it is inarguable scientific fact, even though it may interest you to know that is a myth.  (“What? How did I not know that that was a myth?” BECAUSE OUR ENTIRE SOCIETY IS AGEIST TOWARDS WOMEN AND THE STUDY THAT GAVE US 35 AS THE MAGIC STOP NUMBER IS FROM LIKE THE 1700’S, THAT’S HOW FEW FUCKS THE MEDICAL COMMUNITY GIVES ABOUT UP-TO-DATE RESEARCH ON THE HEALTH OF OLDER WOMEN)

Ageism can look like a fan who ships all the non-canon ships … except Doctor Mechanic, because it’s “gross” and “Abby is basically her mom.”  The inherent desexualization of age-difference relationships is often rooted in ageism.  You don’t have to ship it!  But if you insist that no one should ship it, then there may be some ageism in the roots of your ship-shaming.

My point here, dear Anon, is that if you are looking for someone to tell you, “you’re right, Kabby shippers overreact about ageism in this fandom,” you are barking up the wrong tree, because from where I stand, as a woman far closer to Abby’s age than Clarke’s, I’m going to venture that we don’t talk about ageism enough.  And like many -isms in our society, if it doesn’t appear to you to be that big a problem, that may be because it doesn’t apply to you.  (Yet.)

Now, to be clear – before someone sends me an angry rebuttal to this – not in a million years am I saying that it makes you inherently ageist if you don’t ship Kabby.  Just like it doesn’t make you inherently homophobic if you don’t like Lexa or inherently racist if you don’t like Bellamy or inherently misogynist if you don’t like Clarke.  But all squares are rectangles, even if not all rectangles are squares.  By which I mean that, contained within the group of people who don’t ship Kabby, there is a lot of ageism, just as, contained within the group of people who hate Bellamy, there’s a lot of problematic racial shit, and it means we need to have a clearer understanding of where those lines are so that we recognize the ugly stuff when it shows up on our timeline and call it out when we see it.

Someone commented on my Liara/Javik gifset to say they feel Javik is probably the biggest disappointment in Liara’s life.
And I had ideas for a meta post about them, because it seems to me like it’s a bit more complicated than that. I’ll argue that Liara is Liara’s biggest disappointment, and those feelings are temporary and won’t last because Liara will come to terms with some things. Same with Javik. It’s just their meeting that makes them both aware of things they don’t like about themselves.

First, I’m thinking about this note from Liara:

“Childish/Romanticize/Dazzled/Dedicate my life to studying”

I can only imagine what it’s like for her because that level of disappointment is so high. She expected someone completely different, instead she gets a soldier who:
1. has only known the Reapers so he has never seen what the protheans are like in a time of peace
2. is a soldier

I mention all this, especially the soldier part, because Javik himself is focused on that:

(The dialogue here is my own transcription)
JAVIK: The strong grow stronger by dominating the weak. It is for the greater good of all. Though I do not think your asari approves of my beliefs.
SHEPARD: Liara? I think she just had a different idea of what protheans were like.
JAVIK: We are all a product of our time. Had I been born in this cycle, perhaps I would be the noble scholar she wishes me to be.
SHEPARD: You think you’d like that? It’s a whole different line of work.
JAVIK: I wouldn’t know. Living a life of constant war, taking life in every battle…
SHEPARD: I see how it could be tough to see outside the box.
JAVIK: It is the only box I have known. It shapes me, as stone is shaped by the one who causes it. This stone has no choice in the form it would take. You and I, Commander… War is our sculptor. And we are prisoners to its design.

I find this conversation so enlightening, first because Javik is greatly aware of how he came to think like he does, but he also doesn’t know anything else than war, so he doesn’t know if he could enjoy being a scholar. He has no idea.

The words he chose are also significant: “No choice/Prisoners”
And the look on his face:

I honestly see regret, or at least this is the look of someone who knows it’s too late to change, too late to go back. This is what he keeps telling Shepard when he warns them about war. War changes you, and this is the person he has become. And this is the person Liara finds disappointing.
It’s a very vicious cycle, that both will eventually break. 

Because Liara realizes she did romanticize the Protheans, which is why she’s disappointed with herself. But once she understands Javik is not going to become the “scholar she wishes him to be”, maybe she’ll get the truth out of him, and they could both write a book that shows the good and bad parts of the prothean empire. 

If Javik doesn’t touch his shard, he tells Shepard at the end of ME3: “Since my birth, life’s only pursuit has been war. I look forward to seeing what peace looks like.”
and “Perhaps I will write a book with the asar- with Dr T'Soni. She suggest "Journeys with the Prothean.”
This is so important because:
-I will/With/Dr T'Soni: this is no longer Liara just writing about him on her own, and he respects her scientific abilities enough to call her by her title now.
-Journeys with the Prothean: how fitting is that title? Because they both went on a journey, Liara had to understand she had misjudged the protheans, she had to understand that as a scientist, she needed to do better. And Javik had to realize he’s “looking forward” to see “what peace looks like”, that there is more to life than just war.
Javik, in his goodbye, will thank Shepard "for letting the last voice of the Protheans speak.”
Last voice. It cannot be a romanticized version. It has to be a truthful, accurate one. 

So yeah. I think that initially, they were both incredibly disappointed, maybe a bit by each other, but mostly by themselves. And it’s only when they accepted the truth, and accepted to move on with a more accurate one, that they stopped being so disappointed (and bitter). Basically, they were forced by their meeting to examine their own feelings, and realize that something in their past was plain wrong. I love the character development there, made possible by their relationship.



@itsqueenveronica ~ “Okay, so you know how in episode 1, Cheryl throws a party and they end up playing 7 Minutes in Heaven? Well, could you possibly write something along those lines, but instead of Cheryl spinning the bottle for Archie, she lets Veronica spin it and it lands on her? And maybe there could have been tension between Veronica and Cheryl for a week or two before the house party?”

Anonymous ~ Could you do something where Veronica meets Cheryl before she meets Betty?

Word Count: 1214

Summary: After a few interactions with Cheryl Blossom, Veronica determined that she needs to protect Betty from Cheryl’s reign. In an effort to do so, Veronica needed to find a way to bend the rules.

Warnings: Fluffy UA

A/N: I’m SO sorry this took me so long!! I drifted a little bit from the requests, but it ended at the same result so I suppose it doesn’t matter. I’ll be posting it to Ao3 soon; if you want to follow us our handle is (@)rivervixens. Thanks for reading!! ~~ Peaches

After they arrived at The Pembrooks Hotel, Veronica’s mother greeted a familiar bellhop as Veronica’s eyes glanced around the lobby. They talked for a moment; her mother mentioning a chocolate shop that sold hamburgers, which at the time seemed to be the weirdest thing that Veronica had ever heard of. Hermione turned to her and asked if she wanted to go take a taxi and grab some food for them, leaving her to hope that the hotel’s motto, “Quality always” also covered the strange hamburger selling chocolate shop.

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Review - 13x24

Hey guys, @jordan202 here. This is going to be a quicker one. Since it’s the last installment of the season, let’s wrap it up assessing the entire episode, but keeping the focus on Omelia of course.

I have to say that, compared to 13x23, this episode didn’t excite me as much. Sure, we got amazing moments, especially for Omelia, but I think this whole thing probably would have worked out better as a two hour season finale. In all honesty, I thought 13x23 was a bit more exciting. I could be biased by the fact that we had a huge Omelia turning point from ep 22 to 23 and a much smoother transition to 24, but I think the pace of last week’s episode was more intense.

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