i made a gif thing

We’re not actually supposed to believe that there was no signal on Sherlock’s phone, right?  Network irregularities aside, either most phones work in the lab or most don’t, and Sherlock would have switched networks ages ago if this were a persistent problem easily fixed.  Further, he surely knew Mike’s phone-keeping habits already.

Pretending no signal is his first little manipulation of John, a deliberate attempt to extract something more from him.  And that’s a quick decision being made in this gif.  Notice how his eyes linger when he looks back down?  So intrigued.

[I’m sure this is established already but it’s just occurred to me.]

Unanswered question?  …He stabs it.  |  S04E03 The Final Problem

John is so interesting in this scene.

“Let me hold this thing that distresses you, so that you can stab a knife into it, inches from my hand.”  So much trust, not to mention how close they must be standing for this.

Certainly closer than the latter shots imply.  It’s surprisingly sweet, for a violent moment!