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The Many Faces of Yuuri Katsuki - Episode 11

So, this episode is composed of a mixture of 3 types of facial expressions: determination, worry, and a sprinkle of other things. Every single one that fell into the last category made it into this set. I think that goes to show how ridiculously determined Yuuri was during this first half of the episode, and then how worried/anxious he was during the second. You pretty much end up just wanting to hug him through the entire episode. As a couple final notes: I’m really glad I was able to get Yuuri’s 3A in a set because it’s beautiful, and Yuuri’s updated expression in the last gif tears my heart out every time I see it. Enjoy!

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Bonus because look at how in love and happy these two are:

The Moon - Spencer Reid x Reader

Summary: The reader is dating Luke Alvez but has recently been hooking up with Spencer Reid.

Y/N - Your Name

Y/F/N - Your Friend’s Name

Warnings: slight panic attack, cheating.

Word Count: 1435

AN: Hey guys! I know I have like three requests to do and another chapter to Camo but I managed to do this in my spare time between finals. Tomorrow is the last day, so I’ll be updating much sooner than I have been!

You hadn’t planned for this to happen. Really, you hadn’t. You weren’t the type of girl to sneak around. Luke was such a sweet boyfriend to you and was honestly was everything you could ever want.

Except there was a slight problem, Spencer. The two of you had been close friends since you started working at the BAU but he never seemed interested to be more. So eventually once Luke became your boyfriend, you couldn’t help but still be curious about Spencer.

The flirting started out subtle. Accidentally brushing his leg, sending goofy barely clothed snapchats, and always adding snarky comments on to entice him.

It was fun until the two of you ended up alone in the elevator. You had no idea that he would actually act on what you had been doing, truly you believed he was too dumbfounded to notice. Those fifteen seconds proved you to be very very wrong.

As you stepped into the elevator you couldn’t help but feel awkward. You flashed a smile as the doors were closing just to be friendly but before you could say a word Spencer had backed you into the hand railing.

“Wanna explain yourself Y/N? Because to me, you’re just playing with fire.” Spencer gave you a slight smirk before leaning in just close enough that you could feel his breath on your neck.

“I don’t know what you mean?” Playing dumb wasn’t your strong suit, but fuck it.

Spencer let out a laugh and laced his hand up your arm and onto your shoulder, just light enough to give you goosebumps,“What was that?”

“K-kiss me Spence.” you mumbled under your breath.

Once his lips connected with yours, that was it.

Although it was only one kiss that day, it had started a forest fire. As much as you knew you should stop, you only wanted more.

The nights you went out with your friends had been ending at Spencer’s place. Except it wasn’t always sex that you wanted, sometimes all you wanted was to be around him.

Luke had made a habit of coming over before work with breakfast around sevenish, so sneaking in at six became the new normal. Except today you managed to slip up.

You shot up in bed once Spencer’s alarm had began to go off. 6:45 a.m. Oh fuck. You usually would set your alarm a couple hours before his went off, but you had completely forgotten your phone at home last night.

“Y/N? What’s going on?” Spencer rubbed his eyes trying to regain some strength and placed his hand on your shoulder.

“I forgot I didn’t have my phone so I completely slept in and now Luke is going to be there without me. I’m screwed.”

“Baby stop, stop. It’ll be okay, just say you stayed at Y/F/N’s house. He won’t know the difference.”

You nodded thinking that could possibly work as you were putting on your clothes that were scattered on the floor.

As you were getting ready to leave you stopped and sighed, “I’m sorry I’m so complicated Spence.”

Spencer shook his head and walked towards you, “You are not complicated Y/N. The circumstances are just hard. I’m the moon, he’s your sun.”

Once you pulled into the driveway you saw Luke’s truck parked in front of your garage. You were so scared this wasn’t going to work.

As you opened the door you could feel your heart in the pit of your stomach. Luke was sitting at the kitchen table with a bag that could only be donuts when you walked in. It didn’t look like he had been there that long but you couldn’t tell.

Once you made eye contact he budged a little in the chair, “Could we talk Y/N?”

You nodded as you walked toward the seat across from him and sat down, “I’m sorry about last night. It was late so I just crashed at Y/F/N’s house.”

Luke rolled his eyes at your comments and slid your phone across the table. “Wanna go ahead and read those texts from last night?“

Spencer Reid: 1:30 a.m

“Are you coming over?”

Spencer Reid: 1:45 a.m


Spencer Reid: 1:50 a.m

“Just text me when you can so I know you’re okay..”

You couldn’t breathe. Luke knew about you and Spencer and nothing could have prepared you for this moment. You looked up at Luke and couldn’t form the words to apologize.

Once a few seconds passed you started to open your mouth when Luke shook his head as if whatever you had to say meant nothing, “Don’t Y/N.”

“Luke.. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean for this to happen I swear.” you choked out.

Luke laughed and stood up from the table to grab his glass of orange juice, throwing it full speed at the wall and shattering into hundreds of pieces, “How long has it been going on?”

You shook your head and wiped the tears that had escaped down your cheeks. This was the first time Luke had been angry at you, which consequently made you feel like 100 degrees sitting there.

“Not gonna tell me? That’s okay. I’ll just ask your good friend Spencer.” Luke reached for your cell phone off the table.

“Stop Luke, please. Leave him out of this.” your tears had turned into heavy sobs by this point and there was no use trying to calm down. This was a nightmare.

You could barely hear Luke interrogating Spencer about the two of you over your crying. Without realizing your breathing had become hard and catching your breath felt nearly impossible while Luke was still going off.

Once Luke hung up the room was silent for a few seconds until you heard a quiet “we’re done” out of Luke’s mouth and heard him walk out.

It wasn’t five minutes that you were alone before Spencer was in your driveway.

Luke had managed to leave your front door wide open which let Spencer walk right in. Frantically he looked around the front of the house for you, “Y/N?”

A few seconds later Spencer stuck his head into the kitchen and saw you sitting at the table. You had put your head on your lap trying to catch your breath to calm down but were failing miserably.

The second Spencer saw you he ran in front of you crouching down,“Hey hey hey.. baby look at me.”

You gripped Spencer’s hand that was placed on your knee and looked up at him. Spencer quickly noticed how sweaty your palms were and diagnosed your breathing patterns.

“You’re hyperventilating, match my breaths, okay?”

You nodded and took a deep breath once he had. Five seconds inhaling, holding it for a couple, and slowly exhaling for seven. Spencer repeated this process with you until you felt your heart stop racing.

After about five minutes you were able to sit up and breath normally but Spencer was still eyeballing you unsure of your state.

As you wiped your eyes you realized your makeup from the previous night had run down your face. You must’ve looked like a clown, and let Spencer see you like this? Great.

“I’m sorry about all of this. Especially the part where I look like Bobo the clown.”

He shook his head at your comment not finding any humor in it, “You don’t need to apologize for anything but you do not look like a clown, you’ll always be so beautiful to me Y/N.”

You sniffled at that, “If that’s true, why didn’t you show any interest when I did? I wouldn’t have gotten tangled up with Luke. I just wanted you.”

“I just.. I didn’t want to mess anything up. I’m sorry I took too long realizing you were what I wanted.” Spencer looked down at your floor hoping you’d say it wasn’t too late or that you’d give him another shot.

You sighed and nodded, “So what do we do? Or, what do you want to do? About us, I mean.”

“I want you Y/N. I truly do. That is if you could give me a chance to be your only man. I can’t sneak around anymore.”

You shook your head, “Luke and I are over for good Spence. You don’t have to worry about that, but about what you said earlier about being my moon? You’ll always be both my sun and moon.”

Spencer took your hands in his and smiled, knowing this was all he’d been wanting for months. Both of your smiles radiated as he placed your lips on his.

Next is Derek. But enjoy these cute spencer headcanons.
He’s so cute like FUCK I can’t describe it. Has always been my criminal minds crush for years.

Anyways enjoy this smol bean.

Spencer Reid headcanons:

-Biggest heart ever.

-No joke, this man has a heart of gold, willing to do anything for you.

-Like that one time when you were on your period and running low on tampons at almost 1 am. Even though he was tired he stopped to pick up some on his way home, including some chocolate.

-Loves to treat you so much that it’s starting to get out of hand.

-It’s gotten to the point to where every time he’s at the store, he always has to bring something home for you.

-Sometimes you have to chide him for doing so.

-“Spence you really don’t have to do this every time you go to the store.”
-“But I saw this stuffed cat and it reminded me of you,so I thought you’d like it”

-Whenever he has to go on missions, it’s super tough for him because it’s always risky. So he always makes sure you know he loves you.

-Always calls you before the jet takes off, after it lands, when he’s about to go on the search and after its all over and done with.

-Never likes leaving you home alone. He knows what’s out there lurking, and knowing you’re home clueless kills him.

-Even if he wants to, he can’t share any information with you because it’s classified, even if it means you’re the similar to what the killer is after.

-He’d take a bullet for you, even if it means he’s in danger, you’re his number one priority.

-Taught you everything you need to know if times get rough, what to do in situations, how to defend yourself, and how to talk to them. He’s even paid for you to take self defense classes.

-Low key installed several security cameras around the house to make sure you’re safe when he’s away.

-Feels self conscious when talking because he seems to ramble so much.

-Even though you’ve told him several times that it’s fine, he still tries to keep it to himself.

-Loves when there’s down time and he gets to spend it with you.

-Has a thing where, when he reads, he likes to read to you and get into in depth conversations about the few chapters you’ve read.

-Speaking of which, you guys usually have In depth conversations daily about random stuff, mostly historical and scientific.

-Doesn’t really have a set nickname for you because they make him feel awkward. He tried to once but he kept stumbling over it and gave up.

-He’s such a smol bean. He blushes easily.

-Don’t hurt him, he trusts you so much and cares for you so much that if you ever lie to him (which I doubt you’d even be able to get away with it in the fist place)

-He’d feel so conflicted. Like he never has ever lied to you, so what made you do that to him.

-Plays the innocent card, is really innocent.

-I’m serious, he’s blushes every time you even hug him. Kissing makes his face feel like it’s going to melt off.

-Not too into PDA. Doesn’t really like to hold hands either.

-Penelope has always shipped you two, and seeing that it’s finally happened makes her so giddy that every time she sees you, she asks how it’s going so far.

-Simple dates usually happen. Like a walk through a park, late movie nights or sitting in a local coffee shop.

-You pretty much do things with each other all the time, but you both have certain boundaries.

-Almost no fights. You’re both level headed and usually talk it over.

-He’s never once raised his voice to you, and NEVER once laid a hand on you unless it was something simple (like hugging, cuddling ect ect)

-He thinks it’s extremely low for any man to lay their hands on a woman, it hurts his head whenever he tries to compensate why anyone would do such a thing.

**10/10 wished I had a relationship as good as this.

Here’s some Sam fluff in honor of @buckysberrie birthday!! You’re the sweetest person and I hope you have an incredible day! You deserve it!

When Sam woke up in the middle of the night to an empty bed, he immediately panicked. He had fallen asleep a few hours ago to you curled up beside him. Now, the space next to him in bed was cold.

Sam got out of bed, checking the bathroom first to see if you were in there. You weren’t.

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Dr. Castiel

gif is not mine

Title: Dr. Castiel

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 748

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: This wasn’t requested, but I thought this would be a cute thing to write for all of you <3 <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! I love you all so much!! <3 <3

With Sam and Dean gone on a hunt on the East Coast, Castiel was left with you.  Unfortunately, you were sick.  Castiel wasn’t familiar with the flu, but he was sure it wasn’t life threatening to you.  He made sure to watch you carefully.  

Castiel padded to the kitchen after reading articles on your laptop about the virus.  He was going to make you some toast to test your stomach.  That was one thing the angel could do without setting the bunker on fire.  

Once he prepared the toast, he walked back to your room.  Castiel poked his head into your room, seeing if you were awake.  He learned that humans rested more when they were ill.  You were no exception.  Netflix was streaming on your tv, but you hadn’t moved.  Castiel took it upon himself to enter your room.  He set your toast down on the nightstand nearest to you.  

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So the blogs hit 26k which is something I never imagined happening ever! It’s amazing to have such support behind my writing, but also to see you guys caring so much about each other and me! You’re a wonderful follower community and you’re always so lovely and supportive!

So in honour of the 26k I decided to do a fan stuff contest.

The basic premise of the fan-art and fan-fiction or better yet fan-creation contest is that you guys make anything that relates to me or something i’ve written. It could be a drawing of me, a piece about the Angela and Charlotte Hogwarts AU, a drawing for a series i’ve written etc. As long as relates to me or something i’ve written or the blog then it counts! 

It can be written, drawn, hand made, an edit, etc. if you make it whether it’s a gif set or a drawing then it counts. Winners will not be chosen on skill so much as concept, you don’t have to be an amazing artist with 50 years under your belt, as long as the concepts something I like, something that makes me smile then you have a chance of winning. 


  • Must be following the blog, I will check
  • Must have your ask box open so I can contact you if you win
  • What you enter must be your own work 
  • You’ll be entered once no matter how many things you put in, but obviously more things might mean I choose your stuff simply because I see more of your stuff.
  • Winners will be chosen on what makes me smile, what I like, but all entries winners or not will be beautiful and just because you don’t win doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy what you did!
  • Please naturally be respectful with what you choose to do, if you’re not sure if something will upset me then ask before you do it

How to enter?

To enter either place the item in my submit box telling me it’s for the contest, send it to the email with your tumblr url (imaginesofeveryfandom@gmail.com) telling me it’s for the contest, or tag the blog and tag the post with #ioeffancreationcontest letting me know it’s for the contest! 


  1. 2 first place winners will receive fully drawn bust drawings by me of either themselves, a character, a friend etc. and a short drabble writing of their choice, it could be readerxcharacter, characterxcharacter, etc. 
  2. 4 second place winners will receive coloured bust sketches by me of either themselves, a character, a friend, etc. 
  3. 6 third place winners will receive a colourless sketch bust of a character, themselves, a friend, etc.

Everyone who enters will see their pieces reblogged, added, submited on the blog and put into the 26kfollowerscontest tag and will get to see my prise + comments and seeing your lovely creations. 

End date: 

The contest will end and winners will be chosen May 8th 2017 to give you all enough time to do things, decide if you want to enter, but also as i’m back home over Easter for a month this means you’re not waiting for me do prizes until I come back.

I can’t wait to see all the awesome things you guys make and thank you all for the support! 26,000 followers is amazing and I love you and am proud of you all!!

Examples of my art:

You’ve always liked Jim

Jim Kirk x Reader

Word Count: 1780

Prompt: “You know you want all of this.”

Summary: You go back to Jim’s apartment after inadvertently robbing him of taking a girl back to his. 

“Hey Jim!” You ran up to the blonde who was just about to leave the bar with a girl.

“Y/n! How are you?” He asked and the girl looked from Jim to you with a confused glance.

“I’m great. Anyway. Heard you may be recruiting for the Enterprise again. Some people on leave?” You paused with a grin. “And you know that my credentials haven’t been disregarded. I’m top of my class in respect of engineering. But am also a highly skilled in the other areas of scientific engineering I have been researching and my project was published in one of the top branches a cadet could get. So I therefore ask if you’d consider me for the Enterprise?” Jim grinned at you and the girl walked off with a huff.

“Well. As you seem so eager Y/n. I’ll ask Pike what he thinks and then I’ll contact you.” Kirk put a hand on your arm. “We’ve been friends for a long time haven’t we?”

“Too long even. But you were always better than me.” You smiled.

“Come on! That’s not all true. You’ve beaten me in loads of things. If anything. I only recently got better than you.”

“Lying son of a bitch.” You laughed. Seeing Uhura you looked at her and she raised an eyebrow causing you to roll your eyes.

“What’re you two looking so happy about then?” Jim looked from Uhura and back to you.

“Nothing.” You smiled.

“Well. You’ve robbed me of a date. So, would you like to heal my wounds and come back to mine?” He paused. “You don’t have too.”

“No. I want to. What are you asking me for though?” You laughed quietly.

“You’ll just have to wait and see.” He grinned and opened the door for you.

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Imagine Chris discovering just how much you love him. (Part A)

A/N: Part 2, yo! I had to split this up into three letter parts, ‘cause I just couldn’t stop writing? 😂 You can read the related mini-series and the previous parts here: (Mini-series - Masterlist; Mini-series Spin-off: ‘Unexpected Reader’, ‘Little Ways Away’, and 'She Said Yes’ - Masterlist; ‘Miss Graduate’: Part 1) Hope you like it ❤️

After a celebratory dinner with yours and Ava’s families, the four of you- you, Chris, Ava, and Sebastian- headed to a popular Los Angeles nightclub downtown to celebrate the way the four of you knew how; with dancing, and a lot of cocktails, though Chris avoided the latter as he was the designated driver. Both Chris and Sebastian told you and Ava they’d buy you all the drinks you wanted; Sebastian’s wallet was safe as Ava wasn’t a big drinker, but you- on the other hand- took Chris’ offer very seriously. All the times you had to turn down drinks because you had class, or work the next day- well, you made up for it tonight. You were lucky because you had a loving fiancé, his best friend, and yours to look out for you while you got absolutely hammered; and they were lucky because you were a happy, chatty drunk. But still, at 2:57AM- Chris cut you off and called it a night, dropping Sebastian and Ava off at your apartment before driving the two of you back to his house. But not without going upstairs to grab a few things first, the notebook you gave him earlier that day included.

“And we’re home,” Chris turned to you as his car pulled to a stop. He chuckled when you gave him a toothy grin; your glazed eyes told him exactly just how drunk you were. “Okay, darling. How about we get you an Advil and put you to bed before you pass out?” He suggested. “Don’t touch anything,” he instructed when he saw you reach for the door handle; you pressed your lips together and withdrew your hand in a childlike manner. “Just-” he chuckled softly, “let me take care of your drunk ass, please.”

He got out of the car as you huffed, “I’m not drunk,” crossing your arms over your chest. You watched as he walked around the front of the car to your side, opening the door for you. You looked up at him and titled your head in confusion when you saw him holding out his set of house keys for you.

“You hold them, Y/N,” he spoke slowly, trying not to smile as he patronized you. “You use keys to-” You cut him off, snatching the keys only to drop them on the floor of the car. Chris laughed and you pouted, realizing you were disproving your earlier statement. “Here,” he swept them up off the carpet and pushed it back into your hand. “You hold on tight,” he told you as he tucked one arm under your legs and wrapped the other around your back, “to me and the keys. Okay, my love?”

“Wheeee,” you giggled when Chris scooped you into his arms. Your arms wrapped around his neck and he laughed as he closed the car door with his foot, walking the both of you to his front door. “I’m glad you’re here, Cap,” you slurred your words. “'Cause I don’t think Chris would be able to carry me, he’s not as strong as you are.”

“I don’t know if I should be flattered or offended,” Chris joked, earning another toothy grin from you. “I knew I should have given you a limit instead of setting you loose. I should’ve listened to your mom and kept you away from the Long Island iced tea, or should I say teas?” You nodded then laughed, though you understood about twenty percent of what he was talking to you about. “How many did you have again?”

“Mm…” You hummed as you pondered, counting the fingers on your hands. “I think two plus three minus two. So…” You stared at your hand, earning another rumble from Chris’ throat. “Three? I had three iced teas and they were very delicious,” you hiccuped then giggled. “About as delicious as you, Cap.” You booped his nose, drawing a soft chuckle which turned into a shoulder shaking laugh when you said, “but don’t tell my fiancé I said that.”

“You got it, doll,” he smiled. “We’ll keep that one between you and me, out of respect to your fiancé’s ego. Just out of curiosity, who would you rather marry? Me, or Chris Evans?” He asked you. “Okay, think you can manage to unlock the door?” He beckoned his head at the keys in your hand and you leaned forward to fumble with the lock. “I can put you down and do it if you want.”

“I’d marry Chris Evans in a heartbeat,” you answered his first question as you successfully unlocked the door. Chris seemed slightly taken aback by your quick answer, and before he could ask for a reason- you explained your decision, “he’s perfect. I know he’s not an Avenger, and he doesn’t spend his time saving lives around the globe and protecting earth from aliens and super villains. But,” you emphasized, then paused and smiled as you continued. “It doesn’t matter because he saved this life,” you pointed to yourself, poking yourself in the nose. “He saved me. From myself, from loneliness, from…” you sighed with a smile. “Just- he saved me from all the bad in the world. So yeah, I’d marry Chris Evans in a heartbeat.”

Chris smiled at the honesty and sincerity of your answer, an answer he loved because you’d said all that while you were drunk off your face. Like you’d told him numerous times before, and wrote in your mini series- “drunk minds always speak for a sober heart.” Of course he knew you loved him, but it was always nice to know how much. “He’d marry you in a heartbeat too,” he leaned forward and kissed your forehead.

“Who?” You quizzed as Chris walked the two of you inside, kicking the door shut with his foot. The noise woke Dodger, drawing him out of the living room and into the hallway. “Dodger!” You squirmed and Chris lowered you to your feet, grasping your arm and stabilizing you when you stumbled in your heels. “Hi buddy,” you sat on the floor, hugging the pup.

“Keep her preoccupied, bud,” Chris told Dodger, his hand on the front door handle. “I’m just going to grab our things, okay? Please don’t be like the you in the story and break things,” he smiled when he heard you giggle. “I’ll be right back. Watch her like a hawk, Dodge.” With that, he walked back out to his car to grab your overnight bag and the notebook.

Oh, that notebook. Chris was excited to read it. As tired as he was, he was going to read it all before he went to sleep. The entire night, the possibilities of the content had been playing in his mind. He remembered you telling him that you started working on it before he knew your name, so it was going to be interesting to see the difference in your writing as your relationship with him progressed. That, and he just loved reading anything and everything you wrote. You had a way with words that spoke directly to his mind, his heart, and his soul. You were a drug he’d fallen victim to, except you were the good kind that did him no harm.

“Babe?” Chris called when he came back into the house to find you and Dodger no longer where he’d left the two of you. “Please don’t be in the kitchen picking up a broken glass.” He mumbled as he headed into the kitchen, letting a sigh of relief escape his lungs when he didn’t see you there. “Dodger?” He called with hope he’d bark, but nah dah. He made his way upstairs and after looking in his study and the guest room, he found you in his bedroom. You were fast asleep; Dodger was under your arm with his head on your stomach. “I knew I could count on you, bud.”

Chris walked over and gently lifted your arm, beckoning Dodger off the bed so he could lift you and tuck you under the covers. Once he did that, he took your glasses from your face and set them down on your bedside table. He kissed your forehead then turned off the lights, sliding your heels under his bed so you wouldn’t trip over them when you woke up. “It’s okay, you can get back up.” He told Dodger, who quickly rejoined you on the bed. “Look after my girl for me,” he instructed his best friend then exited the room, quietly closing the door behind him.

Chris had a shower in the main bathroom, rather than his ensuite as he didn’t want to disturb your much needed sleep. You were going to wake with a terrible hangover in a few hours, he didn’t want to speed up a process that would only torture you. He slipped on his bathrobe then settled on his couch with the notebook in his hand. He was both excited and nervous. There could only be good things about him, right? Surely you wouldn’t give it to him if what was inside was something terrible. He shook his head with a smile when he realized he was a lot like you when it came to overthinking, perhaps that was why the two of you worked.

Carefully, Chris flipped open the front cover of the notebook. On the first page where a little detail box asked who the book belonged to, you wrote in a blue with your perfect handwriting: “Chris Evans: actor, director, and an inspiration.” Under that, scribbled in a red and dated the day after you spent the night with him for the first time: “also, the greatest love I will have in this lifetime and any lifetime after.” Chris’ smile reached his eyes as he ran his finger over your words, silently agreeing with you. It was too early in the notebook to start crying, but his vision was starting to get a little blurry already. He rubbed his right eye with his finger, remembering what you told him about what tears meant depending on which eye it came out of first; the right eye was happy, and the left eye sad. He turned the page and came to one titled 'Introduction’, his hand smoothed over your penmanship and he smiled. He took a deep breath then started to read.

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Part 2B

Title: Let’s Stargaze

@chunex/anonymous requested: Love your fics girl ! You are an amazing writer please can you make a fic where Jason Crouse and his girlfriend have a baby boy ?! Fluffy and smut please ! 💖💖

Character(s): Jason and Reader
Summary: After a long day at work, you decide to cook dinner for Jason and your son, Luke, while the two stargaze out in the backyard.
Word Count: 3,758
Warning: Smut and fluff! 
Author’s Note: I decided to combine both requests since they were extremely similar! I have a soft spot for Jason and if you add in a child into it, well, my heart just melts into a puddle lol. Also, excuse my attempt at trying to incorporate dialogue for a three year-old boy haha. Anyway, to the anon and also to @chunex, I hope you enjoy this! I had so much fun writing it! :-)

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I’m gonna drop some dark and depressing headcanon on y’all, so gear up. While I feel the writers didn’t do the best job with Blaine’s amnesia story, I have come to understand why he would continue faking it, from a character standpoint.

It’s pretty clear that aside from his grandfather, Blaine had no emotional support system or love in his family. I also don’t believe he had any real friends. Sure he acts friendly with those who work under him, but they are all too quick to turn on him when he loses his memory. They take advantage of him, lying to him and keeping secrets. Ultimately, they are criminals and their loyalty is to the almighty dollar.

Liv and the others always saw him as the bad guy, someone they couldn’t trust but had to tolerate because he fed Seattle’s zombies. Yet when he lost his memory, they didn’t lie to him or take advantage of him. They told him the truth about who he was and what he did to them. I think Blaine liked that brutal honesty, and I think for him it made the times they did trust him all the more meaningful. These were people who saw the worst in him and were still willing to come support him when he did his set at the lounge. He got his first taste of genuine friendship.

So when he told Liv he was afraid of remembering, I think that was still true. He was afraid that him remembering who he was would destroy the friendships he was building. Being himself only ever made people either not care for him or leave him in some way (his grandfather, his mother, Kurt Cobain), so he kept pretending to be this other person. His new self had a job that he earned through talent alone, a woman who was happy with him, people who trusted him… He was afraid that once he told the truth, all of that would be gone.

And I think this scene punctuates that fear being realized. That look on his face when it hits him that no one will ever see him as anything more than a murderer and liar. And knowing that he’s once again lost something important to him simply by being Blaine.

“3:00 am” - Jacob Markstrom

Requested - yes and I loved this request like so much.

Warnings - you’ll never be prepared.


1 in the morning and here I am sitting in a booth in the corner of a run down pub. Almost like the one on Shameless, the Alibi? Whatever it was considered it was small but crowded. I held my beer to my lips watching the bodies move around like ants scrambling from a fire.

Why am I here? I ask myself again and again but my sight always looks at my best friend over at the bar taking shots. It was her last night of being a ‘engaged’ woman and by tomorrow we’ll both be made up to look like this night never happened.

“You have to come dance with me Y/N.” Y/BFF/N whined grabbing your hand basically begging you. You shook you head taking your hand back from her. “You have to do it at least once before we leave .”

She turned on her heals and walked away from me. Scenes like this always made me self conscience. Sitting here in my black dress with a slit in the side revealing my upper thigh. The straps thick but revealed the tattoos marking up my left arm completely while the other was bare . the dress compliments my curves greatly but I still felt eyes all over me.

One set of eyes caught mine as I looked over toward the bar to see my friend. I didn’t but I saw him. I felt my body have to catch my breath but not enough to say he took my breath away. I watched as his friend caught my gaze as well whispering to him causing him to smile. He got up from his stool and made his way to me, something I didn’t expect but I did want it.

“Here we go.” I smirked as he sat next to me in the booth. “ Don’t plan on staying if you don’t plan on learning my name.” I casually say looking over at him sipping my beer.

“Feisty ?” He raised his eyebrows and his beer. “Jacob.”

“Not interested?” You copy him and let out and unexpected giggle. “Y/N. but you might not remember that when your trying to get in my pants.”

“You’re not wearing pants.” He eyed me up and down and started laughing.

“Aaah ya got me there Jacob you got me there.” I take another drink of my beer finishing it down to the bottom. “What do you want anyway?”

“My friend over there” he pointed to the man that was whispering to him. “Told me to stop being a bump on a log and come talk to you.”

“What is he expecting?” I lean over trying to make this conversation look good as his friend watched up from a far. I could feel Jacob look at me as I leaned in but with interest rather than lust.

He stared at me for a minute pulling on the show for his friend. Jacob gave me a little smirk before looking back at his beer and taking another drink. I noticed it was half full and after his drink I take it from him and take a drink myself. He watched me as I stared back at him drinking his beer.

“You have shitty taste in beer.” I set his beer down and wipe my mouth. He laughed and took his beer back. We sat in silence for a minute but he was staring at me that whole minute.

“You have a lot of tattoos.” He grabbed my left arm and started tracing the ink that stained my skin. “I like this one”

He pointed to the one on my forearm of a skull melting into a rose. The colors twisted into my skin complimenting the color. “Very creative.”

“Drew It myself.” I smiled down at it proud of my work. letting him trace the roses it sent tingles down my spine. I looked up and saw Y/BFF/N laying on the table a few tables away. You sigh to yourself actually having a good time. “That’s my queue.”

I nudge my head to her and Jacob follows my gaze seeing her sprawled on the table. He looks at me kind of longing for me not to go. I grabbed his hand a scribbled down my number.

I shimmied myself out of the seat him watching my every move. Going to my friend waking her up and dragging her to the car. Before I get in the car I run back inside and come face to face with Jacob.

“I’ll be at The Ski Lodge on top of Mount Charleston in the banquet hall. Be there at 3pm tomorrow and wear a suit.” You scribble down the information on a clean napkin shoving it into his front pocket getting closer to him teasing him slightly and walking away with pride.

Mochi Ice Cream

*Notice! This imagine includes mommy kink, if you’re not comfortable with it, you may leave.*

You were in your room, playing on your laptop, while Jimin, your baby boy, is watching something outside in the living room. You suddenly heard Jimin’s footsteps running across the room and into the kitchen, before hearing the fridge opening and closing. 

“Mommy!” You heard your little prince whining for you. You immediately looked up from your laptop, thinking something was wrong. You heard him running across the house and into your room. “We’re out of ice cream.” He mumbled while shuffling his way towards you. 

“Aw, come here baby,” You said with your arms wide open.  Jimin immediately picked up his speed and ran into your arms. You wrapped your arms around his waist and pulled yourself closer to him. Jimin rested his head on your shoulder. “Mommy will buy you more, tomorrow.” You said while patting his back.

“But, mommy,” He said then looked up at you. “I want it now.”

“No, baby, it’s too late to go out.” You said while looking down at him. Jimin immediately started to pout. Oh, no. “Come on, don’t make that face.” You said as you tried your best to hold in the urge to pinch his cheeks. 

“Please, mommy, I really want ice cream.” He said before getting closer to you, if it was even possible. 

“I’m sorry, baby, it’s really late.” You said while shifting your body so it would be more comfortable for him. 

Jimin buried his face into the crook of your neck. “Mommy,” He whined. You hummed in response while stroking his head. “Please buy me ice cream, I promise I’ll be a good boy.” He mumbled against your neck. 

“Does my little prince want it that badly?” You asked. He looked up at you and nodded his head. “If he wants it so badly, then mommy will go buy it for him.” You said. 

Jimin immediately looked up at you with a smile. “Really?” He asked. You nodded your head while smiling. “You’re the best mommy ever!” He shouted before showering you with little kisses. 

“While I’m out buying you ice cream, you have to take a bath and change into your onesie, okay?” You asked while sitting up with Jimin still clinging onto you like a baby koala. He nodded his head while humming. “Come on.” You said while patting his back, signaling him to let go. “Don’t go anywhere okay?” You asked while getting your keys. 

Jimin nodded his head cutely. “Give me a kiss.” You said before leaning closer to him. Jimin smiled widely before pecking your lips. “Be good.” You said while opening the door.

“I love you, mommy, hurry back!” Jimin shouted before you closed the door. After paying for Jimin’s ice cream, you quickly made you way back to your house. Once you opened the door, you found Jimin sitting on the couch in his dinosaur onesie. 

You set the bag of ice cream in the freezer before making your way over to him. Oh, how adorable. You thought to yourself once you found out he fell asleep waiting for you. You careful shifted his body to make him comfortable. “Mommy?” You heard him when you were trying to cover him with his blanket. You looked over at him and hummed. “I’m sleepy.” He mumbled while rubbing his eyes. 

“I know, baby, do you want to go to your room and sleep?” You asked. Jimin immediately shook his head. 

“I want to sleep with mommy.” He said. 

“Alright, come on, little one.” You said while helping him up. Once you two got into your room, Jimin immediately made his way over to your bed. After you turned off the lights, you made your way over to him. He immediately wrapped his arms around you and closed his eyes. “Goodnight, Jimin.” You said before kissing his temple.

“Night, mommy.” Jimin responded before falling asleep with a smile. 

Chim Chim Masterlist

Really kind of happy with this chapter - sorry it took so long to upload! I’m trying to get on top of requests and what not again, as well as doing the podcast and there’s so much to do, goodness gracious. Hope you enjoy, guys.

‘The Tower’ (Part 7)

Part 6

You hissed as a sharp pain prickled on your shoulder.
“Sorry,” Jarle chuckled as he drew back.
“Is this why your mother hates me?” You asked with a smirk as you rolled your shoulder. Despite having healed well at the Tower, the journey back had been no less perilous and had left you with as many a scar, albeit smaller ones. Jarle dipped the cloth into the coconut-sized bowl once more.
“My mother has been set in her brooding ways long before you made her this poultice.”

“I can’t believe there’s any left. I thought the old hag might have used a bigger dose to fix her sour mood.”
“Watch your tongue,” Jarle laughed. You bit your lip and hummed quietly as he applied a little more to your wounds and rubbed it in with his finger.

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Sweet Innocence

gif is not mine

Title: Sweet Innocence

Pairing: Castiel x Reader

Word Count: 1,097

Warnings: Fluff

A/N: I hope you all enjoy a little Castiel fluff!! This was requested by @basheverythingyesterday! I hope you all enjoy this!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated! *You can still request headcanons until Monday 12/05/2016 ; You can also request imagines and one shots!*

As the only cheery one in the bunker around Christmas time, you took it upon yourself to decorate the bunker.  You had gotten a Christmas tree with Sam and Dean’s permission.  Along with some lights and a some ornaments.  The only thing you bought that you were truly excited about, were the candy canes.  You bought all sorts of flavors.  They were mainly sweet, fruity flavors, but some were odd flavors; like bacon and popcorn.  There were also some pickle flavored ones; you hoped they would fool Dean or Sam.  

You took the Candy canes out of their packages, sprawling them out on the library table.  When you heard a flutter of wings you turned around immediately.  Castiel stood behind you, tilting his head at what was on the table.  You chuckled, walking over to Castiel to grab his arm.  You brought him to the table to show him what you had.  “Cas, these are candy canes.  The only reason you probably haven’t seen them before is because Sam and Dean don’t have fun,” you joked.  “No, but seriously I took it upon myself to get them for the tree.  If you want you can take a few to Gabriel.”

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Oh my god @dancingalone21 well you just about got me feelin’ better. Dean can be “H2-Ahhhh” and Sammy can be “Captain Thunder”…I don’t even know…blame the cold lmao it’s clouding up my senses.

Ladies and Gentlemen, WARNING, TEASING, LANGUAGE, SEXUAL IMPLICATIONS below the cut.

Dynamic Duo

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I Can’t Wait to Hear You Scream PT. 26

Summary: You are happy to be back home.

Note: For those asking about the masterlist and why the newer parts are missing, I tried to update it today. But for some reason my says the website can’t be accessed, so I’m not sure what’s going in there. If you can’t find any of the parts just message me and I’ll be happy to send you a link to them. Its currently 4:30am, but I finally have this chapter done!


“With time, one has encountered many of the monsters, and one is increasingly less terrified of those still to be met.” - Kay Redfield Jamison


When you woke back up it was morning, you could tell by the sun coming in on you like it usually did.

It was comforting to wake up and be back at the sanctuary, for a moment yesterday you had thought that maybe it was just a dream and you were still stuck with Randy.
But you weren’t, you were safe back where you belonged, and that was with Negan.

You turned over to him slowly, being mindful of your leg, it was still in a lot of pain.
He had a hand on your leg and you smiled to yourself.
He always seemed to sleep with a hand on you, you guessed it was to make sure you didn’t go anywhere and more so now, after the shit that has happened.
You looked at him sleeping, he always looked so sweet amd harmless when he was sleeping.
You didn’t care if he woke up, you drug yourself over to him, wincing as your stitches scraped the bed, but once you made it over closer to him, you wrapped an arm around his waist and laid your head on his bare chest.
Feeling the warmth of his skin on yours was the best feeling.

“Darlin’ you still fuckin’ terrible at being sneaky.” He said in a raspy tone, his eyes still closed.

You closed your eyes and yawned, “I don’t care. After everything, just give me 5 minutes of laying on you.”

He smirked amd opened his eyes to look down at you, “I’ll give you 2 fuckin’ minutes, doll. I’ve got to get up soon.”

“What’s going on today?” You asked.

“The fuckin’ usual, darlin’.”

“What about me?” You opened your eyes back up.

“Depends on whether or not you can fuckin’ put weight on that leg, babydoll.” He said, pointing to it.

“What happened to not leaving me alone?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I didn’t say I wouldn’t drag your ass around with me. Just don’t fuckin’ pester me, please.” He said, biting his lip.

You rolled your eyes, “I wont. Jesus.”

“Do you wanna try to walk? The doc will probably wanna fuckin’ check up on you today anyway.”

“Sure.” You said lifting yourself off of his chest to sit up, you pulled the cover off of yourself.
You noticed that you were only in your undergarments.

You smirked and looked over to Negan, “Well, I see you didn’t bother to put clothes on me.”

He licked his lips and looked back to you, “Yeah well, you were in the fuckin’ bed the whole time, so that would have been pointless, darlin’. Besides, this way I can stare at your tits whenever I want.”

“Mmm, there’s that Negan charm.” You smiled.

“And there’s that fuckin’ attitude.” He said, running a hand over the stubble on his face as he got off the bed, he went over to one of the dressers to grab some clothes for himself.

You smirked, you had missed the playful back of forths that you two often shared.

After he was done dressing himself he brought over some clothes to you, “I got these from your room.” He said setting them on the bed.

You carefully pulled the I.V. out of your arm and almost made yourself dizzy as you watched the needle pulling out of your skin, a stab you could take, but something about a needle made you want to puke.

You dressed yourself, getting the shirt on easily, but once you threw your legs over the edge of the bed it became apparent that walking would be a problem, moving your injured leg felt like everything was ripping inside of it.
You winced as you grabbed the pants, putting one leg in easy, but when you tried to bring the other leg up, you couldn’t.

“Holy shit.” You sucked in a breathe.

“Slow the fuck down, darlin’.” Negan said, grabbing ahold of your shoulders.

“I’ve got it.” You answered back fast.

“No, you obviously fuckin’ don’t.” He said, pulling you up to a standing position

Standing on the leg felt like hell, but you thought if you could ignore the pain you’d be okay.

Negan knelt down in front of you as you held on to his shoulders for stability.
He held onto the pants as you slowly lifted the injured leg into them. He pulled them up slowly on you.
You watched as he stared at the curvature of your body as he did so.
You rolled your eyes slightly, he always had a lustful eye, no matter what.
He got them up onto your hips and buttoned them, after he was done, he looked up to you.
You had to admit, him taking care of you was sort of a turn on.

“I’m usually taking the fuckin’ pants off of you, not putting them on.” He said, running his hands up your legs to grab your ass.

“Quite a difference.” You laughed softly.

He nodded and stood back up, “Can you walk?”

You shot him a nervous look and he grabbed onto your shoulder again to keep you steady.
You took a step forward and while you didn’t fall, it hurt to put weight on your leg, making you limp.
You tried taking a few more steps, but could already feel the sweat breaking through at the strain.

“Fuck!” You growled out, lowering your head.

Negan kept his hand gripped around your shoulder, “Calm down, darlin’.”

“How am I supposed to get around Negan?” You whined back.

He sighed and pushed you back down on the bed gently and rolled his eyes while he grabbed his jacket off the coat rack to put it on.

“Guess you need a fuckin’ wheelchair.” He said crossing his arms.

You shook your head quickly, “Fuck no. I’ll throw myself down the stairs first.”

He let out a sigh, “Yeah, I kinda fuckin’ figured that would be the answer, but we gotta fuckin’ go. Ive got shit to do and you need to see Michael’s.”

You looked at him confused and raised your hands.
He pulled you back up off the bed and knelt down again, grabbing you by the legs before throwing you over his shoulder.

“Oh Jesus.” You said, running a hand through your hair.

“Darlin’, if you don’t stop the fuckin’ whining I’ll have to drag you out by your feet.” He chucked as he walked over to the desk and picked up Lucille, handing her over his shoulder to you, “Here. Hold Lucille, because you’re in her fuckin’ spot.”

You grabbed the wooden bat and gripped it tightly as Negan excited the room with you on his shoulder, you looked at the bullet hole that was nestled between the barbed wire, remembering how close it came to hitting Negan, still thinking about it made you clenched your teeth.

“Try not to fuckin’ crack me over the head with her.” He chuckled playfully, but he was also serious.

You turned your head to him, “I won’t have to as long as you don’t throw me down the damn stairs.”

He chuckled again and gave you a firm slap on your ass, gripping it, “Don’t fuckin’ test me, darlin’.”

He carried you down to the infirmary and on the way, you were both met with a lot of nervous stares as everyone saw Negan carrying you over his shoulder, they kneeled as Negan passed by and looked at you holding Lucille in your hands.

“I don’t know why you fucks are staring at my wife so goddamn hard.” Negan said, looking to everyone on their knees, “Get the fuck up and get back to work.”

Everyone did as Negan said and got back to their feet and went about their own business.
Once you got into the infirmary, Negan pulled you off his shoulder and sat you down in a chair near Arat’s bed.

Arat was awake and sitting up in her bed with a hefty amount of bandages around her chest.
Her mouth dropped as she saw you.

“Thank God, you’re alive.” She said in a relieved tone, looking at you.

“Jesus, you too.” You said back, locking eyes with her.

Negan rolled his eyes and snapped his fingers at you, you turned to him and already knew what he wanted and handed Lucille back to him.
He propped her on the spot on his shoulder where you had been.

He licked his lips and looked to both of you, “Not to interrupt your little fuckin’ reunion, but I’m gonna go check shit out and pay a goddamn visit to our guest.”

“Make sure to send him my fucking love then.” You said back with a grimace.

Negan nodded, “Save that shit for when the time comes, darlin’.” He said as he walked out of the room.

You looked back to Arat and you both sat in silence for a moment, neither of you not really knowing what to say.

“So, why is he carrying you around?” She finally asked, laying back on the bed.

“I got stabbed in the leg, it’s hard for me to walk right now.” You said back, shrugging.

She nodded back, and pointed to her bandaged chest, “Could be worse.”

“Yeah, I know. I’m glad you’re okay. I thought you were dead” You said back sympathetically.

“I’m glad you are too. I was worried you wouldnt be alive either.. You know he’s never gonna let us go out alone again.”

“Yeah, I know. But atleast Randy is caught.” You said back in a relived tone.

“Good thing too. Everyone thought Negan was gonna go on a killing spree. I’ve never seen him that angry.” She said with a nervous look.

“So I’ve heard. I was honestly surprised to hear he had that sort of reaction.”

She smiled, “You’re definitely his favorite, (Y/N).”

“You think so?” You asked, laying your head back on the chair.

“I do. How are you holding up?” She asked.

“I’m okay. It feels good to be back, that I can say with no doubt.”

“And in the emotional department? That talk we had.” She asked curiously.

You smirked and blinked, “I haven’t thought about it a whole lot. I mean, he saved my life, so he has some level of caring for me and maybe that’s enough. I’m not pushing the subject to anymore, or not right now atleast. Like I said, I’m just glad to be back.”

“Glad to hear it.”

“When are you getting out of here?” You asked, looking at her bandages again.

She sighed, “Couple more days atleast probably. I fucking hate it, I need a gun in my hand.”

You nodded, “Yeah, I know what you mean.”

Dr. Michael’s finally came back into the room after a while and glanced over to see you sitting in the chair.

“(Y/N). Did Negan bring you down?” He asked.

“Yeah, he did.” You answered back, looking to him.

He walked over to you and pulled up a chair, “I was about to come up to check on you.”

“Well, I needed to get out of the room. Bed rest isn’t something I’m very excited about.”

He nodded, “I can understand. How are you feeling?”

“I feel fine. I’m just pissed that I can’t walk.” You said back, sucking your teeth.

He took out a small flashlight to shine into both of your eyes, checking your responses, “The pain should subside after another day or two. It was a deep wound, but it hit nothing vital. You were lucky - both of you were lucky.” He said glancing over to Arat as well.

“Is it possible to brush the pain off and just walk?” You asked him.

Dr. Michael’s looked at you and raised an eyebrow, “Well… Yes, It’s possible, but you don’t want to stress the wound.”

“Would small steps help then?” You said, knowing you sounded like a smart ass.

He cleared his throat, “You can do some walking, if you can bear the pain. But I wouldn’t recommend being up all day.”

“She’s a fuckin’ stubborn one doc.” Negan’s voice came from behind you.

“Sir.” Dr. Michael’s said in a respectful tone.

You turned to see Negan was standing in the doorway, Lucille in hand.
He gave a nod to the doctor and walked into the room and leaned against the sink as he watched over you.
You looked over to him and he gave you a smile, biting his lip.
You couldn’t help but to smile back at him.

The doctor got up from the chair and walked over to a cabinet and pulled out a small bottle and walked back over to you, handing you two pills.

You looked at them curiously.

“These are aspirin. We don’t have any prescriptions here. They are rare to come by, these will help with your pain, but not all of it.”

You nodded and put them in your mouth, dry swallowing them.

“Great, we’ll have thebboys look fornhigh grade fuckin” painkillers. Are we fuckin’ done here?“ Negan asked, swinging Lucille around.

The doctor turned to him and nodded, "Yes, sir. Everything looks just fine.”

Negan smiled and gave him a hard slap on the shoulder, “Thanks doc. Nice goddamn work.”

“Thank you, sir.” The doctor winced at the rather hard slap Negan had given him.

Negan walked over to the door, keeping his eyes on you.
You got up from the chair slowly, trying to ignore the pain as you stood.
You were determined to walk and you pushed the pain out of your mind.

Negan grabbed onto your shoulder and helped you out of the doorway, “C'mon babydoll, you gotta pick up the fuckin’ pace if you’re gonna walk.”

“I’m trying.” You said taking in a breathe as you put all your weight on your leg.
It hurt, but you’d get used to it eventually.

“Well- look- at- you- you’re just a damn badass 24/7.” Negan chuckled as he stood there looking at you.

“I don’t have time to be weak.” You said bluntly, brushing your hair out of your face.

“Goddamn, that’s the kind of shit that gets my dick hard.” He smirked as he leaned back, licking his lips.

“It just the truth.” You said with a smile.

“And that’s why you’re my fuckin’ girl babydoll.” He said throwing a free arm around your shoulder.

You bit your lip, you never got tired of hearing him say that.

“Where are we going now?” You asked.

He looked at you, then to the door leading out of the building, “Well, since you’re really gonna do this fuckin’ walking thing, why don’t we visit our fuckin’ friend?”

“I thought you just went in there to see him?” You asked, raising an eyebrow.

“I did. But I’m getting fuckin’ tired of him taking up my airspace.” He said, furrowing his brows.

You smiled and nodded, “Then let’s do this. But I’ll admit, I’m jealous that you’re gonna be the only one getting a shot at him.”

He bit his lip, “Darlin’, I never said I was gonna kill him right away.” He said with a dark smile.




Word count: 2166

Living in Mystic Falls has always been some sort od a challenge. Vampires, witches, even hybrids were living here. I always found it a bit strange to look around my class in college and I could tell which of my fellow classmates were vampires. I became one 6 months ago and it happened only because a hybrid tried to kill me. Fun, right? Even though I’m strong, fast, blood sucking creature, I would lie if I said I wasn’t afraid. I was. Everything’s fine with my life since that event. That is, it was fine. Until I met a certain heretic, who was roaming through streets of Mystic falls. I met him in a probably the worst way possible and that moment changed my life forever.

My mind burried deep in the book that was in front of me, words colliding together as my mind started turning blury. I closed my eyes for a few moments and then opened them again, adjusting to the bright light in the room, a small chandelier hanging from the ceiling right above my head. I shook my head and closed the book as I looked at the time on the clock. 1:29 am. I sighed deeply and stood up, placing the bookmark on the page 148. I put the book back on the bookshelf as I walked slowly to my room, ready to hit the bed. As soon as I laid down and my head pressed down on the pillow, my eyes closed as I drifted off to sleep, with my mind completely blank. My body relaxing on the soft bed, my bare legs exposed to the chilly september wind that was coming through the window, making the curtain move every now and then, creating a weird shadow on my bedroom floor. I ignored it because it happened every night, but what I couldn’t ignore was the thing that happened just a few moments later. My body jerked at the loud noise coming from my kitchen, making my heart thump in my chest faster with each second.

‘Hello?’ I stuttered as I got up and slowly walked to the kitchen. I saw nothing. Just an empty glass that was placed in the right corner of my kitchen counter. I walked over and put it in the sink, my mind occupied with a completely different thing. I turned around and almost screamed. The most powerful heretic and the leader of the gemini coven stansing right in front of me, a huge smirk splattered across his face.

‘Hello there.’ He trailed off, some sort of satisfaction obvious in his voice.

'What do you want?’ I asked him and swallowed hard as I hid my hands behind my back so he couldn’t see how scared I am. My hands kept shaking even though my mind kept telling me to calm down and that I’m not a helpless human being.

'Just came to see how is my favorite vampire feeling. You know, because I wanted us to hang out a little bit. Like I did with Elena.’ That was the last thing he said. His face expression went from smiley and happy to serious, dangerous one as he lifted up his hand and jerked it to one side, my vision going black. He broke my neck without even hesitating, my body dropping down on the floor in front of his feet. He smiled and clapped, acting crazy as he always did.

'I’m getting better and better with each spell. I just need a bit more practice.’ He muttered and bent down as he picked me up and threw me over his shoulder, my head pressed against his back. He casually walked out of my house, closing the doors like nothing happened. Like he didn’t have another unconscious girl over his shoulder.

Bonnie warned me about Malachai Parker a bunch of times. She fought him multiple times and she said that leaving him in 1903 prison world was the best decission she has ever made. Atleast that’s what she thought, until Kai killed his entire coven because of that. Who knows what could’ve happened if Bonnie had given him a chance, but this way, it was me who had to face him.

I woke up, my mind and vision blury, incapable of comprehending where I am or what the hell is going on. My hands were tied and pulled up over my head as I looked around and realized I was in some kind od abandoned house, walls lacking some pain while the windows were covered in old newspapers making the room look darker. I tried to get free, but the ropes that were wrapped around my wrists and ankles were stained with vervain, making my organism weaker and my skin burn with each move I made.

'Well, well, hello! Look who’s awake.’ Kai broke the silence and sat right in front of me on the bed as he spun a knife in his hand. My eyes strongly focused on a medium knife that Kai held in his hand, swirling it around a couple of times.

'Why am I here?’ I asked him, my voice shaking more and more with each word that came out of my mouth.

'You’re here because I wanted someone to talk to and well, you were the first person that I thought of so ta - da!’ He answere back at me and spread his arms out, gesturing me to look around the room, which I already did, hoping to find a way out of here.

'Are you serious?’ I looked at him in disgust and squirmed in my seat, my skin burning like hell because everytime I moved a drop of vervain trickled down my arm and caused another burned wound.

'Oh c'mon, it will be fine. But first-’ and at that moment he shoved a knife right into my thigh, making me scream out in pain. He laughed at my reaction and pulled it out before shoving it right back in.

'Does it hurt? I doubt it’s that bad, no need to scream. I thought you were a vampire. You’ll hell quickly.’ He stated and pulled it out again, blood dripping dowm from the tip of the knife, an obvious hole in my leg healing quickly. I looked at him and screamed through gritted teeth as he laughed again.

'Screw you, Kai!’ I screamed out as he lifted his hands up, pretending he was shocked at my words, but he was only messing with me, which only made me even angrier.

'Angry aren’t we? I think you need something to calm down.’ He brought a knife close to my thigh and pressed the tip onto my skin.

'I’ve always wondered how fast this healing process is. You didn’t? No? Oh well, let’s find out.’ He pressed it harder making the tip pierce through my skin and then trailed it straight down my thigh. I cried out in pain and once again tried to set myself free.

'Look, look! Yay!’ He clapped as he watched my wound heal in a second. I have never seen anyone being this mesmerized by hurting someone.

'Why are you doing this?’ I asked him, my voice barely audible.

'Because this is a cool place and I wanted to show it to someone. It’s kinda weird being here all alone. It can get really creepy.’ He said, his brows furrowed. I wanted to punch him right then and there. I felt my body suddenly gaining some of the strenght, so I pulled on the rope lightly and of course Kai noticed it. His eyes went wide for a second, his hand placing the knife down on the bed.

'No, no, no. We’re not done yet.’ He said and then took out a small syringe that had somethin yellowish inside. He got up and got very close to me, his eyes staring deeply down into mine as he kneeled in front of me placing his hands down on my thighs.

'What is that?’ My voice cracked at the last word, Kai noticing the fear in my voice.

'Something that will extend your sojourn here with me. So we can have some more fun because I don’t know about you, but I’m having a lot of fun.’ He stated and then shove a syringe in my leg, letting everything that was inside the syringe trickle inside my veins. As soon as the first drop entered my blood, I knew exactly what that is. Vervain. My eyes closing and my body feeling as if someone dragged all my energy, my limbs relaxed, impossible to even move a single muscle.

'Kai, please.’ I begged him, my voice barely audible as I tried to keep my eyes opened.

'You know you’re also very predictable. Just like Bon Bon.’ He started and sat on the bed again, facing me. He laughed for a split second but a smile that said *I’m enjoying this more than you can imagine* never left his face. 'She’s always been predictable. Everytime I was around, there she was, running to save everyone’s day. Quite annoying, actually.’ He trailed off.

'So that’s what all this is about? Bonnie? You’re still mad at here and now you’re taking it out on me?’ I asked him as my mind cleared up a little bit, my vision getting clearer.

'Oh no, no. I have to say I am still a bit sensitive when it comes to Bonnie. The way she treated me but I got what I wanted and in case you forgot, I already took it out on Bonnie, when she almost died.’

'And then Damon killed you. You should’ve stayed dead.’ I said, my voice rising from how angry I was but incapable of doing anything.

'But thanks to Matt and his magical bell, I came back and look at us now. I still have some plans for Bonnie too.’

'So nothing’s changed. You’re still pissed at Bonnie for leaving you in 1903 prison world.’ I said, seeing Kai getting mad at what I said. I must’ve hit the nerve.

'Bonnie hurt me when she left me. It was a terrible move and then she got what she wanted. All I wanted was a second chance to show everyone that I’ve changed.’

'You’re not exactly showing that you’ve changed. Torturing me won’t get you another chance with anyone out there.’

'I know. Atleast I get to be with such a pretty girl like yourself.’ He trailed off and then got up, kneeling right in front of me once again. He reached out his hand and moved the hair that was on my face, tugging it behind my ear. His palm pressed on my cheek while he kept looking into my eyes. Moments after, that touch that once felt gentle, turned into something terrible. A red glows appeared where his palm rested, siphoning my vampirism out of my body. It made me squirm in pain, a sign of satisfaction on Kai’s face. Suddenly he stopped, my body relieved at the sudden lost of Kai’s siphoning.

'You know I can easily rip your head off?’ I said, trying to distract him and act strong.

'No, you can’t. Atleast not like this.’ He stated and moved his hand, breaking my leg as it made me scream out in pain.

'You son of a bitch! You’re gonna pay for this! For everything you did to me and my friends! Mark. My. Words!’ I screamed out. Kai laughed out loud and took a few steps back.

'Dramatic much, aren’t we? Look, I will let you go if you promise you’ll go out with me.’ He said, making my eyes go wide and my brows furrow.

'Are you out of your freaking mind?’ He kept staring at me for a few seconds and then snorted which led to a loud laugh, echoing through the creepy room I was kept in.

'Did you think I was serious? No, no, no. I don’t care about that. It’s not my thing. I’m just messing with you. Oh c'mon, it’s funny, isn’t it?’

'Not even a little bit, no. A psychopath like you shouldn’t even be free, you should burn in hell.’

'I was. Literally. But, c'mon, a crazy person like you should understand me, we’re the same actually. We would make a great team.’ He said and crossed his arms, waiting for my response.

'I’d rather die than team up with you.’

'Suit yourself, but I do need a break. I’m hungry so, see you in a couple hours.’ He smiled at me and the last thing that flashed in front of my eyes was Kai reaching out his hand and breaking my neck. My hands still tightly tied with vervain stained ropes, burning into my flesh. I knew this wasn’t over and my body trembled at the thought of Kai coming back and me having to face the sociopath again, who had a wicked plan in his mind that no one will see it coming.