i made a gif before school!!

#PostItFoward to lovin’ yo’ self

I was bullied for the majority of middle school, that perplexing period of your life when you are always asking yourself “Who AM I?????

Having my peers belittle me for who I was made it really hard for me to answer that question. 
For three years, I tried to dress differently, act differently and went through scary dieting to get my peers to like me.

I only ended up feeling more isolated than before. 

The night before my first day of high school, I made a vow to myself that I would learn to love myself and make some new friends that finally took me for who I was. 

The passage of learning to love yourself in your own skin wasn’t easy for me. The voice of belittlement and doubt was always in my head. And sometimes I still hear it. 
As I continue to grow into a woman, I learned that being yourself is so much more easier than anything else and as I grew to love myself for ME, so did the other people around me. 

Most importantly, I learned that what others think of me is so INSIGNIFICANT to what I think of myself. 

Take me as I am or leave, homie.

#PostItForward to lovin’ yourself for the person you are. There is no reason to put yourself down for being who you are and never let anyone make you think otherwise.