i made a gif :d


Lunafreya Nox Fleuret ; The Passing of the Oracle


collective selfie tag (some years late) by the forever gorgeous @taesthetes, @jung-kookin@sue-bts@ohsuga, @yoongihime, @syugatae & @hobibliophile (i did the 6 thing in my other blog so have gifs!!) 🍑

tagging @sugaredmarbles, @savemxbts@bxebxee, @addictedtokyungsoo, @yoongimnida, @sugajpg if you guys are comfy w it cause i kno how gorgeous u nerds are *wink wink*

Here’s the dorky toony animation I made today in the stream! :,D Took about 6-ish hours from start to finish if I caught the time right

Really fun getting to work with these guys again. Also the reason I wound uP getting the urge to make this is cause I’m playing a bit of TTR again, so if you see a purple Sandy rabbit or a black Snappy cat, feel free to say hi! <3