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[中国阿米] 4 character acrostic poem:
   中: (JH) Chinese army!
   国: (JK) 果果 thinks about you everyday~
   阿: (JH) ahh, aren’t you the best?
   米: (JK) you/fans aren’t applauding for me?

translation notes:
1) 果果 & 国国 are jungkook’s nicknames amongst c-armys. 果果 is the cuter version of his chinese nickname.
2) in the case of ‘米’: JK said ‘米们’ which might also be ‘迷们’ (i.e. word play on ‘米’) which means ‘fans’. some also say that ‘米们’ might stand for ARMY where the ‘阿’ is excluded from ‘阿米们’. another way to look at it is how ‘米们’ sounds like ‘你们’ (i.e. pronunciation play on ‘米’) which stands for ‘you’. this is why there are translations out there with different translations.


ordering online vs the actual delivery

Okay. Okay. Okay. I just read that Andy Lincoln LA Times interview and that part where they mention him freaking out after he read the script made me think.

Andy Lincoln thought Rick could end up dying?

So….maybe he used this in his acting? Maybe perhaps he acted like he was living his last days before the end?

Yup, that explains the cut love scenes in 7x12.

That. Shit. Must’ve. Been. GOOD.

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Below the cut, there are  s i x t y - s i x  gifs of Dove Cameron from various videos around YouTube. These gifs were made ALL by me, Samantha. I don’t mind if you use them in crackships or edit them into icons but don’t put these into other gif hunts! Please like or reblog if you find this helpful and don’t claim as your own!

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