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I found his jumper || Dan Howell

A/N: Since you all loved my ‘Let’s make a baby’ series I decided that I’d write an on going series again. This is the first part of idk how many. masterlist

Pairing: university!fuckboy!Dan and smart!nerdy!shy!female character

Word count: 1.5k

Hello, my name is Rose and I found his jumper”

“Bye, Mum.” I shouted one last time as I left my childhood home, carrying one last bag. I got into my packed car and started the engine. After taking one last glance at the house I had lived in for 18 years I hopped onto the gas pedal and left it all behind to start a new chapter of my life: University.

I had worked hard during my high school years just to get into my desired uni. There was a 5 hour drive ahead of me, but I preferred car rides over taking the plane. According to my calculations I would reach my destination in the early afternoon.

The sun was out when I arrived at the huge campus of the school. Since I was 11 years old I had dreamed to study here. The school building looked like an old castle and I swear one could easily get lost around here. Once I had registered and was told my dorm room I made my way over to my new home. Girl and boy dorms were two separate buildings. None of my high school friends had made it into this uni so I practically knew nobody around here. That meant I had to share my room with a complete stranger. I walked up a few flights of stairs, dragging my extremely heavy suitcase behind me.

“You need help there, honey?” a male voice asked, making me jump in surprise. I turned around to come face to face with a dark haired and tall boy. He took the suitcase out of my hand and easily carried it upstairs, walking next to me.

“My name’s Phil, I’m on the football team.” he introduced himself with a smirk.  

“Rose.” I shyly said with a smile.

“What room are you in?” he asked as soon as we stopped after reaching a long hallway.

“305” I answered, examining the key I was given at the reception.

“305? You are Charlotte’s room mate?” he asked.

I had no idea who Charlotte was so I just shrugged with a confused look on my face. After walking for a bit we had reached the door to my flat. It was slightly opened so I just knocked before walking right in. A light haired girl was standing in the middle of the room. She was surrounded by lots of bags shattered all over the floor. Her body was clad in a short summer dress that hugged her skinny figure perfectly, although it was a bit tight around her chest. I must have been at least one head smaller than her. Wearing only comfortable sweatpants and a t-shirt I felt a bit shabby.

“Hi, I’m Charlotte. Looks like we are sharing this room.” she said, sounding like she was bored out of her mind. She hadn’t  even turned around properly.

“I’m Rose.” I mumbled irritated. Phil placed my suitcase on the floor, the loud thud got Charlotte’s attention.

“Oh hey there, Philly” she suddenly smiled and walked over to give him a quick peck on the cheek.

“You know each other?” I asked curiously while scanning my new flat.

“We went to the same high school.” Charlotte chirped before she started unpacking a huge suitcase filled with panties and bras. Phil cockily smirked.

“Do you know anybody round here?” he asked me while his eyes wandered over my body.

“Nope.” I answered a hint of insecurity in my voice.

“Me and my room mate are throwing a welcome party for all the freshmen . Why don’t you come and make a few friends?” he invited me with a fake smile plastered onto his face.

I wasn’t really an active party goer I was a night in kinda girl. This was my first day at uni though, I was going to spend years here. What if I already ditch the first party and never make friends? No, that wasn’t going to happen.

“I’m in.” I announced happily although I wasn’t really keen on going.

At 8pm I was standing in front the huge mirror in the bathroom and sceptically examined my outfit. I was an amateur when it came to parties. Charlotte was nearly ready to go and I could tell that it was definitely not the first party she had attended. In the matter of a second she had put a sexy outfit together. I didn’t even have clothes like that. She walked into the bathroom and stood next to me. With a satisfied grin on her face she looked at herself in the mirror.

‘Why did I agree to this?’ I asked myself in panic.

There were a few knocks on the door. At least six girls started entering our flat. They all showed a lot more skin then I did and I felt a bit under dressed now. After they had greeted Charlotte with squeals and hugs they noticed that I was in the room as well.

“Hi, I’m Rose.” I said once again. They just nodded.

“Have you already seen Phil today?” a girl with dark hair asked Charlotte, who nodded with a smile.

“Do you think you’ll have sex with him tonight?” she asked.

“I hope so.” Charlotte grinned before she walked out of the room with the rest of her clique.

I nervously followed them with a bit of space between us.

Turns out that the party was held at a big frat house. There was music blasting through the speakers, everybody was already drunk and people were shamelessly making out or worse. It was disgusting to look at, but the other girls seemed to be impressed. Phil stood next to the opened door and greeted arriving guests. I walked in following the crowd of girls.

“Hey there ladies.” Phil shouted over the loud music.

I shot him a small smile, but then I noticed the boy who stood next to him. My heart nearly skipped a beat. ‘It couldn’t be him, right?!’

“Let me introduce you to my friend Dan.” Phil said gesturing towards the arrogant looking boy.

It was him.

A few girls started giggling. ‘Pathetic.’ I thought as Dan checked every new girl out individually. He was leaning against the door frame and I noticed that Charlotte had taken interest in him. She approached him with swaying hips.

“I’m Charlotte, do you know where I can get a drink here.” she seductively whispered while batting her eyelashes.

“We’ve got loads of beer in the -fuck Edwards is that you?!” he suddenly shouted.

His eyes had landed on me. He blinked a few times in disbelief before he walked over.

“It’s actually you. Did you think you could sneak past me?” he laughed his broad shoulders shaking.

The fact that Dan seemed to know me earned me a lot of jealous and curious looks. I wasn’t searching for attention or drama, but I could feel Charlotte’s death glare burn holes into my skin.

“Since when are you going to university, I thought you’d be homeless or in prison by now?” I growled while shaking my head.

“Very funny Edwards.” Dan chuckled. “You are still so feisty. Don’t get me wrong but since when do you leave the library to go to a frat party?” he asked raising his eyebrows.

'I don’t. This was a huge mistake. Mission abort.’ I answered him in my head, but in reality I just shrugged. He was right though, I’d prefer being in a library over this. I would even rather be in a library without books right now.

“What are you even studying?” I wanted to know still shocked by the fact that Dan Howell had made it into my dream uni as well.

“Law. But I’m mainly here for the girls, parties and football.”

I groaned at his stupidity.  

“Look, I’d love to keep chatting with you.” Dan said, emphasising the word love.  “But on their first day here girls are literally begging for me to fuck them.” he continued with a cocky grin that I wanted to wipe off his face so badly.

“And if Phil sleeps with more girls than me tonight my reputation might be ruined.”

I glared at him, my blood boiling with hate.

“You are not interested in being girl number three tonight, right?” Dan then asked, licking his lips while eyeing me up and down. His hand was resting on the wall next to my face.

I just rolled my eyes and walked away, not looking back as he shouted 'Your loss then’.  

On my way out I bumped into Charlotte. She was pretty drunk already which meant that she was capable of finding the alcohol even without Dan’s help.

“Why do you know Dan?” she hissed.

“We went to the same high school. He was always a grade above me.” I explained nonchalantly and continued walking.

“And why do you hate him?” Charlotte snapped at me.

“That’s a long story.”

Youtube Fights and Sleepless Nights - Dan Howell Imagine Part 2

Part 1

Making your way down the moonlight streets you pull your hood tighter over your head trying to protect yourself from the rain, reaching into your coat pocket and grab your phone looking for your best friends number. Once you find it you hit dial and press the phone tightly to your ear, hugging your coat tighter to your body.
“Hey (Y/N)! How you doing?”
“Ummmmm.” You feel your voice cracking a little as you speak “can I…. can I crash at yours tonight?”
“Of course you can. Look I’ll put the kettle on you better explain what’s going on when you get in. Alright?” You nod before realising she can’t see you.
“Thank you.” You hang up, shoving your phone back in your pocket, you let out a shaky breath seeing it appear in a cold mist in front of you. It only took around 5 minutes for you to reach Carrie’s place, walking in knowing she would have left the door open for you. Hanging up your coat and slipping your shoes off you make your way to the living room seeing your best friend sat with 2 cups of tea on the coffee table and a book in front of her face. Hearing you enter she looked up noticing your slightly dishevelled appearance. Placing her book on the table in front of her she picks up your cup and offers it to you with a sympathetic smile.
“Come and tell mamma Carrie all about it.” You smile at her comment, accepting the drink and sitting on the couch next to her you begin to tell her what had happened.

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It's a jolly holiday

A/N: It has been pointed out to me that I literally only write really heavy stuff. I went on holiday recently, so I decided to write Dan and Phil on the exact same holiday, in order to get me to write something which wasn’t a massive social justice rant! I wrote about each city as I was on the train leaving it, with a mixture of stuff that actually happened and fiction, normally diverging where I spoke a lot of French/Italian. There’s also a brief moment of gratuitous self-insert (sorrynotsorry) plus a few of my holiday snaps to give you a literal picture of the places described. I wrote the actual plotline in when I got home. Hope you like!
Wordcount: ~10k
Rating: G. No, seriously.
 These fictional characters are based on real people. I do not claim to know them, nor do I cast aspersions on them.


The trip was Louise’s idea, though interrailing was Phil’s. Apparently some of his friends from uni had gone interrailing after their final exams.

“So you just hop on and off any train in Europe,” he says.

“Really?” asks Dan, doubtful. “You don’t have to, like, reserve the tickets or something?”

“Um… maybe?”

But after they’ve done a bit more research, the idea still sounds appealing. Twenty two days travelling round Europe, a different city every day, one last mad jaunt before…

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Title: Dangerous [1/?]
Genre: AU, Fantasy, Romance
Pairings: Phan.
Trigger warning: None
Summary: Phil gets sent to a boarding school for people with strange abilities after an incident at his previous school. There, he meets Dan who wants nothing more than to hate his guts. But maybe there’s a reason for that? Getting a crush, however, was certainly something neither Dan or Phil had planned. However normal this love story may seem, the strange school they attend will change it from normal to Dangerous.
Authors note: also uploaded on fanfiction . Net under the title ‘telekinesis’. I’m looking for someone to help beta this story so if anyone’s willing to help that would be lovely :)

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Scripts And Stars - Part 3

Summary: AU: Dan is an actor, auditioning for a new role in a film written by a revolutionary young writer by the name of Phil Lester.

Words: 1.4k (done per chapter)

Warnings: References to alcohol

A/N: PART 3!!!!!! here is part 3 it’s part 3. I’m planning to write at least ¾ more chapters after this if people like it!!!! also special thanks to this loser for helping me draft plots and being kinda cool


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