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James Bond

Daryl finds a bottle of whiskey and he gets a bit honest.

  • Daryl Dixon x Reader
  • 977 words
  • No warnings

“Where’s Daryl?” You ask Beth, who is trying her best to rock Judith to sleep.

Beth nods toward the doors without looking up, watching Judith close her sweet little eyes. “I suppose he’s outside.” She said in her long, country drawl. She turns and bounces the baby, humming a lullaby.

You can’t imagine Daryl being outside, not on a day like today. After his last hunt, he ended up bruising his side to hell, though he wouldn’t tell anyone how he did it, if he knew himself. And today was a slow day, a day when many of the prison residents were sitting inside, catching up on each other, reading, anything to keep from walking out in the heat.

Rick strides by with Carl just at his heel , wide grins spread across their cheeks as they try to walk inside. A small giggle escapes Carl’s cracked lips.

“Lookin’ for Daryl?” Rick guesses, pressing his hand to Carl’s shoulder and giving him a little shove through the doors. “He was about to go out the gates. Haven’t seen him leave yet.”

You nod a thanks to the sheriff and take off to the trucks, knowing Daryl would be wherever his brother’s bike was.

To be honest, you had no reason to see Daryl today. The two of you hardly ever cross paths anymore, what with him recruiting people left and right and helping them settle into new cells. You had no set job, not with the lack of skills you had, but they would send you wherever they need you; cooking, cleaning, care, supply runs, anything they thought you could handle.

Not that it matters. You were just happy to help out, happy to have a home. It was Daryl that saved you after all. He found you in the streets, starved and dehydrated. Sleeping in a box because you didn’t have the tools or strength to break into a building. He was your hero.

Once he brought you back to the prison, you assumed things would fall into place. You would be working beside Daryl, helping him with what he needed and slowly the two of you would be together. But that was all just childish and not realistic whatsoever. These were tough times. There was no falling in love anymore, just survival.

In the midst of the cars and trucks, you found Daryl’s bike. A bag was sitting on top of it, ready to roll. However, Daryl was not there.

“Daryl?” You whisper.

“Mmm-mm.” The low growl came from a few cars down. You walk between an old Mustang and a Ford truck to see the redneck folded on the ground, half a whiskey bottle in hand.

You bend your knees and steady yourself with the truck he was leaning against, lowering yourself to his level to see the redness in his eyes. “What the…”

Daryl looks up, the waves of the ocean watching you curiously. You never knew he had such beautiful blue eyes, not until this very moment while they were wide and peering up at you. “Y/N…” He growls. “You—“ his body tenses, he steals the whiskey bottle back up before he drops it on the ground and tries to get up with a grunt.

“Calm down!” You lift your hand, settling it on his right shoulder to keep him from standing. “Are you alright?” You ask hurriedly.

“No.”  Daryl grunts, his lips now turned down and his eyes shut. “No, no, go away.”

It feels like somebody just grasped your heart and gave it a firm squeeze. “You’re drunk. Let’s get you inside before one of the kids sees you like this.” You stand on your feet and try to pull the much larger man out of the dirt, though it was no use at this point.

“I can’t be what you want!” Daryl snaps at you, yanking his arm back and slapping it against his chest. “I ain’t no James Bond.”

“What are you yapping about…?” You watch him hug his knees to his chest and start rocking back and forth. It’s a sight that you didn’t think you could watch. Since you have known him, he’s never looked like this.

His face was growing with heat and he shook his head violently. “I ain’t no prince charming. Merle and my daddy, they made sure…”

You drop to your knees in front of the man. “I don’t want a prince charming or a James Bond.” You say softly, trying to understand where this was coming from. He never once showed you an ounce of attention, not the kind of personal attention you need. “Those types of men are never perfect. The fact that they pretend to be means they aren’t.”

Stars start appearing in the sky as it changes into a colorful orange cocktail. The stars lit up the world below and seem to make things a little clearer than the sun had. It was peaceful, cooler.

The orange fades out of the sky, draining out until it’s dark all around, except for the moon and stars. You breathe in the cool air, filling your lungs and your mind. When you let it out, you feel better, like weight was blown away with the breeze.

Daryl lifts his head and looks at you, his eyes swollen and his bottom lip trembling. His mind must be racing with all sorts of questions that you weren’t sure you could answer.

You lean over and kiss his cheek. He flinches but doesn’t move away. You take that as a good sign and you do what you never thought was possible. You lean across his knees and press your lips to his, making the first move on a guy you had a crush on for the very first time in your short life.

Daryl hesitates, leaning into the kiss before he kisses back.

what goes around, comes around (chanyeol)
word count: 1515 w.
genre: romance, angst, post breakup au
summary: in which one of your grandma’s birthday wishes was to see you with chanyeol, your recent ex-boyfriend. oops?

“Stop pacing around! For god’s sake, just tell the damn boy!” Your best friend pressed her fingers on her temple, rubbing it in a circular motion. With a huff, you settled down right beside her on the couch. You weren’t very flexible in vocalizing your feelings or in your case, inviting your ex to your grandma’s birthday party.

She crossed her legs and propped an elbow on the top side of the couch. “I’m sure he’ll understand. I mean, Chanyeol basically adores your grandma. He wouldn’t mind being there at the party.”

“You did tell your grandma that you and Chanyeol have broken up, didn’t you?” She asked in a confident tone, eyebrows raising as she waited for your response.

“Um, yeah, about that…”

Your best friend groaned in frustration. When her reflex kicks in, she starts grabbing things near to her and fortunately, it was a throw pillow. “It’s been almost three months, girl! How can you not tell your family about the break-up?”

“They love Chanyeol!” You exclaimed, dodging the pillow she threw. “It would break their hearts if they knew about it.”

“Who are you kidding?” She started crawling to your side of the couch before poking your forehead. “You still love Chanyeol and it still breaks your heart because you can’t accept that you two are over.”

Tears were threatening to stream down your face but your best friend was right. You do still love the guy and acceptance wasn’t just running through your mind back then, even right now. Chanyeol gave you so much precious memories to cherish that forgetting them, forgetting him, was the last thing on the list.

“One way or another, you gotta move on. You have to move on.”

Your heart sank at your best friend’s words. She fished out your phone from your body bag. At first, you hesitated on dialing his number, thinking on what you were going to say. Should you ask him how are things going? Should you say hi or hello but hell, you know whatever you were gonna say is gonna sound awkward.

“This is the best chance of closure you have. Don’t screw it up.”

You gulped at her words before pressing the call button. Your hands started perspiring when a deep, baritone voice greeted your ear. It’s the same husky voice that whispered sweet nothings to your ear. It’s the same voice that said, “I love you” more than a thousand sunsets. But it’s also the same voice that muttered a quiet, “I’m sorry” when you decided to walk out the door.

“Hi, Chanyeol.”

You have no idea why you were now in a convenience store, searching for junk food and soda for a road trip to your grandma’s house. With Chanyeol. Yes, that Chanyeol. Your ‘well-loved by your family and friends’, ex-boyfriend extraordinaire, Park Chanyeol.

You had to admit. You haven’t had a decent road trip up until now. You haven’t showed up to one family gathering for the last three months. Every event you attended back then, you had Chanyeol with you. But it seems now would be the last time to have him by your side.

As you were shoving various food down your basket, you spotted your favorite chocolate. Chanyeol used to buy it when you were feeling upset with things. A momentary need to add it to the list of items in your basket was felt but your hand stopped halfway. This trip should be a road to closure, not a trip down to memory lane.

“That would be ten dollars,” the cashier said as a the register noise reverberated around the store.

You were about to hand out the payment when Chanyeol placed another item on the flat surface. His height towered over you as you looked up at him before turning to see what he added.

“I remember you liked this chocolate, and I know it’s kinda wrong or whatever, but I couldn’t not buy it for you.” He pointed out, his lips pursed in a thin line.

“Shit,” you mumbled under your breath.

Chanyeol looked over the passenger’s side to the sight of you clumsily wiping tissue on the soda stain on your white blouse. Out of all the days you had to wear your blouse, why was this the perfect day to spill soda on it? Not to mention, right in front of your ex.

“Still clumsy, I see?” Chanyeol grinned, his line of sight completely focus on the road. “Do you have an extra shirt? I have one at the back.”

Your eyes twinkled in wonder. Your voice faltered a bit but you eventually found your grip. “Who’s is it?”

Chanyeol snapped his head towards your direction. You averted your attention to the view outside so you could avoid his gaze. “It’s my sister’s.”

You replied with a small “oh”. “I actually have an extra but–”

“That’s okay, I won’t look. I’ve seen it all anyway.” Chanyeol teased, earning a few shy giggles from you and a blush creeping its way to your cheeks.

You proceeded on changing your blouse. True to his words, Chanyeol kept his eyes on the road. The one you changed into was an oversized shirt. Needless to say, it was your favorite.

Chanyeol couldn’t help but side-glance at you even just for a quick minute. A small smile plastered on the latter. It was rather charming how Chanyeol’s dimples were placed perfectly on his face. He began, “That’s my shirt.”

You glanced down and it was, indeed, his shirt. Now this would just make the situation worse. It would seem like you were giving him a signal that you weren’t completely over him (you really weren’t), and you wouldn’t want that.

“Do you want it back?” 

You whipped your head to the driver’s side, only to find his eyes crinkled and a soft smile accompanying it. “Nah, it always looked better on you.”

The party was a blast despite being celebrated by an eighty year old. There were so much interactions between your family and Chanyeol that it very much overwhelmed you. You had to tell them someday, but not today. Your grandma might get a heart attack when she finds out the truth and you avoided that effect at all costs.

Loud pitter-pats of raindrops fell heavily on the roof. Your grandma convinced you and Chanyeol to stay the night over at her house as driving back to Seoul was perilous at this time of the night. The heavy rain added enough reason to accept her offer. There was an extra room fit for two guests. Requesting a carpet and another set of thick comforter would draw questions from your grandma.

You and Chanyeol were a couple and it was only natural to sleep in one bed. At least, after three months again.

The two of you had your backs to each other, refusing to lay on your backs instead. It’s been a while since the two of you slept in one bed, under one roof.

You shouldn’t be saying this right now but you called him out. “Chanyeol.”

He responded, “I thought you were asleep.”

“I missed this,” you finally gave into your feelings. Taking a deep breath, you sighed, “I missed you. I missed us.”

You know you shouldn’t get your hopes up but you couldn’t take your mind off his words that he said earlier that day. You weren’t sure if he was leading you on or he was just being the cocky Chanyeol you seldom encountered back in your relationship. 

The best way to get some closure was to let out everything that’s been long kept in your mind and heart. Closure is accepting rejection once the words hidden at the back of your mind passed by your lips.

You slowly rolled your body to the other side. Surprised, you backed away a little as his face was dangerously lurking close to yours. His soft gaze never left your face the moment you turned to him. A few centimeters and his pink lips would have found yours.

“Is there a chance you’d ever come back?” You questioned as your eyes slowly closed. Your heart readied itself to be crashed into a million pieces once again.

His hand emerged from under the blanket, making its way to your cheek. His thumb rubbed invisible shapes. You found yourself leaning more into his palm. 

“Just ask me to stay.”

You felt your heartstrings tug, heightening your senses to the maximum level. Even in the dark, you saw colors swirling around the room. Hearing those words made something burst inside of you that it spread hope all across your thoughts.

Opening your eyes, tears finally escaped from it. “I never stopped loving you, Chanyeol. Will that make you stay?”

“More than you will ever know, babe.”

You never had a sweeter kiss than this.

note: okay so maybe missing 9 and chanyeol wasn’t such a great idea ;A; i have pcy feels all over again send help | masterlist

Draco Malfoy.

This is a requested imagine, thanks for requesting and I hope you’ll like it <3 xx.

Summary : you’re meeting Draco’s parents, and you’re very nervous, but everything’s okay in the end.

(Sorry if you spot any spelling mistakes)


Today was the day. Draco and I were heading towards Malfoy manor so I could meet his parents for the first time. I’m not gonna lie, I’m really nervous. Especially for his father, Lucius Malfoy, he wants the absolute best for his son and won’t accept anything else. But what if I’m not the best?

I nervously paced around the room as I waited for Draco to get ready. After a minute or two he finally walked down the stairs, fixing his tie while trying not to trip on the steps.

“Do you really think this is a good idea?” I questioned as I glanced at myself in the mirror, second guessing my outfit for the day. I looked back at Draco and he glanced at me with his head slightly tilted sideways. “Why–Are you nervous?” Draco asked with a hint of hesitation in his voice. I looked up and nodded, biting down on my bottom lip.

“You’re not the only one…” He mumbled as he reached his hand out for me to take it. I walked towards him and intertwined our fingers together while I leaned my head against his chest.

He kissed the top of my head and tilted my chin up. “It’s going to be okay Y/N, I’m sure they’ll love you,” Draco said as he gave me a reassuring smile. I smiled back at him, with the nervous feeling still running through my body. We grabbed our coats and walked out of the door, hand in hand, and before I even realized it, we stood right infront of the huge manor. Malfoy manor.

Draco took a step forward and let go of my hand to knock on the door. He stepped back again and held my hand tightly. He rubbed small circles on the back of my hand with his thumb as we both waited patiently for the house elf to open the door. The house elf let us in after a short minute and greeted us as he led us towards the room where Draco’s parents were sitting.

“Mom, dad?” Draco called out before his mom and dad both turned their heads in surprise. Draco’s mom quickly put her mug down and stood up to give Draco a hug. Draco’s father stood up too and gave me a questioning look before he also greeted Draco.

“Well, mom and dad– I would like you to meet my girlfriend..” Draco said nervously. I took a step forward and reached my hand out towards Lucius to introduce myself, “hello sir, it’s nice to meet you. My name is-”

“Y/N Y/L/N, yes I know. My name is Lucius Malfoy,” Draco’s father cut me off before I could even finish my sentence, surprising me by the fact that he already knew my name, “yeah, Draco’s told me all about you.”

“He did?” I questioned confused and somewhat amused. Draco awkwardly cleared his throat and focused his eyes on the ceiling.

“I was already starting to wonder when he’d finally bring the girl home he’s been talking about for years,” Draco’s mother said while smiling at me kindly.

“Mom!” Draco cried out, trying to shut his mom up while a reddish color appeared on his cheeks.

I chuckled softly and reached my hand out to his mom, but she pulled me in for a hug instead. “My name is Narcissa, it’s very nice to meet you Y/N..” She said once she pulled away from the hug again. “It’s nice to meet you two too,” I replied earning a nod and what seemed like a smile from Lucius.

The way his parents acted towards me made me feel somewhat relieved, they seem to be really kind, especially his mom, I really hope they think the same way about me.

“Would you two like a cup of tea?” Narcissa asked Draco and I. We both nodded eagerly, “yes please.”

The four of us sat down infront of the fireplace and drank our cups of tea, enjoying the moment, while they tried to get to know me better.

“I’m really glad that you two are together,” Narcissa said as her eyes wandered off to the dancing flames infront of us, “Draco has been through a rough time, barely eating or sleeping. The spark he always had inside of him just died down,” she sighed sadly, “But once in a while, over the summer, he’d always tell me about this one girl he had met at school. Her name was Y/N and she was kind to him and seemed to understand him like no one else did… And in those very moments, that spark seemed to be coming back. I never really understood why, but now that I’ve met you…” Narcissa trailed off while she glanced at me, “it’s getting clearer and clearer.”

A warm feeling spread through my body as I listened to her words, almost all of my nerves washed away in that very moment. “Thank you,” I smiled at her before I pulled her in a hug. She hugged me back and smiled at me, standing up after we pulled away from each other again. Lucius stood up too while he gave his wife a small smile.

“I suppose you two are staying over for dinner?” Lucius asked Draco and I. “We’d love to,” Draco replied while kissing my cheek.

“Great. Excuse us while we’re going to arrange something with the house elf,” Narcissa replied with a smile on her face.

I waited a second after Draco’s parents left the room and looked at him with a smirk on my face, “So Malfoy, you’ve been talking about me behind my back I hear?” I stated as the same reddish color from earlier returned on his cheeks, “did your mom never tell you that that isn’t very kind?” I added while raising my eyebrows amused.

“Oh shut up,” Draco muttered as he hid his face in the crook of my neck, placing small kisses on my shoulder and in my neck.

I laughed and turned my head slightly so I could kiss him.

“I love you Y/N,” he mumbled against my lips, “and it seems like I’m not the only one,” he said, talking about his parents.

“I love you too,” I whispered back while pressing my lips against his.

Request Scenario: Namjoonie finds you pleasuring yourself. Tsk tsk tsk. 

Genre: seriously? 

Word Count: 1671 

A/N: Namjoon feels are on a new record high currently. I seriously don’t understand how anybody doesn’t find his boy super attractive and not mention his ability to be the cutest thing on planet earth. *slams fists* DAMN YOU HYUNG LINE.


Chewing roughly on your bottom lips, you were sure if you weren’t lightly wounded on the couch would be pulling your hair, screaming, and chucking things at the television. 

Kim Namjoon. 

Not only is he four hours away at a comeback stage, he has left you on a libido high this morning that has only been building and building and building. It was almost excruciating to move a single muscle of your body without your core being shocked with instant pleasure that made your eyes screw shut and lips pale from being bitten. 

His hair was styled up, enabling his eyes to stare right into the camera with all the sexual intensity you received on your own times. Not only were you angry that he was sharing that to the thousands of girls that will rewatch this performance, you were stuck at home, not even able to see him live. 

Tapping his fingers on the lips that sends so much desire throughout your body every time you touch it, he pointed towards the camera and gestured cheekily. Throwing your entire weight onto the couch, you dunked your face into a nearby pillow and screamed into it. Almost afraid to look up, your eyes made contact to his slick tongue gliding across his bottom lips while he rapped his part in Dope. 

“That’s not even a suggestive song, you dick!” You screamed, ruffling your hair with frustration–deep, ingrained sexual frustration. 

You were exhausted by this continuing internal turmoil of desperate needs. Squeezing the bridge of your nose lightly, you stood up stiffly, trying to cool off from the thin sheen of sweat that surfaced from your exasperation. Your hands tightly balled up into a fist, your nails digging into your palms, trying to find any way to distract your mind from your heating lower region. But all your mind could transport to was reliving the every clinch of your warmth against his firm length. How his hair would be messily tangled in your fingers as his moans and territorial growls overwhelmed your ears. Your stomach tightened, a fresh breath of air filled your lungs as you made your decision. 

“I can handle myself you teasing son of a bitch.” You smashed the power button of the remote control, eliminating the source of your frustration into a simple pitch black screen. 

It was hidden underneath your mattress, it was your dirty little secret. Any other day, you’ve wouldn’t even take a second look at the region surrounding the pouch encasing it, but tonight was not like every other night. 

You couldn’t even feel the texture rubbing against your walls because of your slick wetness, only the guttural pressure that filled your body. It was not the same without his natural movements and weight pressing against your body, but it was enough for now. Slowly sinking the soft buzzing instrument into you, it’s a calm pleasure. Not pushing you to the edge, but enough to release the last few hours of craze. Using the pad of your thumb, you grazed your swollen clit, causing you to gasp at how sensitive the small bud already was. You didn’t crave for a rush to the peak, but you were alone and a slow burn will not satisfy you if it was by your own hands. Quickening your actions with the increasing vibrations of the toy, your eyes snapped shut, ready to explode. 


He knew exactly what he was doing when he starred at the camera so seductively. He wanted to see you all shaking with sensitivity and lust when he came home and what he got was so much better than what he had imagined on the way home. 

Pants already retraining against his member, Namjoon was greeted with purrs ringing from your room. He didn’t know how he didn’t come right there within his jeans when he saw you sprawled out on the bed with your nimble fingers pleasuring yourself and moaning his name. He didn’t know whether or not to interrupt this erotically beautiful scene, but he also wanted to see you fluster and embarrassed about being caught red-handed…in this case, wet-handed.


“How rude.” You pulled away the instrument and bolted up, breathing ragged, and hair tossed around your head like a wind had just blew right through it. 

“Namjoon.” You breathed out, shamefully trying to hide what you were trying to replace him for the night. 

“Tsk tsk tsk…” Namjoon wiggle his long index finger at your direction, “Now, I understand my girlfriend has needs, but my question is why she would go behind my back to take care of it when her perfectly adequate boyfriend will never turn down an opportunity to make his beautiful babygirl moan under his doings.” There he goes with he poetic words. 

“How…” Your head was spinning between the high you were so close to reaching and the smug boyfriend who was now sauntering towards the foot of your bed. 

“I was wondering if my small expressions would get to you and I guess this answers my question.” His thumb ran across your bitten lips, reminding you the looks he gave to the camera earlier that evening. 

“You did that–" 

"On purpose? Why, of course. I knew you were watching and only you would know those are looks I give to you and only you.” Namjoon’s face was dangerously close to yours, tempting you like sweet honey. 

“Now now… If you want to continue on, I’m sorry I ever interrupted and I shall leave you to your own undoing.” You didn’t know how to respond other than with a pathetic whimper, showing just how miserable you were without his touch. 

“What was that now?” Namjoon and his cocky self…You would have played along and change your mind about not needing him, but right now, all dignity have been thrown out the window. 

“Please touch me.” Your fingers pinched the fabric beneath you, tugging at small sections like a bored child, except you weren’t bored, you were just trying to not shove him onto the bed. You wanted him to touch you in all the right ways because he knew exactly where they were. 

Sensually removing each piece of clothing, he was soon bared in all his naked glory, making you drown at the sight of the man you call your own. He couldn’t have gone any slower or you would have wrapped your body around him while he was standing and tore apart everything at its thread because they were hiding what you have been anticipating for far too long. 

"You sure you don’t want me to just leave you alone. You were looking pretty satisfied.” Namjoon mocked, hovering right above you, teasing you with light wash of his cologne radiating from his chest. 

“I hate you.” You hissed as your hands gripped his neck and pulled him into you, feeling his smirk on your lips. “You won’t be saying that in a while." 

"Hmm…” You moaned in uncertainty, his large hands pushed you into the bed and away from his lips. 

“Is that a challenge?” Before you could even say a word, Namjoon slipped his fingers into your heated core, catching you off guard. 

“Oh my god.” You could feel his digits curling for your utmost pleasure, hitting your sweet spot, your whimpered, raveling your fingers into his pale locks. Making you wonder why you even settled for the toy, when his fingers alone were able to bring you to the brink of ecstasy. You were so entrapped with the waves of bliss crashing through you, you couldn’t help but to silence your loud moans with your lips harshly pulled by your teeth. 

“I want to hear you cry out my name so you will know that I am the one bringing you all this.” Namjoon panted, releasing your lips, freeing the screams within you. 

Your insides were churning, so close to releasing what have been trapped within you the entire day, but suddenly you felt him abruptly stop.

“What the fuck?!” You shouted, cupping his face and glaring at him. “You sure you want me to finish the job?” Namjoon eyes glistening with mischief that you wanted to slap out of him. 

“Fuck you Namjoon. Please let me come, oh my god, just let me. I need you to let me come. You’re the only one who can. Please please just fuck me with your amazing fingers…” You have never sounded so needy your entire life, but you were too desperate to care anymore. 

“That’s all daddy wanted to hear.” Namjoon grunted dominantly increasing the speed of his arms with a new dizzying force. Your ears were ringing, as you cried out his name and you became undone by his hands. Your lungs seemed to have closed off as your breathing became shallow and erratic. Shutting your eyes to calm your breathing, he was still moving his fingers within you, slowing you down from your high. Your body tingled with every touch, goosebumps surrounded the point of contact. Namjoon began planting sweet kisses along your chest and neck, filling you with pure bliss. 

“Y/N, you look so beautiful when your cheeks tint a crimson color and your lips apart when you come… One day I will capture that moment and show you jut how stunning you look.” Namjoon complimented you as his warm tongue cleaned you up, sending shivers from your upper thighs. Hovering above you once again, he made sure you saw him drink up the very last tangy droplet of you from his dripping fingers. You starred in silence, he has his ways with words that made warmth spread throughout your body–whether it’s lust or love, his words alone were able to bring you sensations that you could never put into words. 

“I’m glad you are mine and no one else’s.” You whispered, caressing his cheeks. The smile on his face could have shone through the darkest of nights because a shy giggle left his lips as he dug his face next to yours. 

“How are you so cute?” You looked at the boy blushing from your claim. 

“Because I have a cute girlfriend." 


Hope you liked it anon and I apologize for taking so long to post this. :( xx 

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Imagine Jared helping you after a break up

“You don’t have to go” I hear Shannon speaking from the bedroom door, “This is also your apartment”

“No, it isn't” I mutter, “And after what I had to witness, I can’t believe you are asking me to stay”

I hear his sigh before leaving the room. Shannon knows that he fucked everything up and I thank him for not begging me to stay.

I place the last couple of shirts on my suitcase before closing it up. I take a last look at the bedroom, noticing how out of place my luggage looks on the floor. My eyes move towards the bed, bringing me images of what I had to see just a couple of hours ago. I can feel the tears forming on my eyes, but I can’t allow myself to cry again. Shannon doesn’t deserve my tears. Just one tear escapes from my eyes before I use my sleeve to dry the rest. Just keep yourself calm for a couple of minutes more, in one hour you can cry and destroy everything that gets in front of you. But now, just keep calm.

I spent just four months on that apartment, reason why I have only two suitcases with me when I reach the living room. Shannon’s eyes travel from my luggage to my eyes, and I’m not able to hold his gaze.

“Do you need help?” He dares to ask.

I shake my head, taking my luggage and walking towards the door. I take the apartment key out of my keychain and let it drop on the small table next to the door.

“It wasn’t all my fault, you know?”

I turn around to face Shannon one last time, he looks angry and his arms are crossed on his chest.

“I may have been too busy with work, but you were the one who kept her heart looked up. I love you, but you didn’t let yourself love me back”

“That’s not true” I whisper.

“You lie to me, you lie to yourself…” Shannon shakes his head in frustration, walking towards me, stopping a few feet from where I stand, “You never loved me, and we both know the reason why”

His eyes look hurt, and for the first time since I found out what was going with Shannon, I feel guilty. I let out a smile, a hurt one, and get out of the house. There’s nothing more I can say to him, and there’s nothing that he can tell me that’s gonna fix what happened.

When I’m on the street I realize I have nowhere to go. I sold my apartment when we decided to move together, and my family was miles away from me. Shannon would have laughed at me, seeing me take my phone and dial the number that saved my ass more times than he would have wanted to.
“Hey, I was just thinking about calling Shann” I hear his happy voice from the other side of the line, “Emma and I have been thinking of having a night out”

“I’m not going” I whisper, my voice breaking.

“What? Are you alright?”

“Can you come pick me up? Something happened”

“Sure, just tell me where”

I decide that the coffee shop in the corner would be a nice place to wait, since the weather keeps getting worse by the minute.

The girl behind the counter greets me with a smile and writes my name on a cup, “Your usual Latte?” She asks me, I nod leaving a couple of bucks on the counter.

I decide to sit on the back of the place, leaving my luggage on one side. My phone is the only distraction I have for the moment, I check my emails and answer a couple of them before I hear the front door open again.

Jared enters the place and it feels like everyone turns around to see him walk inside. He is wearing his hoodie over his head, but once he takes it off I can see how messy his hair looks. With a smile glued to his lips, he walks towards my table. I allow myself a quick look at this eyes, and that’s when he notices something isn’t right.

“You’ve been crying” He whispers, leaning on the table to reach my hand, “What’s going on? Why… What’s all this luggage doing here?”

I want to answer, I want to tell him everything, but the tears get hold of my eyes and my view of his hand on mine gets blurry. In no time, I’m letting go all the pain on my chest. Jared gets up from his seat to move his chair next to mine and hold me in his arms. I can feel the beating of his heart when he puts my head against his chest. I let everything out, feeling his hands caress my hair, and his heartbeat as a lullaby.

“He cheated on me” I finally say, noticing how his hands stop caressing my hair, “I found him on our bed with a girl”

All I can hear is the intelligible conversations of the other people in the shop. Jared stays quiet, holding me for what it feels like hours. I want him to talk, to say anything, I just want to hear someone say how much they understand me. I need someone to lend me a hand, because now that I say it aloud, it hurts even more.


“I don’t know, it was just a girl, probably from work”

His hand starts moving again on my hair, and my heart starts to feel a bit warmer.

“You can come with me” He whispers, resting his cheek on my head, “We’ll fix this up, don’t worry”

Jared takes my luggage and takes it to car, while I sit on the passenger sit. I can see him through the rearview mirror, still hearing Shannon’s laugh in my head. Without noticing I take my hands to my face, trying to erase his laugh from my memories, trying to forget I was going to marry him.

“Ok, everything’s ready” Jared says, entering the car, “You okay?”

I nod, taking my hands off my face, giving him the most sincere smile I can. A smile appears on his face as he starts the engine.

It doesn’t takes us long to get to his apartment, the streets look awkwardly empty now that it has started to rain. Jared takes my luggage inside the building, and I follow him as we enter the elevator.

I can see his reflection through the mirror and I can’t help but ask myself how two brothers can be so different. Jared notices my eyes on his reflection and offers me a kind smile. I can’t return the smile, so I just lower my head to keep getting lost in my thoughts.

His apartment looks a bit messy, but is the kind of mess that Jared understands. Both of my suitcases end up in his guest room.

“Make yourself at home, once you are ready come to the kitchen, I’ll prepare something to eat”

I nod, sitting on the bed. Jared stares at me for a few seconds before heading towards the door.


He stops, but does not turn around to look at me.

“Thank you, for everything”

It takes me an hour to set a few of my things in the drawers, get a shower and get the balls to head to the kitchen. Once again, Jared is here for me, holding me, showing me that I’m not alone. I sit in one of the stools, his eyes look away from the pan in his hands for a few seconds to look at me.

They do not have the same eyes, not even the same color, but these eyes remind of the ones that made me cry earlier. Jared seems to notice something isn’t right almost immediately.

“He called, let me finish here and we’ll talk, ok?”

I nod, feeling my body tensing at the thought of Shannon talking with Jared.

From the way Shannon and I met must have been a sign of how our relationship was doomed from the start. We were at a club, I was with friends, Shannon with his brother and Emma. We all had our eye on Jared, you just don’t find someone like him every day, and we knew that. Two of my friends tried their luck, both being rejected by the mysterious blue-eyed man. I was the only one who didn’t want to do it, and I got bored of their endless conversation about this handsome man. I end up in the bar, drinking a beer alone, when Shannon appeared by my side. He recognized me from my group of friends, and we talked about their attempts to seduce Jared. When he asked me if I was enamored by his brother too, I couldn’t say no.

Shannon knew all along that I had feelings for his brother, but that didn’t stop any of us of trying to make our relationship work. After the last couple of months, Shannon started ignoring the matter completely, and we didn’t spoke about it unless we were fighting.

When Jared finishes cooking and serving dinner, both of us sit on the dinner table. He’s too quiet, and I’m too tense.

“What did Shannon say?” I dare to ask, after two whole minutes just looking at my plate.

“He wanted to know if you were here” He says, “He also asked me if I…”

“If you what?” I ask him, even though I know what’s coming.

“If I had already fucked you”

Now that the words have finally come out of his mouth, a long sigh leaves his body. My body is more tense than before, and I feel the tears threatening their way out. My attraction for Jared was the Achilles heel of our relationship, and I wasn’t really surprised that he would ask Jared something like that.

“I’m sorry” I mutter.

“It’s alright” Jared says, holding my hand tight, “He’s hurt too, he made the wrong decision and knows it”

“Yes, but he shouldn’t…”

“Hey” He stops me, taking his other hand to hold my chin, making me look him in the eyes, “He fucked up, we both know that. Now, you need to recover from this. I’m not leaving you alone”

I nod, feeling a single tear rolling down my cheek. He’s right, I need to get over this and move on.

Jared lets go of me, asking me to try what he prepared. I nod again, trying to show a smile to let him now that I was being serious about getting better.

We don’t talk about Shannon again during dinner, Jared talks about work and how stressed he’s feeling. Emma becomes the center of our conversation at one point, even the idea of getting a dog once I find a place to live and how I should name it.

Once we finish, Jared asks me if I want to watch a movie, or just find something on tv.  I accept, there’s nothing else I  have to do. We watch the dishes first, leaving everything clean before laying on the couch. Jared searches something on netflix and we end up watching something old.

We keep our distance, laughing at times, sharing a few smiles and looks, but never touching. I just want to feel at home and forget about everything, so I end up ignoring how uncomfortable can be at times trying not to get too close to the other.

When the movie ends we stay in silence for a couple of seconds, even a minute, just looking at the credits roll.

“I should go to bed” I mumble, but not even moving an inch.

“Do you have to work tomorrow?” He asks, turning to face me. I shake my head, avoiding his eyes.

“Thanks again” I whisper one last time, finally getting up from the couch, “I’ll see you tomorrow”

I walk fast to the bedroom, leaving the door closed behind me. And, suddenly, everything comes back to my head. The tears start rolling again, my chest tightens and I feel a scream wanting to come out of my throat. My breathing turns heavy, and it’s like the whole weight of the world is on my shoulders. I need air, but I can’t move my body to get to the window. Out of nowhere, I can feel a pair of hands on my shoulders, and Jared’s voice trying to bring me back from my little hell.

“It’s okay, try to breath slowly” He says, doing it himself so I can imitate him.

I do as he says, being carried to the bed, and sitting on it. Jared’s hands never leave my arms and shoulders, caressing me and lifting up my head so I can see him in the eyes.

“That’s it, you are doing great”

I can feel more air going through my lungs, and my whole body starting to relax. In just a minute I’m okay, breathing normally, but feeling my body as if a truck ran over it. Jared smiles at me, caressing my hair.

“Can you stay with me?”

“I’m here for you, don’t worry” Jared whispers.

Jared nods, helping me lay on the bed. He lays by my side, getting his body close to mine, covering us both with a blanket. His heartbeat serves as my lullaby again, leading me to calmness immediately.

“Everything’s fine” He whispers again, and I believe him.

FIRST LOVE PART SEVEN: http://imaginingbucky.tumblr.com/post/145930295939/first-love-part-six


A few weeks had passed since the talk that you had with Sebastian. You hadn’t really seen much of him besides the times you guys were in the same scene together. He kept his distance and so did you.

You wondered if things would ever feel normal between the two of you. You wondered if you and Sebastian could ever have a normal friendship. You didn’t want to lose him. Thinking of a life without him in it was a sad thought.

It was ten in the morning and you had been sitting in hair and makeup nearly finished getting ready for your scene. You were looking over your lines when the door to the trailer opened and Chris walked in. He held two cups of coffee in his hands and handed you one.

“I got your favorite.” He smiled.

You gratefully took the coffee from him, “You are a lifesaver. I’m going to need this today.”

He sat on the empty chair besides you, “You have a long day ahead of you?”

You nodded, “Yeah. I have a scene with Scarlett and one with Anthony, Elizabeth and Paul before I have rehearsals in the afternoon. What about you?”

“I have some scenes with Downey and…. Sebastian today.” Chris glanced at you to gage your reaction. He noticed that you would get this sad facial expression whenever his name was mentioned. Sebastian did the same when he heard your name.

“Oh, are you guys doing the final fight scene?” You asked.

“Not just yet. That’s going to be filmed in the next few days.”

Gina, the girl that was doing your makeup had to go step out for a few minutes. It left you and Chris alone.

“So, you haven’t talked to him in a while huh?” Chris asked referring to Sebastian.

“Uh, no I haven’t. We’ve been sort of avoiding each other.”

“So I guess you haven’t heard about him and Elaine.”

You looked at Chris, “What happened?”

“She broke up with him. It was the day after she had came to visit him. He didn’t tell me specifics just that it was over.”

You instantly felt sad for Sebastian. It must’ve been a lot for him to go through. The conversation the two of you had and then Elaine breaking up with him. It would be stressful to anyone.

“Is he- um, is he okay?” You asked Chris.

Chris shrugged his shoulders, “I think he’s taking it day by day. He says he doesn’t want to talk about it but I’m hoping he’ll come around soon.”

“I’m glad that you guys are talking.”

“I explained to him that I see you as one of my dear friends and he understood. I don’t know why he got so jealous. I wouldn’t ever do that to him.”

“I’m just glad things have sort of gone back to normal.” You commented.

“Not with the two of you. Do you think that you guys will talk anytime soon?”

You shrugged your shoulders this time, “I have no idea. I want to go and talk to him, but I just forget everything that I want to say to him. After what I told him, he probably doesn’t want to talk to me.”

“He is probably thinking the same thing about you.”

“Maybe.” You mumbled.

“You guys probably need some space. It’ll do you guys some good.”

The door to the trailer opened and Elizabeth walked in.

“Morning guys!” She smiled sitting on one of the empty chairs.

“Morning.” You and Chris replied in unison.

The three of you chatted about the day ahead before Elizabeth mentioned plans for that evening. “Since it’s the weekend, some of us wanted to go and get a few drinks. Are you guys up for it?”

Chris nodded, “Yeah that would be fun. (Y/n), are you going to come?”

“Sure. It would be better than staying in my room. I think I’ve seen everything on Netflix.” You joked. Ever since your conversation with Sebastian, you seemed to turn into a recluse, only leaving your room for work or food.

It wasn’t that you were scared of running into him, it was just that you didn’t know what to say to him. The way you both left things was completely awkward. It felt weird to talk to him during scenes and then go to not talking to him. Your characters spoke to each other more than you guys did.

You truly cared about Sebastian. You knew that the way you felt about him was unlike how you had ever felt about someone else. Sebastian was the one guy that you had always completely trusted.

“We are going to have so much fun!”

You hoped for a normal night out with the rest of the crew.


You had planned to meet the others in the lobby around ten that evening. You were tired from a day of filming but since you had the next two days off, you figured that you could catch up on sleep then.

You had finished curling your hair before grabbing your things and going to meet the others. You weren’t entirely too sure about who was all going but you were looking forward to hanging out with everyone.

Once you made it to the lobby, you saw Scarlett with Anthony. They were the only two. You were surprised that you managed to beat Chris who seemed like he was early for everything all of the time.

“I love that dress!” Scarlett said when you approached the two of them.

“Thank you. Yours is beautiful too. Red is definitely your color.” You smiled. The dress you had on was a black strapless with lace embellishments. It was hot at night so you didn’t want to wear something that would overheat you as soon as you stepped out of the hotel.

“Need a wingman tonight (Y/n)? You are going to have to fight the guys off of you and I would be glad to offer you my assistance.” Mackie joked.

“If I need help, you’ll be the first person I go to.” You laughed. You weren’t looking to meet anyone that night. That was the furthest thing in your mind.

“You’re gonna have to fight them off with a stick!”

“Whose fighting someone off with a stick?” You turned and saw Chris had walked over mid conversation. Sebastian was right beside him. He looked right at you and you quickly looked away. So he was going to be joining everyone.

Elizabeth showed up soon after with Chadwick and the rest of you set out to go. There was a van waiting for you guys parked in front of the hotel.

Chris lend you a hand since you were wearing heels to get on the van. You sat in the middle with Elizabeth on one side and Sebastian on the other. You were surprised that he sat by you since there was an empty seat by Mackie in front of you.

You looked ahead and wouldn’t meet Sebastian’s glances. He was sitting awfully close to you. Your knees bumped into each other’s a few times. There was like this electric current that flowed between the two of you. You couldn’t put it into words.

The van was filled with multiple conversations on the way to the bar. You chatted with Elizabeth the majority of the way about random things. You knew that Sebastian was listening the entire time since he stayed silent.

The bar that you guys arrived at was sort of big. It had a dance floor and a stage for a band. It wasn’t completely packed but it wasn’t empty either. You could tell that people were starting to notice the group by stares and flashing cameras. You hoped that you would all still have a good night.

Chris lead the group to a booth in the back. It had a bit of privacy from onlookers. You were the last to get in the booth right after Mackie. Sebastian was on the other side of him and he hoped to sit by you like he did in the van. He was glad that you didn’t see him almost shove Mackie out of the way earlier so that he could sit with you.

A waitress came and brought you all some shots on the house. You grabbed one of the glasses along with everyone else and did a small cheers.

“Let’s go and dance!” Elizabeth said after a while. Some of you got up to go on the dance floor. Scarlett, Sebastian and Chadwick stayed behind.

You linked arms with Elizabeth and walked with her to the center of the dance floor. They were playing some song that you weren’t too familiar with but it had a good beat. You allowed yourself to feel stress free for an amount of time. It felt nice to be able to throw your hands in the air and let go.

You didn’t think about how you still had feelings for Sebastian or the fact that things were completely awkward between the two of you. All you could think about was how much fun you were having with your friends.


Sebastian watched as you danced with some of the others. He saw that you were having a good time and it put a smile on his face. All he wanted was for you to be happy. He felt like he had put you through a lot since you guys had seen each other again. He hated seeing you upset and knowing that he did that to you made him sad.

He cared about you more than he could put it into words and your happiness was so important to him. Of course he would love to be with you, but he didn’t know if you felt the same.

After the conversation that the two of you had weeks ago, it seemed like it was all up in the air. He wished that things hadn’t been so complicated. It all stemmed from him not being truthful when he first saw you again. He got so swept up in the emotions that he felt because you were around again that he made unwise decisions.

Sebastian knew that if he had kissed you that day in wardrobe, he would feel guilty about it. Elaine was such a sweet girl and he did enjoy the time that he spent with her. She hadn’t done anything wrong in their relationship and he knew that he couldn’t just break up with her without a reason.

“Why don’t you stop staring and go dance with her.” Scarlett nudged him with her shoulder a little after she noticed he had been staring at you for quite some time.

Sebastian snapped out of his thoughts, “What?”

“You’re going to burn holes in the girl’s head if you keep staring so hard.” She joked.

He looked away from you, “I’m not staring.”

“Whatever you say. Just know that a girl like that isn’t going to stay waiting forever.”

“What do you mean?”

“I know you just got out of a relationship but (Y/n) is a catch. She’s beautiful and smart and one of the most down to earth people that I’ve met.”

Sebastian chuckled, “Are you sure that you don’t want to date her?”

“You’re hilarious,” she rolled her eyes, “Just don’t wait too long. Look, some guy is already over there trying to put the moves on her.”

He quickly looked and saw that there was a guy that had approached you. He saw that the guy pulled out his phone to take a picture with you which you did without a problem. Sebastian thought the guy would leave once the picture had been taken but he stayed talking with you.

He noticed the guy was moving closer and closer to you and Sebastian clenched his jaw in frustration. He stood up from the booth and made his way on the dance floor.

The closer he got to you and the guy, the more jealous he had gotten. Once he reached you, he saw that the guy had walked away. You stood there wondering why Sebastian seemed so upset.

“Everything okay?” You asked him. It had been the first words in weeks that you had said to him.

He nodded, “Yeah, I just uh- I didn’t know if that guy was bothering you or not.”

You shook your head, “No, he was just telling me that his girlfriend was a fan and that she wouldn’t have believed that he met me without taking a photo.”

Sebastian felt relieved as soon as you said the guy had a girlfriend. He almost smiled.

“Oh, I just wanted to make sure you were okay.” He told you. He almost had to shout it over the music.

“Thank you.”

The two of you stood there for a moment as the music turned to a slow song. It seemed like the dance floor was filled with other couples. You noticed that the rest of the group had returned to the booth.

“I’m gonna uh, go get a drink. Do you want one?” You asked him.

He nodded, “Yeah, I’ll go with you.”

Sebastian followed you over to the bar and you both ordered another shot.

“I think that we should talk.” Sebastian said while you both waited for the bartender to bring your drinks.

“I do too but I don’t think right now is a good time.” You told him.

“I agree but we will soon right? I don’t like how it’s been between us.”

“Neither have I. We will talk soon. I promise.”

Sebastian felt relieved. The bartender brought you both your shots and you both drank them before ordering another round for the table.

You lost count how many shots you had after that and the rest of the night turned into one big blur.


When you woke up the next morning to a pounding headache, you knew that you had overdone it the night before at the bar. You couldn’t remember the last time you had drank so much.

It took you a split second to realize that you weren’t alone in bed. You opened your eyes and saw an arm wrapped around your waist. You were cuddling with someone and you weren’t even in your room.

You slowly looked to your left and saw Sebastian sleeping soundly beside you. He had a tight grip on you. He was shirtless from what you could see and you didn’t even have to look to realize that you were completely naked.

Before you could completely start to freak out, Sebastian slowly stirred besides you. He opened his eyes and blinked a few times before focusing on you.

It was like you could read his thoughts as he looked around the room and then back at you. You could tell that he was wondering what happened also.

“What the hell happened last night?” You questioned.

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Made another palette for Susie, this time it’s based on Magolor. With Reserved rendering it once again.

I wasn’t sure how this one would turn out, but it looks better than I thought! The blue tint on her suit is nice as well. 

Her gloves were gonna be cream-colored like Magolor’s, but I forgot to account for the brightness when changing for layer effects. I think the cream color wouldn’t have looked as good in the end, seeing how the colors turned out to be very bold.

This took longer than the Haltmann palette, but I’m super pleased with the result.

#10. Promises (Dean x Reader)

The old you had been comfy sweatshirts in fall, fuzzy turtlenecks in winter, soft cotton in spring, and faded tees in summer.

But the old you was nothing like the new you.

You could tell by the way Dean looked at you. As if every shard of his broken heart was pressing raggedly beneath the skin.

“Come on, Dean. Cheer up. I thought you’d be happy we’d be working together. Just like the old days, right?” you asked, smiling.

The small muscle in his jaw flexed. Once upon a time, you had made him laugh by laying small kisses against that scruff.

“I can’t look at you like that.”

“Oh, sorry,” you laughed. The black slipped from your eyes like a curtain, revealing a color he still dreamed about. “There. Better?”

He didn’t reply, but pulled off his jacket and thrust it against your chest.

“Since when were you so modest? I thought you liked it when women dressed sexy,” you teased. All the same, you pulled it on, breathing him in as its familiar weight settled on you.

Wearing his jacket, you looked like you. The old you. The real you. The you he had sworn to forever protect.

“Well, what are we waiting for?” you asked.

He thought the jacket would help – that working with you would be easier if you looked like your old self.

“Let’s get this over with so you can run back to Crowley.”

But all it did was remind him of broken promises.

Cut dialog, Sorbet (S1E03) [source]

It feels like this Origins of Hannibal preview was produced before they decided to rejigger S1 after Bryan got a look at what David Slade did with Apéritif and elevating the material and all that. 

Hence the bigger focus on the procedural nature, and seeing so much of Sorbet. Although it was aired as episode 7, Sorbet was the 3rd episode produced, so the question is when was the decision made to push it back to be episode 7, and what cuts were made, etc. The clips in this little overview were pre-color correction, I can tell you that. Plus the So Not Hannibal Music. 

Once this episode got moved to mid-season, I think cutting some of sass of Team Sassy Science we see in the script made sense because it was already established in the show.

I would have loved to have it anyway, because Team Sassy Science. 

But it’s not like Sorbet lacked in awesome as it came together in the end.  

Honestly, the more I learn/understand about S1 the more of a miracle it seems.

Milk and Honey

Pairing: Pietro x Reader

Prompt: You get stood up on a date, and Pietro finds you and offers you a ride home

Warnings: None :)

     Great, just great. 

    Your head tilted upwards, as the oncoming drops of water from the sky fell. The cold droplets of water landed upon your forehead and cheeks. Frowning, you were mentally stabbing yourself for not bringing a umbrella. Or a hoodie, for pete’s sake. 

   You turned your attention to the dark street, hoping that you could spot a yellow cab. But for some odd reason, there was no one. You slipped your hand inside of your purse to get your phone and order an Uber, but then you remembered. Your phone is dead. Most likely from constantly calling your date that never showed up.

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