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Let’s Try This Again - Ethan 




“Ohhhhhhh y/nnn!!!” My roommate yelled walking into my room. I looked up from my phone and over at her. “Yeah?” I asked giving her a confused look. “Can I borrow your car?” She asked. I let out a laugh and put on a serious face. “No.” I said. “What!!! Whyyy!” She said starting to fake cry. “You’re not taking my baby.” I said laughing. “But, but my datteee.” She whined again.

“I don’t care about your date. Take an Uber.” I said going back to my phone. “How about I set you up with his brother?” She asked. “I’m not one for blind dates.” I confessed. “How about I show you a picture?” She asked. I shook my head. “No.” I said back. “Whhyyyyyy.” She whined again. “You whine one more time I’ll shoot you.” I said annoyed now getting up from my bed grabbing my keys so she couldn’t grab them.

“I mean hey how about you just take me then. I mean don’t you have to pick up your kid anyway?” She asked. I groaned. “I’m only going to pick up y/d/n. Then drop you off.” I confessed grabbed my purse and started towards my door. I heard r/m/n squeal and ran behind me than in front of me. We both walked out of the apartment leaving me to lock it. Once getting in the care we drove to the daycare where y/d/n was.

Once there I walked in going to the front desk where I had to sign her out. “How was your day today Mrs. Dolan?” The girl asked. My heart broke at the name. I looked up and shook my head. “No no, not anymore. Just my maiden name.” I chuckled. “Oh sorry.” She replied awkwardly. I nodded an okay and went into the three year old room. I looked over at y/d/n. She looked over at me and smiled running to me. I kneed down and engraved her in a hug.

“Hi baby girl.” I smiled kissing her head. “You ready to go home?” I asked. “Daddy!” She said looking at me. I sighed. “Today?” I asked nervously. “Yes.” She smiled widely. I sighed. “Okay. To daddies and uncle’s.” I smiled. “Yaaaaayyyy.” She smiled engraving me into another hug. I smiled yet again and kissed her forehead. “Let’s go to daddy’s.” I smiles picking her up and walked out of the daycare saying thank you as we got out to the car I put her in the car seat and got in the front.

“I need to take y/d/n to her father’s.” I said to my roommate. She groaned in response as I started to drive to Ethan’s. Pulling up to the apartment complex my friend gave me a weird look. “I thought you were taking her to her father’s?” She asked confused. I nodded taking off my seat belt. “Her father lives here.” I explained getting out of the driver’s seat and going to the back to where my daughter was playing with the best her grandfather gave her.

“Well my boyfriend lives here so I guess I’ll go also.” She said getting out of the car as well. I mumbled an okay as I struggled getting the seat belt thing of the car seat off. Once I did I picked her up and closed the door locking the whole car with it.  I started walking into the building putting the code in for their apartment. Once in I took the elevator up and walked to the door. I knocked on it and waited. “I’ll get it!” I heard Ethan yell. I could know his voice from miles away.

He opened the door and smiled at me and y/d/n. “I didn’t know you were coming over.” He commented picking y/d/n our of my arms since she wanted him. “I didn’t either till today.” I explained. “Come in I’m sure y/s/n will be glad to see you both.” He smiled letting us both in. It seemed like nothing happened. I just wanted to be married to him again. Once walking in I heard tiny footsteps. “Is that momma!” I heard y/s/n yell from the hallway. He sees me and runs to me. I knee down picking him up and kissing him all over.  

I made my way to the couch and placed y/s/n on the floor where y/d/n was already playing. “I wish it could be like this all the time.” I commented. “I do too.” Ethan replied back. I looked at him confused. “But you left me.” I frowned quietly. He sighed and grabbed my smaller hands in his. “Y/n, I love you, I never stopped. I was scared. I was going through a lot. And I thought you would end up breaking up with me because I wasn’t spending time with you or the twins. So I got scared and did it. I never thought I would get y/s/n out of it. And since he looks so much like you and acts like you its just perfect,” he paused to start running his fingers through my h/c h/l hair, “your beautiful h/c hair. Your beautiful e/c. Your sexy hot body. Your personality. Your laziness. I love everything about you. And miss you a fucking tone.” He said looking up at me.

By this time his eyes had started to water up. I frowned st him and launched my arms around him feeling my eyes water up to. “Please marry me again.” I heard him whispered after a sniffle of his nose. I pulled back and looked at him. He pulled away from me and got down to the floor on one knee. He reaches in his pocket and pulled out the same exact ring he proposed with before but without the box. “Y/n y/m/n y/l/n, I know I messed up. But will you marry me again for final. Please become my Mrs. Dolan my beautiful queen.” Ethan said officially crying now.

“You’ve kept it.” I smiled through my tears. “Say yes!” The two twins yelled. I giggled at their response as Ethan chuckled. “Well?” He asked. “Yes Ethan. I will marry you for good.” I said pulling him up and kissing his lips. They were perfect. But everything inside felt different. Before it gave me butterfly’s. But now it gives me goosebumps all over. I knew I have fallen even deeply more in love with him.


Hope you enjoyed! Sorry for the lack of imagines. Haven’t had many ideas. I like coming up with my own and well I came up with this idea while watching a movie with babies in it. Also not yo mention can we just point out how I made Ethan propose in like four imagines or more and like Grayson is over here with one. You know what next one Grayson is proposing. Happy New Years and I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas! Or the other two!


bastarz-on-the-block  asked:

Ikon as santa's elves au please?

my tree is up and ghaaaa! i am so excited! chirstamselves!au e w e thanks for requesting and have great day/night! (and merry christmas)

- admin em


  • an actual Christmas elf irl
  • he’s in charge of where all the presents have to go
  • he the smallest of all the elves (even though elves are already small???)
  • when things don’t go to plan or that there are too many present coming in, he gets super stressed and that when all the other elves slowly back away
  • he’s super cheerful though when it’s time for Christmas and will be singling happily to Christmas songs
  • “oh Christmas tree oh Christmas tree!”
  • probably has the most Christmas spirit and is decorating the whole place with tinsel and lights
  • he takes wrapping presents as an art for and can do the impossible
  • like what you may ask
  • legend has it that he once wrapped a Boeing 777 with one roll of wrapping paper
  • not to fond of the reindeer but will help donghyuk feed them if necessary
  • “i swear if i get any reindeer poop on my new clothes :))))) you’ve got one hell of a night let me tell you that”


  • a happy go lucky elf with a bit of a mischievous side
  • he loves guessing what’s inside the present and plays the guessing game with chanwoo
  • “oooh what’s in here” /shakes/ “is it a barbie doll??”
  • he loves to play little pranks on the other elves like put water in their shoes or swap the sugar with salt so when the other elves drink their tea on breaks well…
  • “who put freaking salt here???? is that you yunhyeong”
  • “nope, not me” :))))))
  • he helps sort out where some of the present have to go to. Which child what country
  • /sigh/ “i wish i had a christams present”
  • put of curiosity he opened up someone present and saw the most beautiful thing in his life
  • “l-lip blam??
  • and after that he was a changed elf
  • the other elves now have to buy him lipbalm every year to keep his spirits high and to get him to behave
  • sometimes drags chanwoo to help him on his pranks
  • “pls i have work to do”
  • “shhh you! lets put these stink bombs in bobby’s shoes”


  • the coolest elf on the block
  • “yo yo yO Christmas guysss”
  • when all the elves are singing Christmas carols, he putting a trap remix to them
  • “we wish you bish a merry Christmas tURNT UP”
  • doesn’t wear his little elf uniform properly cause its not hip hop enough
  • a lot of the elves find him annoying
  • “bobby those shoes won’t fit you, wHERE ELVES”
  • “but there the latest edition Jays”
  • “they are mADE FOR HUMANS YOU IDIOT”
  • he helps craft some of the toys as his skill is model making
  • naturally gifted at what he does but he find it boring
  • would rather be helping wrapping up all the presents and pestering hanbin
  • “bobby tf you dong here?”
  • “i thought i could lend this department my rapping skills hehehehehe”


  • head elf of the wrapping department
  • likes to thinks he’s in charge but really he is not
  • “we shall wrap them all in green”
  • “um but santa told us to wrap them in red”
  • he has a heigh complex and will fight anyone ridiculing the shortness of elves
  • “tf you wanna mess with me? i’ll mess you up human i swear, if santa wasn’t here i’d mess ya face so much your mother wouldn’t even recognize you a lil bish”
  • he’s just stessed all the time as being head elf mean all the responsiblity on him
  • jinhwan often has to calm him down before he gets angry
  • “remember, breath and count to 10″
  • he is pretty very shy when it comes to the female elfs and at break time, if anyone comes close to him, he turns into a bumbling mess
  • “you’re hanbin right? i love the wrapping you did today”
  • “ye- uh um you l-like meO uh ughshh….?”
  • the elf that hates human grown up but loves human kids
  • “the smaller humans are so much nicer than the bigger ones with wrinkles and receding hair lines” /sigh/
  • he is always trying to impress santa so he can get rewards and praise.


  • the actual master of making toys
  • his work has said to have been so brilliant, santa kept one of his dolls for himself
  • you though bobby was good ooO BOY
  • he could whip up a toy train in under 30 minutes with no effort
  • he dislikes toys nowadays that aren’t really toys
  • “why is this ipad going off to a 6 year old girl????”
  • he doesn’t understand the concept of technology but is fascinated
  • one time, a tamagotchi was beeping because it had not been fed, he was so scared boy elf, beeping noises trigger a very traumatic experience for him
  • “and then after all that beeping , the small animal trapped inside died r.i.p” :’(
  • he loves the reindeer and sneaks out to feed them carrots
  • drags yunhyeong too as well a chanwoo so that they can pet them before they go out
  • is so fascinated by Rudolph’s red nose 
  • “it that powered by electricity or what???”
  • he was gifted a phone because of his fascination with technology and likes to watch fail videos on youtube
  • “humans are a funny bunch!”


  • his voice can be heard from the south pole
  • serously, all the other elves are singing peacefully to themselves, he blasting away
  • he only likes Christmas because it the time where he can show of his singing ability and eat sweets
  • “what? i’ll burn it all off”
  • he eats all the cakes meant for the other elevs at their breaks
  • “m-my fruit cake is gone, have you seen it hyung?”
  • and he’s there finishing it off like 
  • “nope chanwoo, i haven’t see it” :)))))
  • he’s pretty lazy lmao so he gets all the other elves to do his work whilst he sists in the back singing mariah carey 
  • he also wonders what in all the present wrapped up are
  • “idk man, i think it’s a microphone, but it has a button on the side and it vibrates”


  • tallest elf around
  • some rumour that he is half human
  • the rest of the guys all come at his defence
  • “tf you say about chanwoo??? i’ll fight you right here right now”
  • “hanbin hyung you don’t have to”
  • “yo, i’ll whoop ur ass you lumpy peice of shi-”
  • he loves Christmas and helps jinhwan decorate the place (plus his height makes it easy to put the decorations at the top”
  • he is so fascinated with humans and children and want to visit them one day
  • he has it all planned
  • they’ll all sneak in santa’s bag and then when they land explore the house that they visit”
  • he likes all the weird Christmas cakes, fruit cakes, marzipan and mince pies 
  • he knows junhoe eats all his cakes so he pranks junhoe what he’s lazy and sleeping where he’s meant to be doing work
  • “this is what you get you greedy butthole”
  • puts reindeer droppings in his mouth

okay but i think we all can agree that wiishu is going to be our saviour in all of this. she’s gonna bust into jack’s from and kick the shit outta anti until he returns to whatever fresh hell he spawned from.

fuckin’ wiishu’s gonna be like “yo bitch,” and anti’s just gonna be like “oh fuck, i have made a terrible miscalculation…”

and that’s it, jack is free and we rejoice with sweets and pumpkin flavoured everything and good ol’ silly jack videos as we prepare for christmas


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Have a very silly edit oops.

Anyways, i wasn’t tempted to make a follow forever this soon, but after seeing so many follow forever posts flying on my dash, i fell into the temptation and made one. Christmas edition, yo.

Alright, so here i have added people that i consider close to me, or started recently interacting with and trully enjoy it, or just admiring them from afar. If you’re here and we haven’t interacted then there’s something wrong with us, just saying. And if you’re not here, please take no offense. You’re still important to me!

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Merry Christmas everyone~