i made a block b thing

I made a petition to get rid of the stupid new safemode update!

Because a) This is annoying me and loads of people, and b) I have nothing better to do.

As of today, Tumblr has introduced a new way of blocking sensitive media on their site, with a new “safe mode” update. This safe mode has blocked many things that don’t even come close to being sensitive, and if you’re under 18 there is no way to turn it off, period.

This petition aims to make Tumblr realise that this update is ,quite frankly, useless, as the multitude of Tumblr users have other, better ways to block sensitive content that they don’t wish to see, such as blacklisting tags or blocking offensive blogs. Furthermore, before the update, Tumblr’s safe mode was already useful for blocking sensitive content by blocking all blogs and posts that had been flagged as NSFW.

This new update, however, is seemingly blocking posts and blogs at random. It is reducing not only what content people see on Tumblr, but also what people can post. Many people can’t see content their friends are reblogging, other’s are being treated to a dashboard full of blocked posts, and a few can’t do anything due to everything being blocked.

This update is useless, untested, and broken, It’s not needed, and basically the entirety of Tumblr’s userbase can agree that Tumblr has updated the wrong things. Something like a tag blocker for mobile would be much better, and it would be more useful too.

When this petition reaches enough signatures, it will be sent to Tumblr as a sign of how much people dislike this update. The aim is to have them backtrack the update, and hopefully get them to focus on more useful updates instead of one that breaks the entire site. Tumblr should be a site for everyone, and this update is preventing that from being a thing.

Please sign the petition here: https://www.change.org/p/tumblr-remove-tumblr-s-brand-new-safe-mode-update

Also reblog to get the word out! I’ve honestly had enough of Tumblr’s rubbish updates, especially this one, which has broken everything.


  • How I see kpop and kpop groups in general; let's go!
  • Mamamoo: extra af, what is ladylike?, don't have an image to hold, queens of selling out a three day concert in 1 minute, UNBELIEVABLE AMOUNT OF TALENT, everyone loves them, literally no antis??????, Everything is shippable
  • Exo: new generation kings, undefeated, already a senior group????????, vocals always on point, 18 deserved daesangs, SCREAMING, ships, all visuals tbh, always releasing bops
  • Bts: gets praised for everything even though it isn't that great, give jin lines, extra af, screaming 24/7,
  • Black pink: overhyped, everyone loves them bc they have an edgy™ concept, overrated a bit, rosés voice is heaven
  • Twice: getting hate for no reason, actual angels, literal babies pls love and protect them, always releasing hella bops, give jeongyeon more lines
  • iKON: everyone misses them, people whine how they're ygs favorite but.........they aren't?, only bops, double b, all visuals don't @ me, in fact very underrated
  • Monsta x: sistars little brothers, "mhmmm don't worry, shownu will save us all", "there's a reason our group is called monsta", extra af and very underrated, what is a 1st win??, jooheons dimples
  • Got7: Jackson and the boys, literally friends with everyone, everyone loves them, have the ability to release goof music but don't want to, vocals for days,,,,
  • Big bang: kings, already missed, made yg a thing
  • Shinee: kings of bops, the fandom is so soft everyone is so nice, really loud
  • Block b: what?, zico and the 6 others, actual babies, I miss them (I actually miss them I can't wait for their comeback)
  • Aoa: seolhyun and the girls, generally nice, so fucking cute all of them, give choas hair justice, seolhyun dated zico but that flopped, overall babies
  • Snsd: legends, no one can ever, when will the queens come back and snatch, "never accept rejection as failure", give sunny a solo
  • That's it, for now! Please don't take offence to this, this is me being sarcastic while giving my honest impression if the group, anyways sorry its a bit lengthy.
Nara and Daddy (B-Bomb)

Originally posted by blockyung

Type: Fluff

Request: Hi! Can you do husband and father au scenario for B-Bomb from block b? Thank you💓

He was so gentle with her. Your newborn daughter Nara was all he could have wanted. She was currently sleeping on his chest peacefully, he was having a hard time keeping himself up. This morning was her first time being home from the hospital and she was only able to sleep on a warm body and your cute husband was a willing sacrifice for it.

“You can sleep” you tell him as he shook his head “if you’re awake I should be too. You haven’t slept well since you have birth” he told you as smiled softly. He kissed his newborn’s head before rubbing her back lightly. You carefully took a seat beside him as you looked over your little girl. “You know she looks a lot like you?” you comment to him as he gave a small smile “it’s cute but I hope she looks more like you as well, she won’t be a pretty girl if she’s me with long hair” he jokes as you smiled. Nara let out a whine as his eyes widen. “Did I offend you?” he asked quietly at the perfectly timed sound “I was joking love, you’re gonna be gorgeous no matter how you look” he told her as you giggled softly at the seen in front of you. 


As your daughter grew more they were still very attached to one another. He had become a proud owner of a multifuntional baby carrier as he was very much wrapped around her fingers as he took her just about everywhere. As of now you guys were over at Kyung’s as he had recently become a father of his own little one. And baby expert Minhyuk was giving advice to his friend about the proper ways of raising a baby. He was bouncing the whole time as Nara was half asleep on the hipseat as he talked. “Do you ever get to hold your daughter?” Taeil asked as he was watching Minhyuk bounce “I mean I do but my first mistake was letting him hold her the day we got back from the hospital because they’ve been like this ever since” you joke as he smiled. 

Nara made a sound as she was lifted from the seat and was brought to his shoulder as he didn’t stop bouncing as she buried her head into his neck as she officially drifted off on him. “It is kind of cute seeing him like this with her” Taeil then comments as a new baby soon entered the room as Kyung’s newborn son made himself known in the room. “Ah I remember when Nara was that small” Jihoon says as you smiled “she’s growing up so fast isn’t she?” you asked as not even a year ago she was still in your stomach and was an exciting and scary thing you and your husband were to have.

tw rslur, dslur, ableism, transphobia (and yes you can be transphobic if you’re trans/nb), the word b*tch, p*ssy

Anyways is anyone going to call out @/pesterchum and @/blackout2022 for block evasion, ableism, harassment, and transphobia?

Yeah I was wrong to assume y'all were cis - pesterchum’s pronouns aren’t on their page so I assumed and for that I apologize.

I got an ask from blackout2022 (first screenshot) in response to a post I made - a VENT post - about the softboy discourse, and how I don’t get why Tumblr hates trans/nb men. Yet y'all interpreted my post as me being lesbophobic and misogynistic when in reality I’m neither of those things. Y'all took 100% of everything I said and twisted it to fit your rhetoric. And you did not even listen to me when I answered your ask.

Also they called me an ableist slur when I’m nd soooo yeah!

@feminismandmedia @mathlesbean @notevenshitpostingcansaveyounow @ungracefulace @angryfey

The Disrespect

I was thinking about how k-pop fans nowadays (especially new gen ones) are so disrespectful towards older groups that they don’t really know/like. It’s funny-not-funny because Korea has a HUGE thing about respecting those who are older than you, even if it’s just by a few months. There’s informal/formal speech, and the way you act with older people is much different than with same-age or younger people. It’s just their culture.

So why has a large part of the k-pop fandom made disrespecting and even insulting older groups become so… normal? Is it because k-pop has spread internationally where the idea of respecting those who came before is not as widespread and drilled into the culture? Is it because internet is now easily accessible, so even immature kids have better access to social forums? Is it maybe not even kids, but older “fans” as well who are spreading this negativity because it helps them release stress(?)

Maybe it’s a combination of these, maybe it’s something I didn’t think of. Whatever the reason, I want to break down this negativity towards other groups. If you don’t like them, don’t listen to them. Please do not try to disregard the hard work of others just because they aren’t your style. Just ignore any hate, and hopefully we can start to break all the toxicity between fandoms. 


welcome to your life

there’s no turning back.

Part 1       Part 2      Part 4   Part 5    Part 6

Suddenly I See You Ch. 3

Scenario: You and Minho have been friends since the sandbox. He’s your best friend and you love him like a brother; never noticing once that he was madly in love with you. You arrive for your first day at Seoul National University to start your life on the path your parents planned out for you. You’d calculated all the variables, but never calculated on the one you never saw coming: Woo Jiho. 

A/N: Okay so chaper 3 focuses mainly on Zico (have no fear Minho is getting his own chapter 4). I had so many fun ideas for this chapter and I just feel like I completely ended up dropping the ball on this. I’ve fixed it as much as I can, and I hope you guys enjoy it all the same!

Genre: Mino x Reader and Zico x Reader


Disclaimer: As always, the gifs are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!!

The room felt blaringly bright. The sun shining into the room unfiltered by the lack of blinds. Your eyes fluttered open for a moment before resigning back to being closed. It felt too damn early to wake up and your body agreed. Too bad whoever was calling didn’t feel the same way as you.

You groaned into your desk as your hand fumbled out blindly for your phone. You distinctly remember setting it somewhere around the mess of papers you’d created overnight. What time did you exactly finish up all of your homework?  

The sound of shuffling papers faded into the background as another chorus of quacks started up again. You knew that ringtone. That was Minho’s ringtone. You’d set that for him back in your senior year of high school. The two of you were inside a grocery store when you’d stumbled upon the largest stacks of rubber ducks you’d ever seen.  

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[BLOCK B NEWS] Block B breaks Guinness Record for doing the most dabs at once

Block B recently came back with their 5th EP, ‘Blooming Period’, with their title track “TOY” which was made into a MV.

Fans were in shock to see the members dabbing all at once during the chorus. Some fans have questioned the necessity of the dabbing dance move oh Twitter. “I thought dabbing was just a GOT7 thing,” said one fan, “I wasn’t expecting Block B to go this far.” Later that evening, Block B surprised their BBCs again by proudly announcing that they have broken the world record for doing the most dabs at once. “Even GOT7 hasn’t done this!” member P.O said happily.

Originally posted by chiefbender

In a recent interview with Block B, they told us about the pressure they felt while filming the MV. “Everything went smoothly until the dabbing scene,” vocalist U-Kwon exclaimed. He added later, “As the center for "TOY" and the initiator for the dab, I felt a lot of pressure, especially from Zico, the master of dabs.“ 

cr: bee subs

With his love for hiphop and his long arms, many people consider Zico as one of the 3 Dab Gods. Zico told us to warn GOT7, and later said, “One day I’ll take BamBam’s spot, I promise. I will rise as the ultimate dabbing god.”

Anastasia - October 14, 2017 Matinee

I just got back from Anastasia and I’m still internally screaming despite it ending like 4 hours ago. here’s my detailed explanation description. (and I mean very, VERY detailed. a lot of it is under a cut bc I get into super spoilery territory)

  • Zach was on as Dimitry, and Ian and Kristen were on for Zach and Molly respectively. ZACH. DIMITRY.
  • before anyone asks, I didn’t record an audio. I got so caught up in the moment I forgot lol whoops.
  • honest to god, even before the curtain went up I was crying when I heard the opening notes of the Prologue.
  • during Last Dance Of The Romanovs, the suitor dancing with Kristen didn’t lift her properly and right after they looked at each other and he was like “whoops”
  • the death of the Romanovs actually scared me like they made it terrifying with the window shattering effects and the red EVERYTHING
  • Lily can actually be seen comforting the Dowager Empress after Last Dance Of The Romanovs
  • yes, I internally screamed when Ramin came on. don’t judge me.

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You say you want to have sex for the first time (BLOCK B)

Zico: -he took it as he had to start planning the perfect night for the two of you. It wouldn’t just be your first time with him it would be the first time all together and he’s going to make sure it’s something that you never will forget- “don’t worry baby I’ll try my best to make it the most memorable event I can” 

Jaehyo: -he got so nervous when he found your statement bold and out of character, you just said it slightly too loud when you guys were with the boys  around and they all shot him a look- “oh um babe do  you want to talk about this when we get back to your apartment”

P.O: -you were odd, he was odd both of you knew nothing about sexual pleasure in general. Easily speaking 3rd base was even odd for you two but now you know that you wanted it for real. He personally wanted to try but was slightly worried that it would go up in flames- “this should be a fun experience then shouldn’t it?”

B-Bomb: -he took it as you two needed to do it right there and then. He’d been waiting for a while to actually have sex but you know was too awkward to bring it up- “so like right here right now? I believe we have time to before the boys get here. I really have been wanting this for too long so yeah we’re doing it now”

Taeil: -when the word sex left your mouth he turned bright red, any big step with you gave him butterflies. He wouldn’t deny your request though. He wanted to for a bit but really doesn’t have much experience- “I mean we can but um I don’t know much about what I’m going to be doing Y/N”

U-Kwon: -his mind went absolutely dirty as soon as you said it. He began thinking of all the things that will open up for the two of you relationship wise if you started having sex- “oh baby you seriously have no idea what you’re getting yourself into” 

Kyung: -he was shocked by it neither of you brought it up before hand. It’s not like the heated kisses or touches never made him not think about the next step but he wanted to make sure you were fully ready- “like really you want to? I wanna make sure you’re sure”

You Learn to Love

A/n: So this idea just came to me out of nowhere. I decided to post a small portion of it to gauge, whether or not, this was something anyone would be interested in reading. It would be just a long one shot like how, “To Be Call, ‘Us’ ”, was. I hope you guys enjoy even this small bit. Much love, J.

Genre: Zico x Reader

Words: 1426

Disclaimer: As always, the gifs/pictures used are not mine and belong to their rightful owners!

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It was only meant to be a one-night stand.

A night of shared passion and lowered inhibitions driven by alcohol to give in to the bad and revel in the good. To become a part of a sweaty and lust filled moment and look back on it in awe while you daydreamed at work. Never in a million years did you think you’d be one of those girls. Sending out a random message in hope of a reply; determination and panic making you send it multiple times.  

In a million years you didn’t think you’d find yourself sitting in a waiting room with a man you barely knew anything about. You knew nothing outside of what was written on magazine covers or spoken in interviews. What was real and what was just for show. It was the glitz, glamour, and the appeal of his presence and name that had you falling so easily into his bed.  

What you knew about Jiho, the man, and Zico, the brand, was nothing.  

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Never Forget Zico’s Hair Choices


Over Processed

That 70’s Show rejected cast member

Banana Hair

Instant Ramen 2 Pack

I Had Purple Hair Once You Most Likely Didn’t Know That

Ima Highlighter phase

The Little Mermaid

Lost My Beanie

Nah I Found It We Straight Now

But I’m only 21 I Can’t Be Your Daddy

Nonbinary Sailor

The One Time Shayla Wanted To Break Me Off Badly So She Made Me Into A Poster

You ignore their calls/texts and hang out with another member because they annoyed you earlier (BLOCK B)

Zico: -he instantly realized what he something wrong because of the fact you were hanging out with Jaehyo. You didn’t hate Jaehyo, you two just didn’t hang out- “oh I did something wrong again. Y/N never hangs out with Jaehyo unless I screw up”

Originally posted by purrposeful

Jaehyo: -he was clueless to what he did. Even when you made it clear you didn’t want to talk to him he was there questioning what was wrong with you- *gif*

Originally posted by pyojamas

P.O: -he would feel uncomfortable because of how close you were sitting to Kyung and talking about something. Just plain not speaking to him, so he could guess he annoyed you pretty quickly- “alright I get I did something wrong but Y/N doesn’t need to make me jealous by spending time with Kyung”

Originally posted by blockbmom

B-Bomb: -he would stare at you after sending you the 8th text today. He knew he annoyed you on earlier. Since you were going to ignore him he was going to annoy you even more just by sitting there looking at you- *gif*

Originally posted by buckw1lds

Taeil: -he would moan and groan for your attention not caring if Jihoon thought he was being weird about it all. He would just get more annoying to the point you couldn’t ignore him. So he was pretty much a cat when it came to you- “Y/N come love me. I’ll sit on you again, don’t make me”

Originally posted by strawberrycreampuff

U-Kwon: -he would do it right back to you. He wasn’t one to let it ruin his day. So he would go out and hang out with another member of the group. But he made sure you knew- “alright baby I’m going to go hang out with Jiho don’t miss me too much”

Originally posted by mindfuck18

Kyung: -he would leave you alone verbally but keep texting you cute and dorky thing. Seeing you roll your eyes and look up at him after yet another text- “I love you baby. Even if you’re annoyed by me”

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  • to whisper sweet nothings into your ear in public
  • to spoil you with everything he can get
  • to laugh at you when you try to rap his parts in his songs
  • to tell you he loves you every second of the day
  • to easily get jealous and a tiny bit possessive at times
  • to cup your mouth during sex to keep the neighbors from hearing you
  • to whisper dirty things into your ear one minute and do some hardcore aegyo the next
  • to carry you to your bed after falling asleep in his lap while watching movies late at night
  • to tightly wrap his arm around your waist while he’s sleeping because he’s slightly afraid of you leaving him
  • to proudly announce everyday that you’re his girlfriend and that he’s lucky to have you
  • to love it when you secretly fangirl over him in music videos
  • to smile at your bad Korean pronunciation
  • to call you up in the middle of a bad day because hearing your voice calms him down
  • to come to you every time he has a problem because he trusts you with all his heart
  • to randomly bring you to McDonald’s when you’re hungry or something at like midnight
  • to eat your cooking and appreciate it whether the food be good or bad because it was made by you and anything made by you he loves
  • to love it when you play with his hair
  • to tell you how beautiful you are every chance he can get
  • to call you at like two in the morning because he got “bored”
  • to get jealous when you fangirl over his friends/members over him
  • to make you laugh with the stupidest things even on your worst day
  • to send you the silliest snapchats/videos to make you smile
  • to be the best boyfriend anyone could ask for tbh
Now or Never (Bias x Reader) Pt.8

At the concert in Japan, B/N performs with a clear mind. He doesn’t let his thoughts get in the line of work until the music stops and he’s off stage. 

At the fansigning event, he puts on a smile. Signing everything being shoved his way. He holds basic conversation, amused at many of the fans behavior and messages to him. But he can’t help but think of Y/N. Would she act like this if they hadn’t met the way they did? Would she be screaming and jumping up and down? Would she be neutral and calm? 

By the time it’s over and they get back to the hotel, B/N is more exhausted than usual, all this thinking taking a toll on him. 

“What am I doing?” B/N asks himself.

“I told you so,” his members ruthlessly chastise him.

Was he way over his head here? What was he doing moving so fast with a girl he just met? He was someone always on guard with his feelings, not giving in so quickly. Why this sudden change? He can’t imagine the mess he would be in if his manager found out. 

He checks his phone and sees the few messages of encouragement Y/N left him. He feels the tug of a smile forming on his lips but sighs instead. He tosses his phone but it misses the bed, falling on the floor.

She didn’t bother him as he worked, already grasping his hectic schedule. But why was she so understanding? Call his phone endlessly, be clingy and psycho. Give him a reason to do what he’s about to do.

He falls on the bed covering his face with his hands, “I can’t believe I did this,” he’s mumbling to himself aloud, but of course everyone else hears him. 

“Was she that much of a bad kisser?” 

“Far from it,” 

They’re yelling now and jumping on the bed around him, teasing him endlessly, “So you did kiss her!”

“She couldn’t possibly be a bad kisser. You saw her lips, imagine how they felt,” 

“You always move so fast,” 

“Is she no longer interested? Were you a bad kisser? That’s a huge turn off for some people,” 

“Shut up,” 

B/N covers his face with the pillow, his mind drifting back to her again. She had a normalcy about her that he didn’t know he craved. Someone that didn’t jump at every opportunity to be with him. Someone who actually questioned why he was interested in her. Majority of the girls he spoke to either attempted to use him for their own gain, or were so caught up in the stage version of him that they didn’t bother to actually get to know him

He groans into the pillow, trying not to think of those brief moments with her. He wants to think rationally, something he’s supposedly good at. 

“Just call it off, say our manager found out,” 

“That’s cold,” 

He thought about that option. Many idols have done that, taken the easy way out. They pay off the girls figuring that’s exactly what they want and they’re on their way, relationship forgotten. But remembering how she spoke to him, the sincerity in her words and the look of affection in her eyes… Could he do that to her?

“Do you not like her anymore?” 

He exhales sharply, getting more annoyed by the minute, “I do but-”

“You’re scared,” B/N says nothing because they’re right. They know him so well.

If he wasn’t a celebrity, if he was unknown like before, he wouldn’t hesitate. He’d flaunt their relationship and wouldn’t be afraid of displaying his affection towards her. 

But he has to be careful with the life he has. Careful of the people he wants to get close to, wary of them stabbing him in the back. He couldn’t trust just anyone. Even people like Y/N. 

“What are you going to do?” 

B/N sits up, “Something only a coward would do,”

None of his members tell him if it’s a good idea, but they don’t stop him either. 

In a few days B/N returns and you’re more than excited to see him. You know he’ll be tired but he insisted on seeing you anyway. 

“Look at you,” Kara puts her magazine down as she watches you get ready. You’re wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater, but you’re makeup and hair is what will draw the attention. Casual tire, flawless face, “You’re even wearing perfume, God must be coming,” 

You can’t help but smile. Kara is dressed as well, but she’s going on a date with another man you haven’t met yet. A new date this time.

“My date is hotter than yours though,” she teases. 

“How well does he kiss?” 

“He needs a bit of work but-” she suddenly gasps, “You kissed him?” 

“Well, he kissed me,” you glance at her, “Twice,” 

She slaps the magazine on the table, “How was it?” 

You feel shy at the thought of it, your face heating up, “You know that thing they do with your bottom lip when the kiss is about to end?” 

Kara sinks into her chair with a satisfied sigh, “No he didn’t,” 

You fan your fake tears dramatically, “He did,”

She suddenly yells in frustration, frightening you, “This guy better not disappoint me!” 

Your phone goes off then and you see the text from B/N saying that he’s here. You jump up and grab your bag, waving Kara bye. 

B/N is parked farther away this time. You get in, bashfully greeting him. He’s prepared food for a picnic this time, since going to an actual restaurant is out of the question. 

“How was the concert?” you ask him as he drives. The sky is bright and blue, not a cloud in sight. 

“It was great. Crowd was lively too,” you watch him as he drives, realizing his hands are gripping the steering wheel too tight and that he’s barely looking at you. 

When you arrive, there’s barely anyone. You sit on the blanket by the lake, B/N setting the food out. You’re curious about what has his mind so occupied, so you take his hand, “Are you okay? If you were busy or even stressed out, we could’ve put this off for another day,” 

He shakes his head with a smile, “No. I had to see you today,” 

You almost don’t like the way he said that. He sits beside you with a smile, “I hope you like it,” 

He starts to eat but you’re stomach is uneasy, remembering the way he looked at you a few days back to the way he’s behaving now. 

“Why aren’t you eating?” he asks, still stuffing his face with food. 

“Why can’t you look at me?”

He pauses mid-chew, waits until the food is down before turning to you, “My manager found out,” 

Your heart sinks, “About us?” 

He nods, “He told me to call it off,” He sounds too casual about this.

“And you complied, just like that?” 

He puts his food down, “I didn’t have a choice,” 

You’re quiet for a moment, “When you looked at me the last time, you looked as if you were ready to say goodbye. So right now I think you’re lying. Am I wrong?” by his silence you know you’re not.

He sighs, “Y/N we both saw this coming. It wouldn’t have worked.” 

You feel so stupid, “Wow. Was any of this genuine? You were the one pouring your heart out to me before and now you’re stone cold? I think you’re a scared little bitch who couldn’t come to me and explain that you’re terrified. How many girls have you done this to?” 

He turns his face, the muscle in his jaw moving. You hate that your eyes are flooding. You hate that you’re feeling so betrayed.

“I understand if you hate me,” he says softly. What you hated was the fact that he’s not fighting for you. Fighting for someone he barely knows…

“I would’ve understood if you had just explained to me. I have to leave in about a month, I know how this will end.”

He bows his head, “I’m sorry,” 

You’re infuriated, but you know it’s because you’re hurt. You’re still holding the food he made for you and it’s the only thing you can throw at him without it actually hurting him. The food stains his clothes. He finally looks at you and you can’t stand the softness in them.

“I wish I could hate you. You were just the last person I expected to do this to me,” 

Rebirth - Optional Bias (Part 1/3)

Hello! This is probably going to be the most graphic scenario I have for now. Some is inspired by BTS’ I Need U (Original) MV

Characters: you x optional bias (ft. others who play a small role)

Genre: Angst

Rating: M (for violence)

Warnings: mentions of depression/suicide, violence, vulgar

Word count: 2,218

Backstory: you had been facing depression for a long time and finally hit a brick wall, but then, a miracle emerges into your dark life which you refuse to accept.

Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3


365 days. 52 weeks. 12 months. All which exist in a single year.

But no time could be compared to the heartache that crept onto your shoulders as you dragged your lifeless body around, wondering what could have been.

It all began a few weeks after your final goodbye with the love of your life. During the time you knew him, your life was fine and well with a few mishaps here and there. But they were minor ones that didn’t damage your mentality whatsoever. And yet, ever since that day, your life was just struck with the wound of a broken heart.


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Emotions in Korean:

나 배고파 (I’m hungry)  Pronounced: na-peh-go-pah

나 졸려     (I’m sleepy)  Pronounced: na-chol-lyuh

나 행복해 (I’m happy)   Pronounced: na-heng-bok-hae

나 신난다 (I’m excited)  Pronounced: na-shin-nan-da

나 피곤해 (I’m tired)      Pronounced: na-pee-gon-hae

나 심심해 (I’m bored)    Pronounced: na-shim-shim-hae

나 화가나 (I’m angry)    Pronounced: na-hwa-ga-na

나 모서훠 (I’m scared)  Pronounced: na-moo-suh-woh

나 슬파     (I’m sad)       Pronounced: na-seul-puh

나 와로워 (I’m lonely)   Pronounced: na-wae-roh-woh

note: (나[na]-meaning I/I am) can be removed and the statements would mean exactly the same thing. For example:

나 행복해 ~ i’m happy (na-heng-bok-hae)
행복해     ~ i’m happy  (heng-bok-hae)

note: These phrases are all informal. To make them formal simply add 요 (yo) on to the end of the phrase. For example:

나 행복해 ~ I’m happy, informal (na-heng-bok-hae)

나 행복해요 ~ i’m happy, formal, (na-heng-bok-hae-yo)