i made a black and white version too but


You are not exactly human, are you? That much I can tell just by looking. You are a darkness that eagerly gobbles up the glimmer of shining stars. Stars that stray from their orbit and become drawn to you will wander in darkness for eternity. Yes… much like a black hole.

Working on a new paper+light diorama. There are two versions here: one is made of all white paper, the second is black on blue for a more space-y feel.

…And I have to be honest, I’m not exactly thrilled by how these are turning out. First, there’s only 3-4 layers (9 is best) and I can’t get the Faustian Contract in the background without the whole competition looking too busy. I think I prefer the black and blue version because the black hole layer is behind the blue paper which blurs it ever so slightly and makes it somehow look more evil. But to that end, the blue paper blocks a lot of the light and reduces the number of layers that can ultimately be used. (I should probably invest in color LEDs at some point, but I am poor.)

Ah well, back to the cutting board, literally… figuratively…

Look What You Made Me Do//Negan

((warnings: LOTS OF CURSE WORDS, mentions of violence, Negan being Negan))

(Y/N’s P.O.V.)

Love-Hate relationships. Made by satan himself, if we’re being honest. 

Staying at the Saviors’ compound was honestly one of the best things to happen to me. 

Except for Negan. 

He was indeed God’s gift to women, in my personal opinion, and he was not nearly as awful as people make him out to be. 

I’ll admit that I had a serious thing for him and he had even told me upfront that he felt the same way, but no matter how much I liked him, I couldn’t get over the fact that he had multiple wives and treated me like just another notch in his belt. 

He treated me as if I was just like anyone else. And that was the farthest from the truth. 

Everyone here knew I was a badass and no one dared mess with me. I was almost as feared as Negan. Almost. 

With me by his side, and only me, we could rule the whole damn world. But no. He has to be difficult. 

So, I decided I was way too tired of being called ordinary and being just another face in the crowd. 

So I changed everything. 

I put on dark makeup, a white t-shirt, a black leather jacket, grey jeans, and combat boots and started walking around the compound whistling. 

I looked like the female version of Negan. 

Every head turned while i walked down the corridors. 

Negan had made me turn myself into who I was on the inside. 

I grabbed my gun that I kept in the hot-spot in the compound and I swung it over my shoulders. 

I get to Negan’s room and I knock on the door. 

He opens it with a disinterested look on his face, but that changes fast when he sees me. 

“Y/N? What the fuck happened to you?” he asked, looking me up and down. 

“I was tired of being pushed around by you and being treated like another wife. So I got smarter and harder. In the nick of time too. I was afraid I’d have to start threatening those whores to get away from you. I feel fucking grand. Like I’ve been resurrected. But, you made me do this.” I smirk and step closer to him. 

I lift his chin with my finger and make him look me in the eyes. 

“Look what you made me do.” 

Those words seemed to be magic. Instantly he grabbed me by the waist and kissed me hard. 

“Ah ah ah. I dont want anything to happen between us until the rest of the wives go.” I pull away and smirk. 

“Darlin’, you can have anything you fucking want.” he says breathlessly before kissing me again. 


go on, make your move

Dance with Snow White.

Based on this beautiful piece of art.

I didn’t draw IchiRuki fanart since highschool (it was 6 years ago, shame on me!), but everyone making their own version of this piece just inspired me to do it too! 
I’m not good with digital art, so I’ve only made simple sketch with fineliner pen and black marker.

Lovely art of other artists: 
[1] [2] [3] [4] [5] [6] [7] [8] [9] [10][11][12][13][14] [15] [16] [17] [18]


I can’t believe Tsuki//yama and his fashion team designed and produced not one but FOUR Wedding clothes for the #OERoyals: the groom and his bride got 2 versions (a light colour then a dark one, probably white/black).

My naive self thought it was the lightning that made the 1st costumes appear white because it would have take too long or required too much ressources.

…But I looked at the design after calming down a bit: ofc, the design of the shoulders & sleeves (Touka), neck & chest (Ken) and the feather-like accessories (both) are a dead giveway.

As expected of Sh//uu: Anything for his king!

Plus, the crowns are so perfect!

Mah boi Kaneki Ken being his handsome dorkish self. My child Touka being the flawless beauty that she is!

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Ahhh Bonus: The last time I’ve seen my bae with parted hair was in TG70/71 (flashback):

My precious baby!


Nine Inch Nails-The Day The World Went Away Music Video Stills

The video was unreleased supposedly due to it being too personal to Trent’s loss of his grandmother. These were found courtesy of  The NIN Hotline Halo 99 page.

In November 2000, a post was made to the forum at now defunct dirty.org, stating the following about the footage shot by Tomato for the original, unreleased version of the video:“The video was black and white. I have seen rushes of it. It featured a funeral, Trent at the funeral (in the style of ‘November Rain’). I also saw footage of a black haired beautiful girl. She really did stand out, the other people had 'common’ 'nonspecific’ faces. It was Trent attending a funeral and seeing this girl. Then he follows her. That’s about all I can remember. Trent thought it was too personal, because of the connection of the song with his grandmother. So that’s why we never got to see it.”

The TDTWAA video didn’t/hasn’t leaked yet but little clips were used in an easter egg for And All That Could Have Been DVD. I don’t know how far they got filming with it but it mostly involved a funeral setting where Trent follows a woman in black somewhere likely the section of the video that was shown in the easter egg where it’s Trent floating in a room and there’s up-close shots of snakes. 

There are other shelved music videos and concert stuff by Trent (including the Hurt video, Self Destruct Tour concert film the original Hand That Feeds music video, Everyday Is Exactly The Same, Everything, Tension DVD and even a few other things). Hopefully they’ll surface one day in a box set or a anthology thing at some point.

Berlanti’s DCTV universe has never treated its Asian characters well. Arrow takes the cake for hating Asians, but it’s not exclusive to Arrow

- Linda Park, a Korean-American character, cast a mixed race half-Chinese American actress. Asians are not interchangeable and it’s frustrating when casting directors act like they are. Used as a love triangle stall to pit two WOC against each other over a white boy she isn’t canonically interested in. Not very developed beyond former LI of Barry.

- Doctor Light, a Japanese heroine named Kimiyo Hoshi, erased and portrayed as E2 Linda Park. Again, Asians are not interchangeable! Erasing a Japanese character for a Korean character played by a half-Chinese actress is so problematic. Not to mention how disrespectful it is that they made Doctor Light a villain when the female Asian version of Doctor Light is a heroine. Smh.

- Sandra Moonday Hawke, a biracial black Korean woman, erased for a white OC named Samantha.

- Connor Hawke, a mixed race (white, black, Korean) hero, had his background given to a white OC named William

And then the Connor Hawke in LoT ended up being Diggle’s future son (birth name John Diggle Jr.) instead of Oliver’s. And while I love Diggle and am not too fond of Arrow!Ollie, taking away the character’s background, giving that background to a white boy, and then shuffling off the character to the nearest black man is all kinds of problematic. They don’t mention his mother at all even though Sandra raised Connor in the comics. Does Sandra Hawke not exist? Was she replaced as Connor’s mother by Lyla, a white woman? Was Connor’s Korean ancestry erased??? I’m glad they eventually included Connor, but erasing his Korean ancestry and his black/Korean mother is so problematic.

- Ra’s al Ghul, Arab/Asian villain, played by white man. I don’t even want to get into how Arrow ruined Ra’s as a villain

- Nyssa, the child of Ra’s in the comics, is a lesbian (which, yes!) who is forced by her father to marry a white man to create a worthy successor… Because a lesbian Asian daughter isn’t worthy apparently. Denied her rightful place as head of the League of Assassins after her father’s death and forced to submit to the white man who killed him, Merlyn. She gets “revenge” by disbanding the League but still gets no focus.

- Shado, a Japanese character in the comics, becomes Chinese in the tv show. Because Asians are interchangeable to Berlanti & co. She’s Ollie’s LI, but she dies after he chooses to save his white LI instead of her… The implications of that whole scene are really disgusting.

- Tatsu Yamashiro, Japanese superheroine in the comics, had her son killed from a bioweapon virus and then had to kill her husband for becoming an assassin after their son’s death. Really angsty background that’s mostly used for Oliver’s character development. Pretty much only appears in present day to heal the white people.

- Sin, the Asian adoptive daughter of Black Canary, is whitewashed into a white girl named Cindy

- White Canary, a Chinese villain, becomes a heroine when she’s whitewashed into Sara Lance. The implications of that are so gross, especially when Berlanti changed a canon Asian hero into a (different kind but still) Asian villain with Doctor Light.

- And now Artemis Crock, whose most popular incarnation is a half-Vietnamese heroine. Her character is completely erased and her birth name is given as a vigilante codename to a (white-passing) character named Evelyn Sharp who apparently already has a codename (Starling) in the comics. It’s not whitewashing since Madison McLaughlin is mixed race (white, Latin/Hispanic, Native) but it’s still a form of erasure to take away Artemis’ Vietnamese heritage. POC are NOT interchangeable. It’s not okay for casting directors to act as if they are.

I’m so tired of Berlanti. And I’m so tired of people praising the “diversity” within his tv shows when those shows treat its characters of color so badly. This treatment is not exclusive to the Asian characters. It extends to all the characters of color within his show and it’s so disgusting.

And if you’re white, don’t you dare tell me that DCTV treats its Asians and other characters of color well. And don’t you dare tell me that at least he does cast POC. We need GOOD representation, not just characters of color being used as props.

seventeen’s black version of the album made them look like characters from an anime and if you don’t believe me just look at jihoon

he looks like he should be in one of those animes tbh.

Originally made by: @anawizachu585
my friend made this for me and i love it!~~ it’s basically an werewolf version of my toonsona!~~~ kinda like the wolfman from that horror classic and the classic sequels until the 2009 with the wolfman in that castle with count dracula since i like the more classic black and white horror movies. and i love this werewolf design of my toonsona! makes him look scary. also kinda reminds me of the werewolf from bad moon 1996 and the werewolf from underworld in 2003 too! and also the werewolves from that harry potter movie too.—backstory information about this form

After being affected by an special coat of ink and after being bitten by an unusual dog on the same day, owen started to get more animal like and distanced himself from his other toon like friends. Than reports of attacks have started to show up more than once and every day they saw their friend looking more and more tired. than it not only that one night when his loveable fox ahri came in to check up on him that what she and the others saw instead was an tall, inky, freaky, werewolf that had an raging bloodlust urging to be let out. The height is about almost 9 ft tall with speeds reaching up to nearly as fast as an tiger or an hungry wolf chasing it’s prey to no end, using the night to blend in it can take it’s prey without being noticed the only thing that gives it away is the heavy breathing and the ink dripping from his body. it feeds mostly on human like food and other toons sadly, though it has adapted to resort eating human flesh, also fun fact! silver won’t kill him but it can hurt him but it isn’t one of his weakness.
( ahri the toon fox is @ahrifoxtailgoddess )

Drawing and Painting: Experimenting with some mark-making outcomes

After I had a play around in my sketchbook with the outcomes, I decided to head to Photoshop and look at adding more marks, focusing on marks from paint and the doodle styles of artists I had looked at previously (see sketchbook).

At first I experimented with this one - just mucking about with lines and importing different digital marks like the brushstrokes and paint splatters.

I didn’t like the way these marks looked to switched over to the paintbrush tools on Photoshop instead, and much preferred these. I switched base image, too, as the blob had more negative/positive space to play with.

Colette suggested  I used the digital version to make a physical version, and from there I made this:

I like the block colours, the text, the irregular shape and the overall doodley-ness.  I used electrical tape, ink, a white paint pen and black paper to add to the design I already had. 

It would be nice to carry on thick strokes/ doodles/linking lines in to some other pieces over this rotation, but I would like to make some things which are a lot busier in terms of texture and surface design. 

synysterstrife  asked:

Hey howdy hey :-) how are you! I'm looking to add to a growing sleeve of "villain/bad guy" tattoos on my arm. One that I'd like to add is a Scarecrow one (hopefully you remember my calf one). I'm just looking for a black and white sort of face representation of him. I've seen a few on Google but nothing jumps out, and there looks to be lots of fanart. If there's any you could show me that'd be amazing and much appreciated! :-) all the best! Hroo hraa!

Oooh that’s awesome. I would suggest looking at the Batman: Black and White series. Since that was made intentionally without color, it would probably look best with the rest of your sleeve. You could look through some original comic book art too. Usually you can tell it apart from fanart because it’s on a huge sheet of paper with guides and notes from the artists. If you’re looking for a specific version, let me know. Maybe I can help out further.

As usual with the Lunar New Year coming up, Carmel would make some sweets to bring back to her parents’ for the New Year Celebration. This year she made Black Sesame and Red Bean macaroon and after packing few boxes of the sweets for the lunch tomorrow at her parents house as well as some to give to the younger cousins, nephews and nieces, she still had quite some left. With a box full of red, black and white macaroon, Carmel decided to offered them to some of her neighbor as a wish for luck, longevity and prosperity in the new year, “Hey, so I made these black sesame and red bean macaron for tomorrow and I made too much, do you want some?” she offered showing the macaroons.

White & Black (1)
  • *In another dimension*
  • White!Genos: Huh?....Where....am I...?*Jumps as he hear's a noise behind him, poising his hand to defend himself.* Who's there? *Black Genos appears*
  • Black!Genos: ...What the...?!....Who the fuck are you?
  • White!Genos: *blinking in disbelief* ..M...Me?....But...How..? *Both are shocked for a while before one of them finally remembers what he was supposed to ask.*
  • White!Genos: ...Well I may not know who you are, but could you perhaps tell me where Sensei is? * Black Genos stares for a while before sputtering a laugh, which confuses the White Genos.*
  • Black!Genos: Pfft! Haha! Seriously? You call Master "Sensei"? *continues to snicker about this.*
  • White!Genos: *For some reason can't help but feel a bit annoyed by this.* Look, I don't know what sort of game you're playing here, but I simply wish to find him. We both lost our way during our mission when we fell through a strange old cavern. *Black Genos is still laughing, which makes the White counterpart decide to give up.*
  • White!Genos: *sighs* Nevermind, I'll go search for him on my own then.... *Before he could leave though, Black suddenly grabbed him around his waist to bring him uncomfortably close to him. Making it a note to keep one hand holding his wrist.*
  • White!Genos: Wha-...What are you doing...? *He asked in bewilderment, trying to get him to let go; but found he was unusually stronger.*
  • Black!Genos: Now hold on. There's no need to rush~ *Says this in a rather dangerous voice that makes White grow anxious.*
  • White!Genos: Huh? What are you talking about? *Still look at him with utter cluelessness at his actions as one hand easily slides around his thigh and gives his ass a squeeze, causing him to jump in panic* Uh..?!..//////...Wait! Where do you think you're touching!?
  • Black!Genos: *grins* Well, truth be told, I've actually developed a fantasy in which I could feel what my master feels when he ravishes me. I wonder what I fee l like inside....If I squeeze nice and hard on something that's hard and thick ....If I drip a nice generous amount of lube out of my pretty ass....and....*Easily turns White's face to him.* What sort of sexy expression I make in utter pleasure with a cock up my ass. *Looks at him dumbfounded as he said such crude and lude things in his own voice. He would never have imagined an alternate version of himself speaking to him in such a way, let alone suggest something so completely outrageous.*
  • White!Genos: ...A...Are you out of your mind.../////...*tries to pry his arms out of his grip so that he could at least push him away, but is suddenly taken completely off guard as Black forces him into a deep kiss.*
  • Black!Genos: *Moans softly as he lets his tongue swim through his mouth for a while before pulling away. He was surprised how easily his other self could be swayed by a brief kiss from him, smirking at the flushed face as he struggled to regain his breath.* Heh heh, didn't think I'd be a lightweight...though you actually look cuter that way....*strokes his bottom lip.* White!Genos:*Panting heavily after an unexpectedly skillful kiss from himself, surprised even that he could be capable of making him weak in the knees the way Sensei did. It was so strange.*
  • Black!Saitama: My my~ Aren't you two becoming chummy there~
  • White!Saitama: Huh, I never thought Genos could go putty in someone else's hands other than me.... *Both Genos' turn to find their Saitama's looking at them with amusement. While Black appeared smug as his young disciple easily took the lead on the hero alternate, White was looking with curiosity as he scratched his chin contemplatively at this bizarre scenario. For them to react in such a way must mean they'd been watching in the shadows all along.* White!Genos: S....Sensei.../////....*looking rather frazzled and ashamed for his teacher to catch him in the act; though did it necessarily count as cheating being kissed by...well yourself?*
  • Black!Saitama: Well you gotta admit that that looked pretty hot. How often do you get to see two Genos' making out while one of them is being groped? *The one in black pointed out as he cupped White's shoulder like an old friend.*
  • White!Saitama: Well you've got a point there... *While the two teachers continued to observe and chat, Black Genos was eagerly awaiting their orders like a puppy. Though White Genos looked very nervous and expectant of his Sensei to tell Black to let him go as his hand continued to grope a cheek.*
  • White!Saitama: It's kinda weird how eager your Genos looks to hear us give an order...though I suppose that's not much different from mine to a degree....Hmmm....*looks at Black with interests*...Although I'll admit it 'does' get me a little curious. *Black Saitama suddenly had a brilliant idea as he wrapped an arm around Black and started to mumble something that only White could hear; even with the two young cyborgs being capable of listening in on them. Eventually White gave a gesture of thinking about something before nodding in agreement and whispering back before they separated and came up to the two.*
  • White!Saitama: Just don't be 'too' rough on him, alright?
  • Black!Saitama: Right right, I got it. *He waves to him in a bored way as White rolled his eyes and stood next to him before the two.*
  • Black!Saitama: Alright then~ Genos hand the little bunny over to me, will you? *gestures to toss White Genos over like a ball.*
  • Black!Genos: *Black Genos blinked as he ordered him to go to the White counterpart while he took his hero alternative.*
  • Black!Saitama: It's alright, we've agreed to switch you two to shake things up. We'll rejoin at another time. *Although he looked a little sad that he wouldn't get to enjoy himself with his master, he figured they'd arranged things to expand on the fun. He nodded and gave his White self a shove into his master's arms while he went towards White Saitama, looking a little skeptical that this version would give him the same amount of satisfaction.*
  • White!Genos: But...Sensei.../////....*He looked at his teacher with worry, wondering what he could have been thinking in handing him over to his other self who was possibly of a different caliber.*
  • White!Saitama: *smiles kindly* Don't worry about it, Genos. This is something that we'll both enjoy. Just listen to my, er, self.
  • Black!Saitama: *grins as he turns his head with a seemingly pleasant smile.* That's right. I'll be real good to you, cutie~
  • White!Saitama: *rolls eyes* Alright alright, hold the flirting until you get to your room. White!Genos: *Looks confused, which thankfully so did his Black version* R...Room? Black!Saitama: *scoffs at this* Oh please, we're pretty much gonna be doing the same thing. No need to be a tight ass.... *He watches as the two leave into the darkness, hearing the click of a door open and shut to signal they were gone.*
  • Black!Saitama: And speaking of a "tight ass"....*scoops White Genos in his arms and carries him off to the opposite side where a room had apparently been existing this whole time.* I'd like to test yours out.
  • *It was a strange room that seemed like a combination of a normal apartment room and one of those Love Hotels you'd find downtown. Though White!Genos wasn't familiar with them personally, he definitely recognized it from media and pop culture features.*
  • White!Genos: Wha...How is this place...? *Still completely confused at where they were and what was the logic of this strange place.*
  • Black!Saitama: *shrugged* Me and my other self had been exploring the places around here while you two were getting acquainted with each other. Not sure if it's something that just exists from our thoughts or actually exists at all. *drops him on the bed.*
  • White!Genos: Oof! W-What do you mean "exists from our thoughts," Sensei....*He asked nervously as the villainous version of his teacher pinned him down, looking at him with the same hunger as his own teacher.*
  • Black!Saitama: *Cups his chin to stop him from asking so much questions.* Enough talk, it's playtime little one~ *White Genos instantly obeyed, which made Black!Saitama pleased to see; though he'd still tease and discipline him a little; though of course keep his word to himself that he wouldn't hurt him too badly in the process.*
  • Black!Saitama: ....Hmmm~ I kinda see what that boring white-bread version of myself sees in you calling him teacher. You really are as innocent as a little bunny, aren't you? *Licks his lips as he raises his hand to stroke the bulge in his pants caused by his own Genos.* White!Genos: *Moans as he gropes it, covering his face.* Ugh! N-No, don't....I-It's embarrassing, Sensei.../////... *Black Saitama's breath hitched at the sight of him fluster and try to hide himself completely different from Black Genos' reaction. He was surely going to enjoy this innocence to the fullest.*
  • ------------------- END...?
  • Thank you HouseWaifuToster for really big help. Love ya xd

Wanted to finally share my SourceFed Logo Design process with y’all. Generally when it comes to logos my main rule for myself is “Don’t get attached to the work until it’s published and it’s final form.” This is because it’s going to go through so many changes and edits, and the detachment keeps you from being too stubborn from making potentially awesome changes (or so you don’t hate it when you make a change you don’t like. :P ) Anyway…. process!  

  1.  Font Search. Look for fonts and figure out what kind of vibe the client wants to go for. The ones show above represent “current trends”, “news room”,  “Updated Version of Old Logo”, & “I dunno. This could be something different.” 
  2.  Figure out color palate and arrangement. Make sure it can work on white and black bkgs.
  3. Present different versions to client(s). Put the one you like the most in the top left (optional. I just like doing this.) Try to get everyone to choose one or two of their favorites. 
  4. From the two favs, make a logo sheet showing all the different versions the logo could be used and seen as. I made the Nerd version around this time too.
  5. Yay! Official logo picked! Start making all the necessary social media graphics and- wait what? Who said they wanted to see more versions? But… but we already decided. Ok. Fine. Make 3 more versions. Fume a bit, ‘cause you thought it was safe to get attached to the logo. Go for a walk. Come back and read email to see that they changed their mind again… and want to go for the originally approved logo. ::sigh:: 
  6. Official logo approved and launched! :D 

Deconstruction of The Coat of Arms, part II : John Thornton.

I have made 2 versions of Thornton’s quote, one with Look back at me & one with You’re coming home with me ? Both available with black & white text so that you can put it on dark or color t-shirts.

You’ll find them in my shops

If you want another quote with this drawing, please ask me !
My askbox is open, fanmail & submissions too & if you want, you can send me a non-anonymous ask, I’ll give you my email address.