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  • me: *breathes in* I lo-
  • everyone else: YES, you love, LOVE™ V. We know. You love Jihyun Kim so much. He deserved so much better. You want to save that man. You just love V. You cry over him EVERY DAY. We KNOW. You love V. You fucking love V. Okay we know. We get it. YOU LOVE V. WE GET IT.

I wore (most of, it was too hot for the wig and tiara) my Wonder Woman armor to Pride yesterday along with a banner/standard I made myself and a shield that I repurposed from another cosplay. The shield said “Protect and Support Trans People”. Usually I don’t go to Pride because of a lack of discussion or representation for the -BTQIA in the acronym and because I’m not a heavy drinker or partier. But this year I decided that after the election I should go and, if anything, be representation. I wanted to be visible and my message to be unmistakable. Dunno if I succeeded, but it was great seeing the smiles on young trans peoples’ faces! 


Well, since we have a few hours, thought I’d do a compilation of the banner for RWBY I’ve done.

So here are all the RWBY banners I’ve made. As someone asked in the individual post, please feel free to use them as phone backgrounds or computer backgrounds, which ever you wish.

I hope you have a great day and enjoy Volume 4.

OMG YALL MINGHAO’S LEGENDARY “IMMA!” HAS MADE IT ONTO SEVENTEEN’S ISAC 2017 BANNER I REPEAT! IT HAS MADE IT ONTO SEVENTEEN’S ISAC 2017 BANNER!! Btw if you’re wondering what it says, it says “Run Quickly IMMA!” I am so damn proud of that boy, GET YO DAMN SPOTLIGHT BOY!

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Hello! I’m here for an end of year shout out / follow forever. I honestly can’t believe 2016 is almost over, (not to be cliche but) It feels like it just started yesterday.  I’m proud of all of us for staying strong through out this mess of a year and I hope we all have a better and blessed 2017. ; v ;

To those who follow me, I love you all. Thank you for staying even though I’m always on queue and can’t answer asks on time LMAO Thank you for continuously supporting me and this blog of mine ;; 

To everyone who makes my dash brighter with their posts and content, thank you for making my days happier! I love and appreciate each and every single one of you ♡ + blogroll 


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*photo is not mine, but I made the banner*

first i would like to say that @hohomotherfuckers is a quality blog and they made this fuckin banner for me and i just ugh i love you soap! Anywho, i reached 1k! below are some blogs that have made my tumblr experience better!

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Once again, it is I, Juneo, your local Bambam loving homeboy 

The other day I went around looking for more Bambam stans, and actually found a somewhat decent amount of people! So here I sit before you, sharing my findings,, so

Go Follow Some Bambam Stans!!



















tbh i didn’t get everyone cus there’s Bambam stans everywhere and i can’t find all of them,,

But, hopefully yall will follow some of these amazing people!! And see a lot of Bambam on your dash soon!!


I saw the post @zootopepo made about the blog banner of @judy-hoppswilde‘s blog, and it looked so amazing! i had to do some digging to find out if there was more, and I found some cool ones! 

They’re done by a Russian artist, and his art is labelled as “2D among us”. he takes all kinds of animation characters and put them into real life scenes! 

the artist has got a ton of work, and I found a bunch that I like, chances are if you like some sorta animation character or popular movie, there’s one for that. 


Because domestic violence Is NEVER okay, even when it’s a woman who abuses a man.

Andy is a victim of domestic abuse so please share this banner I made around in support of Andy Biersack.

What happened to Andy can’t be forgotten, hidden or swept under the rug. Thousands of men in America are abused by the women in their lives. This is NOT okay.