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The Lost Treasure (Teen Wolf Uncharted AU) - CelestialVoid

Off the coast of Panama, treasure hunter Stiles Stilinski and historical journalist Derek Hale uncover the coffin of the infamous Sir Francis Drake, only to find it is empty and the only thing inside is a journal that will lead them to the legendary El Dorado.

Rocky & Coffee shops for @starscriptmage

What are you doing? Are you doing well?
I love to drink coffee with you… it’s relaxing and calming…
Where are you at? I’m waiting for you at our favorite café. You will come right?
You want a bite too? It’s delicious
This Coffee tastes bitter because you’re not by my side! Coffee tastes best when you’re with me…


Vikings: One Picspam per Episode

You couldn’t kill me if you tried for a hundred years.

1x01, Rites of Passage

Yes friends, I did a thing! I’m really close to my next milestone and it’s the end of the year so I thought I’d recommend/give a shoutout to my favorite blogs for you guys. So here we go! Thank you all so much for making my 2016 this great 😘  also, I’m so impressed that I made that graphic!!! like it’s not perfect but I made the tumblr sidebar thingy all by myself and it looks alright! 👏🎉🎊

bold = F A V O R I T E S!! like these blogs are goals!!
❤︎ = mutuals/friends
* little side note, I’m only mentioning active blogs and my favorites as of now, so don’t worry if you’re not on here, I still love you! (and hopefully you do the same)*

a - d
@amigonew, @atomative ❤︎, @astroboyband ❤︎, @cheoli, @crystalclearpentagon ❤︎, @chu-mins@chiqkihyun, @choi-giraffe ❤︎, @choajoah@choiminoh@celo-mar, @candyeon@doyoung ❤︎
e - h
@exolightly ❤︎, @flowerboyshownu, @femaleidols@gyuzizis, @gdwho ❤︎, @hypertone, @honeyxxxmoon ❤︎, @history-network@hostoria ❤︎, @honeypup, @hanichul ❤︎
i - m
@iam-imchangkyun ❤︎, @inpinitaize@jeonthegreat, @jooheonl@jaetaeme ❤︎, @jooheonsbooty@jinne@junmyeonsexual ❤︎, @katypery, @knkinky@kimswonpil ❤︎, @maerinah@mauloveskpop ❤︎, @monoka, @madtwn ❤︎, @monstax-nm ❤︎, @m-onstax ❤︎, @monstaxmemes, @meiqie, @mangaetteok, @malegroups
n - r
@nikittysan, @ohhsenshine@parxjimin, @poutygguk ❤︎, @ravi-shment ❤︎
s - v
@santaeminism, @shiningqueens@starlight-starbright-goddess ❤︎, @sinsoghi, @sehunsbulgingboner❤︎, @senshiofwisdom ❤︎, @sleepyikoala ❤︎, @santagustd@shinspirit, @tvixx ❤︎, @twices@ttae@vvonho ❤︎
w - #
@woozeok, @wonhobe ❤︎, @w-ooshine ❤︎, @winwins ❤︎, @wonhard ❤︎, @wonhuff❤︎, @wonkyuns, @xiuminsdreams@yugyeomism@yimkugyeom ❤︎, @yeo1, @yooneroos@yewcn@yoongimmin

And here’s a big thank you to all of my followers! You’re always so kind to me, sending me all those sweet messages, requests and writing cute things in the tags on stuff I’ve made. I love you guys endlessly, thank you for sticking with me this year! ❤︎ 

The Laws of Time are mine

Special delivery for fogsblue and anniviech