i made 3 versions of this

Rose progress! I can’t believe I actually made this costume 3.5 times (the .5 comes from somewhere between the first and second iteration where I got a different wig but I LITERALLY CANT FIND A PHOTO OF IT LOL) but progress is so satisfying! As crazy as I must look to have made the same costume so many times I am so much more happy with my most recent version!! 


It’s DONE! ENJOY~<3 



1) Hi uh so I made three band gig posters based off of case one for my graphic design class. The dates were the day you posted each video on youtube and I literally picked a random place where “your band” will play live from google maps.

Here’s Rotary Dial

2) Black and White

I also had to recreate the communications logo bc there’s no png version of it to what I’ve seen and editing out the black background would be a pain

3) And Housewife Radio

I had a lot of fun making these I hope you enjoy them !!

i hope u don’t mind i combined all ur submissions into one post for convenience aaAA BUT D UDE I LOVE THESE?? THEY’RE SO COOL???? AAAAAAAA?????????

Hello Dear Friends and new fans! Now that gugudan have made their (spectacular) comeback, here’s a guide of what not to say:

1. Jellyfish should have made this their debut song / they should have gone with this concept since the beginning since it’s so much better than wonderland blah blah blah
2. Gugudan are so much better than (insert other girl group here)
3. They’re basically a female version of vixx


1. A little over a week ago, I attended the Ground Zero Animation Expo and sold prints and commissions with my dad! Above is a picture of my side of the table. It was a really fun little convention and I would love to attend it again sometime! Go check out their Twitter page here: https://twitter.com/gzaexpo

2. A galactic trio of bookmarks I made for my boyfriend for Valentine’s Day! The Neptune-Pluto thing is an in-joke between he and I.

3. A little kitty drawn in my sketchbook. Copied from a Tumblr photograph.

My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures. I wish I had better versions, but my little camera in my flip phone suuuuuucks….

Robbie said I looked like a mini younger him ;)

So I met Robbie Kay recently and he is so sweet and genuine not classy or trashy like most celebs. but I was taken back and happy cause he said and I made sure this was real and not fake. 3 times in fact,he was being truthful. Robbie said I looked like a mini younger version of himself. proof is on the video on here somewhere lol. and I been getting this a lot lately…. so to you my dear followers and friends is Robbie right? do I look like a mini younger him? :)

Also I told him this is the reason I cosplay his characters cause I love them and stuff plus I seem to have the look. please comment if you can and no mean or rude comments,if you wanna be mean just don’t comment,I get enough haters and I do nothing for it. thanks again for the comments. you can comment here or message me. thanks! ;)

[TRANS] 161113 BTS 3rd MUSTER Day 2 - Fanaccount Compilation (1/2)


1. Seokjin said he was going to make a heart with Jimin at the end of “Blanket Kick”, but Jimin ignored him and make his own heart. So when the stage lights went back on, they both made a big heart.

2. Yoongi took off his in-ears and stood there, Seokjin copied him and blew hand kisses.

3. Jungkook’s greeting: “Hello, I’m Jungkook who just freshly came out of ARMY.ZIP.”

Seokjin: Is there anyone who puts the photocards on bed and sleep?
Seokjin: Really??
Fans: Yes….
Hoseok: Your screams got quieter~

5. Q: Say few words to ARMYs as if you’re saying to your family:

Hoseok (older sister): I did the cute version yesterday so I’ll do the real one today. Noona, thank you~ ^♡^
Taehyung (younger sister): ARMY-ya, watch me~
Jungkook (older brother): You worked hard. I’m gonna buy you sashimi, let’s go.

Jungkook: I use ㅇㅇ( = “kay/ok” in English) a lot when I chat with my hyung.
Taehyung: Still better than me, my brother doesn’t even bother to reply.

7. Yoongi said he watched foreigners’ review videos too.

MC: Oh, so you’re good at English?
Yoongi: (in English) A little?

8. Q: BTS’ strength and weakness according to Namjoon?

Strength: Kind
Weakness: Too~ kind

9. When explaining the reason for his answer:

Namjoon: When we order chicken, no one says anything even if someone eats the leg part first.
Yoongi: Isn’t that what adults do?
Namjoon: So I got to eat the legs first, even though I have to diet…

Q: At the age of 23, do you have any new determination?
Hoseok: Personally, I grew to think deeper no matter what aspect it is. As for our team, we promised to think carefully before acting.

Q: A thing you recently searched for on the portal site?
Seokjin: “Car door guy”, because I’m curious if people still remember it or not.

12. MC asked Jimin what gifts he received for his birthday, but Jimin said he won’t tell everyone. So Yoongi went, “Then I’ll tell. I gave him a whole set of manga.”

13. Jimin said a thing he bought recently was clothes as a gift to the members. He didn’t really remember which kind of clothes it was. Because Jimin often buys birthday presents for the others, so the culture of buying members birthday presents was created.

14. During Jimin’s birthday, Taehyung wrote him a hand letter. Jimin went to the kitchen to drink some water before sleeping and Taehyung gave it to him, “Hey, look inside the box.”

15. Namjoon said he already bought his birthday present for Seokjin.

Q: What did you eat to become this pretty?
Hoseok: I’m a guy…. But, I like ddeokbokki.

17. Jungkook did push-ups with Yoongi sitting on him.

18. Taehyung said Jungkook can even do push-up while piggybacking, so he asked who Jungkook should piggyback. Then Jungkook piggybacked Yoongi and did 2 push-ups.

Q: A weakness that can defeat me?
Yoongi: I don’t have such thing.

20. Yoongi said he has lived 24 years but still has yet to find what his weakness is.

21. When asked what his weakness that can defeat him is, Taehyung said “I haven’t lost once.”

22. According to the members, Hoseok is professional when he does aegyo.

23. Yoongi: “Everyone, you may not know this but when Jungkook does push-ups in his room, he puts me on his back and does it.”

24. Taehyung: “When I read the letters, I see them saying sorry a lot. Compared to our love for you guys, the love that you give us is much bigger. So please don’t say sorry.”

MC: Aren’t you guys going to cry again?
Jimin: Jungkookie, don’t cry~

26. When asked what side of him that the fans don’t know, Jungkook said there’s none, he has shown fans every side of him.

MC: What do we want?
Jungkook: Speed.
Yoongi: No, it’s ssspeeeeddd!
MC: Again, what do we want?
Jungkook: Speeeeeeed.

© namjun912, Melly_to_V, sope218, ArtforYu_, YONA_o613

They should be around during the next Steven birthday party.


This was originally made as a 2000 followers gift but because I couldn’t upload to SFS it’s now a 2400 followers gift lol. It’s a conversion of the child hair but I added these little rose accessories because I have a friend who did something similar irl and I loved it soo much. It’s base game compatible, hat compatible and ect. 

Update: I’ve added a second version, with mini buns! it’s coot.

Enjoy cookies! <3

Download the hair here. 

okay so i took notes of the first few episodes while watching them and i thought i’d share:

Episode 1

  • Lance yelling ‘Keith’ at the very beginning of the episode kinda gave me the chills
  • Younger Coran is basically the altean version of Lance
  • At some points the mice looked like Gastly the pokemon to me
  • Pidge is a fucking genius
  • the caterpillars are adorable i want 67 of them thanks
  • “you were like a second father to me” i can’t believe i literally predicted this scene
  • i missed Lance in this episode i ain’t gonna lie
  • good broganes moments
  • seeing Keith piloting Black actually made me emotional don’t look @ me

Episode 2

  • Adorable background
  • this episode was pretty from start to finish
  • amazing Hunk/Lance moments
  • my jellyfish cameo (jk)
  • new powers for Lance

Episode 3

  • “I hate to agree with Keith” amazing
  • that’s actually it i havent written down anything else lmao

Episode 4

  • “Sorry I was trying to hit Keith” “Like this?” *smiles fondly*
  • “Thanks Keith!” “I love you got you”
  • i literally wrote down “the fucking blue lion scene I screamed” but now i don’t recall what i was talking about??
  • Keith and his out of the blue hippy phase
  • Pidge talking about her allergies is me

Episode 5

  • i just wrote a few things
  • the elevator scene was like taken out of a romcom or something
  • “I got you covered” amazing teamwork
  • pidge trying to learn altean was the funniest thing

Then there’s a misc of the other episodes:

  • “I hate blood” this is why Hunk is always me
  • “Galra Keith”
  • “Did you just make a joke?”
  • Those creatures from like episode 7 or 8 boh? looked like a doctor who alien met the michelin symbol (look it up and you’ll understand)
  • “Knife vs Everything” and ofc Keith is there watching
  • “ahha hey Keith ur hot…headed”

k that’s all lmfaobdk


Sims 4 & Sims 2

Round Table Dining Set

(for lack of a better name)

• 2 new meshes made by me
• Round Dining Table - 1414 polys
• Round Dining Table Chair - 1286 polys
• 3 seat cushion textures in 6 wood 02 textures (peacemaker)
• matching table textures
(Sims 2 version shown in last picture)

** special thank you to @daer0n for answering thousands of questions!
I love you sweetie ♥

Please Note *
there is a clipping issue with Sims belly cutting a bit into the table.
I hope this is not a huge issue for you.



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