i made playlist again


he was so still inside [8tracks] [spotify] [playmoss]

“He couldn’t tell if he was letting himself idolize this place or Ronan, and he wasn’t sure there was a difference. When he opened his eyes, he saw that Ronan was looking at him, as he had been looking at him for months. Adam looked back, as he had been looking back for months.”

a mix for a soft epilogue at the barns

i made a playlist.

  • it sounds like slow kisses against soft skin.
  • it makes you feel like the person you dream about fingertips is lingering on the very tip of your own.
  • it sounds like peace you find right in between the heaven and hell of your own thoughts.
  • it feels like warm water against a cold and stressed body.
  • it has its own aura. it’s blue, with tones of clear red and it fades into a beautiful indigo with gold flakes.
  • it’s the soundtrack to the interludes between each time you fell in love
  • each song has a heartbeat and bass thats immutable into your soul.
  • have you ever heard someone who loves you cry for you?
  • do you know how it sounds when you hurt that person but you make love to them afterwards?
  • this compilation sounds like makeup sex.
  • it feels like the person you thought was gone…returned.
  • when the playlist is over…know that it was just a feeling, not a reality. that person is gone.
  • but revisit this queue when you need to feel them hold you again or tell you the promises they broke all over again.

I made a playlist. When i love again; i’ll burn it to a disc and sit in the silence of it with whoever i love next.


happy pride month lars is trans and i made a 30 song playlist for him because i have no self control 


lost stars: a rebelcaptain playlist

angel with a shotgun - the cab // big ideas - the boxer rebellion // place for us - mikky ekko // falling for you - the 1975 // fall together - the temper trap // let love bleed red - sleeping with sirens // saving grace - the maine // let’s hurt tonight - onerepublic // lost stars - adam levine // safe and sound - taylor swift feat. the civil wars // heart like yours - willamette stone // run - snow patrol // i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie // to build a home - the cinematic orchestra // wait - M83 // i love you too much - diego luna // your father would be proud - michael giacchino

so I’ve played a lot of fallout 4 this month and I love listening to the radio in fallout games but after a while the songs started to get tedious cuz it was just the same ones over and over again so I made a playlist that’s like, 400 fifties jams of various genres and listened to that, but THEN I started to miss Travis on Diamond City Radio (I mean I did the quest to make him awesome I should reap the benefits!) so what I did was go on YouTube and find a video of just all his voice clips and I segmented them into separate MP3 files so once in a while when I play on shuffle he’ll cut in and do his DJ thing and then back to Billie holiday. and I’ll literally add new ones to the playlist when I finish their corresponding quests and shit. anyways.


”If it takes fighting a war for us to meet, it will have been worth it” A Cassandra Pentaghast and Griffin Lavellan Playlist

1.Jenny-WALK THE MOON. 2.Keep It Simple-Raleigh Ritchie. 3.Helpless-Phillipa Soo. 4.Kiss Me-Ed Sheeran. 5.I Love you-Alex and Sierra. 6.Not Today-Imagine Dragons. 7.Believe-Mumford and Sons. 8.This is Gospel-Panic! At the Disco. 9.Dream-Imagine Dragons. 10.Things We Lost in the Fire-Bastille. 11.Drunk-Ed Sheeran.

please don’t shuffle listen to them in order :0

Playlist  Tag

Rules: you can tell a lot about a person by the music they listen to. Put your playlist on shuffle and list the first 10 songs and tag 10 people.

Tagged by: @dragooongirl  Thanks sweetie (*˘∀˘*) it was fun!

Ok, this time I’ll try it with my anime songs, not judging XDXD

1.- Sakanoue yosuke - Super drive

2.- Tia - heart realise

3.- Unison square garden - Orion wo nazoru

4.- Uverworld - Core pride

5.- Asian kung-fu generation = Haruka kanata

6.- Yoshida hirano - L’s theme B

7.- Tomofumi tanizawa - Uchuu ryoukou

8.- Rip slyme - Super shooter

9.- TK from Ling tosite sigure - Unravel

10.- Orange range - O2

I’m tagging: @mirsama @a-anone @chuulain @thebritishteapot @eruriwhere @danchoudaddy @shingekinodank @tsukinoyoukai @kittyboo8015 @winglysimmer @erwin-the-daddyguy-smith
Only if you feel like doing it~


a hsau!hollstein playlist

1. tell her you lover her - echosmith

         hurry time is running out, but don’t you runaway, runaway before you tell her you love her

2. safe & sound - tonight alive

         cause even if it all came crashing down, as long as you’re around, i’ll be safe and sound.

3. my beautiful rescue - this providence

         i’m crying out. “wash my hands, these bloody hands kord. open my mouth and i’ll sing.” i’m falling more in love.

4. only love (acoustic) - pvris

         don’t you shut this down. no, don’t you give this up, i took all this love i found and i hope that its enough.

5. you’ll never know - versaemerge

         you’ll never know, i didn’t want it to go the way it went.

6. rain falls down - we the kings

         and i’m wishing that i could take your hand and set you on some untouched land just so you are never sad again.

7. a match into water - pierce the veil

         i kissed the scars on her skin, i still think you’re beautiful and i don’t ever want to lose my best friend.

8. nothing compares - pixie lott

         they say if it doesn’t kill you it’ll make you stronger, but i can’t be without you any longer. everytime i let it go, baby, it’s true nothing compares to you.

9. ghosts - pvris

         they sink into my skin, pushing you out just to make their way in. i’ve grown sick of this fight so frequent. if you can’t help it then i’ll push you away.

10. no one does it better - you me at six

         i’ve only got myself to blame, this is another test which i would fail when at my best always ending the same.

11. swing life away (rise against cover) - patty walters

         if love is a labor i’ll slave til the end, i won’t cross these streets until you hold my hand.

12. a daydream away - all time low

         i wouldn’t know what to say if i had you and i’ll keep you a daydream away, just watch from a safe place so i never have to lose.

Please, leave my character alone and let me play them. I suppose you are trying to be nice and supportive, but. Stop. Don’t  send me YOUR faceclaims for them. Don’t send me the playlists you made for them, of music I have time and again told you I don’t like and listen to. Don’t make aesthetic posts for them, ignoring any physical description I have ever given. Don’t send me random posts that are “lol so them”. They are not. Please, stop

On The Road Again
John and Lucifer get into a car. They only fight a little over the road trip jams.

I made a playlist for Lucifer Morningstar/John Constantine. Because trapping them in a car won’t end in someone dying while the blues play ominously on a half-broken car radio.

Track List:

1. Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked (Cage the Elephant)
2. Anarchy In The UK (Sex Pistols)
3. Red Right Hand (Arctic Monkeys)
4. All The Young Punks (The Clash)
5. Long John Blues (Dinah Washington)
6. Hellhound On My Trail (Robert Johnson)
7. Stop Breaking Down (The Rolling Stones)
8. Problems (Sex Pistols)
9. California Sun (Ramones)
10. Welcome To Paradise (Green Day)
11. High Tide Rising (Fox)
12. Standing At The Crossroads (Elmore James)
13. Me And The Devil Blues (Robert Johnson)
14. The Devil Went Down To Georgia (The Charlie Daniels Band)

The Perks of Being a Wallflower

As part of my mission to learn how to use tumblr and use it more, I’ve decided to dedicate some posts to writing about the works of art that have inspired me most throughout my life. It’s sort of a tribute. Sort of an opportunity to reminisce. And sort of a way to be personal on a social media platform, without being TOO personal. So here goes. My first post on this subject is the book, “The Perks of Being a Wallflower” by Stephen Chbosky.

This book saved my life when I was a teenager. I read this book before I was diagnosed with certain mental health disorders, and it spoke volumes to me even before I fully understood why. To this day, the quote, “And in that moment, I swear we were infinite” is my email footer. I would read the suicide note/poem over and over again. I made mixed CDs for myself of the playlists in the book (back in the days of Napster when downloading music was free and easy). I even wrote a letter to Mr. Chbosky (see attached) asking his permission to adapt his book into a screenplay. Granted, I was like 15 years old, and I had written maybe one, maybe none screenplays in my life. He was kind enough to respond, explaining that he was already in the process of writing a screenplay adaptation and that he intended to direct the movie himself. That was maybe a decade prior to the movie being released. 

That letter from Mr. Chbosky sits on my desk. I’m looking at it now. The last line reads, “Considering how lovely you seem in your letter, I think your movies would be very special.” And I’ll admit, I read the letter when I’m lacking motivation or purpose or inspiration. And the teenager still inside of me wants to write good stories and make good movies partly so I don’t let him down. So someday, maybe he’ll see one of my movies and he’ll tell me it was “very special” and I can be like, “You’ve told me that before.”

Anyway, this is my favorite book of all time. I’m not here to write a synopsis or a review of it. I’m just emoting and reminiscing. And I think that’s all I’ve got to say about it now.

i made a playlist ye again for weissrabbit’s road trip au

listen // track art

fast in my car paramore // girls like you the naked and famous // kill your heroes awolnation // i wanna get better bleachers // holding on to you twenty one pilots // young volcanoes fall out boy // float on modest mouse // settle two door cinema club // tonight youre perfect new politics // young blood (slow version) the naked and famous // city of angels thirty seconds to mars // night sky chvrches