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I'm Breaking Down vs Everyone Hates His Parents

I’m Breaking Down, all the way. Like, I love Everyone Hates His Parents so much, but I’m Breaking Down is just so - awe-inspiring. Stephanie’s range and acting skills and inflections and WHY DIDNT SHE WIN A TONY OKAY I’M STILL KINDA MAD.

also it has one of my fave lyrics, “I’d rather DIE than DRY CLEAN M A R V I N ‘ S W E D D I N G G O W N”

Send me two songs from any musical (same musical or different ones) and I will tell you which song I like more!


C.S. Pacat & Johanna The Mad on their new comic series Fence!

Writer C.S. Pacat (best known for her Captive Prince series) has been mercilessly teasing her fans with a new Top Secret Project™ for the last few days. Well, the wait is finally over, as the L.A. Times just broke the announcement for her new comic series, Fence!

Teaming up with the ridiculously talented artist Johanna The Mad, Fence follows Nicholas Cox as he joins the world of fencing at an elite boys school and becomes embroiled in the drama of competitive sports, team romance and rivalries, and good old self-discovery.

On finding inspiration for Fence, C.S. Pacat says, “I got really into sports comics in Japan, where I lived for about five years. I love the intense rivalries, the striving, the way you can take characters to their breaking point. Haikyuu!! and Hikaru no Go are easily some of my favourite comics of all time. Fence is like my love letter to the genre.

At the same time, I’m interested in female gaze and queer gaze art. I wanted to make something that had all the drama and intensity of a sports comic, while also being joyously and unabashedly queer.  I was really inspired by Ngozi Ukazu’s fantastic hockey web comic Check, Please!, and the recent Japanese animation Yuri!!! on Ice. I started to wonder, what happens when those energies come out in a combat sport—when you add in the danger and stakes of fencing?”

Fence means the world to me,” says Johanna The Mad. “It has always been one of my biggest dreams to draw comics, but I never thought I’d be able to work on one that I’d end up fangirling about!”

Johanna’s artwork captures everything that is hot, dangerous, and exciting about fencing,” adds Pacat.

Fence #1 hits comic shops in November, and it’ll have covers from Johanna The Mad and Kevin Wada (and maybe someone else we’ll seeee~) and colors from Rebecca Nalty.

Whipped Cream (Jungkook smut)

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Description: Jungkook is your roommate. Among other things, his habit for baking shirtless made it… ‘difficult’ to live with him.

Themes: Smut, baker, collage, roommate au

This fic contains: Smut, adult content, food play, arguing, drinking, mentions of threesomes, swearing

Characters: Jungkook x You, Yoongi, Jimin, Hoseok and Taehyung

words: 7.5k

For this fic I used inspirations of food play and the roommate au from two anons <3

A/N: I refused to come back from my hiatus until I had something for my lovely and patient followers <3 (also, I was keen to come back so i’ll edit this and fix mistakes later)

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It wasn’t necessarily the pile of dishes or the trail of clothes that seemed to almost constantly hover around Jungkook like he was some annoying ass Avatar or something that got you so mad. It wasn’t the thick fragrance of his cologne or body wash that drifted through the open plan of your shared apartment every morning, or the smell of his musky sweat when he returned home from his evening jog, or from when he emerges from his room- having clearly just having a ‘fucking mind blowing’ wank. It wasn’t the soft melodies, or exciting electronic beats that flooded from his open window and into yours, nor his big and copious amounts of jackets and coats that made it nearly impossible to get your own fucking clothes from the rack next to the front door. Your frequent burning irritation had nothing to do with his presence, with the evidence of his existence in your apartment and life; it was with the man behind it all. It was with him. With fucking Jeon Jungkook. Ok, and maybe it was also for his fucking annoying baking habits. Did he really need to bring that shit home? Didn’t he get sick of it at work?

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As a thank you to Paolo De Lorenzi for encouraging and inspiring me to keep trying my best- a Gyro to go with the set of portraits I did before! I think a lot of cartoonists look up to this gentle, mad-idea-generating genius, and his Little Helper too, of course!


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Minerva: Red Alert, Dumbledore. Your ex-boyfriend is back.
Albus: No kidding, Minerva.
Minerva: Not him. The other ex-boyfriend
Albus: Grindelwald.
Minerva: He’s in your office.
Percival: Oh shit! *runs away*
Alastor Moody: …

I fell in love with your kind of crazy. I do not know how or when that happened, I am not sure if I understand why, I just know I woke up one day and my demons were so preoccupied with the madness of you, that they did not have the time nor the energy to make a mess out of my insides.
Writing Prompts

Send me a number and any specific details you might like to see included.

1. Can you just back off?
2. I’m right here, okay? You’re all right.
3. Lock the door.
4. Keep it up and see what happens.
5. Don’t touch me right now.
6. That lipstick’s not gonna stay put for long.
7. Baby, just breathe.
8. This is a terrible idea.
9. For fuck’s sake, just shut up.
10. It’s too early for this.
11. If you keep squeezing that hard, you’ll break my hand.
12. I’m just stressed.
13. What did you break?
14. It’s four A.M.
15. I don’t need you anymore.
16. What an interesting conclusion.
17. And now you’re naked. Okay.
18. What are you wearing?
19. You’re overreacting.
20. I can’t believe you don’t even know my eye color.
21. And you thought I’d be okay with that?
22. You can’t keep doing this.
23. I’m so sorry. I can’t even tell you how sorry I am.
24. Why do you smell like smoke?
25. Why do you smell like a walking liquor bar?
26. Why do you smell like perfume?
27. Is there someone else? Don’t lie.
28. You took advantage of me.
29. If you think you’re getting out of this that easily, you’re sadly mistaken.
30. You put us both in danger.
31. I don’t understand you.
32. You’re just asking for it.
33. I could just choke you right now.
34. You are everything to me.
35. This is gonna hurt.
36. I don’t deserve this.
37. You can’t just fix everything with a kiss. This isn’t a booboo.
38. Can you slow down?
39. It feels deeper this way.
40. Did you just stick your fingers in my mouth?
41. Your family is in the other room!
42. I’m begging you.
43. Hey, you’re safe now. It’s over.
44. Where is all of my underwear?
45. I almost died.
46. This isn’t just one of your little jokes.
47. What did you do to your hair?
48. You’re scaring me.
49. I think I drank too much.
50. Well, this was unexpected.
51. It’s too late for that.
52. I didn’t mean to hurt you.
53. It’s your birthday. It is your birthday, right?
54. You’re just gonna leave me here?
55. That’s mine. You’re not taking it.
56. You made that more sexual than it should have been.
57. I’m not just gonna wait around for you.
58. That’s my only clean shirt.
59. Did you use my cologne? You smell like me.
60. I feel like I might be sick.
61. I can’t believe you would do this.
62. Don’t underestimate me. I’m a seasoned pro.
63. Your mom says differently.
64. Did you steal this?
65. I thought I lost you.
66. I think you need a shower.
67. Call an ambulance.
68. I can’t talk about this anymore.
69. Can you put your mouth here?
70. You taste like toothpaste.
71. A little manky-panky.
72. I’m going to absolutely wreck you.
73. Don’t ever say that again.
74. I don’t really care what you think.
75. I can’t do that.
76. This is a train wreck.
77. Do you need some tissues?
78. You can fuck right off.
79. You’re still gonna go, aren’t you?
80. I cannot believe you forgot. This was important to me.
81. If you buy that, I’m leaving you.
82. Can we just start fresh?
83. Don’t forget the condoms!
84. I feel like I’ve been split in two.
85. I’ve never felt anything like that.
86. You’re driving me mad.
87. This is completely different.
88. Can you believe the moon tonight?
89. Wait, why are you crying?
90. You’re making this hard for me.
91. I hope you rot in hell.
92. I think you’re an angel.
93. Do this for me and I’ll do anything you want.
94. I’m gonna take good care of you.
95. Let’s see what you’ve got.
96. I went easy on you.
97. I’m getting better, right?
98. Read my fucking lips.
99. You make me happy.
100. I can feel your heart beating.


Context: I’m DMing a game inspired by Griffin McElroy’s creations. So while there are normal animals, there are also weird animals that look like they were made in Spore. My players are a human warlock who is currently serving as Griffin’s vessel, a Halfling paladin who is a follower of Magnus, an Elf cleric who is a follower of Melora, a Halfling alchemist who currently has a four eyed, no talons owl that looks like it was made in Spore, and a human Monk, who is the spiritual successor to Raandyy. Before this, the monk had gotten mad at the party for killing a giant rat, and now it was his turn to take watch.

Me: You hear noises coming from the north and the south.

Monk: I’m gonna investigate the noise from the south.

Me: As you creep closer and closer to the bush, you pull apart the leaves, and quickly move out of the way to see a Rad Herring fly out of the bush and into the tree.

(After having him deal with a ghost that had been following the party for a while…)

Monk: So, uh, what about the fish in the tree?

Me: What fish?

Warlock: The red herring.

Me: Aren’t red herrings, birds?

Cleric: No they’re fish.

Me: Oh. Shit.

Monk: So is it a fish or a bird?

Me: You know what? It’s both. It’s a shittyly made hybrid that was made in Spore and it has both scales and feathers.

Monk: Can I try rolling Animal Handling to see if I can catch it?

Me: …You know what? Sure. Go right ahead.

Monk: *rolls a 19*

Me: Congratulations. You’ve caught your first Pokémon.

Alchemist: Does this mean we can have Pokémon battles now?

Me: It absolutely does.

It’s hard to explain the fickleness of the human emotion; one moment you’re on top of the clouds, in another you’re lying on the ocean floor with the weight of the entire water on your chest; sometimes I get so irritated I want to scratch my own skin off, and sometimes I want to set my own house ablaze. There are times I’m crying without reason- my throat double its size from the knot inside, and sometimes I find myself laughing at the air itself. The worst part of it all is that there are no external factors involved, nor any situation; just me and my madness at each other’s throats, sometimes embracing, sometimes making love, and sometimes huddled together in a corner shy from the world.
—  Eliot Knight
Shut TF up, Arch
  • Betty: my dad might have killed Jason and he's v mean to Polly
  • Jughead: my dad is a gang leader and I'm homeless
  • Cheryl: my brother is dead and I'm in an abusive home and everyone hates me
  • Veronica: my dad is a v bad person and I hate him
  • Polly: I'm pregnant with a dead mans child and was ostracized
  • Ethel: my family is going through really rough times and my dad tried to kill himself
  • Kevin: I have to hide my relationship from my dad [bonus points: I am the comic relief of my friend group]
  • Jason: I'm dead.
  • Archie: omg you guuuuyyys I kissed Ronnie but that made Betty mad so I kissed Val and that was v good but then I kissed Cheryl and that made Val mad and all I want to do is write muuuuuusic #thestrugle #igetby #inspiring #notallheroswearcapes
  • Victor: Yakov, how could you let him do that!? He's too young for something like this!?
  • Yakov: Oh I'm sorry mister I'm gonna dance in a costume inspired by bondage and lingerie when I'm sixteen - Nikiforov, but last time I checked I ain't controlling any of you! I've lost both my hair and wife. Show me some mercy!