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Howdy, I’m Edward and I like Blink-182. I’m 16, a junior going into high school, he/him pronouns (I’m trans), I’m a small weasel boy.
I’ve lived in Southern California all my life and am bored to death (ha) of palm trees.
I’m looking for friends at the moment! Since summer can grow very very lonely. Age range? 16-18. But for relationships, I’d rather you live near my area since I cannot do long distance relationships for shit. And also I’d prefer we talk for a while until I am comfortable enough.

I like scary YouTube narrators such as Corpsehusband, Mr. Nightmare, Chills, and the works. I also like Homestuck and Steven Universe. Specifically 90s-2000s rock is my jam, with some 80s too. I’m a big enthusiast for The Neighborhood and aesthetic things like the beach and aliens and roller rinks. You also sadly have to cope with my obsession with deep grunge 80s movie quotes.

Also, I love memes! So if you ever want to interact but you’re too shy (do it, I’m positive and love it) send a meme my way which you like/think is funny and I’ll appreciate it a bunch. ((If you send me a grunge post or something you’ll think I’ll like I would physically combust I’ll love you forever))

Contact blog: @milkyxsaturns sorry it’s so long!!!

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"Wow, Zim! Here for a year and I'm STILL outsmarting you!" (Parainvestigator-mothman)

“PFFFFFFFT. You just THINK that, Dib-weasel. I’m really the one outsmarting you! Every single time you do something to stop me, that’s because I planned for you to. You’re too predictable! It’s fun to watch you play hero, thinking that you’re really making a difference in the world!”

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A character/characters you hope get more screen time: Daenerys, Tyrion, Bronn, Davos, Gendry, Theon.

A character you’ll miss: Jaquen Hagar, though not the Faceless Man storyline. Maybe he can do something Iron Bank-related? 

One death you would like to see:  Qyburn. He has that “I’m a sneaky little shit, so I’m gonna weasel my way through this no matter what” attitude. And that “Littlefinger will be the sacrificial manipulator” complacency.

One death you would hate to see: Daenerys…but that’s too easy. Dolorous Edd.

A storyline you like: Anything that involves Jon’s knee hitting the ground in Dany’s presence. Even if it’s not sexual, I have a feeling the dogwhistles will be more like air horns.

A storyline you don’t like: Sorry, but the Hound’s storyline just isn’t that interesting to me. He found Jesus R’hollor. Great. Now it’s gonna be him and a bunch of sad, aging men trudging up to the Wall. Like if John Steinbeck wrote a Cialis commercial.

A pairing you hope to see more of:  Besides the obvious, Greyssandei/Missanworm/Missangrey/Wormsandei. Whatever we’re calling it.

Something you would like to happen: Euron knocks up Cersei while Jaime is out busting his ass fighting; Jaime’s reaction thereto. They’re obviously setting up ongoing Euron/Jaime tension.

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Have you ever lied about not being a weasel

No because I’m not a weasel. That’s a Fact. I am not a weasel and ive never even told a single lie ??? In my life. Anyway I’m a human TRuth teller

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Who was a better character(in your opinion) Potter of Henry?

oh boy, put me on the spot why dontcha? ;) naturally i’m gonna weasel out of answering this on definitive terms, so here we go.  

okay so based on the atmosphere of their respective “eras”, they’re both so perfect for their times. Henry fits in wonderfully with the chaotic, raw feel of the early seasons, and Potter is perfect for the more toned down, comforting later seasons. if Potter and Henry were flipped, Henry during Potter’s era and vice versa, i don’t think they would’ve worked as characters and would have seemed awkward or out of place. as a viewer i find Henry’s antics funnier, but I love Potter like the sweet, helpful grandpa i never had. as a writer, i find it easier and more enjoyable to write Potter’s dialogue, but i really love reading a well-done Henry. 

i find it really hard to quantify which of them is a better character. that takes into account the quality of the writing, character motivation, who has more worth and impact, etc. that’s a lot of hooplah to say ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

but seriously, all that aside, i love them both for different reasons and those reasons typically depend on what part of the show i’m watching. and like. idk. who’s a better character? i dunno. who do i like better? if someone held a gun to my head (please don’t), i think i would have to say Henry, but then again, i’m completely enthralled with season 3 right now, Abyssinia Henry is coming up, and i’m basically pre-gaming the crying jag that will come with watching that, so i may be a little biased :P