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New Aesthetic: Bake space cupcakes for ur best friend’s birthday 

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Hey omg I'm loving ur new racing wip! It's really good! Can you rec me any other good AU's? So far I've only tried yours and the amazing Dales United. I need a big distraction from canon right now lol

Aww thank you anon im so happy you’re liking it, that means so much to me as for fic recs these are my faves but also no post cuts, we fic rec list like men.

you put that magic in my bones  - from @capseycartwright and one of the reasons I wake up in the morning. anyway its a beautiful magic au series and i would die for it. this series doesnt get talked about enough and its a tragedy tbh

a different language - the deaf au the world doesn’t deserve but gets from @sapphicsugden because shes wonderful.

What Lies Underneath - the parent/teacher au from @escapingreality51 that i reread all the time because its my jammy jam.

take my sins by the satanic and mean @sugdensquad its nearly 250k of PAIN but its the aaron used to be a rent boy and roberts a fucking mess of a human and they heal and HURT AND PAIN au of my dreams.

a matter of pride  by lorna again because one time she posted surprise smut and ruined my life [its not an au but it needed to be named bye]

Need You Now Robert’s a like painter redoing a house and Aaron’s trapped in an abusive situation with Gordon and Robert wants to help. its from @turquoiseterrier but warning for some tough subject matter and its a WIP but it deserves love and attention tbh

It can’t be unlearned by @portinastorm 20 years after they break up aaron and robert circle each other again and ITS ALSO PAIN AND SUFFERING but it hurts so good ok.

By Your Side the bodyguard au you didnt know you needed but never wanna let go from @snarfettelove

Unsinkable aka the titanic AU [and i hate titanic and id fight someone for this fic tbh] from @converseandglitteryboots [pls write more fic]

For You, I Could Change  if you dont know I love me a parent/teacher au and this is so good so like … read this right now. its a wip from @tazza1993

nobody said it was easy only read this if you feel like crying and dying basically your soul dies with robert so thanks for that you monster @littlelooneyluna

I’ll build you a boat darling, so you can float  haha look its a 3rd parent/teacher au whoops buT READ IT its from @victoriasugden and id kill a man for this fic. two men even.

put a bullet in me  real talk here anon this fic? its perfection. true art. the post apocalyptic zombie like au from @vckaarrob and the crazy thing anon is vic doesnt even realize HOW GOOD IT IS. deadass she should be getting paid for this content. someone get her a book deal thanks.

“Speak softly, but carry a big can of paint"  aarons an artist and robs a business man and there’s a lot of fuckin emotions in this 4 chapter fic. like… what a ride. and im sad because I don’t know who they are on tumblr so I cant tell them this fic changed my life.

Teach Me  what’s this? ANOTHER parent/teacher au and again from ameila? life is blessed anon honestly life is blessed

It’s All Greek To Me this is new and im OBSESSED and I believe its from @dorsetti on tumblr [if their a03 user is the same as here] but its a greek life au and i wanna throw myself at their feet and beg for chapter 2

M_au pair  from @veryveryverytemporarily which I honestly couldnt possibly say enough wonderful things about

and Big spender also from Sabrina  because what could have just been a silly sugardaddy au is honestly? so emotional? and wonderful and anways read this right now thanks.

Eventually @aarobron tennis au will go here ok thanks.

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I'm 15 and a lesbian nerd with brown eyes, short brown hair and tbh really likes anyone who wants a cuddle. I have glasses and a lil chub- honestly I'm like the nerd in all 80s movies. I'm 5'3", you could be my height, though toll gals are gr8- I just like to kinda be hugged a lot. If you can tolerate memes and depression I'm ur gal ;). Idk how exactly to do this as long as you're nice to me and like to be there for me I'll probably fall for u

Well anyone interested in this cutie?-Blue


170708 SMT in Seoul (johnny focus) [fancam]
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ok i´m not in the JS fandom but i really like this character and from what i read i had to draw him so here´s it! also thank u @markired for the follow i didn´t expect u to do that like i freak out haha but seriously thank u!! i would like to share some theories with u someday :)

ive always loved @fanartcity‘s oc asshat jones (and super m! what a goofball), but this character development as of late has me feeling many Emotions. anyway ive had a memo on my desk for a couple weeks now saying “draw asshat” in all caps but its never come up til now. hope im not being weird