i m unable to even

I hate having an air moon because if I can’t rationalize an emotion then I don’t know what to do with it. I can’t always just let it go because sometimes I feel it physically. So it’s just like having a bunch of feelings that don’t make sense and won’t go away.
The only way I know how to temporarily get rid of it is by repressing it or physically doing something. I think that’s the main reason I became addicted to physical pain.
Obviously those are only temporary fixes. I think I have repressed so many things that I’m unable to even identify the root of an issue. It’s bad. I want to stop, but I truly don’t know how to deal with emotions or bad memories.

I just got my Cintiq! (a while ago, but procrastinated on doing anything with it)

Anyway, my indecisive ass couldn’t choose between drawing Mikasa with long hair or in Junior High style… so I decided… both. She’s pretty wonky but I’m still really happy with the result!

Transparency because I’m unable to even background properly.


I don’t actually play Ash and I know people got annoyed with spam 4, but sometimes it’s like a gift of the Gods to meet a good deadly Ash.

The yesterday sortie was a living hell for me, pistol only mode (that means “totally armless” for me), these nullifiers everywhere, and me, unable to even break their shields.

Y’know, I’m a tank, not a DD. Thank gods it’s over.

Still, I’m afraid of the future Ash rework, I hope the ult will be alright (I expect something like Mesa’s Peacemaker, that would be nice if the ult will be semi-automatic like this but not completely manual).

But for now - Ash is my saviour, lol.

To the person who submitted the cute pic of Rin with a kid

Cute pic!!! But, I don’t repost art and since you didn’t know who the artist is, and there was no signature, I’m unable to to give credit even if it I did. I did see the image though and thanks for sharing :)

I was in their wedding, my brother, my husband and I were forced to go, you know, you have to, you can’t refuse an invitation and much less a wedding invitation from The Honorable House of Black.

Walburga was strong, inflexible my brother always evade her “I’m not the funniest person but she is unable to smile even for courtesy” he said, but my brother Alastor was friend of Orion, yes, both were kind of bitter, and have a very black humour, they weren’t the best friend but everybody can say that they were friends… that finished when Orion put a spell on a student… a half-blood, poor boy he just said that marry a relative to keep the blood pure was an atrocity.

This kind of marriage could be very unhappy, even dangerous but Walburga and Orion… they were in love, I saw her, I saw her smile but I think that was the first and the last time.

I have a son but If he made something bad I will always love him even if he’s a idiot, an arrogant, stubborn, lazy or… if he makes something unforgivable, I can believe was she did… no, what they did.  —Augusta Longbottom (née Moody) about Walburga and Orion Black 

Michelle Fairley as Walburga Black

Stephen Dillane as Orion Black

[Yep, I … well I added something extra, it’s crazy but I like the idea of Augusta being sister of Mad-eye Moody, maybe I can go further in another aesthetic/story ? / Drabble? I don’t know ] 

{Sorry if I wrote something wrong, English is not my native language }


Pairing: Finn Balor x original character

Summary: “-reports show that over 3.4 million deaths worldwide are directly related to the outbreak. This epidemic, that experts are calling-“

A/N: Directly inspired by https://lunaticfringe216.tumblr.com/post/157593356897/night-terror

Finn and I sit quietly beside one another. I’m avoiding looking at the walls surrounding us. Blood is spattered along the majority of the surfaces in the room, spiraling up toward the vaulted ceiling. This house is the nicest we’ve come across thus far. Somehow, the electricity and water are still functional. I’m almost unable to remember the last time I was able to even watch television. Finn’s fingers thread through mine softly, and I feel them twitch occasionally when a particularly gruesome photo or video clip is displayed on the screen. He has never been one to calmly sit through gore, which is why we wandered around slower than most.

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Hi. So I'm 17 and I'm in my final year of high school, I'm considering doing online classes as my mental health has gotten so bad and the environment of school just adds to my anxiety and depression. I feel so pathetic for seeing it as an option because I wanted to finish high school this year with a bang but I'm unable to with my current mental state which makes me feel like even more of a failure. Please tell me I'm not selfish for doing what's best for my mental health despite the anxiety 😔

Hi there,

You’re not selfish! You are doing what’s best for you and your mental health. I think the decisions you’re making make sense because being able to actually finish it whilst also maintaining your mental health is both important and a good thing to do. Maybe talk to a close friend about this because it’s likely they will also reassure you about this and encourage you to do what is best for you. I hope you find this helpful!

- Liam

my mom doesn’t get that i’m like physically unable to eat salad

and i’m not even sure why i guess just? lettuce makes me sick? every single time i’ve tried to eat salad i’ve gotten sick and like. i can eat everything that’s in a salad by itself except lettuce

My mind is never 100% quiet. There’s always noise. Usually a song, or my internal dialogue, but I can’t shut it off. So even when I’m zoned out, unable to come back, I’ll have some stupid song stuck in my head. Yesterday it was that “mm watcha say” song. It’s exhausting.

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My question is, can feeling "distant", as in feeling like you're isolated from the world or feeling not as connected to the world, and then something I call "brain fog" (it's like a heaviness in my head and I'm unable to think clearly, almost like a sleep deprivation even though I've been sleeping okay?) be a sign of autistic burnout? This happens when I have been extremely stressed out, and it's only gotten worse with age. :/

Feeling like you are sleep deprived even when you’ve been resting well can be a sign of autistic burnout. Burnout can leave you feeling foggy and unable to think clearly. However, feeling disconnected from the world sounds like dissociation which is not an autistic trait, though many autistics who also have mental illness experience dissociation and for those who do it can end up tying in with autistic traits. Dissociation is often brought on by stress.


Haven’t done a Miraculous fan art for some time now and boy I had fun! ^^
I did a half transformation piece for Chat Noir, and people ask me whether I would draw Marinette’s version; I want to draw it but it was harder than I thought, but now I managed. Unfortunately I’m unable to add Tikki in here even tho I managed to add Plagg into Adrien’s one.  But hope you guys like! ^^

And here’s the speed paint video >> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3b6lQnzbDhM&feature=youtu.be

Sorry about the inactivity guys, at first I had writers block but now my laptop charger is broken so I’m unable to actually write things even if I wanted to (which I actually do for a change). There’s not much I can do atm but I thought I’d keep you all updated, I’ve not forgotten about this blog <3

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*Hey, I'm sorry that KateMarie999 person or whoever she is keeps harassing you. She seems incredibly annoying and unable to handle facts or criticism. Even though I'm okay with Undyrus, I still love Alphyne to death and ship it more than Undyrus, and the fact that people are trying so desperately to grasp at straws to bash Alphys and Alphyne baffles me. So keep up the good work and Stay Determined. ;)*

Alphyne = Pure canon ship that shows that otakus as well as codependents can have healthy relationships. Also a great show of the LGBT+ community due to it being a lesbian and a pan couple. They also actively try to learn more about each other and probably cuddle while watching anime. They do not shut up about each other too.

Undyrus = Literally zero evidence. Papyrus is clueless about love and actually tries to help Undyne and Alphys get together three times in the game. It is also homophobic and hates on people like Alphys for absolutely no good reason. Alphys is trying to improve but apparently they all hate her for it. Undyne is also apparently flawless now and never mentions anime. Undyne and Papyrus are apparently fine with dating despite them having very different personalities and views on puzzles, Hotland, and more. There is more against Undyrus than there is for it.

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I also have to step in and say that while yes, of course I love A Draught of Light - it was an incredible endeavour you took on in writing it and from the opening scenes on Sandy's island with that feeling of waiting for something the same way you wait for a storm to break through to that beautiful, beautiful ending, you took my breath away. But with you, it'll be The Doors of Perception that I come back to again and again and again, probably forever, because it was the first WIP I committed...

… to reading after years of avoiding them due to being bitten too many times by the “aaaaaaaand this fic hasn’t been updated in years” bug and you didn’t betray my trust, but more than that, because that fic *literally helped me through mourning*. I’m not even kidding. When I was lying in bed unable to do anything more than lift my phone to my face for days on end, I had that beautiful story to read, with its setting that I could picture a young version of my mum and dad living in, and it…

… was so honest about the ways you miss people when they’re suddenly cut out of your life and so beautiful about the possibility of seeing them again someday that it just - it gave me hope in a time when I had none and needed it. It was beautiful. Magenta was compassionate. I could practically feel Pitch’s original coat and hear Sandy’s voice when Pitch took the phone call at an inopportune moment to tease Tooth and just, god. It was so good. And you are so good. And deserve the feedback <3.

*hugs you for like, a really long time*

There’s so much I could say about The Doors of Perception, but I hardly know where to start and, again, I’m just so moved, like comments like these are a gently waving ocean and I’m just a little swimmer being moved by those waves.

But I will say that I do still think of The Doors of Perception frequently–I think of the characters as real people, almost–I think of how old they would be and what they might be doing. (And they’ve lived so long and fought so much–and I think of all the fights that they still have to face, and they shouldn’t have to, they should get to rest–but you know what kind of hats Tooth knitted for this past January)

“On the Subject of Death”

AN: Just a bit of worldbuilding to break up the gap between parts since its easy for me to write something like this even when I’m unable to write the part itself. Let me know if you’re interested in seeing more/have any specific questions about the world that I can explain in one of these things.

For all of history, the question of “where does the human soul go after the death of the body?” has been a matter of much theological debate. Some argue that they go to heaven, or whatever their religion’s equivalent is. Others argue that certain strong individual’s souls reincarnate into new bodies, persisting over the ages. Still others argue that the soul simply fades away into oblivion after death, a chilling thought.

One thing that we do know for sure is that they do not pass into the demon world after death, thus debunking the idea that many religions had that the demon world was a hell created by god to torture sinners.

In fact, even demons themselves do not know for sure what happens to human souls after their vessel passes. The few scholars who were brave or foolish to summon one in order to question them on the matter discovered that many demons regard a human’s death as a fate worse than even consumption. When a soul is consumed it is, in a sense, continuing its existence as a part of the demon that consumed it, but a human’s death is a complete unknown to demons, and thus, like all unknowns, it is feared.

So what awaits us after we die? Personally I find it a foolish question. After all, we’re all going to find out eventually, so there is no reason to rush.