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If you are gay and like lizards does that make you a Lizbian? (bad pun I'm sorry)

my gf is named liz so it’s like, double lizbians

Isak the listener

I just love how Isak listens to and learns things from everyone. All the time. He listens to Even, to Eskild, to Sana, to Jonas, Magnus and to the school “doctor”. He even listens to Sonja.

Isak learns a lot in season 3. And he uses what he learns, combines it with his own feeling, reason and common sense. He is a thinker, after all. And because of this, he grows, and he conquers his fears, and he builds bridges between the islands, and he saves both Even and himself.

Yeah, I just felt like saying this. Because soon we well get another main character. So. I obsess while I can.

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EXCUSE ME but I haven't even been following your blog for 24 hours and you've already made me fall deeply in love with Keanu Reeves


On a more serious note: I am so sorry for contributing to the hell that is being in love with the perfect Keanu Reeves.

On a lighter note:

COME JOIN ME IN MY TRASH PIT!!!!!!!!!!! seriously. anytime. 

Wanna talk about his glorious beautiful unreal hair? im here. Want to send twelve gifs that perfectly display his brown beautiful eyes? SEND THEM. Have a gif request? i’m already opening photoshop. Want to cry over how perfect he is, how smart and humble and absolutely good he is? I’m already crying. Want to talk about the fact htat he’s FIFTY TWO AND LOOKS THE WAY HE DOES? I’M GAME

he is so underappreciated. everyone on this hell earth should love Keanu Reeves and if you love him, i love you. not even joking. i’ve got tears in my eyes as i’m typing. ok. i’m ending this text post now before I start writing poetry about him.

(also i followed you back from my main <3) 

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There was a girl I dated in high school, and she was really, REALLY christian. We still keep touch sometimes, but because we ended on a pretty bad note I kinda got this really smug feeling when I told her I was trans girl instead of guy and that we'd basically been a lesbian relationship the whole time.

hopefully you told her early in the relationship

But I’m sorry to hear that it didn’t work out. 

I'm sorry!!

I just want to apologize to those of you I don’t respond to. PLEASE DON’T TAKE IT PERSONALLY. With the amount of messages I receive daily, it’s hard to keep up with everyone. Unless I just happen to have a lot of time or if you message me something pretty interesting, I probably won’t respond, or at least respond very quickly. A lot of you, especially those on my snapchat, seem to get very upset when I leave you on open. Again, please don’t be offended by this. I honestly just have too many people to keep up with. I will try harder to be more responsive, but no promises! Thank you all for your love and support. Even when I don’t respond, your message probably still made me smile. 😁

I finished a new anime from my list, Accel World, and I have to say, I really enjoyed this one a lot!!
First of all, it’s been a while I truly loved a girl character like Hime (>//v//<), I love her so much, she is mysterious, so smart and badass, but so adorable and sensitive too, she is such a great charac <3333
Then……Haru…….omg I’m sorry but even irl I have this weakness for chubby persons///// and Haru is just one of the cutest charac ever///////// and the fact Kaji is dubbing him doesn’t help at all/////// he lacks of confidence for sure but he is so gentle and shy and so adorable and his reactions are so honest I can’t omg save me I want to protect this boy/////// (AND THE PIGGY AVATAR IS UNFAIRLY CUTE//).
Then for the secondary characs, I have to admit….they are plenty forgettable for me :/ and it’s kinda weird tbh because the anime really takes time to develop them but idk, they never really stand out….the only exception is Niko though, she is so lovable =v= <3

Visually there’s nothing to say, the charac design looks great and it never lost quality. The music was also very pleasant, I’ll remember the last one with the choir and the orchestra, so beautiful (;v;) 

Concerning the story, I always loved anime that are linked to video games, that’s why I was curious about this one in the first place. But tbh it ended to be even more surprising and intriguing than I expected *v* it’s a shame it doesn’t go further because each episodes made me more and more curious about how this universe worked. Also, the futuristic world look so cool and I admit, I wish we could have seen more scenes taking place in the “real world” sometimes, I know the anime is about the game, but idk it must be my need of “humanity part”, I always had more emotions seeing the characs as they are than through their avatar. Anyway….
The real bad point of the anime…….the damn fanservice *grrrrrr*, ok it’s not that much but really, it doesn’t need this at all, the anime is already good enough, the FS seems just forced here and I was rolling my eyes when it was happening each time (–’).


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Okay… I’m gonna get this over with before I chicken out…

I’m going to stop writing full NSFW. I’m really sorry for those who requested it but I’m afraid I’m going to have to drop the requests. It’s just I noticed when I’m writing it, I’m not… enjoying it, I’m just really forcing myself to do it. I could even go as far as to say that writing it makes me uncomfortable. I can’t really explain the feeling, I could handle NSFW but when it comes to writing some I just can’t really do it. I could do headcanons with sexual implications, and sexual jokes and mentions of it, but full on NSFW prompts are not something that I think I can continue doing.

Again, I’m really sorry :( I hope you understand.

Heya! Party medic Here.. I’m sooo sorry I haven’t been on to check out your amazing posts, but I’m back! I’ve just been makin’ alot of Gmod posters and crap like that.. but now I return with something for you! Welp.. I’ll cya around, Mate!~

((hey thanks!! and don’t worry about it lmao, i haven’t been around too much myself either, so you haven’t missed a whole lot

but it looks good! i wanna get into making sfm posters some day (not gmod tho) and i’ve played around in it a little but it takes me a long time to do anything because i don’t understand it yet haha, just another thing on my list i need to learn))

Everybody back off of Steph.

I’m sorry, but I’ve been seeing Steph @imagineham go through shit tonight and I’m annoyed.

It’s really disrespectful to question someone’s passion. It’s even more disrespectful to do so when the person is under duress. And by the way: mental illness is a serious fucking matter so when you see someone helping themselves you AFFIRM THEM not try to demean it.

She’s a wonderful person who happens to be a HUMAN that does things other than write.

[drops mic]

Also I’m really sorry for spamming u guys with all the asks they’re just fun to do and I wanted to have something on my blog bc of the absence of my art I’m sorry about that I’ve just been really sick and exhausted

But here have a sneak peek to my next art thing I’ll be posting hopefully by the weekend I’ve been working really slow on it lmao