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hellooo :D how are you?? i hope your having a good day and was wondering if you can rec any waiter/delivery boy fics??

sure !


- autumn leaves , by @suspendrs : Or, Harry is an American soldier in France during World War II, and Louis is a French waiter that doesn’t mean to fall in love with him. (27k, NR)

- This Shifting Ground , by zarah5 : University AU. In which Louis, law student, is the cheeky waiter to Harry’s dates. This is how it starts. (28k, M)

- Summer Loving Happened So Fast , by kikikryslee :     Or, the one where Harry is staying at his dad’s beach house for the week and meets Louis on the third day. Five days later, he thinks he might be way past the ‘summer fling’ stage. (16k, M)

- Tall Tales For Summer , bturnyourankle  :   Harry knows something is up when his mum insists on throwing him a birthday party in the summer. He’s even more suspicious of her intentions when he notices the guest list is all male. (Or, modern nobility AU where Harry’s mother is trying to set him up without his knowledge.) (11k, E)

- The Accidental Dateby louisandthealien  :   The Valentine’s Day AU where Louis gets stood up for his date and, instead of going home, ends up eating an entire five course meal by himself out of spite (and not at all because his waiter’s cute as hell.) (9k, G)

- Aphrodisiac , by  aimmyarrowshigh :   The day he made roasted asparagus tips wrapped in Serrano ham with lemon aïoli, Louis knew: Harry Styles was trying to seduce him. (4k, NR)

- the first meal is free , by blameitontheboyband :  Harry works at a restaurant. Louis comes in one night after work. (3.5k, G)    

- Put Your Hands on Me in My Skintight Jeansby  iwillpaintasongforlou :    Harry is a popstar who –according to the media– does a lot of cocaine and fucks a lot of boys. Louis is a waiter at a gay nightclub who finds it hard to believe that anyone who wears a straw hat to a bar can be the party animal Harry’s made out to be.(Famous!Harry meets non-famous!Louis in a club and things progress from there… in the direction of Louis’ bedroom.) (7k, E)        

- hot, sticky sweet, by  @a-writerwrites “concept: harry (in early 20s) being a cutesy little waiter at this cute milkshake and bakery type shop that’s all frilly and pink and they wear roller skates and serve the people there and harry is in cute high waisted shorts and an adorable crop top…” (6k, E)

- I always Get Lucky, by @phd-mama : When Louis complains that he’s been single too long, Niall decides to help him out by signing him up for Gaydar, a “dating” app. What happens when a great guy messages him? Just remember, not everything you read on the internet is true. (7k, T)

- paris holds the key , by  fleetofships :  They’re all moments that pale in comparison to what Harry feels right then, standing in front of the dark Parisian restaurant, with the sun barely peeking over rooftops of the 4th arrondissement. It’s a late September morning. He feels like he might throw up from excitement, or cry from nerves, or both. But he doesn’t. He’s learned to keep it together. Harry tries to regulate his breathing, and stuffs his hands into his coat to do something that isn’t fidgeting. He’s only been here for two days, but his heart hasn’t stopped beating since he got off the train.  It’s Paris. Here’s finally here, with a semi-fluency in French, and he somehow gets to extern for three and a half months at British ex-pat Simon Cowell’s contemporary brasserie. ++ Culinary AU. Harry is an extern pâtissier abroad for three months, Niall gets him the job, Louis is a cheeky server who only speaks French, and Liam is Harry’s boss and really likes Zayn’s bread. (9k, M)

- walking with each other think we’ll never match at all (but we do), by larryjohnlock  : Louis, along with Niall & Zayn, gets a job on a luxury cruise from Southampton to New York. Harry’s the son to a businessman. They meet when Louis is serving Harry’s table. This is just something dumb that turned out longer than it should’ve. So. A little bit of angst, a little bit of sex but mostly just Harry and Louis on a boat. And in a kareoke-bar. (30k, M)

- All Waiters Deserve a Tip,  by SLD24 :  Louis is a really clumsy waiter who is forced to serve Harry and his date. (5k, NR)

- hipster boy , by zaplarry : Louis was supposed to be on a blind date but he can’t seem to keep his eye off the clumsy waiter. (3k, NR)


- Special Topping , by LoadedGunn  : Or, the AU where Harry delivers pizza and Louis really just wants Tim Gunn to spank him. (13k, E)

- Pizza Boy , by @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee : “You just flirted with the pizza boy. On your anniversary! Liam’s in the next room!!”
“Alright, alright, calm down. I was not flirting, I was just being friendly.”
“Unbelievable.” Harry scoffed, expressing his irritation. Niall joined them in the kitchen, pulling open the pizza box greedily and helping himself to a slice. “Harry’s just upset ‘cause you flirted with his boy.” Niall smirked. - Harry fancies the pizza boy and attempts to flirt.
  (3k, T)

- making love like professionals on the first time, by jacqharries   :   “Oh,” Louis mutters. He.. what? Did the green eyed, tight trouser wearing, plump lipped, ringlety haired boy just say that? “Thanks?”  The boy frowns, confused as to why Louis sounds confused. “You told me to.”  "Excuse me?“  "To give you a compliment.”  "Oh! Oh, right. You went proper poet on that, mate. I was just hoping for a ‘hey, you look okay today’ or something.“ Or, Louis orders pizza and asks papa to bring him a cute boy that will give him a compliment. sex transpires, obviously. (5k, E)

- Pizza My Heartby Happilysunlight and  yslstagram : Plans fell through, and Louis ends up alone for his birthday and Christmas. He gets a little tipsy and decides to order pizza put on a show for the delivery boy. Harry’s just elated he gets to deliver a pizza to the boy he’s had a crush on for years. (13k, E)

- Knock Knockby watchoutamore  : Harry is in his second year of uni and orange chicken and pizza are the only things he and his best friend Niall can afford. It’s just a plus that he gets a cute delivery boy on the other end of the phone. (5k, M)