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// peter parker masterlist //

finally, I’m able to make a peter parker masterlist. I will do my best to update this, so feel free to save this post somewhere if you would like to read all of my peter parker stuff ♡

|| all oneshots ||

oversized sweater



inked tragedy


chapped lips


cellophane wrap

lovesick loser


first time [[smut]]

coffee creamer kisses

can you keep a secret?

smile like you mean it

ice cream smiles

a real hug



this town

secret admirer

beloved season {{angst}}

boys in plaid


necessary secrets

tongue tied |personal favorite|


spider bites

tuxedosam to your hello kitty

white string of fate

the harlequin formula

rooftop confessions

never watched Star Wars before

the same boy

who will protect you

rainy day cuddles

be my forever


goodnight morning light


rough mornings

wherever you are

our love story

broken dreams

false destinies

blueberry muffins

love like a comic book

no regrets

dance with me

a different story

five times when || personal favorite ||

you’re no peter parker

pain split

i still love you

true love

girls chase boys || personal favorite||

attention, attention


die for you

perfect reality

american dreams

silly spray

sketched love

the new girl


starboy, stargirl [[smut]]

how to fall in love

spiderman loves you

theme song


guilty crown

you belong with me

an autocorrect love story



no makeup

the moon song

true beauty

for spade

unexpected coffee dates


absolutely || personal fave ||

needy || personal fave ||

more than that [[smut]]

hopeless triangle

missing you

movie cuddles

backyard landings


something to talk about

the rosewater potion

protect you


the perfect mistake [[smut]]

happy father’s day

anything for you

meaningful silence

|| all headcanons (sfw) ||

imagine peter falling in love with you…

dating peter would include…

imagine peter trying to ask you out to prom…

imagine peter being distant with you…

|| 100 ways ||

[ 1 ]

[ 2 ]

[ 3 ]

|| how to catch a nerd ((ongoing series)) ||

part 1

part 2

part 3

$10-ish (and under) Decks

So I’ve put together a list of tarot and oracle decks that are – mostly – $10 and under on Amazon. A few are over $10, but only by some cents, and nothing is $11 or over. All prices are accurate as of the time I grabbed them, and I’m going off of the main prices listed on the page, so you can probably find some cheaper decks in the used section as well!

I included a few offbeat choices, like a set of blank tarot cards and the Tiny Universal Waite – which is honestly too small to use as a deck, but is great for magic. Be sure to check out each listing for yourself if you’re interested!

Also, the prices are definitely going to change – the English Magic Tarot in particular has fluctuated wildly, as you all may remember. And decks that were priced too high at the time of making this list may go down in price, so it’s always worth checking Amazon just in case! Plus there are definitely a few decks that got left off this list.



Female golf course employee

We hold a two day tournament sponsored by a beer company every year. We announce/promote it everywhere for the two months before it happens.

It NEVER fails where we have some dummy who strolls in and says, “wow, it sure is busy! I hope it wont stop me from playing today!” all while laughing at their ~*hiiiiiilllllarious*~ joke.

And I always say, “I’m sorry sir, but the course is unavailable for play as it is the *beer company* Open this weekend.”

They act like I just forced them to solve a riddle or I’ll slaughter their loved ones in front of them.

Like, y'all….

You knew…

I even asked you if you wanted to sign up and play…

I reminded you last time you were in here that next weekend is the *beer company* Open….

Also, since it is a two day tournament and that is very demanding on our staff/equipment/course, my boss decides to keep the course unavailable after the tournament is over for the remainder of the day. So we get golfers who are VERY upset and cop a horrible attitude with me when I tell them it’s unavailable.

For example: a phone convo

I answer the ringing phone and the person says, “I’d like to make a tee time for 5 pm.”

I say, “tonight?”

He snaps, “of course. Its Father’s Day.”

I reply, “I’m sorry, sir, but we are unavailable for play today.”

He barks, “WHAT?” and hangs up.

Calls back 10 minutes later…

“I want to know why you’re unavailable for play. Is there a tournament or something?”

“Yes, we have the *beer company* Open this weekend.”

“I can’t believe you have this going on over Father’s Day weekend. You need to not do this again.”

“Well, sir, the tournament schedule is not up to me. If you have any complaints, please feel free to contact my boss.”

“ON FATHER’S DAY.” Hangs up.

I hate people.

From Enemies to Lovers Pt:5

Kim Seokjin x Reader

Genre: Angst

Format: Text Post

[Pt:1] [Pt:2] [Pt:3] [Pt:4] [Pt:5]

Originally posted by bwiseoks

They all stared at me as if to say I’m crazy.

“Hyung what are you talking about?” Hoseok was clearly confused.

“Like I said-”

“No I heard what you said, we all did.”

“Don’t cut me off.” I say sternly.

“When did you hear this?” Namjoon asked, his eyebrows were furrowed as if he was trying his hardest to think of something.

“Right at the start of your friendship. You know that time when I thought I loved her and was always too shy to freaking talk and go near her?”

“Before she moved away?” Yoongi asked, also with his eyebrows furrowed. Was this a new look or what?

“Yes, I don’t have the time and date if you’re curious about that.” I say rolling my eyes at them.

“Hyung you got it all wrong. You messed up so bad.”  Namjoon didn’t know whether to mad or laugh. “You fucked up, you’ve hated her this whole entire time for no reason.” 

“Namjoon what are you talking about?”

“Did you by any chance hear Y/N say. ‘You think I’d be friends with those idiots? You’re joking right? I don’t even like them, I’m just using them fora bit of popularity before I make it in the industry.’“

“What the hell Namjoon you knew and you’re still friends with her?! Are you stupid? You’re all being used!” I shouted at him like a lunatic.

“Hyung I hate to burst your bubble but you’re idiot here.” Namjoon continued to speak, all the members looked just as confused as I did aside from Yoongi.

“Excuse me?” I say, obviously taken aback that he had called me an idiot.

“Hyung, do you even know what Y/N aspires to be?” Yoongi asked me.

“How the hell would I know that I’m not friends with her remember?”

“Exactly, because you never got the chance to know her properly, you never got to know that she’s training to be an actress. You never knew that she was rehearsing lines with Namjoon that evening when you walked passed and heard her say what she did. Those things you thought were about us? Those were her lines for an audition, that quite frankly you ruined for her because you made her cry so much the night before she got sick and couldn’t even go to the audition.” Yoongi said so calmly it sent shivers down my spine.

“What?” I say barely even a whisper.

“You heard me hyung.” With that every single one of them that remained in the living room, left me. Left me standing there with my jaw hanging. 

I fucked up.

Request for 6~

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u use alot of AAVE in ur tags, are black by chance? (not that it matters im just always excited when i find stim blogs ran by black ppl. feels good to kno autism is being supported within my community)

I sure am!! I’m allistic though, but I try to be as supportive as I can! ^^ I’m sure there are a lot of other stimblogs run by POC too!! It just might not seem like it at first since most people don’t feel the need to mention their race all the time lol ^^;

I’m overdue for posting a selfie (the last ones I posted were months ago lol), and I would take a new one but I haven’t looked selfie-worthy in a long time, but here’s one from a couple months ago!


「hello everyone, Areen here! hope you are all doing well. Today I completed one year on this blog. It’s kinda hard to believe it’s been one whole year since I made this blog haha. Looking back, it really has been a fun year spent on this site making new friends, learning how to make graphics, dealing with constant glitches, getting into new fandoms…

I would like to thank all of my wonderful followers, my mvps for helping me reach this milestone. You all give me motivation to keep making new things and try to get better. My mutuals owning such amazing blogs but still follows me haha, you guys inspire me so much. All of you just make my blog what it is and with all of your support and love, I’m really enjoying my time on this site ♡
Here are the blogs that I follow. They are all amazing and super talented people:

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Thank you so much! hope you are all having a wonderful day/night ♥

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It had to be pointed out to me - which worried me - but when Elliot becomes a "random bikini model" in New and Old Flames, and imagines her saying "I'm someone's daughter, you bastard"... isn't that a little patriarchal?

Yes, it is, with the “little” being generous. I’m pretty sure I call myself out on that in one of the later commentaries, but I’ve no idea where.

At the time, I mostly used that because it was an expression I had heard before that seemed to comically fit, and I hadn’t really thought through the implications of it.

Specifically, the issue with an expression like is that it completely ignores the feelings of the person being objectified, and places focus instead on insulting someone else.

This particular example is patriarchal given the implication that it’s the father being insulted, AKA the “head of the household” and all that, but this sort of ignorance of a person’s feelings with only concern for how someone “above” them might feel is universally awful.

As for Elliot, I give him roughly the same excuse I have: He’d heard it used before, it felt applicable, and he didn’t really think it through. Not much of an excuse, “not thinking”, but at least Elliot also has the excuse of youth. I was older than him when I wrote that.

In any case, should I find an opportunity in which it wouldn’t feel forced, I might have an instance of him revisiting that expression and having a “wait a minute” moment of his own.

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do you believe their story about missing a flight? it seems odd to me. like maybe the orchestrated it and set up the tweets and events so they could have a story to tell on stage. I don't want to keep doubting them all the time but if they hadn't had that story to tell what would they have done to fill their time on stage?

They’d have done what they do at literally every other on stage convention appearance? Played some dumb game, used the 7SC app, or had someone interview them quiz show style for laughs. Their on stage stuff never requires much prep so I’m not sure why they’d have gone to the effort of faking tweets and coming up with an elaborate situation just to have a story to tell, when they know very well they could read each other the phone book and still be the reason everyone showed up to that. 

There’s also a chance they did have something else planned, like doing TIIH, but since their plane only got in two hours before the show they didn’t have time to properly sound rehearse it and decided to do the story of why they only showed up two hours beforehand in its place. 

I think people are overthinking what Dan and Phil lie about, and why. They exaggerate stories, absolutely, but they don’t fabricate them entirely unless it’s for some purpose of protecting themselves/their privacy. Look at the motive as much as the actions - with them, and in general in life. It makes a lot of situations a lot easier to understand. 

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Did you ever find yourself jealous of your friends who took easier classes than you or we're done school for summer earlier? Even though I love what I'm taking & learning sometimes it's soooo hard to study when your friends are done with school and relaxing and living life. Thoughts?

Absolutely. I’m still jealous sometimes of my friends who have normal 9-5 M-F jobs and have like 18 cool hobbies, keep up with what’s on Netflix, just have time to chill, read the news, and post on facebook. 

That said – I wouldn’t trade what I was doing in a heartbeat. All the delayed gratification has been (and still is) worth it. 

I’ve been training this new guy at my work, and he keeps flirting with me all the time. And he’s in high school, and I’m just like honestly?? You’ve only been here for two days and that’s how you want me to see you??


Like every Friday, it’s time to show my gratitude for your support, so thanks to:

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Thank you for all the good wishes and kind words, I’m still not completely well, but I’ll be.

Hugs for you all


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Okay, but real talk. Fuck, Marry, Kill. Thor, Hawkeye, Captain America.

At first I was like, duh, Fuck Thor, Marry Cap, Kill Hawkeye. (Sorry Clint.) But then I was like, wait. I love Steve and all, but he honestly might be a kind of hard person to live with on a day to day basis. He’s got all of the Bucky angst, he’s occasionally a werewolf, and he seems like he’d be really passive aggressive about household stuff. So I’d marry Clint. Steve never stays dead for long and honestly, with what’s going on now he could probably use a little dead time.

(’course, if the Cap in question is Sam, then I’m going to marry Sam.)

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JHO just came on whilst on shuffle... My heart breaks for L and H... To lose parental figures in such a short space of time within one another, and at their age... I'm just glad that H and his family has L's support during this difficult time.. He knows more than the others how heartbreaking this feels like...

It’s so weird (and unfair) how destiny works around these two boys. I’ve been feeling so deeply for them (all the family) today. I had a flashback to when my dad was diagnosed and how devastated he was, my mum surely was his rock at that time. I’m just… so glad they have each other and this amazing family around them so so full of love for each other. I really wish we could do more, I really hope they know this will pass and the amazing memories will remain, I hope everything turns out fine ❤️

I feel so heartbroken right now, I can’t stop thinking about what’s going on, my heart hurts when I think about what Harry and his family must be going through. Robin didn’t deserve this, Jay didn’t deserve this. Fuck cancer for taking away all these amazing people.

it’s something that never should’ve happened. cancer always seems to attack those with the biggest hearts. but i’m sure robin would appreciate the way everyone’s coming together and showing love and donating to such a good cause.

PLL showing what matters

This was sweet…

S: “Oh no wonder you didn’t want her going down any more holes… Congratulations.”
C: “Thanks”

So was this…

M: Goodbye spencer.
S: Goodbye.
S: Be careful.
M: I will, you too.

Do you know how many people loved this moment?

E: “Ali, look it took me so long to finally get here with you. Okay I didn’t come all that way to lose everything now… I promise you, I won’t let them hurt you.”

Something the powers that be in TV land need to understand, sometimes the most memorable times are when we see our characters show what it’s like to be real. Whether it be friends, family or lovers, when you can portray that moment, we will eat it up and probably turn it into a million different montages.

anonymous asked:

"Men want objects. Women want PEOPLE." You REALLY need to stop hanging out within your confirmation bias bubble man. It's starting to like seriously fuck with your objectivity. If you can't see how sexist generalizing all men as being assholes while saying all women are decent and morally superior, you've seriously lost yourself. You need to take some time to think (I'm legitimately worried here, this is not trolling, I'm seriously concerned for your mental well being).

You do realize that I’m a cis man, right? And that I reblogged that post from another cis man?
Why is it that we can read something like that and fully comprehend that this wasn’t about us and you can’t?

That being said: my mental well-being is not at stake, fear not.

Duder, if you honestly believe that I’m of the mindset that ANY particular brand of person is better than another you probably have not actually held a conversation with me.
We can change that, though! My askbox is open if you’d like to something other than put me on blast!
Feel free to hit me up! or if you really feel threatened the “Unfollow” button is but a point-and-click away!

I may take a day or two away from Tumblr. There’s a ton of depressing shit going on irl and I just need to deal with it; found some stuff out earlier this morning that sort of pushed this feeling forward. I guess it all depends on how I feel. I know I promised replies now that Skull Brawl is over but, life likes handing me a bad hand of cards at the last minute.

No, this isn’t a hiatus, but if I don’t do something I’m going to wind up on another depressive rock bottom that I am trying to avoid this time.

Sorry guys.

Cautious Optimism: Malec Edition

Look, I completely understand, agree with, and feel the complaints about the lack of Malec development recently, and the lack of intimacy between them sending a homophobic message. 

But, I am cautiously optimistic that this will improve because of three words: ensemble, Matt, Harry.

In a TV show with a large ensemble cast like Shadowhunters, it sometimes takes time before a certain character or a relationship has its due and its time. It’s frustrating sometimes, but that’s the nature of an ensemble cast and a show that has a 20-episode seasons. And, like any other typical dramatic ensemble cast, there’s always a main character that drives the story–and, in this case, it’s Clary. Therefore, her relationships take center stage most often–just like with Elena in TVD, Ted in How I Met Your Mother, etc. etc. etc (any many more, but I’m tired…). It’s annoying as all hell sometimes, especially when you don’t connect with the main character, since sometimes we’re like, “Damn it! Get back to insert character name here!” But, more often than not, a show gets back around to focusing on a different character or relationship aside from the main. It just may take a few episodes to get there. It just takes time. 

Think of it this way: it’s like reading a book with different characters for each chapter–everyone has that character they want to read, so when you’re reading the other chapters or a longer chapter from a main character’s POV, you’re like, “Come on! Get back to this character!” It’s the same with Shadowhunters. Right now, we’re not on a Magnus or Alec (or Luke–the man needs more screentime) chapter; we may be hearing about their lives during the other chapters, but they’re not the focus–but, soon, we will be on their chapters.

Matt and Harry have both reassured us in several interviews that Malec has some challenges to work through, mainly stemming from them figuring out who each other actually is (Matt hinted at that a lot), working on balance (Matt and Harry both hinted at this), and working through trauma (Harry hinted at this), BUT, both of them said they’ll hopefully get through it. 

Harry has given several interviews about the aftermath of that torture–he would not constantly discuss how Magnus has to work through it, how it would impact his relationships (including Alec), and confront the past if we weren’t going to see it. He also said that Magnus has to confront his past–that hasn’t really happened yet. It will. And, from the looks of the 2x15 stills, Alec will be there for that. 

And, Matt, the Fanboy King of the Malec Ship, has reiterated several times that Malec is on a constant “upward trend”, they just may have to work through some stuff first. He would not say that if we weren’t going to see it; he would not sound so optimistic if there’s nothing there. Sure, he teases from time to time, but he never would joke about that–he’s like the ultimate Malec fan, come on. 

This is my long-winded version of saying that I am (cautiously) optimistic that Malec will get their time this season. Look at it this way: we have about 6 hours of content left (6 episodes)–Malec will get their due.

If all of this goes to shit, and they still receive questionable coverage as a couple and as characters, then we will storm the castle, kill the beast, etc. 

Love to all. 

anonymous asked:

what would you like to know about the s3 script? any scenes in particular?

hey lovie! I would really like to know just how much Henrik and Tarjei already knew about Even as a character before they started filming. Julie tends to hold out on some information, to the actors too, so their performance are as unblemished as possible, so to say, but with Even, I’m not so sure. on the one hand, they spent a lot of time making sure we got to know him as a character first, and as a mentally ill character second, so in that sense it would have worked for Henrik to not have known everything. on the other hand, I feel like she must have told at least him about it since we could go back and pick out all these hints, hmmm. I’m also curious how much of the physical stuff was scripted, some little details that we as a fandom love so much, I wonder how much was just plain luck and how much was specifically written in there. also, everything about mekke øl, since there’s a lot of mistakes in that scene that make me think it’s been filmed at a hastier pace then usual, what happened there? and, always, why did Even put his nose in Isak’s mouth?

I’m in this weird headspace again where time is a blur and I’m just passing through the days. A month has gone by. I keep assessing my mood and emotions to find an answer and some peace. Through all the daily ups and downs, worries, cries, screaming matches with myself, I can’t take being like this anymore. I really cannot take hating myself on this level. I don’t deserve this. I have so much good in me. Light and love, happiness untouched. Somewhere. Waiting. I get on tumblr to try and avoid my feelings, but I’m thrust right back into them seeing model after model on my feed. I wish so badly for nice skin. To not feel as though the scarring all over my body is disgusting to others…to myself most of all…is utterly heartbreaking. I wish I could go back and re-do my life to see if I would’ve turned out differently, and could’ve had better skin. People I talk to say it really doesn’t matter but it does. It keeps me a recluse. It makes me lie in bed on the weekends and waste time I should have for myself to enjoy being alive. It makes me (in addition to my health problems) skip meals as a way to punish myself because I feel like foods make my skin even worse. Guys I try to talk to and/or meet ask what I like to do, what hobbies I have, what ways I am creative…and I don’t have any. I’m next to nothing. Y'all may reach out and say I’m nice. But what else? Who am I? I don’t know because I haven’t explored. I haven’t created. I haven’t experienced. All I can think of right now is music. Without music, I’d have probably taken my life by now. I don’t know why I’m writing all of this out but I want love.