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Nicknames (Bucky Barnes x Reader) One Shot

A/N: Hey guys! So I wrote this lil short thingy that I’ve been thinking about for a while and I couldn’t stop laughing the entire time lmao! I hope y'all like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤❤

Nicknames: Reader tells the team of her cute lil nickname for a certain super soldier. 

Warnings: Sex (M/F). That’s pretty much it. 

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Went to watch Thor: Ragnarok with my friends last night and I’m literally speechless. One of the best movie experiences of my life– it was EVERYTHING. Beautiful, exciting and so funny everybody was laughing. AND LOKI HAD SO MUCH SCENES I’M SO HAPPYY F U C KKKK—- he was adorable

(Gonna watch it again this weekend bc it was so good–)

Easter Egg Hunt - Jack Maynard

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Request: Open

A/N: Easter themed imagine in honor of the easter holiday

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You woke up on Easter morning to find your boyfriend out of bed and your alarm going off. You shut the alarm off on your phone, the clock read 6 o’clock. You groaned. You got up and wrapped a blanket around yourself and walked out of the bedroom you shared with your boyfriend. 

“Jack?” you called walking through the house.

“Yes, love?” Jack called back.

“Why the fuck is a alarm going off at 6 in the morning? And why are you up at 6 in the morning? We’re leaving for Brighton at 9.” you asked. You walked into the kitchen to find Jack sitting there with a cup of coffee in his hand. He handed it to you. You happily took it and had a sip.

“Well, its Easter and my girlfriend is practically a kid…” said Jack.

“Hey!” you said pretending to be offended. 

“And I decided to make a Easter egg hunt in our flat for you.” he said with a huge grin on his face. You face lit up. You looked around, now noticing the different colored eggs throughout the apartment. You then faced Jack.

“You did all of this for me?” you asked Jack, still smiling. He nodded. “Do I get to collect them?” Jack nodded and pulled out a basket. You immediately grabbed it and started grabbing every egg in sight. They were all over the place. Jack gave you clues along the way, saying if you were hot or cold to the egg. Jack was vlogging the whole thing.  Once you found them all you sat down on the ground, Jack joining you.  You were so excited to open them. Inside were reasons why Jack loved you, and what he loved about you.  

I love you because your so kind to others, said one of them. Another one said,  I love it when we stay up late watching movies and fall asleep on the couch together with our feet in each other’s faces. Every time you read a new one your heart swelled. You couldn’t believe that Jack put so much time into this project. In total there were 157 reasons why he loved you. He had to stuff multiple slips of paper into the same egg to fit them all. 

“There were more reasons, but I couldn’t find the words on how to describe how much I’m in love with you and all the things I love about you.” Jack admitted. 

“Babe this is so sweet! I love you so much.” you said. You leaned over to him and gave his a slow, long, kiss on the lips. When you pulled away you couldn’t help but smile. 

“Oh, before I forget, there is one egg that you didn’t find.” he said. You raised an eyebrow at him.

“Do I get to find it?” you asked.

“With my help of course.” He got up and then pulled you up too. 

“Give me a hint.” you said, eager to find it. Jack laughed and pulled you in for a hug. He wrapped his arms around you. 

“Its in our bedroom.” Jack said. You could see a hint of nervousness in his voice. What could he be nervous about? You ran to your room and looked around. You saw a red egg on your night stand. You ran back to Jack in the kitchen. This egg had been heavier than the rest. 

“Can I open it?” you whispered.

“Go ahead.” said Jack. You opened the egg and gasped. Inside was a ring, a simple, yet beautiful. You felt tears in your eyes. You took the ring out of the egg, carefully. 

“Y/N,” said Jack. You looked to find him on one knee. He grabbed your hand with the ring in it. He took it out of your hand. “I love you so much and I think you know that. I love you with my whole heart and I don’t think I can imagine my life with out you. So I want to make that a reality.” Jack took a deep breath in. “Y/F/N Y/M/N Y/L/N, will you marry me?” You nodded you head, unable to get any words out. Jack stood up and grabbed you and spun you around. You started to laugh. Once he put you back down, he slipped the ring onto your ring finger. 

“Jack I love you so, so, so, so, so much.” you told him. “Let me kiss you.”

“Anytime my love.” he said. You put your hands up to his cheeks and kissed him like there was no tomorrow. 

Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag

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Request: Your writing is AMAZING❤ Could I request an Ethan x reader? Where the reader is a youtuber and they doing the girlfriend/boyfriend challenge?

Summary: Fem!Reader and boyfriend Ethan do the boyfriend/girlfriend tag for reader’s youtube channel! Lots of fluff ensues.

A/N: Hey there kiddos, I would like to apologize for taking so long with this request. I had class today, not to mention an essay due just a couple hours ago so I mostly tried staying away from my phone. That being said I loved this request so much because there were so many possibilities for fluffy stories ahhh. I mean as it stands, it’s 1am as I’m typing this right now and I have no regrets. I’m kinda proud of this one tbh. Sorry, no self deprecating humor in this author’s note. Anyway, thanks for the request so much, it was so fun to write this! Enjoy!

Wordcount: 1131 srry I got carried away whoops

Warnings: s o m u c h f l u f f. Physically repulsive to read so much cute thing. Continue at your own risk. Also i said ‘ass’ a couple times I think.

Please request some more! My inbox is empty! Pleaseeee!

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{ five’s company // ch. 14 }

a/n: maybe you can stop yelling at me now?? enjoy! it’s up early!

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t/w: mention of an abusive/toxic relationship, negative thoughts (but it’s nothing really bad!)

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When Alexander woke up, it was three a.m. It was still dark outside. Herc was snoring softly. Alex was lying on top of him, the blankets covering the both of them. John was close to Laf, the two of them asleep. 

Alex didn’t see you in the bed. He figured his eyes were playing tricks on him. 

He shifted a little, then went back to sleep. 

When he woke up and you weren’t at breakfast, he knew something was wrong. When he had bad days, you all stayed home with him. Mental health days, Laf said when he made the very first one an official thing. Alex kind of scrunched up at the word, but he found them to be incredibly helpful on days like these.

You were supposed to be here on “mental health days.” You were always up before him. You always got up before each of the boys. So where were you today?

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Why do I care about these two humans so much? Seriously, just imagining them laughing together on set every day makes me so happy. And I'm dying to know the meaning of B.A.F. and T.A 😂

We all feel the same 😭

Flirting (Patrick Hockstetter x Reader)

Request → N/A // prompt 35 “i’m flirting with you.”
A/N → might be a bit out of character for him, but i like how this turned out. not edited
Pairing → reader x patrick
Warnings → patrick and the rest of the bowers gang, swearing
Word Count → 1390
“y/n, the tall creepy one keeps staring at you,” your best friend whispers, looking over your shoulder.

“who?” you try to turn but she stops you.

“don’t make it obvious,” she tells you.

“he is the one who is staring at me, but i can’t look back at him?” you sigh and turn around, brushing her arm off of your shoulder. as soon as you make eye contact with partick hockstetter. “oh shit,” you say and turn around.

“told you,” she whispers.

“let’s just get out of here. since when do they know what a library is?” you ask her as you start to pack up your stuff.

“they are probably just in here to find victims. i don’t even think think they can read,” you laugh loudly. “shhh,” she laughs.

“shut up,” you tell her as the both of you leave the library. you go to your locker and open it. your friend leaves to go to her locker-it was going to be easier to go to your first class together.

“oh my god,” you jump. patrick was standing behind you locker door , which  startled you.

“hello,” he smirks.

“hi?” you move slowly away from your locker but he stops you.

“y/n, right?” he gives a creepy smirk, giving you slight goosebumps. he stepped closer and soon you were trapped between patrick and the lockers. you stared at his arm that was propped up against the locker, right above your head. “where are you headed to?” he asks, in a soft tone. it was scary how sweet his voice is considering how crazy he is.

“just class,” you try to get away from him, but he steps closer.

“maybe i can walk you there, maybe stop at the janitors closet on the way,” he reaches for your hair, but you take the moment to scurry away, holding your books to your chest.

“holy shit, are you okay?” your friend asks after she sees how pale your face it.

“i just had a run in with patrick and it did not go well,” you tell her.

“oh my god. did he hurt you?” she looks at your arms to see if he left a bruise.

“no, the asshole just creeped me out when he was talking to me,” the two of you walk into your first class of the day. lucky for you, patrick was not in your first class. unlucky for you was that the rest of the bowers gang was and while they had never acknowledged you before, something in your mind told you that you would not be left alone by the three.

you were right. paper balls were thrown at you by belch, pieces of a pencil landed on your desk every once in awhile via vic and henry kept kicking your chair. it took all the patience you had in you to not yell at them. even your teacher’s tolerance of them was low.

“henry bowers, if you do not stop interrupting my class i will have no choice other than to send you down to the principal’s office… again.”

“you are in for it, bitch,” you hear henry whisper and you gulp. it was never good to get on his bad side, you knew this. but the teacher’s threat worked and they stopped for a while. that was until the teacher was called out of the room for a talk with the principal. in a matter of seconds, the class found themselves talking with their friends.

“damn, now you have all three of them staring at you,” she laughs.

“shut up, they have been tormenting me all hour,” you tell her.

“maybe one of them has a crush on you.”

“hah, yeah right. i am pretty sure they are all gay for eachother,“she laughs again and before she can respond, the teacher walks in and everybody sits back down.

the next few weeks were the same thing. patrick flirting with you and the other three messed with you throughout the day.

"you should talk to someone about this,” your friend says as you walk through the crowded halls.

“and what good what that do? teachers know what they do, yet nothing has changed,” you sigh. you weren’t wrong. no matter how many times the gang was sent to the office, nothing changed and that was how it was. “and i think if henry’s dad found out, i would get in more trouble with them and i don’t want that,” she nods.

“i guess you are right. it just sucks not being able to stick up for ourselves,” she stops walking.


“want to skip?” she gives a small smirk.

“what?! we don’t skip school,” you gasp.

“oh come on, we have classes with those assholes all day, i’m sure you want to get out of them as much as i do. and we can just say a childhood friend died or something and it won’t go on our record as a sick day,” she coaxes you into it.

twenty minutes later, the two of you were standing around a payphone.

“hello, this is y/m/n. i am just calling to inform you that y/n will not be attending school today. she will be attending a funeral for one of her childhood friends that passed away earlier this week. thank you so much for understanding,” she hangs up and stifles a laugh. “now you have to call as my mom,” she hands you the phone and dials the schools number again.

“good morning. i am calling to tell you that my daughter b/f/n will not be coming to school today because we will be at a funeral today. i’m sure one of her friends could bring homework to her tomorrow because we will be out of town for said funeral. okay, thank you so much. bye now,” you hang up the phone and you start to laugh, loudly.

“that was great, and good job of adding out of town. now they won’t be able to see we are lying because no one here has died,” she says.

“so, now what do we do?” you look around. the streets were not as busy as they would be when it wasn’t school time, which made it all seem weird. neither of you had skipped school before.

“i don’t know, this was your idea,” you tell her.

patrick found out you and your friend were gone quickly.

“what the fuck,” he asked.

“dude, i heard someone died,” belch said as the four boys stood in the hallway.

“yeah, so did i. i over heard rogers telling another student to give the homework to her and her friend when they get back,” victor adds.

“where are you two hearing this shit?” henry asks, glaring at his two friends.

“in our first period,” victor shrugs.
“holy shit, today was awesome,” your best friend says while she falls backwards onto her bed.

“you got that right. i need to stop doubting you on things like this.” Your statement made her smirk.

“you got that right,” she repeats making the two of you laugh.

the next day of school, you got a few sympathetic looks, and it took all you had in your body not to laugh. you close your locker and jump when you saw patrick standing behind it.

“jesus, you scared me,” you put your hand up to your heart.

“i’m not jesus, i’m patrick,” he smirked.

“excuse me,” you try to push past him, but he blocks your movements and his smirk gets bigger.

“want to skip school and come back to my house?” you shake your head.

“no.” the answer you gave him was not good enough, because he smacked his hand onto the locker right above your head.

“can’t you see that i am flirting with you?” he hissed.

“it’s going to take more than that if all you want is to get into my pants,” you scoff and start to walk away.

“so i’m guessing there is a chance?”

“fuck off, patrick!”

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I need to get this off my chest but hopefully it will make somebody laugh. 42 F US here. Married with three kids. My Husband's name is Ian. Sadly Ian was born with a less than average sized cock. Like it's a miracle we have had children. So basically my confession is that when we have sex and I moan "Ian! Ian! Ian!" which turns him on so much and makes him cum very quickly, what I'm actually moaning is "In! In! In!" because 99% of the time on the back stroke he slips out and it ruins the feeling

Ouch, that whole situation is unfortunate for both of you

Best Friend vs Best Friend

“What’s up guys (Y/C/N) here and today we are doing best friend vs best friend but (Y/N) you don’t have anyone with you” 

As you said this Ethan and Grayson jumped into frame with you squishing you between them. 

“SOOO the purpose of this challenge is basically to find out who knows more about me but if you have watched me for a while you know that I don’t like simple tags so I’ll let Grayson explain what we have prepared for today” 

You giggled while looking at Grayson’s expression because he looked like a deer caught in head lights 

“Ahh yes yes so both of us will have a buzzer sound and whoever says it first will answer and until one of us gets it right we will keep trying and the person that gets it wrong gets a forfeit you guys sent in” 

You and Ethan nodded before you spoke up again. 

“Now I will leave the frame because I want to make sure this is a fair fight” 

You got up and walked to the chair located behind the camera while smirk 

Let the games begin you thought. 

“So guys ready ?” 

“I was born ready (Y/N)” Ethan yelled

“Ok ok so first question what’s my favorite movie ?” 


“Ethan answer” 

“The Pirates of the  Caribbean “ 

“Wrong tho it’s a really good franchise” 


“Grayson your guess is ?” 


“That’s … CORRECT” 

Grayson cheered while Ethan groaned thinking about his future 

“So the first forfeit is simple I get to tweet something out of your account” 

“How the hell is that simple (Y/N) you’re probably going to say I got someone pregnant” 

You bursted out laughing because he thought you were that mean 

“No don’t worry I’m not that much of an idiot” 

He handed you the unlocked phone with twitter ready. 

You quickly thought about your sentence and wrote it and handed the phone to Ethan 

“What did you write (Y/N/N) ?” 

“I’m not going to tell you. But let’s get right back to the game. Ready?” 

They both faced the camera making weird faces and nodding 

“So the next question is : Who is my celebrity crush ?” 

Shit. That’s the only look you could describe in the boys faces. 


“Grayson yes” 

“Leonardo Di Caprio” 

“Shit I didn’t remember that one but no.” 


“Grayson again” 

“Dylan O’Brien” 

“Wrong again Ethan you wanna take a go ?” 


“Chris Evans” 

“Damn you’re answering some good ones but no” 

You giggled at the desperate faces on the boys 


That was your breaking point you fell down the chair laughing so hard tears were streaming down your face. 

“Will you let me answer” 

“Yes Ethan you may answer “ 


“That’s correct” 

Grayson looked scared for his life in you made eye contact with him

“Grayson Grayson Grayon your forfeit is… Ethan can you give me a drum role please ?” 


“You need to take a shot of olive oil mixed with soy sauce” 

Ethan was basically losing it at this point and just disappeared from the frame while Grayson was doubting his choices of friends.  

In the middle of all the fuss you prepared the shot and walked back to Grayson with a bucket in your hand. 

Sitting down you quickly handed him the “strong scented drink” 

“Ready BOYYYY!” 

“Yeah yeah the most ready I’ll ever be” 

Walking away from him you and Ethan took cover while he downed the entire thing. 

For a couple of minutes everyone was quiet but all of the sudden Grayson had his head inside the bucket spilling out his guts. 

Ethan decided to play the role of a good brother and got a water bottle while you patted the younger twin on the back. 

A while later almost all the questions had been answered and both twins were tied. 

“So you both are the best friends from the results but it can only be one winner so the last question for the worst forfeit is Whose lane am I on?” 


“Ethan buzzed first” 

“You are on (Ethan’s/Grayson’s)” 

“That’s correct” 

“So that means that Grayson your last forfeit is that you have to make a tweet admiting to one of your kinks” 

Grayson groaned while you came back to the middle of the twins waiting for Grayson to send the tweet . 

“So guys this was the video for this week I hope yous guys enjoyed it and if you did give it a thumbs up subscribe and all of those stuff but more importantly don’t forget to go down to the description to subscribe to these lovely boys because they are truly amazing and super genuine guys” 

You turned of the camera while the guys sat down on the couch making small talk. You turned around and stared at them thinking about the fact that you were so lucky to be friends with someone like those two. 

(Y/C/N) means youtube channel name 

(Y/F/M) means your favorite movie

(Y/C/C) means your celebrity crush


Nagito, Sonia, Makoto, Leon, Akane, Mukuro, and Sakura with an Ultimate Voice S/O. (Singing, Voice Acting, Voice Imitation.)

You can probably tell where I stopped writing and started procrastinating on this particular piece. I just hope the requester doesn’t mind.

- Mod Teruteru

Nagito Komaeda

- He was walking to school covered in tire marks and animal bites.

- Don’t ask.

- Anyway, he was walking to school covered in a bunch of injuries.

- Behind him he heard running, then his friend’s voice.

- “Whoa Komaeda, are you okay?”

- “Don’t worry, I’m just fine Haji-”

- Hey that’s not Hajime.

- Your voice then suddenly got high pitched and very familiar.

- “The Ultimate Nurse is in your class isn’t she? Maybe you should ask her for help.”

- He’s pretty confused at this point.

- “… Mikan?”

- You nodded your head and turned to your own voice.

- “Sorry if that seemed weird, imitating voices is the only way for me to break the ice.”

- Imitating voices huh?

- That’s cool.

- In class he loves watching you switch between made up voice characters when the tensions high.

- When you imitate him you say compliments about him left and right.

- “I’m Nagito Komaeda! My hair looks cool and my voice sounds really nice.”

- “You know you don’t need to compliment me in such an indirect way.”

- Then you returned back to your normal voice again.

- “But you won’t listen to any compliments I don’t say like thaaaat.”

- Komaeda laughed. “Why would you think that? I’ll always listen to my S/O when they talk to me.”

- “Because you always turn the compliment around and call yourself trash?”

- “But that’s because I am-”

- You stood up and switched to Komaeda’s voice again.

- “My name is Nagito Komaeda and I will not call myself trash!”

Sonia Nevermind

- She wanted a few lessons on how to sing a bit better so she can perform for her friends.

- So she asked you to help tutor her.

- Wow singing was a lot harder than she thought it would be.

- Though most fictional princesses were basically known for their beautiful singing abilities, Sonia the real life princess was a bit tone deaf.

- Training her took longer than you expected as well.

- But you were able to get it done.

- You went to her performance she had promised her friends in her class.

- But before she began, she asked that the first song was a duet with you.

- Tears almost started forming out of your already sparkling eyes.

- Your little duet thing for just the first song turned into a full on two person singing performance immediately after the first song was finished.

- It started with a simple duet of “Good Little Girl” by Rebecca Sugar, then “Back Side of the TV” by Lotus Juice, and then you started spiralling into the deep dark pit of Disney songs. Each time you changed songs you would change your voice into the male singer of the duet, or just the one you knew Sonia couldn’t do.

- By the end, everyone was clapping and cheering for you two.

- You both think you should do it more often.

Makoto Naegi

- He caught the sound of a strange voice on the way to school one day.

- It kind of sounded like a goofy cartoon character, but it didn’t sound like it was coming from any sort of device.

- When he found the source, it was a girl/boy talking to their friend.

- He was pretty weirded out by this.

- But when he saw you walk into Hopes Peak Academy, it made sense.

- He struck up a conversation with you during lunch after sitting next to you.

- After a bit of talking and laughing, he asked what kind of Ultimate you were.

- “Oh, that’s right, I’m the Ultimate Voice. I’m the master of all things speaking related, *ol’ timey announcer voice change* that includes but is not limited to, Singing, Imitation, and Voice Acting.”

- Ah, voice acting. That explains what he saw earlier.

- He started hanging out with you almost immediately after that.

- You learned how to imitate his voice and started talking to him and others with it.

- “Hey Togami-san?”

- “What do you want Naegi-”

- And then he would turn around and a girl/boy that wasn’t Naegi would be behind him.

- “What?”

- “Naegi?”

- Then you would turn your voice back to your own.

- “Sorry, I don’t know who you’re talking about.”

- Then he would turn back to what he was doing and wonder about what happened all day.

- You and Naegi would begin to hold in laughter when he asked him about it.

Leon Kuwata

- You recently found a way to yell and make it sound like you were a huge crowd.

- Oh boy were ready to use that on Leon.

- You were following him as he was walking to the baseball field.

- You suddenly jumped into a bush and yelled “HEY!” as over 50 people.

- He jumped out of his skin and whipped his head around to see no one there.

- “What the f*ck?!”

- You started holding in your laughter as tears started forming in your eyes.

- “T-the hell? How many of you are there?”

- You continued to hide inside your bush as Leon started searching for someone.

- When he finally found you, your smile hurt and tears were pouring down your face.

- “Woah, S/O? You okay?”

- You stuttered as you kept your laughter bottled up.

- “Y-yeah! I-I’m fine.”

- “You sure? You look like you’re crying.”

- All at once, your laughter poured out the a waterfall.

- “Hahahahahahaaaah! Y-you never even suspected me!”

- “W-what!? What are you talking about?!”

- Then suddenly you made your voice sounded like 100 people were laughing at once.

- “AHH! That was you?!”

- You turned your voice back and started calming yourself down.

- You were breathing heavy, but you said “I’m sorry. Ever since I learned how to do that I wanted to use it.”

- “So you decided to scare me out of my jeans huh?”

- “He he, yeah.”

- Leon laughed. “Well then you wouldn’t mind if I got REVENGE!”

- “Ahh!”

- Then you ran as Leon started chasing you around the school.

- Your such a good couple.

Akane Owari

- Your impressions turned you into her Nidai substitute when he wasn’t around.

- Though it strained your voice to an extreme level.

- You tried not to let it bother you, until one day it interrupted your impression.

- “YEAH! KEEP GOING! SHOW SOME SPIRI- *Cough Cough* Agh, okay.  I’m gonna have to take five for that.”

- Akane stopped what she was doing and looked at you.

- “Really? Why?”

- You held your neck as the pain started pulsing across its inside.

- “Nidai’s voice is too much for me. My throat is really starting to hurt.”

- Akane then started dragging you by the wrist saying that she has a home remedy for a sore throat like yours.

- You entered her cabin, and she told you to stay inside and ran off to the island’s kitchen.

- When Akane came back, she was holding a steaming mug of something white.

- She handed to you, and a sweet honey scent wafted into your face.

- You gave Akane a questioning look, and she gave a big smile back.

- “Whenever my younger siblings got scratchy throats, a mix of honey, milk, boiling water, and cinnamon always brought them back up from the dumps!”

- You smiled and blew the edge of the mixture.

- You took a sip and felt the smooth drink sooth your throat.

- Akane smiled when she saw the stars in your eyes.

- Then you two sat together on her bed talking softly as your throat healed.

Mukuro Ikusaba

- She didn’t like admitting it, but she admired your singing like you were an idol.

- It was similar the relationships tsunderes had with their clueless main character counter parts.

- She generally tried avoiding you in case she was caught admiring you.

- But at the same time, you were wherever she went.

- She didn’t know why.

- That was until you had approached her.

- You were blushing a lot and making quick glances at the floor.

- “Um, m-my name’s F/N.”

- “Yes I know.”

- “Huh? H-how?”

- Mukuro quickly put a hand up to her mouth and blushed a bit.

- “N-no reason, please continue.”

- You laughed softly and looked at her again.

- “I-um-I know you don’t know me that much,”

- Wow that was a lie.

- “But, would you want to hang out sometime? I-it doesn’t even have to be a date! We could just start as friends, i-if you want…”

- Mukuro was very confused.

- So much so, that she kind of just blirted out the first thing that came to mind.

- “I-I love your singing!”

- Your ears perked. “You…listen to my songs?”

- You both stared at each other until you smiled.

- “…because, I can do more than sing.”

- Mukuro continued staring.

- Then she spoke.

- “You can continue talking about it on our date.”

Sakura Oogami

- She is heavily impressed by your abilities.

- You found your goal to be to make her laugh legitimately.

- And it’s a goal you practiced annually.

- “*Goofy voice change* Well howdy Sakura-chan! Gosh do you look perty today.”

- “Mm, thank you S/O.”

- Damn it.

- On some days, you would just quietly give up.

- But your hope did not die that day!

- You still had one more chance to beat her!

- You approached her in the hallway, knowing this was your only chance.

- “Sakura, can I talk to you about something?”

- “Sure, what do you need S/O?”

- You made yourself blush and scratched the back of your neck.

- This put Sakura on her toes.

- “There’s something I have to tell you…”

- You looked at the ground.

- “I-I’ve been wanting to say this for a long time now. I was so nervous, but I-I’m not going to nervous anymore. Sakura I…! I-I!”

- You looked her in the eyes.

- “*Johnny Bravo voice change* Well I love you darling.”

- You held your breath, waiting for a reaction.

- Then you heard something beautiful.

- Sakura’s laughter.

- “Ha ha ha ha, you got me S/O.”

- You were absolutely glowing.

- You hugged her.

- “I love you Sakura!”

- “Hm hm, I love you too.”

queenbol  asked:

The ROs (deep into a relationship?) reaction to walking in on a crying MC? And then their following reaction when they find out it's because of onions. 🙄

Lol :D Um…

A would probably just come out and ask what’s wrong, instantly try and start figuring out a way to solve the issue… only to roll their eyes when they find out the reason!

N would instantly go to comfort the MC, then see the onions, and offer to take over chopping them, lol.

F would be a bit panicky like, ‘OMG, what do I do? What’s wrong with them?’ And fuss about the MC, until they revealed the reason, then F would let out a big sigh of relief!

M, if it was deep into the relationship, hm… would probably spin the MC round to face them and be like, ‘Tell me who I have to maim to make it better.’… then on seeing the onions would laugh. Very loudly.

Thank you so much for the ask! :)

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Allies reaction to hearing their little sister (who is an adult) mutter "I'm going to fuck the blender" in her sleep?

America: He is trying so hard to not laugh loudly, will end up snorting and tweeting this

England:…..raised eyebrow of judgment!

France: Even I wouldn’t do that! France is no stranger to pleasure, he has tried pretty much everything, but he would defiantly draw a line at f*cking a blender.

Russia: Have fun with that ^J^

China: YOU WILL DO NO SUCH THING! THAT IS MY BLENDER ARU! Old man is mad, he loves his cooking supplies.

Canada: Ummmm, how about you don’t…….

She started sneezing and coughing so much.
“Why do you always get sick when I’m around?”
“I think it’s ‘cause what flows between us is too much for my body.”
She sniffed and wiped her nose on her sleeve.
“You’d think you’d be used to my fluids by now.”
I gently pulled her arm from her face.

Her face pulled in quickly and she burrowed under the blankets.
“The way you talk sometimes.”
“What?” I answered through a laugh.
“N-Nothing. You talk so…”
“You’re too shy Hana.”
“And you’re the complete opposite. You don’t think most of the time.”
“Well you think enough for us. Besides..” I yawned and stretched over her as I collapsed on the bed. “It’s you, it’s me. You shouldn’t feel uncomfortable or embarrassed around me.”
“Yeah that’s true, but lately…lately, Nia you know lately. We haven’t been in the most stable of places. I think we need to-”
I quickly pulled her in tightly and she stopped speaking.


My girls Blackpink no matter how much I love them will never, EVER! Be able to slay me when they perform ‘Playing with fire’ ever again because I will always remember Daehwi with that confetti during the 'Playing with fire’ teams stage on pd101

I don’t care what anybody says no one and I mean NO ONE. Will ever be able to change my mind. So don’t try😂

DO YOU SEE THIS F*CKING SLAYAGE?⬆ I’M DED MY BOO SLAYED ME HUNTY!! I love him so much😭 I literally speak of this performance all the time to the point where my sister laughs at me😂

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Am I the only one who thinks RandL flirt with each other just as friends? Like, that's a common thing, right? I mean, I'm a straight girl, and I flirt with my friends (m or f, doesn't matter) a lot, just to mess with them. And we get a good laugh out of it. So I don't see why the guys need to be secretely gay or bi to do what they do. I think it's just friends messing around. Is it just me? Am I alone in this? haha

Nah you’re definitely not alone. Shipping is mostly just for fun so even a lot of shippers think that too, fantasy is just fun :) I love brotherly/bff Rhink just as much tbh :D if it’s love it’s love :)

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Hi, I'm Phoenix. And I kno- We know that you are feeling... Upset. And personal, I am feeling the same way. And so I'm here to help! These are some things I do whenever I feel sad or upset (PRETTY MUCH THE SAME F-ING THING). 1: I watch a few videos that I know will make me laugh, 2: I hang out friends and we go to places we like, watch a movie, or just hang around!, (3 Is the last one I'm gonna give) 3: I do something I LOVE and that something is something that I KNOW will make me happy!!

I’ve tried option one, it’s only temporarily allowing me to forget the decaying self esteem I have, option two doesn’t work, I have 3 friends, one of which works and plays volleyball and the other two are tumblr friends who live farther away… I don’t want to bother with anymore temporary substitutes for feeling welcomed. Thanks anyways

Royal Gardener!Jeonghan

Requested by Annonymous

Latest installment of my Royal Staff!Seventeen AU series!



  • Looks really good whenever he’s working in the gardens
  • Puts his hair in a ponytail so it doesn’t get in his face
  • Wears the big straw hat and those big brown gloves
  • Sometimes he accidentally distracts the other gardeners because he looks so ethereal in the sunlight
  • Makes the other gardeners (both male and female) swoon when he gently takes the flowers in his fingers and looks at it lovingly
  • Likes to sing to the plants sometimes so that they’ll grow better
  • A lot of people (*cough* royal advisor!Seungcheol *cough*) thought that Jeonghan was a bit crazy for singing to plants
  • But when the plants Jeonghan sang to started to flourish, Seungcheol shut his trap
  • Is able to make a lot of things with the flowers and leaves. He can weave flower crowns, bracelets, flower chains, etc.
  • He once made a wreath and snuck up on Jisoo the butler and placed it on his head
  • Jisoo was surprised, but he really liked it so he wore it the entire day
  • No one questioned why the butler was wearing a flowery wreath on his head
  • Is often accompanied by servant!Dino, who is usually kicked out of the castle by royal tutor!Woozi for being too noisy
  • Tells Dino the names and meanings of all the plants
  • Dino gets really excited and runs off into the castle to tell everyone what he learned, only to be kicked out for being too loud again
  • Has to get up really early in the morning to start working. He’s the first gardener to wake up and when thy other gardeners wake up, disoriented as heck, they see Jeonghan working in the garden with a bright smile, full of energy and they’re just like how?!?!
  • Puts a vase of fresh flowers in your room before you wake up every single morning
  • Every time you wake up, seeing the flowers brings a smile to your face because it’s such a kind gesture. Knowing that someone cares enough to do this for you everyday is really nice
  • You soon grow curious and one day you ask Jisoo about the flowers
  • He tells you that one of the gardeners brings the flowers for you every morning before going out to work and you get this really determined look on your face that scares Jisoo and he’s just like “…what…?” and you’re like “I SHALL FIND HM!” and then set out into the gardens with Jisoo dutifully (but nervously) trailing behind you
  • The garden is filled with so many gardeners so you turn to Jisoo and ask which of the gardeners is the one that leaves you the flowers and Jisoo points to someone so you walk over there
  • And then the gardener stands
  • And then the gardener faces you
  • And smiles
  • And you’re frozen because no no no this isn’t right, angels aren’t supposed to work as gardeners
  • Jeonghan takes off one of his dirty gloves, takes your hand in his, and places a gentle kiss on the top of your hand and you m eLT
  • You’re red-faced and stuttering but you need to try to salvage your royal image so you’re just like “A-re y-y-y-you the one wh-who puts f-f-f-flowers in m-my room in the mo-morning?”
  • Jeonghan just nods with his calm smile like yes, that was me. Did you like today’s flowers?
  • You stutter, “Y-y-y-es, I-I liked th-them v-very much!
  • “I’m glad,” he says
  • IT IS TOO MUCH TO HANDLE BECAUSE HE IS SO BEAUTIFUL so you just excuse yourself and run back inside the castle, leaving Jisoo behind
  • Jisoo laughs and bids a farewell to Jeonghan before jogging back to the castle to catch up with you
  • Tbh Jeonghan and Jisoo like to hang out together when they’re not too busy
  • They’ll be walking around the castle together whenever they have time available, simply talking about whatever
  • Joshua mentions you and asks why Jeonghan always brings you flowers in the morning
  • And Jeonghan with his calm smile goes “because they deserve to wake up and see something that is almost as beautiful as they are”
  • Joshua is really impressed like W O W you’re really charming!!
  • But then Joshua is still a bit confused so he’s like “Do you…by any chance…like them?”
  • Joshua doesn’t tell you about what gardener!Jeonghan told him, but he is internally screaming because SHOULD HE SHIP YOU TWO?? ARE YOU TWO HIS OTP?? OR HIS NOTP???
  • Poor Jisoo is so confused. He used to ship you with royal advisor!Seungcheol but then he shipped you with bodyguard!Jun but now…should he ship you with gardner!Jeonghan?
  • There was a time when Royal Tutor!Woozi forced you to study, pushing you into the library. You grumbled, pouting and sulking because honestly HE IS NOT YOUR FATHER!! WHY IS HE ORDERING YOU AROUND LIKE THIS??? but you still grab some books from the tall shelves
  • You have about three leather-bound books in your arms and you’re trying to find a book in particular
  • When you walk past the bookshelves and make your way towards one of the desks, you see Jeonghan sitting by the window sill, his hair tucked behind his ears, a book gently held between his fingers and you almost drop all your books because wowowowow he looks so ethereal
  • Notices you standing there, wide-eyed and frozen, and smiles gently
  • “Hello there, your highness,” he greets you calmly,
  • “H-h-hey the-there!” you respond, awkward and clunky
  • You honestly hate this so much because he’s so calm and cool and you’re so awkward and a stuttering mess WHY MUST YOU ALWAYS MAKE A FOOL OF YOURSELF IN FRONT OF CUTE GUYS???
  • “I do not think we have been formally introduced,” he says, slowly standing up. “I am Jeonghan, the royal gardener.”
  • You stutter out your name, and he bows respectfully, making you even more embarrassed
  • You’re such an awkward mess and it’s really not an appropriate image for a royal like yourself, so you just bow again and run away
  • Jeonghan just watches you go, a smile tugging at his lips because wow, you’re so cute
  • You went to visit Jeonghan in the gardens one day, feeling absolutely drained. You had been up the entire night before, pouring over documents sent to you by another royal kingdom. You should honestly be resting, but you really wanted to visit Jeonghan
  • Jeonghan notices right away that you’re not feeling your best. It’s obvious because of the dark sunsets under your eyes, your sagging posture, and the fact that you are still wearing the clothes you wore the day before
  • “You need to rest,” he tells you immediately. He doesn’t give you any time to respond, taking your hand in his and leading you under the shade of a tree, distant from the other gardeners.
  • He tells you to lie down and to take a nap, assuring you that you’ll be fine, he’ll be right there with you.
  • It’s kind of weird, but you feel compelled to do whatever Jeonghan tells you
  • SO you lay down on the grass and it’s actually pretty calm and quiet and kind of pleasant
  • You try to sit back up, but he gently holds you down
  • “Just lay here with me for a little while.”
  • But you lay down next to him, and he starts to sing. You’re now positively sure that he’s an angel because his voice is so melodic and beautiful
  • His singing lulls you to sleep
  • Jeonghan stares at you sleeping peacefully. He should really go back to tending the flowers, but why should he leave you, who is more beautiful than all the flowers in the garden
  • Royal Gardener!Jeonghan is just a calm, cool, charming guy who thinks that you’re so cute whenever you get flustered around him. He puts flower in your room every morning so that you can wake up to it with a smile on your face (but he secretly hopes that one day you’ll be able to wake up and smile at him instead). All he wants to do is lay down with you under the shade of a tree, making flower crowns while softly humming a song just for you.

Read more of my AUs and scenarios here!


W: You know, for a smooth talker you sure don’t have much of a dirty mouth when you get in bed.

F: Oh hush you. I’ll have you know you’re the second person I’ve slept with. I’m a flirt, not a player.

I laughed and Fuchsia flashed me a cheesy smile. After my laughter died down I realized something. 

W: Can… can you stay? 

F: Of course. Let me just text Auby so he knows. 

I felt relieved. Even though I was confident about sleeping with Fuchsia I didn’t want to sleep alone afterwards.