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Requested by Anon. 

Request: Can you do an imagine where Brett gets jealous of a guy flirting with y/n and he starts to wolf out so y/n needs to calm him down and then y/n kisses him and says I’m yours. Something like that? Just a thought haha☺

“Hey, beautiful. What are you doing out here all alone?” A random guy asked me. 

“Who said I was alone?” I asked. 

Brett and I were currently out doing some late night grocery shopping, and I had ran back out to the car to grab my wallet that I had forgotten in the car. 

“Well, what kind of guy leaves a girl so beautiful outside?” 

“He didn’t, I just came out here to get something.“ I reply.

I looked over the guy’s shoulder and see Brett, speed walking over to us. Sighing with relief I say, “Hey, look, why don’t you just go. I’m taken sorry.” 

“Fine. Bye gorgeous.” And the guy walked off.

“What was he doing?” Brett asked, finally reaching the car.

“Oh, flirting.” 

“Did you flirt back?” 

“Wha- no! Of course not!” I could see that his eyes were starting to glow, so I put my hands on his shoulders. “Hey, I’m yours, and yours only.” I lean over and kiss him. “I love you.”

“I love you too.” He replied.

“I know.” 

Pizza Boy

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warnings: making out? Fluff

word count: 1257

summary: Peter works as a pizza delivery boy and he delivers a pizza at your sleepover. Michelle wants to help you out by ordering two pizzas (individually) so you can talk to him.

a/n: I haven’t written in awhile. If it sucks I’m so sorry.

Anyone who has been in high school knows that the last few weeks of the year is probably the worst. There is studying (your ass off) and stressing over tests that probably would not even matter in the future.

So, of course, you and your friends decided to have a sleepover after school was finished for the summer. You all decided to have the sleepover at your house since they all loved the food you make.

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so i’ve noticed that in the musical theatre community (not online) that people aren’t accepting of any woman who isn’t straight? maybe it’s because the other girls think the lgbt woman has a crush on them, or thinks they’re going to be checked out. but the boys don’t think that. 

why are we so wildly accepting of gay men but as soon as gay women come into play, everyone seems to have forgotten how to love others? gay women deserve love just as much as gay men do. please don’t discriminate against them just because they like women and not men.

don’t get your brain all twisted around into thinking “gay means men who like men, i’m okay with that. but women have to like men.” it’s not right. that is homophobic, no matter how much you think it isn’t.

How to Make Your Diabetic Friend Love You

As a diabetic, I think one of the nicest things you can do for me is give me food with the exact carb count. I’ve had 2 people carb count for me that weren’t my parents and even though one of them was just a girl handing out cupcakes in 8th grade, I have never forgotten her.

I’m pretty sure if anyone ever threw me a party in which all the food was portioned and carb counted, I would cry for an eternity over how nice it was.

Bad Girl (M)


Characters: Im Jaebum (JB, GOT7), You (Reader/OC), Other GOT7 members

Genre: Smut, smut, smut, and a bit of fluff.

Warning/s: Daddy JB, Spanking, Use of Toys, Squirting, Cunnilingus, Orgasm Denial, Overstimulation LIKE EVERYTHING BITCH BECAUSE THIS IS JB THAT WE ARE TALKING ABOUT AYT

Length:  2,500 words

Plot:   Just when you thought he had totally forgotten what you did that night, you are totally mistaken.  Tonight, he will show you who is really in charge and how bad girls like you are supposed to be treated.



“AHHH- FUCK!” You moaned as you felt the toy inside your drenched pussy vibrate at its full extent, causing your bounded arms and legs to pull against the restraints and your back arching in full bliss.  As soon as you step in to your high, the vibrator went completely off and your back fell back on the bed, your chest heaving and teeth gritted in frustration.

Your boyfriend, who is standing next to you, has this smug look on his face.  He looks at you with amusement and pure lust masked on his handsome face.  While you are still trying to recover from the denial of your peak, he raised one of your legs and gave your right ass cheek a hard smack, causing you to lurch forward and whine in pain and pleasure.  He looked at you straight in the eyes as he turned the vibrator on again, this time it is at its lowest speed, causing you to press your bounded legs as close to each other as possible.

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how do you feel about the scalia kiss? i have mixed feelings cause i've always love stalia so much but scott is an angel and would never treat her poorly lol

ok i’m gonna be honest here: i’ve always liked scalia and their dynamic. they have a good dynamic. as friends. my issue with the teen wolf writers pushing scalia at us is the one thing they seem to have blindly forgotten: kira. i’m honestly angry that just about everyone is back except for the main girls (kira, braeden, cora) and the fact that they’re placing scott with malia and pretending kira never existed is just plain lazy from the writers. they could have got kira back: arden was up for it, there was no booking conflicts and yet she was completely ignored. everyone has apparently forgotten her existence, and that’s what irritates me because there’s no way malia would move on to her good friend’s man when she literally had to step aside because of the same thing. the sad thing is i really do like scalia and i adore seeing their interactions but it pains me because the writers have obviously put zero thought into this and have clearly written that shower scene (whether it is an actual thing or a dream/hallucination sequence) to try and please fans who were disgruntled with the way stalia happened. i just think it’s been handled so poorly and that makes what could be a good development (because they’d both treat each other so well) so sour

What’s My Favorite Color?

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♪ Yoongi x Reader

♪ Genre: Fluff

♪ Summary: Being an idol’s, not-so-secret and non-Asian girlfriend has a tendency to bring conflict. And Yoongi gets a glimpse of this. But at the end of the day, when you get to hold that man’s hand.. YOUR man’s hand.. And he yours.. It’s completely worth dealing with.


I suppose by openly being a Korean idol’s non-asian girlfriend, I was signing up for torment and ridicule. But openly being the girlfriend of an idol in one of the most popular K-pop groups in the world? I’m begging for it. Yoongi offered to keep it hidden, to play me off as a worker for BigHit. But I told him it would be worse if we were found out rather then open.

I thought I could handle it.

And I can.

The real true ARMYs aren’t the issue, even being American born and obviously not Asian. If anything, they are so supportive purely because they know Yoongi is happy.

It’s the sasaeng fans, aka, the private life fans. The crazies who believe they’re destined to be with their bias. They’re the ones who found my Instagram and DMed me to no end, my Snow account, my Snapchat, even my old ass Facebook that I only use to talk to my parents, all so they could attack me. An old ex-friend even leaked my Skype and Twitter. I had to make fake accounts under a fake alias just to be able to talk to my family and friends back in America. The sasaeng are the ones that will see me in public, and follow me to patronize me, telling me to go back to America and stop taking their men, throw things, grab me and scream at me like I’m the side chick who slept with their man.

But I’ve learned to fight it. I won’t cry or go running to Yoongi. He hardly knows how they are. Even when they broke my headphones. I went a bought new ones that same day with my “sasaeng funds”.

It was a Tuesday, however, when Yoongi finally saw what life was like for me as his girlfriend. We were walking to the studio, he had met me at the train station and slipped into a cafe to get something to drink for us. I chose to stay outside. It was a really nice day for Seoul. Cloudy and cool, the smell of rain in the air. We both had masks on and matching beanies with the Wings album symbol on the front, his bigger-than-me camo jacket I had stolen months prior draped my body. I was looking at my phone, minding myself when some girl recognized me when I pulled my mask down for a moment of air. A simple ARMY, running up and softly muttering to me that she hopes Yoongi is happy with me and wondering if I could chat while she waited for her boyfriend. I obliged as Yoongi was taking forever and a surprise meeting with an idol of hers would’ve made her day, I was sure of it. We had been standing having a nice convo when a simple, innocent “So is Yoongi-oppa a good boyfriend? Husband material?” was overheard by two passing girls and I noticed them coming to a stop out of the corner of my eye.

“Oh… that’s too far into the future. We’re both far too focus on right now to be thinking something as big as marriage!” I began when the two turned towards us.

“Yoongi? As in ‘Bangtan’ Yoongi? Are you ___..?” One asked seeming… accusative.

I nodded. “Yes on both accounts.” I stated rather bluntly stepping forward to block the girl I was speaking to as she stepped back.

“You’re the American bitch who stole him!” The other snapped. I shrugged lazily. She wasn’t wrong. The man was steal. How I got him, Lord only knows.

They looked at the girl I was speaking to and I stepped in front of her.

“You know it all…! Why don’t you break up with him? There’s no way he’d marry you, his parents are Korean they want him to be with a Korean not some foreigner who knows nothing about him-”

“What’s my favorite color?” I heard him behind me and I jumped turning to him. “Yoon-” I began but he handed me my green tea latte to hush me, which I took, his eyes remaining on them. “What. Is my favorite. Color.” He asked, or rather stated, to the two sasaengs again.

“Yoongi-Oppa! Why are you with her!? She’s American and not even that pretty-” she started but Yoongi sighed, pulling his mask down to take a sip of his coffee glancing at me. “____….what’s my favorite color?” He asked smoothly while looking at them. I answered without thinking and a slight pink flushed my ears. I never thought about what I’d do or what would happen if Yoongi was ever present when these things happened. And in all honesty, I was a little embarrassed he had to go through this with me, as if he never would. He smiled at me and took my hand, twining out fingers together and watching them.

“Where was I born?”

“The Buk district of Daegu.”

“Why did I come to Seoul?”

“To be a producer, not an idol.”

“How do I take my tea when we’re at the studio?” I laughed.

"You don’t. You only really drink coffee with three sugars and a water bottle.”

“What was the first thing I bought you?”

“This beanie.”

“Do I like mackerel?”

“More than you like me sometimes.” He raised an eyebrow at me and shook his head. The sasaeng fans were practically steaming, obviously not know half that I knew. So to rub the dirt in I looked at them and took in a deep breath.

“He loves Holly, but has walked past her to hug me when I surprised him with his family after being away on promotion. He stays at the studio till 4am some nights, and loves when I come by with Chinese and peyjo. He could eat nothing but skewers for a year and still want more and Jungkook would join you with no invite. Sometimes I swear you’re cheating on me with Hobi-oppa and Jungkook-ssi. You hate when I get out of bed before you the nights I stay over and you can’t stand it when I take Jungkook to school with Jin because ‘that’s not my job, my job is to keep the bed warm’. You love mochi ice cream and surprise pecks on the cheek. As much as you resist, you’re so ok with me playing with your hair while you work. You always make sure your phone is charged so I can play games on it when I’m bored. You meet me outside of work whenever you can, and never nag at me when I get a little lipstick or foundation on your hands by accident. And most importantly, no matter how late, or how tired, or how long of a trip it was… you always call to make sure I made it home and to say goodnight.” At some point I shifted from looking to them and talking about him to looking at him and talking to him. He liked this. And he squeezed my hand and looked back at them.

“She knows more about me than you ever will. And I love her for her, not for anything else. I could care less that she’s American and so could my parents. So you really have no argument. So could you not patronize and attack my girlfriend?” at this they ran away, and I had nearly forgotten the girl behind me till I heard a small “ahhhh” of awe behind me and I turned with Yoongi and smiled to her.

“Sorry. Yoongi, this is Myeong. She’s a good ARMY who kept me company while you took forever.” I playfully nudged and he let go to shake her hand and nod at her. “Ah, thank you for keeping her company. Sorry you had to witness that…” He said and she shook her head and held her phone up. “M-may I take your picture? The two of you? I just… I’m so inspired by you two I hope me and my boyfriend will one day be like you two.” I nodded, being fine with it and Yoongi shrugged with a nod. I hugged his arm and twined our fingers again and smiled, my eyes showing my love for him as I grinned happily at her camera and she nodded, thanking us profusely before her date ran up next to her and nodded with envy, the two of us departing hand in hand.

Once we arrived at the studio he calmly closed the door and I slid into his rolling chair a little too hard and rolled into the wall making him chuckle with that signature gummy grin making a slight appearance. It was silent as I licked my hand of the latte that had sort of spilled in that moment and he never stopped staring at me.

“What..?” I asked feeling butterflies as he smiled simply at me.

“I love you.” He quietly spoke and I bit my lip and grinned, holding the cup at my lips as I swiveled slightly.

“I know… I love you too.”

“I know.”

Can we take a second and appreciate how the three legendary girl groups, two of which were killed of by their stupid ass companies (and yes I’’m still rightfully bitter and angry about it) are the once who are behind our all mighty kings the once trending the longest on charts? Yet people often mention SNDS as queens, but WG, 2ne1 and yes even Sistar often gets ignored and forgotten. Those three groups are and were legendary too. You may like them or not but especially WG and 2ne1 pathed ways for KPOP internationally, please remember them more fondly and don’t let their effort and hard work be forgotten just because the company replaced them with younger and more beautiful women.

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do you think about death sometimes? I used to be suicidal and I haven't been for a while, but every time I get exhausted I feel this violent sadness and I have the longing for death. I wonder about it. But I never attempted it it's just the thoughts that come to me sometimes.

Yeah, I do. I actually feel the same thing and I’m also suffering from depression so thoughts of death visit me often but I never attempted either but lately I’ve been looking further into things, and realizing that death isn’t really the solution. Picture yourself gone, you think it’s going to solve anything? your parents will be so sad and so will everyone in your life and sooner than later you’ll turn into a memory that will forgotten or you’ll be remembered as ‘oh, that girl who killed herself’. Death is never the answer, so even if you have those thoughts over and over again, try to push them in the back of your mind because you have to own a little bit of hope (at least) and hope that those dark clouds that hung over your head will go someday. Hold on to it. 

Thinking Bout You 🌙

A/N: So I dug up this little gem of mine from the depths of my drafts and I decided to post this because I love all of you. At first, I was planning to save this for the future but I figured that all of you would need something to keep you occupied while I attempt to finish up my requests. So enjoy some ‘good good’ Lu smut (sort of) while I work on everything else ;)

Pairing(s): Luhan x Reader

Warnings: Masturbation

Genre: Light(?) smut

Requested: No

Summary: To fill up the loneliness in your heart when Luhan leaves for work, you decide to have a bit of fun by yourself.

Word Count: 1285

Soundtrack: Thinking Bout You // Ariana Grande (because I’m a hoe for her)

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I’m used to being alone. I’m used to rolling over in bed, opening my eyes and drinking in the morning sight of Luhan fiddling with his cufflinks and adjusting his suit jacket while gazing at his reflection in the wardrobe’s mirror. I’m used to the heartwarming smile he tosses in my direction as he smooths his perfectly-gelled ebony hair back with one hand, accompanied by the standard question of, “Do I look okay, baby girl?”

I’m used to responding with my usual and genuine, “As you do everyday”. However, let’s be honest for a moment. Luhan always looks way more than okay. In fact, the ravishing, mouth-watering sight of him in a neatly-pressed suit never fails to send little shocks of lust-filled heat right down to my core, throwing me into overdrive every single time. If he wasn’t always running late for work, I would have pounced on him and devoured every inch of his cologne-scented body without a second thought. But it’s okay. I’m used to it.

Following that, I’m also used to the little kiss Luhan blows to me as he turns and heads for the room door, murmuring, “See you tonight”. Then he’s gone, leaving me with a cold and empty bed and an aching core, as well as a hollow and needy void deep within me. I’m used to it.

However, I am never used to the desperation that overcomes me whenever I hear the door downstairs clicking shut, signalling the reality of Luhan’s departure and the dreadful fact that I won’t get the opportunity to see him for more than twelve hours. So here I am, abandoned with such raw sexual frustration that nearly drives me over the edge every single morning and clutching a pillow so tightly as though I’m physically trying to cling onto Luhan. Now that sexual frustration is something I can never get used to.

So sue me. Here I am, indulging in such sinfully delicious inappropriate fantasies about Luhan while he merrily goes on his way to work without a single clue that I’m deliriously horny and in need of his -and only his- cock in me. Well, then. It’s time to take matters into my own hands.

Laying myself back down on the pillows and allowing my body to sink into the welcoming softness of the mattress, I let my eyes drift shut on their own as my mind takes over. In all honesty, I must admit that I’m scared. Terrified out of my wits. Okay, so I may have read a countless number of steamy romance and explicit sex novels where the drop-dead gorgeous protagonist indulges herself in various self-pleasure moments but firstly, my life is not a novel and secondly, I’m not drop-dead gorgeous. I’m just me. Way too tiny, awkward me.

But all the same, my own insecurities don’t hold me back from exploring the inner depths of my own body in the heat of the moment. With newfound curiosity, I hesitantly slip off my boxers and pull my panties down to my ankles, slowly spreading my legs as I lean forward to peep at the most private area of me. My glistening womanhood winks back at me, enticing me to touch her, to feel and explore with one trembling finger. The digit slides itself in between the folds and the breath hitches in my throat as my mind throws up an image of Luhan, plunging every nerve of mine into sexual overdrive. In my mind’s eye, a mental slideshow of every minute detail of Luhan plays; his turfs of jet-black hair, the same hair which I grip on to tightly whenever he manages to hit my sweet spot. His eyes, the same eyes which always undress me lustfully whenever he gets in the mood. His ski-slope nose, his heart-shaped lips which have left the most fantastic kisses on my bare skin, his unscathed hands which have groped, grappled, stroked and held me.

With every little detail that crosses my mind, I gradually add a finger in between my own soaked folds and nervously pump them, breathless and desperate moans and whimpers tumbling from my lips clumsily and artistically at the same time. The silence in the bedroom is filled with my cries of high pleasure and my back arches itself as rapid images and memories of Luhan run through my head. His name escapes from my lips at the exact moment I manage to locate my sweet spot, the speed of my pumping, soaked fingers increasing as the need in the pit of my stomach grapples every inch of me, almost sending tears straight to my eyes. 


His name spills out into the open, pleading and needing as I ease myself into a temporary high while riding my soaked, slippery digits, nothing but the thought of him invading every sense of mine. Through my rapid breathing, a honey-like explosion occurs in the pit of my stomach, causing me to release right on my fingers to the erotic pumping sensation and the clouded images of Luhan in my head. White strings of my release drip onto the sheets and down the insides of my thighs, throwing up a blush on my cheeks at the bashful thought of anyone else ever finding out about my dirty little activity. Plus, I don’t even want to begin the thought of getting up and clearing the mess, especially since my entire form feels like it’s taken a nice, long dip in a bathtub of steaming hot water after that mind-blowing orgasm.

Pressing the palms of my hands against my burning cheeks, my gaze drops down to the guilty stains on the bedsheets. Good thing no one is around to take notice of it. Until the bedroom door bursts open, revealing a frantic-looking Luhan who immediately catches sight of me in bed; legs spread wide to show him my chasm of a womanhood, four fingers still drenched in my own sticky release, the stained sheets and to top it all off, the frozen ‘eyes as wide as a deer’s caught in headlights’ look on my flushed face as we stare at each other for what seems like eternity.

“H-Hi”, I blurt out stupidly, instantly shutting my legs and folding them over the evidence of my self-pleasure, but there’s no point to it, really. Luhan’s dumbfounded gaze flicks from me to my evident nudity, his socked feet rooted to the spot in the doorway, and I don’t miss the tent in his suit pants, growing in size as the seconds tick by. 

Coughing to mask my embarrassment, I busy myself with arranging the pillows and avoiding eye contact at all costs. “So what brings you back? Work finished early today? If that’s the case, it's really early, considering the fact-”

“(Y/N)”. Luhan’s curt mention of my name halts me from my aimless blabbering, clicking the door shut behind him and sealing us off from the rest of the world. Suddenly, the tension in the bedroom has risen ten-fold, causing me to break out into a sweat. It’s obvious that Luhan senses it as well, judging from the suggestive glint in his eyes and that smug little smirk of his which has crept onto his lips. He proceeds to take his own sweet time tugging off his tie, casually strolling his way over to the bed where I’m still seated on like a wax figurine, legs clenched together so tightly that the wetness of my core has spread itself all over the interior of my thighs.

He pulls his lips back in a Chesire-like smile. “Well, I was about to retrieve some paperwork which I’d forgotten but after discovering what my baby girl has been up to, I can’t just leave her in this state, can I?”

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What if Matsuda erased her memory? I mean he can do it due to his talent.

I guess that could work…If he is able to do it.

I’m sure he is ! He was one of the creator of the Neo World after all ! And we even have Alter Ego with us, maybe we could even find a way to ask Gekkogahara for help too !

I’m still against it.

Why not? That could work ! We don’t have to kill her !

Have you already forgotten? Tsumiki chose to turn back to despair when she regained her memories. What if she still chose it when she’ll regain her memories once more after the simulation?

She won’t !

And what proof do you have to say that? I’m sorry Makoto but blinding hope won’t solve everything.

Yes. T-That girl is dangerous…I think we should just keep her locked up forever !

I don’t know man…Leaving her like that feels kinda wrong…Like we are just avoiding the problem and usually I’m all for that but this time I can’t help but feel like it would come back to bite us in the ass if we do this.

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When sans develops a crush on squish does he ever remember the night she moaned his name at the bar *wink wonk*

LOL omg

I had forgotten about that actually lol

you know.

yeah, probably! again, it’s likely to happen at inopportune moments though. like he’ll just be chilling at whatever job he’s at and he’ll just think of the time the girl he’s in love with moaning his name


or whatever it is that’s down there  l m a o

I was randomly watching New Girl season 1 clips on YouTube and I’m impressed with how much Zooey’s voice changed since then, not necessarily for better or worse, it’s just different. I had forgotten about that difference. I’m specifically watching videos of 1x16 right now and her voice sounds so sexy, kinda hoarse, I don’t know, I just know that I’m enjoying it hahah.

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Ahhh, I've just read the Nessian bedsharing and I've forgotten how much I love this trope (+ I love it even more when it's about Nessian) :D I've heard something about girls kissing though so I'm curious who the girls are

BEDSHARING IS THE BEST TROPE but the f/f i’m working on is Elain/Mor >:) and it revolves around another very smut-oriented tropey trope, 10 points to anyone who can guess what (it’s something i’ve never written before but that lends itself to the whole “fae” thing)

Dear S,

It hasn’t been long since we’ve gotten to know one another, but there’s something about you that makes me feel more alive than I’ve felt in a very long time.All I want is to keep knowing you more and more.But you’re leaving.

You’re leaving miles away from here, leaving everyone behind, leaving me behind.While you’re in university, you’ll meet new people, have new adventures, make new memories.I’ll just be that girl you once knew, forgotten.

It’s a shame how fate makes people come into our lives and drags them away even before their chapters have been fully written in the book of our lives.Or maybe that was the plan all along, to leave things incomplete.

I’m not wise enough to decipher the universe’s decisions yet, but I do believe in fate.I just hope this isn’t the end of your and me, of a possibility of us.Call me a daydreamer, but honestly I just really like you and I don’t want to lose you.


Sketches of a story set in D&D Forgotten Realms (in Rashemen) and it’s about Vadislen, an amputated warrior who investigates the disappearance of men in an isolated village infiltrated by a wicked cult of witches and surrounded by a forest full of spirits. It’s like a bad mix between Burton’s Sleepy Hollow and Princess Mononoke. I’ll never write it, I’m just drawing it sometimes for fun.

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What are you packing for? 😊

Ah love, you’re so sweet to ask! I’m going to see Vale @soulmatesandfate and Alice @alicedoesntsharefood in Italy!! 😊
And after that i’m going to Rome with my husband!
My flight is tomorrow and I’m packing but I’m not much of an organiser RIP. Also I hate how I can just SEE everything wrinkle as I put it in the suitcase gjdjfjjd. It just always gets me riled up :’) But that will all be long forgotten tomorrow when I get to hug the girls and eat real Italian pizza!

Haru is very much… romantic in theory, could probably get carried away with Romance, very taken by Romantic Gestures, but since she’s. Alone most of the time. She probably doesn’t… go out for like, anything before joining the p thieves. Makoto please take her on lots of dates

okay I gotta say ‘it didn’t involve girls so I’ve also forgotten it’ is ONE HELL of a Big Mood I’m laughing. And also I’m, again, the opposite - getting me interested in Akechi is already an uphill battle so if I were to read any content where he’s a central focus I’d want it to be him taking stuff seriously and condescendingly mastermind-y while protag just acts like a petty little shit. Don’t show me akechi unless his entire mindset is being challenged and tested and refuted. And also he gets shown the FUCK up honestly I love that. Joke’s on you subpar detective everyone can see through your shit. But really probably the only way I’d end up reading akechi stuff is if he was like, tacked onto something I was interested in. Ensemble or femslash. I’d be suspicious if he was tacked into foxskull tho. No Trust

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What are some favorite fics you've read lately??

omg, okay so I just binge read Our Last Few Years by Circe and it was AMAZING!!!! 

and just a few of my FAVORITE fics of all time: