i m cring

And, after watching the video she posted of the colour application, I can see where it all went wrong.

You’ve gotta fill overprocessed blonde hair before you colour it. Those ends are gonna fade out so quickly. I’m legit cringing.

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I’m 23 and I’m cringing so fucking hard at people so much older than me acting like that,, so fucking embarrassing

We have to shove them back into their lockers

It’s honestly cringy to call Fandoms cringy now

We get it. People are apparently ‘weird’ or whatever in whatever flipping dipping fandom they’re in. Even though they normally aren’t and are just trying to have a good time. Just leave it be. No one thinks you’re funny anymore.

Mainly because it never was really in the first place.

Stop basically bullying people for doing stuff that literally doesn’t effect you in any way.

Stop making fun of people for making an original character for something that makes them happy.

Stop deeming things cringy after they’ve existed for like five seconds.

It’s old, no one cares anymore.

Go do something else.


M- Mature content, smut. 

A- Angst .



 Jin/Kim Seokjin~ 

Delicious (M/F)

Strip (M/F)

We don’t have to take our clothes off  (M)

Suga/Min Yoongi~ 

You are mine (M/A/F)

Secret (M)

Forbidden~  #2~ #3~ #4  (M/A/F)

Coffee? (F/A)

J-hope/Jung Hoseok~ 

The party that started it all 

I’m not sick (F)

Business and pleasure (M/A)

Show me (M) 

Studio (M)

Rap Monster/Kim Namjoon~ 

Library (F)

Charade~ #2~ #3~ #4 (M/A/F)

Beautiful  (M)

Baby girl (M)

Strip  (M)

Bullshit (M/A/F)

White roses (M/F)

Let’s talk about sex… (M/F)

Honeymoon (M)

Quick fix  (M)

Let’s have a baby (M)

All I want (Cringe warning)

Submit (M)

Morning  (M)

Dripping wet (M)

Lavender  (M/F)

Missing you (M/F)

Have you ever… (M)

Reflection  (M) 

Goodbye (M/A/F)

Jimin/Park Jimin~ 

Rebound~ #2~ #3~ #4~ #5~ #6~ #7 (M/A/F)

Bright (F)

Let me (M/A/F)

V/Kim Taehyung~ 

Worries (F)

Stay (M)

Prom (F)

Practice (M)

Measuring tape (M)

Jungkook/Jeon Jungkook~ 

Eight years~ #2~ #3~ #4 ~ #5 (M/A/F)

Toughen up (A/F)

Butter beer (F)

Adorable (F)

Growing feelings (M/F)

Friends  (M/A/F) 

Explosion (M)



Always (F)

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Izuku reacting to kisses from his girlfriend scenario. I died at the Bakugou one.

Please dont die Nonnie and my apologies if it turned too cringy and i accidently made his partner genderneutral. My apologies //bows.
I hope you dont mind too much. My first scenario aaaaah

Midoriya reacting to a shower of kisses or sth like that

No matter what he did, he somehow couldn’t move his butt to bed and sleep peacefully like any normal would do when classes are awaiting you in the next 6 hours. His mind swirled with all kinds of different thoughts surrounding One for All and the League of Villains, including his friend’s and partner’s safety. 
All this just left him restless for a while now. 

He rested his chin in his hand that was still wrapped up in bandages from his previous fight, a sigh escaping his lips as he was sitting on his room’s veranda.
The sudden buzz of his phone caused him to startle, taking him back to reality.
Green scanned the two words: „Still awake?

Letting out a huff with a small smile gracing his lips his thumbs hovered over the keyboard, not sure what to write back at first. For one, he didnt want to worry them but for two, he also just wanted to be with them right now.

Oh wait though, why where they still awake?
Another message popped up on his screen as his eyes automatically read it through: „Izuku, I see that you read the message.“ A nervous laugh escaped him because it seemed the fact unpleased them- time to type:
I’m sorry! Why are you still awake?“ 

Expecting a fast response he just kept staring at the display… 
But somehow… they didnt seem to answer at all? Although the messenger told him that they read his text. P
erhaps they left their phone unlocked and fell asleep? Imagining it just made Izuku yearn for him to be close to them. He exhaled once more, burying his face into his arms. Perhaps he should just exercise to keep his mind off instead of just drowning in endless thoughts with all kinds of possible outcomes.

Minutes have passed yet he remained unmoved when a sudden sound made him turn his head towards the veranda’s door that seemed to have opened up. „Izuku?“ The familiar voice caused his eyes to widen, his gaze turning up to meet his partner’s. „W-What are you doing here?!“, Midoriya nearly screeched but they put their hands above his mouth to muffle it because it was late and others needed to sleep while both of them were also included on the list originally.

He made nervous gestures as they settled down beside him, shoving a warm cup of lemonbalm tea to his front, making him stop: „I figured perhaps that might help you.“, they goofily grinned, exhaustion clearly visible on their features. 
They were definitely tired but still came up to his dorm room? He couldnt help but to feel warmth spreading through his body, it made him grin to no end, a soft red dusting his cheeks. „Thank you.“, he voiced out quietly with a hint of shyness, taking the cup into both of his hands.

His partner ran their hand through his messy green hair while carefully putting a blanket over their bodies, shifting a bit closer to his side to press a kiss onto his cheek. „Anytime for you.“, they grinned and pecked the other side, moving to his forehead and place one there as well. Continuing to pepper him with more- Talking about red dusting his cheeks, forget about it because right now his face completely turned red, you could see him steaming from the bloodrising heatwave. His heart could’ve bursted out right there, right then. 

Nervous stuttering was only audible, incomprehensible words leaving his lips as he inhaled, giving up and then trying to take a sip of the warm tea instead. The sight caused his lover to release out a light laugh.
How long have they been together for him to still react like this !
The mere sound of them being happy let so many bubbly emotions of his’ run wild, he really adored it and would love to listen to it forever.

They leaned their head against his shoulder with a relieved exhale: „Drink that up and I will cuddle you to sleep, dork.“ Any struggle would kill him so Midoriya went along with it and nodded nervously. 

Their presence alone was able to distract his mind and at that moment he was just really thankful and glad to have such an amazing, supportive partner, not even sure if he deserved them. „Izuku?“ „Hm?“ „Love you.“

Okay but HIS HEART. HIS HEART CANT TAKE THIS. „L-L-Love you too…..“
A small „Hehh“ from them caught his ears. He really, really did.  

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God, I hope I’m not too cringe-y but…can I just say…that I love the devs? Like seriously. Some might think it’s common for them to want to interact with us, but at the level that they do? There’s not a day that goes by without a notification letting me know that they’re reblogging art or comments about the game. When there’s a problem with the game, they work on it! When we’re getting a little excited about something and take a bit too far with the speculating, they kindly steer us on the right path. They aren’t strict about letting us use their art for icons or backgrounds for our phones etc. If it wasn’t for the info they share on the characters for the weekly Ask Arcana, I’m pretty sure most of us wouldn’t be here pouring our hearts into fic/art/what have you. And the updates omg. Move outta the way, Lucio! I’ll be dead 100 slutty, slutty years and resurrect myself if that’s what it took to get such quality content the devs create! And it’s free??? Sure there’s paid options but you’re not cheated out of anything!! Just…take a breath. All of this wonderful story for free. I need a moment…


So what I’m saying is love, respect, and appreciate your local devs. They work hard to make it an enjoyable experience for all of us here and I’m glad to have followed them

In case anyone needs a reminder (unfortunately some people still need to be reminded ???)

Before you make a post or fan fic, think of these situations that are okay whilst involving the kids from stranger things or It.

- hand holding

- light cheek kissing

- an innocent kiss (aka bev x bill kiss or mike x eleven kiss)

- cute PG Dates that aren’t totally dates but still v cute

- confessing emotional feelings of love, gratitude, admiration, fondness, adoration …. etc

- modest descriptions of clothing or features. Do NOT talk about their nether reigons OKplz

Things that are not okay and shouldn’t have to be explained and yet here I am???

- sexual advances (they are 13 😩 noooooo)

- removing of clothes (seriously. STOP.)

- I’m cringing just writing this. How do people think this is okay.

- sexual harassment , forceful sexual advances (I’d rather die than read this)

- think of it like these are your v own children , do you want to read about your own children doing highly inappropriate things @ a v inappropriate age??

- now think about a grown person writing about this kinda stuff about your children

- this is how MANY of us feel when you sexualize 13 year olds. Uncomfortable. Sickened. And veryyyy angry that you fucked with our baby cubs ok .

- let’s protect these kids. Because they are …. K I D S .

* this goes for literally any underage character you’re writing about*

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Seeing touka's inner thoughts could actually traumatize me. I still haven't recovered from hinami, i was genuinely depressed. The poor girl.

Hello Anon! How do you know about what I commented on another person’s post? Yeah I definitely agree :/ If that was Hina:

Then I’m cringing in advance about reading Touka’s inner thoughts, either in this arc or the next one(s), especially since we know that she’s still stuck in the mindset that…

…She can’t be a beautiful person because she’s a ghoul.

Brace yourself Anon, these characters have to reveal how much they’re hurting in order to be able to move on and develop, and Hina certainly won’t be the only one to whom it happens.

Have a nice day Anon. :)

Hello Anon and I don’t think you’re a bad person for thinking like that because, as I was commenting on someone else’s post and above, we never had the chance yet to read about Touka’s inner thoughts ever since :Re started, which means that it’s bound to happen at some point, especially since Touka still has some development to go through. 

So, considering we just got to read about Hina’s thoughts and that it was really sad, I’m expecting actual depression and possible desperation where Touka is concerned, if just because her bravery to make such heartbreaking choices (not saving Yoriko, leaving Hina)…

…very probably comes with a price (like a very bad amount of self-hatred). 

However, where I disagree is that I don’t think it’s going to be for this arc but rather for when she is to find out about/confront her father’s terrible fate [x][x] even if I might be completely wrong, as always.

Honestly, I’m eagerly waiting for the day that Touka will scream “enough” so that she might stop seeing herself and all of her species in such a negative light [x] whether it’s going to happen in this arc, or the next one! 

Thanks for your thoughts Anon, have a nice day!

Shut Up (fluff, angst)

@hiccup-and-jack-frost : May I request a angst story with Hoshi, where he is super stressed and takes it out on you but can it have a happy ending please? And I love your work 💕🤣

Title: Shut Up (Hoshi/Soonyoung)
Genre: Fluff, angst
Words: 1323
A/N: I’m cringing at the title rn but that’s all I can think of! And yeah, I know I told y’all that I would return to writing next week but I couldn’t help it. :)I read the request before going to school and it got me thinking so much about it. And DNA is also hyping me so yeah. Enjoy!

p.s. Wahh! Hoshi is so cute!!!

Originally posted by fyhoshi

Exhausted Soonyoung walked into a very cross you with your arms folded across your chest. You stood up from your chair, “God, Soonyoung, this is the sixth time in a row.”

Soonyoung wouldn’t have cared. He originally would have walked towards you and kneeled and begged for forgiveness. He would do the other exaggerated things to make you laugh. To make you forget and push down the issue. You sadly expected this too, holding back a sigh.

But he does not.

Soonyoung’s ears were ringing at the annoyed tone of your voice at the past nagging. He was too tired from practising to start a fight with you but he was also too full to keep it all inside. He felt like he would burst. He turns to you and his fiery eyes sizes you up. Your heart paces faster at the look of his eyes, “S-Soonyoung.”

He takes a step towards you and you step backwards. He scoffs while he walks towards you, slowly cornering you, “Nag nag nag nag, that’s all you do Y/N. You just wait at home and relax and nag.”

You step backwards but your back feels the cool hard wall. You felt trapped and you gulp. You could do it, you could tolerate this. You were never used to Soonyoung being mad like this because most of the time both of you tried to avoid these kinds of fights. Both of you wanted to be happy.

“Soonyoung, move away. I’m going to sleep,” you fake a brave voice but if he would listen hard enough he would hear the tremble. Soonyoung looks at your eyes and you could see that vengeful glint in it. He does something you never expected.

He slams his palm on the wall, right next to your ear. You flinch but he does not see.

“I’m always working 24/7 but what do you do?” he rolls his eyes. “You just stay here and wait for someone to nag at.”


“Do you even know how it feels? Huh, Y/N? DO YOU KNOW how it feels to have a lot of eyes watching you? To have a lot of pressure handed to you? To not have a normal life?!” he screams at you and you press yourself harder on the wall. God, you wanted to get out. You wanted to avoid this. Just everything to go away.

“You know you’re so stupid sometimes. I just want you to shut up,” he slams the other hand next to you and the ringing in your ear makes your blood boil and you face him. If he wants a fight then he gets it.

“You’re not the only one you know! I’m here, balancing my studies, my work, my duties to you and my family! It’s stressing me out too, you know! And here you are screaming at me for worrying at you! Dammit, Soonyoung!” you scream at him too, your heart beating loudly for you have never screamed angrily at him. This all felt wrong.

“Worry? That’s what you call worry?!” he lets out an emotionless laugh. “I think that’s just being annoyingly clingy, Y/N.”

“Well, it’s not my fault I get nightmares, Soonyoung! It’s not! It’s not my fault that I can’t get it off my mind that you’d leave me alone! That you’d keep coming home late until you don’t show up! It’s not! It’s not my fault I don’t trust you!” you retorted back, making him step back a little but still cornering you. Once the words sink into you, you cover your mouth, wanting to reset everything.

Soonyoung looks at you with dark eyes not knowing that once he opens his mouth he’d regret everything, “Bullshit, Y/N. I wonder why I’m even dating you.”

The silence between the two of you makes you realise the words you’ve been screaming at each other. Both of you hurt each other and now there was nothing. Nothing you could do. A tear escapes your eye and you look up to blink the others away. Soonyoung looks at you suddenly regretting everything, wanting to turn back time.

“I said move out, I want to sleep. Hoshi.” you coldly say, the heat of the fight makes you feel numb. Soonyoung’s eyes soften when he realises what he’s done. The way you spat his stage name made his insides twist with pain. Hoshi was supposed to be said in a cute manner. In a loving way. Not…not when you two were fighting. Not when both of you were hurt by your own words.

“Y/N…” Soonyoung reaches for your arm but you flinch. This makes Soonyoung’s heart tear apart. You lower your head and move out leaving Soonyoung, making sure you don’t make contact.

A few sobs and a thousand tears had passed when you heard Soonyoung open the door. You could feel his presence as he could yours. You tightly close your eyes. He sat at the edge of the bed below your feet. You didn’t know whether to pull them to your chest or just leave it near Soonyoung.

“Y/N, I’m so sorry. I know I don’t deserve to say this after a while back but Y/N…I’m not going to be like your parents. Never. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean what I said a while ago. I would never regret dating you. Never, Y/N. Never. My stress, my anger, just got the best of me. The practice was just…” he sighs loudly, his heart thumping at just the thought of the events of today. Meanwhile, your tears had dried up. You knew your mistake too. You shouldn’t compare every relationship to your parents’. Not everyone is like them.

“Tiring?” you softly say, biting your lip.

“Hmm? Yeah.”

Another wave of silence washes the two of you as you both stare at the dark room pondering on things. A lot had happened a while ago that it was too much to comprehend. You sigh and sit up, your head slightly throbbing from crying too much.

“Soonyoung, I’m sorry for what I said. I didn’t mean to think that of you. I’m so so sorry. I…trust you, I swear I do. I just…I’m haunted with a lot of things it makes me feel crazy. And no, you will never be like them. You are far more amazing and beautiful than them.” your shoulders slump as you stared at Soonyoung’s side profile.

“I never thought we’d reach this point in our relationship,” Soonyoung looks at you with caring eyes. “I had always thought we would be that always happy couple, you know? I guess things aren’t always supposed to be sunshine and rainbows.”

“Me neither,” you say as you move closer to him and hug your knees to your chest. His hand finds its way to your back and he draws circles. “I think…that we should take time to…you know…”

He only hums and you mentally cuss him for not knowing yet.

“…to talk to each other about our problems.” you turn red at your suggestion. It felt embarrassing to tell your boyfriend to have these ‘therapy-like sessions’ with him. It felt weird.

“That sounds nice. Like the ones from Joshua’s church? Where they tell their problems and start crying and stuff? Some kind of heart to heart talk?”

Your voice seemed small, “Yeah.”

The silence makes you blabber on, “I don’t want everything to build up and turn into a fight like this. I just…I have so many problems–and I’m sure you have too–and it’s making me insane…”

“Then let me shut all those up, love,” Soonyoung says as he leans over you as he sweetly kisses your face over and over again until it tickles.

“Soonyoung, your kisses tickles!” you giggle, trying to push him but he holds you tighter. He faces you and his fingers reach your weak spot and he tickles you making you squeal.

“Where do you want my kiss, then? On your lips?”

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What would bendy look like with his hair down?

Boris: *concern intensifies*

Marini4: TBH i`m having a cringing time when drawing Angel Bendy (somebody save my soul please HIS HAIR LOOK WEIRD WHEN DOWN XDD)