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Lance: (lying down on the floor, smiling)

Pidge: what are you doing?

Lance: stargazing

Pidge: what? But we’re indoo— (looks up at the ceiling, which is covered with pictures of Hunk) oh. (Lies down next to Lance) don’t mind if I do

Lance: (nods)

Keith: (walks in) hey guys what are you doi


“I can’t have any more blood on my hands.”

“Except for your own?”

  • Coxswain: Okay girls, we are just on the 500m marker lets push it through to the end.
  • Rower: *internal or possibly external screaming*
  • Coxswain *two minutes later*: Okay girls at the 500m marker lets gain some pressure.
  • Rower: wait what i thought
  • Coxswain *another minute later*: We have crossed the orange buoy 500m left and you are done, leave it on the water.

Cheritz Team is too kind to us (´;ω;`) I think they read my massage (´°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥ω°̥̥̥̥̥̥̥̥`)

Are they trying to redeem Mary? 

Only took 20 episodes and the threat of torture to make her call her son back.


Pics my mom took of Ghetsis!
Fun fact: my mom’s pretty sure this is the same guy who did gio in my pics earlier. She also said that it was super packed, alot more crowded to see Ghet than Lysandre apparently!
Also i asked her to take a picture of the back of his coat, for ref purposes.


“Hey, everyone! Welcome back to Anime Club on SourceFed Nerd where we watch the first episodes of an anime series and give you our first impressions and such. I’m Reina Scully!”
“And I’m William Haynes!”


Well, Daniel Alves da Silva, is an international hero. He is trying to put it all out there for the world to see, he is trying to save Brazilian football, the players and the new generation that will carry the legacy after them. He is also involving the fans, who are a huge part of the game. We’ve been lied to, although we carry the weight around with our team, the humiliation and the anger. We share goals and views with them and the cbf is fooling us. But thank God, someone like Dani comes along, knowing very well that he won’t be called anymore after this, just like Thiago. But it doesn’t matter to him because he’s had enough. Dani Alves is a legend, I strongly believe in everything he stands for, every word he says is pure gold. Oh, and Dani, I’m sorry that I mocked your hair once .. or twice .. you look absolutely fantastic in the ‘dog poo’ style, honestly you slay!

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How about what teams in Pokemon Go would the Axis + Prussia and Romano be on? (Valor, Mystic, and Instinct)

(I already know the team names, I’m a Pokemon Master!)

South Italy: He’d say he was going to join Team Valor, but he’d actually join Instinct so he could team up with Veneziano.

Prussia: He’d join Team Valor, since he has the bravado and sense of pride that would make him fit right in.

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OK you think rey is Han and Leias daughter but how does that add up? Can you elaborate on how you think this could work?

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War is Anything But Civil (Loki/Avengers x reader)

Request: snooper1 said: im so happy the requests are open again :)! Do you think you could maybe do a lokixreader snowball fight type fic? And maybe the sides are like civil war (tho idk howd that work out bc steve has more ppl on his side than tony)

“Screw this, I’m on Thor’s team,” you huffed, walking away from Steve and Tony, still bickering about how their groups would be split for the snowball fight that Stark had insisted on having.  Clearly, he had woken in a competitive mood today, and you were all dragged into it whether you liked it or not.

“But, my Lady (Y/N), I have no team of my own.  I’ve been called to duty to serve with Steve.”

“Change of plans, big guy,” you chuckled, grabbing his arm and pulling him towards the small shelter you had built from the new-fallen snow at the center of Central Park. “We’re going rogue.  How’s your aim?”

“My aim is superior,” Thor laughed with a deep rumble in his chest, “I plan to be victorious, do not worry.” He stopped and took your hand, looking carefully at the surroundings as if he were searching for something in particular.  “Wait, we can’t hide until he arrives.”

The familiar flutter of anxiety filled your chest, knowing immediately who he was waiting for, worried that he would receive a less-than-warm reception from the rest of the team.  “Thor, please tell me that you’re waiting for anyone other than Loki.  Maybe you meant ‘she’.  Lady Sif, perhaps?”

A wide smile grew across his lips as he looked at you, a mischievous glimmer in his eye.  This was the look of trouble that you weren’t ready for; you hadn’t seen Loki in months, and his last visit ended in an argument that made it clear that you never wanted to see him again.  Thor turned away, again searching for his mystery guest.

“If I told you that,” he smirked, “then I would be lying.”


The teams were formed and shelters were built, line after line of snowballs sitting ready to be thrown at the enemy on each side.  Steve took command of Sam, Bucky and Wanda, who really didn’t want to participate; you pegged her as a fast and easy target.  Tony would lead Rhodey, Natasha, Clint and Vision, who felt as interested in the battle as Wanda; another easy target.  Thor had agreed to form his own team, much to the displeasure of Steve and Tony, each having wanted the powerful Asgardian on their side.  Loki had arrived, with Scott joining your team when he stumbled upon the group after finding the tower empty.

“So wait,” you asked Scott, “if you shrink down with a snowball in your hand, couldn’t that do some damage if you throw it?  We don’t want anyone to get hurt.”

“I’ve got this,” he said with a wink, “we’re going to win, you watch-“

His words were cut short when a chunk of compacted snow slapped across his face, knocking him off balance.  “No time for trash-talk, bug boy!  You’re out!” Sam called out, reaching down for another.

“What the hell, man?” Scott asked, rubbing the stinging red mark that covered nearly half of his face. “Dirty play!”

Sam pulled his arm back and grinned, “you want another?  Step out.”

With Scott sulking away to the sidelines, you ducked down behind your shelter and loaded your arms, readying yourself for battle.  “Thor, you need to focus on Steve and Bucky, because I know they’re gonna work together and you’re strong enough to take them on.  Loki, you try to take out Tony and Rhodey.  I’m going to hit Wanda and Vision first, since they don’t want to play anyway, then Nat and Clint are going down.  Sam is just fair game to whoever can hit him first.”

“I’ve missed this,” Loki chuckled, “this commanding side of you.  It’s a very attractive trait, (Y/N).”

You acted as if you hadn’t heard him, even though you clearly did, keeping your focus on the task at hand and not allowing him to get into your head.  “Alright, boys.  There’s no honor in a loss.  Not to this group, anyway.”

“And what do we receive if we win?”

“Hmm, I don’t think anyone has ever asked,” you replied quizzically.  You lifted your head just far enough over your bunker to see Tony and yelled across the open battlefield.  “Hey Stark, what’s in it for the winner?”

“The losers have to prepare and serve the winners dinner.  I mean formal, white glove, ‘sir’ and ‘ma’am’ style,” he laughed.  “And it has to be edible!”

From your periphery you spotted Wanda and Vision, standing to the side and ignoring their teams completely.  Since they were still officially considered as players and as the enemy, and even though you felt slightly guilty, you quickly fired two snowballs their way with precision, easily taking them out of the game as you had planned.  As she brushed the snow from her hair, Wanda nodded to you, silently mouthing ‘thank you’, as the pair took a nearby bench to continue their conversation in safety.

“Nice work, darling,” Loki whispered, leaning in close to you, “I feel fortunate that I am on your side.”

Thor looked down at the two of you and growled, leaping out over the shelter to charge forward at his prey, a rapid fire of snowballs flying from his hands.  “You will never take me alive!” he yelled, breaking your determination to keep a straight face and losing your concentration in a fit of laughter that brought tears to your eyes.

“I feel fortunate that we are on his side, honestly.”  You caught your breath and looked towards Loki, taken aback by the wide and bright grin across his face.  It would be a lie to say you hadn’t missed him too, seeing the jovial side of him again rather than the angry and rejected side of him that you last saw when you turned down his offer to take to you Asgard with him. You believed that you would never see him again, and until this moment, you thought you were finally okay.

“Alright,” you choked out, clearing your throat, “I think that’s our cue.”  Before you could stand, a wave of snowballs flew overhead; you waited for a break before standing and charging forward with Loki at your side, hoping at the very least that if you lost, your tiny team would go out with a glorious fight.


Within a matter of minutes, the crowds began to gather, cheering for their heroes as the battle continued.  For each fallen teammate a collective gasp would roll through the spectators; they had watched Sam, Rhodey, Clint, Thor and Bucky fall, leaving you, Loki, Steve, Tony and Natasha left to finish the fight.  

“Come on, Cap!” Sam yelled from the sidelines, “don’t be afraid to hit a girl!”

“I’m not afraid!  They’re just so fast!”

From behind a nearby tree, you pitched a snowball at him, narrowly missing his head.  “What’s the matter, Steve?  Not so easy without your shield?”

“I think I’ve held my own pretty well, (Y/N)!”  Steve spun around, hearing the crunch of footsteps behind him in the snow.  With a solid and stinging hit, he had taken down your last teammate.  “Two gods down, (Y/N).  Actually quite easy.”

“Dammit,” you whispered, wondering how you could eliminate the final three on your own.  “I don’t know how to cook.”  

You closed your eyes and listened carefully to the sounds around you, through the cheers of the crowds and the wind in the air, hearing slow falling from the branches above you and the sound of small twigs snapping.  When you raised your head up and saw Nat you had just enough time to duck away and pitch your ammunition at her; she didn’t have room or leverage to dodge them, taking a solid strike to her chest.

“You’re out, Widow!” you pointed and chuckled, forgetting to watch your back in your moment of excitement. A strong hit to the back of your head shot you forward onto your knees, making you dizzy with stars filling your vision.  

“Shit!  Guys, hold up!” Tony yelled, running to your side.  “Hey, kiddo, you okay?  I’m sorry, I didn’t think I threw it that hard.”

You shook your head and sat back against the tree, trying to regain your equilibrium and stop the world from spinning.  “Just give me a minute.”  Loki had now rushed to your side and pushed Tony back, concern and anger in his eyes. He took a hold of your shoulders and looked at you intensely, waiting for you to say that you were okay.  When it was taking longer than his liking, he swung his arms underneath you and lifted you to him, resting your head against his chest.

“Out of my way,” he commanded coldly, pushing past your teammates to bring you to a nearby bench, laying you down and kneeling at your side.  “(Y/N), what should I do?”

“I’m okay, it was just a hard hit.”  You opened your eyes again to blurry vision that was slowly clearing, but as it did, his face was close enough to you to fill it.  “Loki, I’m okay, really.”

“I do not believe you. You’re scaring me.”

“Why would I scare you?” you groaned as you sat up, “you don’t need to worry about me.”

“Because I love you and cannot see you hurt.  Did you not know that?  Nothing has changed for me, (Y/N).”

Your gaze dropped to the ground and your voice lowered to a whisper, “no, I didn’t know that.  I thought when you left, that was the end.”

“No, (Y/N), there will never be an end,” he whispered back, taking your face in his hands and gently kissing you.  You knew he would leave again, out of obligation beyond his control, but you didn’t want to stop him and eagerly responded to his touch.  The moment was lost quickly, though, with shivers running down your spine, yelling at the cold snow being thrown at you from all directions by your own team, now attacking you as a group.

“If you guys can cool it, I think you have a dinner to prepare,” Tony smirked.

You looked at him and then to Steve, remembering that the game had stopped when you were hit, leaving them both active players.  “Um, fellas, I think you’re forgetting something.  Neither of you have been hit yet.”

Their eyes widened as they looked at each other, darting in opposite directions to gather more ammunition as quickly as they could.  Sam leaned over to Scott and gave him a firm slap on the shoulder, watching eagerly as the two men began the battle once more.

“Now the real war begins.”