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okay okay but my favorite is famous fashion designer Magnus and model Alec and Magnus meets Alec during one of his many fashion shows. Despite the fact that she's met so many models, all very attractive and diverse, you'd think he wouldn't bat an eyelash when meeting a new model but he meets Alec and he's just so????? Enamored!!!! And he's like, why have I never met you before, and Alec is like, well modeling wasn't really what I wanted to do but my sister Izzy got me into it, and he's like oh,

Isabelle Lightwood!! I should have connected the dots, you both have very similar faces, very gorgeous and Alec is just like?? Is he flirting with me by comparing me to my sister???? But anyways after the show he catches up with Alec at a party and they get to talking and Magnus is like, I’ll be here for a few more days, we should go out sometime and Alec is like yeah sure, this is too good to be true. But they do go out, and thats not the end of it, they end up talking a lot over the phone and

sky ping as Alec gets more gigs around New York and Magnus travels to Milan and Paris and all these fashion capitals, and when he gets back to New York, Magnus requests that Alec be in all his shows and even takes him out to all the parties he attends to show off his designs before they’re officially released, and after a while Alec begins to wonder if Magnus likes him or if Magnus likes the publicity and the image they present, so Alec starts to pull back and Magnus comes to Alec’s place and

and he’s all, what the heck did I do?? I thought things were going great!!! And Alec is all, you got what you wanted, you shouldn’t need me anymore and Magnus is like, what, exactly, are you talking about and Alec voices his concerns and Magnus just. Laughs. And Alec is like, this isn’t funny, these are my emotions you are playing with and Magnus sits him down and takes his hands and gives him a quick kiss before saying that he thought he was helping Alec’s career and also he just wanted to

Spend more time with Alec but if it bothered him he wouldn’t be as public about their relationship anymore, and Alec is like wait are we in a relationship???? Because everything about this is confusing, but that may just be because he header really had a serious boyfriend before and Magnus is like, well, I was hoping we would be, and now seems like the perfect time to work it out and Alec is just !!!!!!! he kisses Magnus and Magnus is like, “I’ll take that as a yes?” And Alec just smiles because

“Of course that’s a yes.”