i lvoe this show so much oh no


I guess every lonely girl would hope she’s a princess.

Things My Heart Used to Know by @hiddenpolkadots

He and Raven share a look.

“How would you like to help us get into the City of Light?” asks Bellamy, slinging his arm around her shoulders. “You don’t need to do much, in fact we’ve got the paperwork and everything sort out already. All you need to do is ah, put on a little show.”

The girl squints suspiciously at him. “What kind of show?”

“Oh, you know,” said Raven airily, taking her other arm and leading her towards an old portrait at the top f the stairs. It’s a painting of the royal family, or what was the royal family, and she points towards the small blonde haired girl in the middle. “Just pretend to be Arkadia’s long lost princess, that’s all.”


or, conman Bellamy Blake just found his crew’s ticket out of the slums of Arkadia that’ll leave them ten million dollars richer. 

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Alright, the most iconic of the receipts is the Down In The Basement video where Stephen LITERALLY FULL-ON MAKES OUT WITH PAUL DINELLO… and especially the third time oh my god like u can T E L L he didn’t wanna pull away!!!

And also there’s the Maya video where Stephen makes out with another dude (who plays Nathan)

And this video on The Late Show whenever Billy Eichner was talking about how there was a “Stephen Colbert is too smart to not be bi” line on his show and Stephen did nOT DENY IT AT ALL!!! HE JUST RAN HIS HANDS THRU HIS HAIR AND GRINNED AND SAID “WELL U JUST NEVER KNOW, LIFE’S FULL OF SURPRISES” LIKE !!!!!!!!!! THAT BOY IS BI !!!!!!!!!!!

And also this video on The Late Show where he and Jeff Daniels kissed on that week where Stephen was making out with all his guests

And also the entire series of Strangers with Candy in general where Stephen plays a gay teacher who’s in love with Paul Dinello, another gay teacher


And also I can’t remember the interview he said it in, but i do remember him pretty much confirming that the “Stephen” character from The Colbert Report is closeted gay because of how times these people who spew blatant homophobia just turn out to be gay themselves and have really bad cases of internalized homophobia… a few of my favorite examples of gay as hell “Stephen” include “How To Ruin Same Sex Marriage” (i wonder who JONATHAN could be???)“Hot Dog With The President,” and also every single one of the Tad The Building Manager videos on the TCR website are absolute g o l d. 

And also even in his earliest days as a correspondent on The Daily Show, he was still gay as all hell, one of my favorite videos being of Stephen going on a field report to confirm that Robin Hood is gay, and also DEEPTHROATING A SOFT-SERVED ICE CREAM CONE IN THE PROCESS, and perhaps the most iconic of the early daily show videos, the Prince Charles Scandal video where Stephen DEEPTHROATS A BANANA, and, of course, Gaysplosion. 

And also these grainy videos of jon and stephen kissing at the paley center!!! i really wish they were in better quality oh my god i lvoe them so much… 

And just… every single show Stephen has written for has had such strong gay themes, like what kind of straight man dedicates like nearly 30 years of tv-writing and acting and producing to such strong LGBT themes, and also LITERALLY MAKES OUT WITH OTHER DUDES??? NONE. NO STRAIGHT MAN EVER, THAT’S WHO. I know there’s tons of other examples of stephen’s bisexuality out there but these are the ones i could remember off the top of my head!!! Stephen Colbert is a fucking flaming bisexual, and don’t you ever forget it.