i lveo this

  • usagi (just woke up)
  • killing a dude and in the next panel he’s skiping and singing
  • usagi (smely boy)    
  • vulcan mind meld?
  • usagi (not knowing what a high five is)
  • usagi (learning the true meaning of christmas)  
  • usagi (steven universe cameo)
  • samurai tourist. the entire episode.
  • usagi (getting in the fucking robot)
  • straight up asking 3 different married/engaged/recently widowed women to run away w him

 me n my friends from our gc are looking for new people to add ! ! !  ! 1 1 

so currently there’s me, @softlarry @ohhlouis @aceficlouis @tomlinsun @rainbowankles @louislittletummy @fondleeds @organicstunts @goldenlouie (there’s a few more but they haven’t spoke lately). also if u want to join pls prepare for MULTIPLE gordon ramsey & lazytown &shrADDY memes and also lots of gay and lots of louis & harry appreciation (there’s So mcuh lazytown and gordon yall oh ym gojjfkljhkjs) so yeah just reblog this or reply to it and we’ll pick soon rip