i luv ur hair

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so I just saw ur selfie from the selfie meme and ur hair is gorgeous!!! would u post another one pretty pls? its okay if ur not comfortable with it but I really luv ur hair

Oh wow, ‘Nony, you’ve got me blushing big time. ☺️Thank you!! You’re a sweetheart. Since you asked so nicely, I’ll give you a couple hair selfies under the cut. 

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Something about me - a conversation from a year ago between my father and I. Me - " what do you think that I'm not going to be pretty if I cut my hair?" My father- "No, I don't think you will be as pretty." - this conversation replays in my head a lot and I just needed to tell someone. P.s. I cut my hair anyway

!!!!! u can do whatever the heck u want with ur hair, gurl!!! also, dont u think there’s something empowering about cutting ur hair??? idk, i just always feel like a different person every time i cut my hair short hehe!!!! (ps: i really would luv to see ur new hair!!!!)

boyfriend jimin
  • first of all congrats u dating the cutest lil bean
  • actually rly timid when it comes to someone he likes
  • was nervous when he asked u out but tried to play it off
  • loves to make u smile or laugh or anything
  • thinks ur laugh is the cutest
  • like !!! my babys happy sound !!!!
  • i just think laughing is cute like it’s a noise u make when u get so happy or u about to drag a bitch ANYWays
  • plays with ur hair a lot
  • rly likes the smell of ur shampoo
  • knows when u switch scents cuz it becomes his new favorite
  • “jagiyaaaaa jaaaagi jjjjaaaaaggggggiiiiiiii”
  • “WHaT jimin i swear to god u fuckg-”
  • “i luv u ;-)”
  • once tried to braid ur hair never again
  • tries to wake up early so he can watch u sleep
  • thinks ur the cutest when ur asleep
  • loves stay at home dates but also loves taking u out
  • can read ur emotions like a book
  • sings u to sleep
  • sings too much in the shower
  • leaves his socks everywhere but what can u do about it
  • gives the best kisses
  • have u seen his lips
  • showers u with lots of kisses daily
  • says i love u a lot
  • bad aegyo never ask him to do aegyo
  • falls for aegyo real quick
  • shoot him an oppa and he’d fall so deep
  • satoori!! lots of satoori!!
  • likes when u laugh at his dialect but thinks it makes him cool lowkey
  • like that one video where hes saying the lyrics to wdycf
  • good cuddler
  • kicks the covers off at night and then pulls u into his arms for warmth
  • sends u good morning and goodnight texts every day/night

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Could u do an ikon reaction to you having fluffy/curly hair thanq i luv ur blog so much😔💜

(Thank you so much sweetheart!! 💜 💜 )

Jinhwan: *hugs you and rests his head on yours* “It’s so fluffy ~”

Yunhyeong: “Do you think curls would look good on me too?

Bobby: *he would play with your curls every time you are on his lap or standing in front of him. He loves it so much!*

B.I: “Can I touch your hair, babe?

Y/N: “You just did…”

B.I: “I know but is so fluffy!!”

Donghyuk: “I don’t know how you complain about your hair sometimes. It’s beautiful.”

Junhoe: “Look at that luxurious hair of yours.”

Chanwoo: “So this is your natural hair? Waaaaaah I love it!”

(note: gifs are not mine)

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I luv u, i want ur hair, anyway, how cool is it being that young and working THE markiplier??

Aw thanks! It’s been awesome so far! Mark is a great dude. It’s been really inspiring getting to make stuff with him and Tyler :)


i really like the first one to be quite honest

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i luv being a short haired girl cos ur like in a secret club with all the other short haired girls…. like we all smile at each other n stuff its amazing