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He Kicks You Out Of His Car pt II

i luv u guys sm this was so highly requested

Two hours have passed since Harry had kicked you out of his car.

The Grammy’s were well on their way now, and although your phone was on low battery mode, you kept checking it for a text from Harry. Or even from one of the boys, thinking that they wouldn’t let him treat you this way.

But nothing.

You walk barefoot, carrying your shoes and broken jewelry in your hands, giving no fucks about the muddy puddles and the dark sky quickly covering the sun. In fact, you’re so pissed off at Harry that it doesn’t occur to you that it might be dangerous wandering alone and looking extremely vulnerable in the boroughs of a foreign city until your phone rings.

You answer it without checking caller ID because it must be Harry–I mean, who else would be calling this hour?–and as soon as you pick up, it’s for sure his voice. He’s yelling, “WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU?”

Despite his tone, you laugh, “Oh so now you care? It’s been two fucking hours, Styles! At least pretend to–”

“I know I screwed up,” Harry’s voice lowers, and he sounds frustrated. I can hear him honking his car. “I…I reached the venue and I was standing on the red carpet and then I…I just ran off it. And I went back and tried to find you but when I couldn’t–”

You roll your eyes. “It never occurred to you to call me? If you’re gonna come up with an excuse, at least make it a believable one!” Your knees start to wobble and even though you haven’t downed any drinks that night, you feel dizzy. 

Suddenly, you are aware of footsteps behind you. 

“I did!” Harry screams into your ear. “Don’t you remember you dropped your phone last week and it’s been having trouble receiving calls? Well–”

Your voice is deadly soft. “Harry,” you whisper, picking up your pace ever so slightly. “Harry, I think there’s somebody following me.”

Your boyfriend is silent for a second, and then he asks, “Where are you? Are you certain he’s following you?”

“I don’t know,” you confess. “I’m not even sure it’s a guy….I’m too scared to turn around…” you pause to listen, and sure enough, the footsteps are still echoing behind you. This time they’re closer. You choke back a sob. “Harry, what do I do?”

Where are you?” He repeats, and you look up and read off the nearest street sign you can find. You can hear his tires screeching as he makes a U-turn. Possibly an illegal one. “Okay kitten, this is what you’re gonna do. You’re not going to hang up the phone, okay?”

“Okay,” I say, as a tear runs down my cheek.

“And you’re going to have to remember some moves for me, okay?”

I furrow my eyebrows, “What do you mean?”

“Didn’t you once tell me that you took a self defence class?”

I hiss-yell, “That was all the way back in high school!” 

“So? You have to tell me you remember something. Please tell me you remember where to kick.”

Scrunching up my nose, I tell him, “Well, there was one move called Get Off The Path. Where if someone’s following you and they’re walking fast, instead of trying to out-walk them, you step aside and let them go first…but that’s kinda stupid if they’re trying to get to me.”

“Try that for me, love.”

The footsteps are getting louder behind me, and they’re close enough to hear there’s a sort of scraping noise that comes with each step. Is he/she dragging an axe?

“Harry, I’m not doing that,” I cry. “He’s getting closer, what do I do?”

“Get off the path.”

HARRY!” I don’t bother keeping quiet anymore. “WHY ARE YOU SO FUCKING STUPID! I CAN’T AND WON’T DO THAT!” 

And then there’s a tap at my shoulder. 

I spin around before my brain can register what I’m doing and I’m staring right at a man with bright blue eyes. A middle aged man with dirty clothes and a rotten smile. And sure enough, there’s a knife taped to his boot.

“Y/N?” Harry’s whispering into my ear. “What’s happening? Tell me what’s happening.”

“A girl like you shouldn’t be in a place like this,” the man says, and the last thing I hear is Harry’s shaky exhale before my phone cuts off. I lift it up to see the no battery sign. Hands shaking, he continues, “Was that your boyfriend? It sounded like you two were having a disagreement. May I ask why?”

I hesitate. “He kicked me out of his car,” I sigh, confiding in him as if he were my therapist. “So that’s why I’m here right now.”

The man takes a step closer to me, and I flinch visibly. “Well,” he clasps his hands around my wrists. “His loss, my gain, am I right?”

“Please don’t touch me,” I beg, wrenching my hands out of his grasp. “My boyfriend knows where I am,” I tell him, “so you don’t have time to try anything.”

The man frowns, then smiles. “But you two were just having a fight. I don’t think he’s jumping to save you right now. You’ll cum for me before he comes for you.” [a/n wow that word play]

You back away, dropping your high heels on the ground because your life was certainly more important than a pair of stilettos (though, highly debatable). “Please don’t hurt me,” you cry, but he advances on you too quickly. But his hands are on your shoulders for a mili-second before your knee comes up and hits him hard in the groin.

“You bitch!” The man swears and you scream for help, your voice tearing scars into the brick buildings around you. 


Suddenly, a car appears at the end of the road, tires screeching noisily. You can see Harry’s face through the front window before he comes spiralling down the road. The car barely rolls to a stop before your boyfriend jumps out of the car, takes one look at your crying state and punches the stranger square in the jaw.

“Oh G-God,” you cover your mouth as your eyes widen with fear, watching Harry beat the spirit out of the man. “Harry that’s enough,” you shakily tell him when the man starts coughing up blood. “Enough.”

You don’t know what you expected from him, but certainly not that he’d start crying once you both were safely snug in his car. His knuckles were bleeding, and yet he still looked at you as if you were the most important thing in the whole world. 

“I’m so sorry,” Harry cries. “Please, please forgive me….if he…if that man touched you in any way, I–”

“He didn’t,” you tell a white lie. “I just….are you okay?” Your eyes land on his fist. “That must hurt. Should we switch spots so I can drive you to the E.R.?”

Harry shakes his head, and whispers, “I should’ve never kicked you out of the car…this all would’ve been avoided if I hadn’t.”

You raise your eyebrows, “So why did you?”

“Because I got scared,” he confesses, green eyes turning red around the edges. “I got scared because for the…for the first time in my entire life…you were the only thing that mattered. Just you. I tried so hard to make myself believe that the red carpet, the media, the band….I tried so hard to believe that all of those were my life, and that I could easily give you up for any one of them.

But when I realized that I could lose everything–money, fame, my name–and still be sane because I had you.” His lips are quivering. “So please forgive me. I love you.”

“I love you too,” you sob. “But I’ll love you more if you let me drive you to the hospital.”

“No way,” Harry smiles as he leans in for a kiss. “I’m never letting you out of this car ever again.”

“That would’ve sounded kidnapper-ish if I didn’t know you had a heart of gold.”

ok this turned soppy at the end because i watched Artificial Intelligence again and wrote this while watching it and i cried like 17 times because that movie is so freaking sad but yeah so excuse me 

im having a wholesome moment n i just wanna pour love to all the kids around 12-14 who already have great art styles n tell them that they’re the most important ppl in the art community n they shouldn’t ever hear shit from jealous ppl 

ALSO !!! to the kids who are just starting out in art like heck they deserve love as well bc u dont see a kid being so passionate abt something all the time !!! dont compare urselves !! u guys are still young n have a long way to go !!! (bc TRUST ME a lot can happen in a year even if u dont see improvement in ur art)

passionate kids are just so important i luv u all so much 

Vocal line on BTS’ songs accoustic version
Vocal line on BTS’ songs accoustic version

Vocal line on BTS’ songs accoustic version:
Danger (Jin playing guitar)
Boy in Luv -Japanese ver.-
I NEED U -Japanese ver.-

i love using the heart in dishonored and learning shit about random npcs like last night i learned that the overseer i knocked out was a good dude who thought heresy should be forgiven and that everyone is good at heart and that he gives out food to the children in the streets and i was So Touched i put his unconscious body on a nice bed so he could snooze peacefully 

there is NEARLY 7k views on my sketchbook video and im like where the fuck are all these people coming from because it sure isn’t my tumblr. like damn. i’m excited to finish my current book so i can film another video!!! also. i need to get my other videos edited and post them.

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I saw you were doing the bishounen of mbti types , can you please do ENTP ???? also u identify as ENFP ? my sis is one and i luv u guys ! Thanks !!!!!


ENTP Bishounens~

Inquisitive, mischievous, argumentative and knowledgeable; As an ENTP, your primary mode of living is focused externally, where you take things in primarily via your intuition. Your secondary mode is internal, where you deal with things rationally and logically. With Extraverted Intuition dominating their personality, the ENTP’s primary interest in life is understanding the world that they live in. They are constantly absorbing ideas and images about the situations they are presented in their lives. Using their intuition to process this information, they are usually extremely quick and accurate in their ability to size up a situation. With the exception of their ENFP cousin, the ENTP has a deeper understanding of their environment than any of the other types.

Ne Ti Fe Si

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can we see your calarts sketchbook :0

i would LUV to show u guys the whole thing but i haven’t gotten it back in the mail yet :( here are a few pages & i also have more excerpts posted on twitter