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Lil redraw of one of the doodles I did back in 2015 for @farbsturz‘s fic~

I had to find the post for reference for something and couldn't leave without fixing at least one of the doodles….

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May I suggest a scenario where y/n and yuta met in a bar and they have a one time thing but yuta actually starts having feelings for her?

A/N: Every time I make these I kind of want to write them in a real scenario… [I feel this is one I might come back to later and create an actual story bc I like the plot.]
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  • Study abroad in Japan! [in college]
  • Of course, a couple of your new Japanese dorm mates coax you to go out with them one night.
  • You weren’t really sure where they were going, but you trusted them.
  • Holy shit! A fucking street race?!
  • The cars were sleek and beautiful, you don’t think you could watch one of them get dinged without wincing.
  • The engines were revving loudly, tires smoking before they took off, hitting the breaks as they drifted around a corner dangerously.
  • Even though the cars were out of sight you could hear their loud hum in the distance.
  • Your friends assured you it was perfectly fine and that they knew one of the racers, and that he was ‘really good’
  • Imagine that, he won.
  • His face was godly, soon surrounded by girls as he stepped out of the car.
  • Your friends suggested for a celebration they go out drinking.
  • AND, those assfucks made you ride with him, making jokes like ‘don’t go too fast’ etc to freak you out.
  • He drove like a civilized person, staying silent 98% of the ride.
  • Skip to getting to the bar-
  • He really was a quiet dude, even around friends, but you deduced it must have been because you were there…
  • He kept catching your gaze, causing you to dart your gaze to the floor.
  • After more drinks than you had intended, you opened up more and began talking to him.
  • He became fond of you pretty quickly, noticing your quirky attitude and silly jokes, the collected and quiet girl from earlier gone.
  • In fact, the two of you would get along so well as the conversation kept going your friends would leave you in his care, haphazardly tossing you a wave.
  • You felt a bit wired to be honest.
  • Then Yuta would suggest you two ‘head out’
  • In actually what happens is he takes you back to his car [he’s sober okay] and says he’ll take you home, but one thing leads to another and your crawling from your seat onto his lap, fisting his collar as his lips tease your own.
  • I mean he parked on a dimly lit street and there aren’t many people around, so things get heated.
  • You accidentally hit the horn once, the cramped space making things more intimate and hotter- the rush of excitement of being with a stranger in public making you writhe in his lap.
  • He helped you do most of the work.
  • You know he knows what he’s doing too fack
  • Just imagine it, his hands wandering under your shirt before embracing your waist as you sink onto his cock [I need help], his head leaning back against the headrest, his arms relaxing.
  • Shit, he’d be pretty vocal too, hissing and cursing as he bucked his hips to meet your own.
  • You are maxed out after and just want to get home… getting back into the passenger seat was the hardest part, your legs a bit unstable.
  • — 
  • The next day you do remember just about everything, except why you were so crazy as to fuck a guy you just met!!!!!!1
  • You sigh, he probably does this kind of thing all the time.
  • It’s certainly a memorable 1 night stand-
  • However, ya boi Yuta actually rlly into you and like wants to meet you again and is hittin up his friends asking more about you.
  • He thinks your quiet n modest side is charming and your hidden playful side is cute & quirky, and shit your body he loves.
  • One thing leads to another and in 2 days time he’s sitting in the cafe your friends called you out to meet at.
  • You’re a bit bashful, but he’s not and is practically doting on you, actin like ur bf.
  • I’ll let you conjure up the rest of the scenario.
Vocal line on BTS’ songs accoustic version
Vocal line on BTS’ songs accoustic version

Vocal line on BTS’ songs accoustic version:
Danger (Jin playing guitar)
Boy in Luv -Japanese ver.-
I NEED U -Japanese ver.-

Sleepy beans who deserve much rest and luv <3

This has been sitting in my folder for weeks along with like 50 unfinished doodles ┐(‘~`;)┌

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  • Yoriko: [takes a deep breath] I lo-
  • Anyone who has ever spent 5 seconds around her: Yes, you love Touka, I know, you love Touka so much, she's your precious baby, you love her so much, you just love Touka, I KNOW, you love Touka, you fucking love Touka ok I know, I get it, YOU LOVE TOUKA. I. GET. IT.