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ok but every time robert and aaron have a conversation about roberts bisexuality ten years are added to my life AND when robert jacob sugden is comfortable with that conversation and can talk freely and sensibly about his own sexuality (like tonight) i literally ascend to a higher place of existence

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Prompt! Dom!Jon pissed at Sansa for undermining him and "punishing" her in the bedroom.

Hi Anon! This…. this prompt…. made me think and feel things.. One of my lusted after AUs for JonSa tbh so I managed to conjure something up.

It’s quite long, so I’ll put it under the cut. Canon - compliant with some bits of dialogue from S7x01 so spoilers ahead I guess. Take it as a sort of re-write if you will. I didn’t quite go as Dom!Jon as I would have liked because ahem.. might be a bit too much (oops lol) so I tried my best. Hope you like it anon!

Unbeta’d, sorry! But enjoy nonetheless! 

* also dedicated to @kittykatknits who gave me very good insight and advice on GoT fashion and dressing. Thanks luv!  :)

* Title inspired by I See Fire by Ed Sheeran*

Rated Explicit so read at your own risk ( I got a bit hot and bothered myself..)

Winter in Our Bones, Fire in Our Hearts

“Would that be so terrible?” her voice softened along with her pleading eyes that glistened. There was nothing more for him to continue and he could only give a defeated sigh. Jon could only wonder if Sansa had any idea the effect she had on him.

How I wish you didn’t look at me that way.

Her long locks of copper, her soft red lips and her eyes staring hungrily at him were all that appeared in his dreams, every night whenever he closed his eyes and laid his head down to rest. When he awoke, he was hard as a rock, aching with need and guilt. It did little to stop him, however, when he found himself thinking of her, in her Lord’s chambers, knitting and sewing or if she was reading her favourite books. More often than not, those thoughts drifted to visions of Sansa undressing before him and how he yearned to reach out and touch.

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102.7 KIIS-FM: Ed Sheeran Freestyle Raps w/ JoJo

My fav tbh

I’m home…

I dunno who is welcoming who but i like it <333

Sorry about the circle in the background, in the last days/hours i’ve been spamming them like crazy ^^’ (i didn’t do them, mind you. Well except Roy’s lame ass circle (well.. the way i made it, not the circle itself))

Little note: When i made this, Ed was standing on his tip toes, so you can imagine how ridiculously short i made him. And damn boy that hair is long. Geez. Don’t regret that tho.

Don’t kill me Ed, plz. I luv you very much bby. I know how you feel buddy, i’m shortest one in the family too *i’m cry*

Can I Drive You Home? (One Shot)

Ed is a bartender at a club Stuart owns. One night, when you’re too drunk to drive yourself home, he takes you home. (Explicit).

Ed is sure he’s seen you around here before.

Wasn’t there once a time you and your friends came to the club, all dolled up and ready to party? He isn’t too sure, but there’s an inkling of familiarity. Whatever. It doesn’t matter. The point is you’re passed out at the bar, face pressed into the glass, and Ed can’t tell if you’re breathing or not.

It’s late and he’s ready to go home. Stuart left him the keys to lock up, something he usually makes Jensen do, but Jensen apparently called in sick early morning which Ed finds odd considering the guy went to some big birthday bash and uploaded twenty something pictures on Instagram. He won’t mention that to Stuart though, he doesn’t think it’s that important, and besides, Stuart promised to pay Ed extra considering he had to work the night shift with two newbies — who mind you, couldn’t mix a drink to save their lives. 

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summertime 2k14 playlist [ L I S T E N ]

| west coast - lana del rey | venice - the lighthouse & the whaler | ocean avenue - yellowcard | summer girls - lfo | not a bad thing - justin timberlake | sweet disposition - the temper trap | heartbreak dream - betty who | paradise - coldplay | shake it - metrostation | the beach - all time low | summer vibe - walk off the earth | these streets - bastille | underneath it all - no doubt | mo free mo falling (remix) - b.i.g. & tom petty | island in the sun - weezer | unpredictable - 5 seconds of summer | holy ground - taylor swift | i love la - emblem3 | trampoline - the unlikely candidates | islands - the xx | luv me luv me - shaggy | little bird - ed sheeran | i lived - onerepublic | champagne supernova - oasis | the love club - lorde | way back when - kodaline | heart starts - matt nathanson | the remedy - jason mraz | favorite song - colbie caillat | the only place - best coast | jukebox - the summer set | cherry lips - loon lake | kids in love - mayday parade | oceans - coasts |