i luhhhh you

Chapter 22 Part 2: Recovery


“August wait, I’m coming with you!” Raye yelled as she came outside with a different outfit in her hands. Stoppin’ ma car, I waited for ha to get in. When she did, I expected ha to say somethin’ but she didn’t. Good, cause I didn’t feel like talkin’ anyways. I just wanted to be alone to be honest, but I didn’t want to make ha worry to much, so I’m lettin’ her come. I had to get the fuck up out that house. If I didn’t I would’ve turned that motherfucka inside out.

I can’t believe Chris had the fuckin’ nerve to go do some bullshit like that. That’s why we not fuckin’ cool now. I was tryin’ to be nice to his ass cause this drama shit was getting annoying as fuck. Fuck him now though. I lowkey wanted to laugh so bad when he broke his leg, but I held it in. That’s what the fuck he gets. Chris does the most fucked up shit to people, but somehow always gets sympathy. Bitch ass motherfucka!

Once we got to ma crib, I went straight to ma room and plopped down on the bed. My fuckin’ nose hurts thanks to Chris bitch ass. I needed to go clean ma shit, but ma body was too sore to get up. 

Hearing the door creak open, there appeared Raye. Sittin’ up to look at her, I noticed that her eyes were red from cryin’. I should be the one cryin’, shit.
A couple of seconds later, she crawled onto ma lap straddlin’ me makin’ sure she didn’t hurt me, and gently grabbed my face to kiss me on my forehead. 

“You don’t believe me, August?” She asked me breaking the silence. I didn’t answer ha fa a few moments. I was still heated. Should I say some shit back? Yea, I ain’ gone be mean to her. It wasn’t ha fault. 

“Yea, I believe you. I’m just pissed da fuck off. Sorry for spazzin’ on you like that. I shouldn’t of put my hands on you.” I apologized as I remembered how hard I pushed ha earlier. I didn’t mean to, I honestly didn’t give a fuck about shit but fuckin’ Chris up at the moment. 

“It’s ok. I know you didn’t realize that you pushed me down. You okay?” She asked, scanning my face. I obviously wasn’t, but I ain’t gone be rude to her even thought my attitude on 100 right now. 

“Nah, ima go clean my face real q–” She cut me off as she stood up.

“It’s fine, I’ll do it. You sit your injured ass down.” She said, pushing me back down on the bed. I ain’ injured, my nose leaked a little, I had a few cuts, and my knuckles were busted up.

“Injured? If anything, yo ex is injured. Nigga screamed like somebody shot him.” I chuckled as Raye shook her head and let out a small laugh. 

She disappeared in my bathroom and a few seconds later, she came out with a small warm wet towel and a first aid kit to clean my cuts and nose up. Looking down at my shirt, there were spots of blood on it so I took it off.

Sittin’ down on my lap, she began to clean up my face as I stared at hers. She had a few freckles splattered on her face that I didn’t even notice. How I ain’t notice that and I stare at her all the time? 

“I can’t believe Chris..” Raye mumbled as I nodded. That nigga got some serious issues. 

“What exactly happened?” I asked. I remember her sayin’ it earlier, but I forgot cause I didn’t let her finish. I knew it was some fuckery.

“It was all fun and games until this nigga woke me up. Well I thought it was you, cause why would Chris be in my bed? But, yea I was having a good ass nap until he started kissing on me then I was like stop then he grabbed my ass so I turned around and realized it wasn’t you. So I slapped his ass silly and then I moved away. I was trying to get him out before you came back, but we see how that went.” She explained to me as I repeatedly shook my head. 

Lowkey, I shoulda known he’d pull some shit like that. That’s fake as fuck. I tried to be nice to his ass & not even some minutes later the nigga tried to fuck ma girl. If only she hadn’t turned around.. Shit, if only I hadn’t did some illegal ass shit cause the traffic was a bitch, but I managed to get back quick. I’m glad I did.

“Ya kno’ befo’ I left I spoke ta’ him. I spoke ta’ him fa’ you, shit I even offered ta’ spend ma’ money on some In-N-Out fa’ him. I come back half hour lata’ and he in ya’ bed with his shirt off. I swear I was gon’ kill him.” I grumbled laying back against my pillows.

She sighed and tears started to fall out here eyes again. I wiped them because I hated seeing ma’ babeh’ cryin’ and shit. “Stop crying babeh’ I’m alright.”

“No, this is all my fault. I came in between the two of you knowing you had problems. I just made what was already bad worse.” she rambled making me smirk.

“Oh so me crying is funny now? Jerk!” She said making me chuckle.

“I’m sorry, but your cute when ya all worried about ya man and his problems. To be honest Chris and I were supposed to have dat fight a long time ago. And you ain’t come between us. I had ya first.” I said trying to lean up to kiss her, but groaned grabbing my ribs instead.

“August baby, are you ok?” she asked freaking out. 

“Yeah, it’s just all those punches I took I’m starting to feel those shits now.” I said laying back on the pillows.

“So are we going to be ok? You aren’t upset with me?” She asked looking worried about my answer.

I knew deep down Raye wouldn’t cheat on me. That wasn’t her, but a part of me be feelin’ like this ain’t what she wants. I think my paranoia comes from the fact that this nigga will not give it up already. Like this is a whole new extreme, but for her to deny him I know she loves me. I’m not ready to let her go. Raye’s ma babeh’.

“We good, I’m sorry. I was deadass wrong babeh’. Even doe his stupid ass gets on ma nerves, and he’s disrespectful as fuck I kind of feel bad about his leg. But, you ma babeh’ I luhhhh you.” I said making her giggle. 

She leaned forward gently and kissed me softly. I pulled her closer, and she moaned into the kiss when I squeezed her hips. She pulled back from me and got up. “Whea you goin’?”

“To get you some ice for your nose and warm towels to put on your stomach and food. You know wifey duty and what not” she said winking at me.
I shook my head and laid back closing my eyes “don’t forget to add a side of ma pussy with that.” I said making her suck her teeth. I don’t kno’ why she fronting fa. She luh da dick.

Fuck Chris, I’m not breaking up with Raye.


*One Week Later*

Mixing around the chicken Alfredo that I just made, I moaned at the smell. My mom always made me cook when she went off to work. I actually enjoyed it. If I didn’t want to be a dancer, I’d go to Culinary school. 

Getting out 3 bowls for Elijah, Chris, and I, I sat them down at the table along with cups. Since I didn’t really have a big appetite, I poured most of the food into Chris and Elijah’s bowl. They could eat for days. Getting out some Minute Maid Tropical Punch, I poured us all some juice before calling their names. 

A few seconds later, Chris came in the kitchen with his crutches as he wore an annoyed look on his face. He hated having a broken leg. I know it’s bad, but he should look on the bright side of things. The doctor told him it’ll be be healing up soon if he takes care of it. All we can do is pray.

“Awe baby.” I laughed as I stared at his face. Once he noticed me laughing at him, he smirked and shook his head.

“Shut up, ain’t shit funny.” He said right as Elijah came in. He’s been in the room all day. I know he must be real hungry. 

“This is love man. You know how hungry a nigga was?” He chuckled, rubbing his bare stomach. He had small little outie that made me laugh to myself. I loved outies. 

“Baby, how you break your leg anyway?” I asked, examining his leg. When he first showed me, it looked like it hurt real bad. It was all out of place when I got to the hospital to see him.

“I was bein’ a dumbass playing with Ty’s rough ass.” He said as I chuckled. Him and Ty are always fighting over something stupid. 

“I’m gonna slap Ty.” I said, jokingly as I finished eating my food. I barely got some so that’s why I ate it so quick. 


"I’m gonna be in my room if you need me.” I told Chris as he nodded. It was real hot out today so I could really use a swim. 

Jogging upstairs to my room, I went straight to my closet and picked out a random 2 piece swim suit. Stripping out of my muscle tee and sweats, I quickly put on my swim suit bottoms. As I was about to put my top on, Chris’ phone started ringing. Picking it up, the screen read Ty so I answered. 

“How yo leg feeling? Nah But I heard you tried to fuck Raye that’s why you and Aug fought.” Ty laughed into the phone making me clench my jaw. Chris fucking lied to me! 

“What the fuck?!” I yelled as I heard Ty mumble a ‘shit’ before hanging up.
Quickly putting on my pink and nude swimsuit bra, I snatched Chris phone off of the bed and stormed into our medium sized kitchen downstairs.

“You lied to me!” I yelled, throwing his phone at him. He scrunched up his face at me then looked at me like I was crazy. 

“Bout what?” He asked, playing dumb. Good thing Elijah isn’t in here, cause I’m about to go hell off.

“You tried to fuck Raye you bitch! And you weren’t fighting Ty, you fought August! Why the fuck did you lie?”

“Fuck!” I heard him mumble.

I raised and eyebrow and crossed my arms. I wasn’t Raye I dare Chris to apologize to me and think I’m not going to beat his fucking ass. “What I can’t give you babies so you want that old thing back?”

He scrunched up his face at me. “ALISHA, LOWER YOUR FUCKING TONE! YOU KNOW BETTER! I lied because I was avoiding the same shit going on now. I don’t want to fight with you damn!”

I laughed. “You know your full of shit. You want me to suck and ride nobody else’s dick but yours. Oh and this is supposed to be your pussy, but it’s ok for you to pull your dick out and try to fuck Raye!! You don’t love me you love that bitch!”

He picked up his crutches and made his way over to where I was standing. “For you to even bring my fucking kid into this is low even for you. We just lost the damn baby. A baby that I wanted with you, not Raye you. I don’t know where you got it in your head that I don’t love you, but your mistaken. I’m fucking sorry I fucked up I always fuck up! Maybe we shouldn’t do this anymore.”

The moment he said that to me is looked up at him searching for doubt but I found none. “CHRIS ARE YOU KIDDING ME? YOU OUT HERE CHEATING ON ME AND YOU GET TI BREAK UP WITH ME?! GET THE FUCK OUT! YOU WANNA BE DONE THEN WE CAN BE DONE FOR-FUCKING-EVER!”

I stormed off and I could hear him calling me, but I just ignored him. I walked out into the backyard and dove into the pool. Water relaxed me. It made me feel good, and like everything bad would just was away. When I submerged from the water Chris was standing there. I sucked my teeth and started to float.

“Is there a reason you still here?” I asked him nonchalantly.

He chuckled. “You know what Alisha, fuck you. And don’t make it a habit of ringing my doorbell when you miss me or I get a new bitch!”

With that he left, and I knew at that moment he wasn’t coming back. I mean we fought all the time. I told him to get out, he’d tell me we’re done, but we’d never be done. This time was different. It’s like the need for each other died in this argument. I swam out the pool, and grabbed a towel drying off before laying down on a lounge chair. 

A few moments later Elijah came out drinking a bottle of water. “What you and big head arguing about now? I could hear y'all in the damn room.”

I looked at him and started crying. He ran over and consoled me. “It’s over this time Eli, really over.”

“Don’t cry. It isn’t over. You guys will find your way back somehow. In the meantime don’t sit here crying over no niggas. Call up your girls and go have some fun. Show the nigga what he’s missing.” he said giving my a hug.

I sniffled. “Ok, thanks Eli.”

“That’s dad to you.” he said before laughing.

I laughed and shook my head “stupid!”

“My ass to young and sexy for all that anyways. I gotta go to work, imma check you later Lish” he said getting up to leave.

I grabbed my phone and texted me girls. It was time I stopped revolving my world around Chris. I was going to do me now.

“This shit better not be wet.” I mumbled to myself as I took off my cheetah print bonnet. I washed my hair last night and did a twist out while it was wet. I was gonna be pissed if it didn’t come out right. 

As I began to take my twist down, a satisfied smile took over my face. It smelt really good and it was soft from this curl defining creme that I stole from Bri. She has all the curly hair products over her house. She never straightens her hair. 

Speaking of her ass, I gotta tell her what happened. She’s gonna be like 'oh my god, I’m gonna beat his ass’. I can see her saying it right now. 

Grabbing my phone off of the counter, it almost fell out of my hand due to all the hair product that was on it. Once I slid my finger across the screen, I dialed Bri’s number and put the phone on speaker. A couple of seconds later, she answered. 

“Ayo.” She answered, making me suck my teeth. Cameron got her talking Iike him now. 

“Look at you, talking like your bae.” I cooed as she groaned loudly. She hated that I always teased her about messing with Cam Bam. 

“Bitch.. Just tell me why you called me this damn early. I was just about to go to sleep, too. You know I got this fucked up sleeping schedule.” She said with an annoyed tone, making me laugh. She worked at night so that’s why she’s just now about to go to sleep. 

“Guess what your best friend did?” I asked, getting straight to the point. She was gonna curse me out if I kept beating around the bush. 

“What his aggy ass do this time? I’m gonna beat his ass, Raye.” She said, letting out an aggravated sigh. 

“I was sleeping then I felt kisses on my neck, but I thought it was August so I didn’t really pay it no mind. But then I felt this nigga grab my ass so I was about to turn around and tell him get his ass off me. So I turn around, and guess who it is? Your motherfucking best friend." 

"Chris was like, ion care about none of these niggas, none of these niggas. Ion care bout nobodyyy, but youuu!” Bri sang Trey Songz “Disrespectful”, making me smack my lips. This bitch is supposed to be taking this serious. 

“Bri!” I yelled to get her to stop singing. 

“Girl you so special..” She said before letting out a soft laugh. This bitch plays all day. I see why her and Chris are so cool. 

“Ok, I’m playing. Real shit though, I’m gonna beat his ass.” She said in a more serious tone. 

“There’s no need for that. Him and August got into a fight and he broke his leg.” I mumbled, still not believing that he broke his leg. If he hadn’t pissed me off, I would’ve helped him cause I honestly felt bad. He couldn’t be in the games anymore. The fact that August thought it was funny is sad, but he did say he felt bad too.

“SWEAR TO GOD?! CHRIS LOST? I TAUGHT HIM BETTER THAN THA–” I quickly cut off her loud ass yelling. It’s bout 9 in the morning and she wants to scream.

“No, it was honestly a tie. Chris broke his leg because of the way he fell.” I explained as she let out a sigh of relief, making me chuckle. 

“Forreal though, I’m gone have to talk to him about that though. That was not cool at all. As a matter of fact, fuck my sleep. Both yall need to bring ya asses over here right now.” She said sternly as I threw a mini tantrum. 

“Why? All we do is argue." 

"Nah, yall are gonna work this out TODAY!” She said before hanging up. Looking at the phone in disbelief, I was about to call back but I shrugged. 

“You finally took dat’ ugly ass shower cap off yo head? Lookin’ like a damn lunch lady.” August said as he walked into the bathroom to pee. He’s forever making jokes about my bonnet. 

“Ok, unlike your rough ass hair.. I wanna protect mines.” I said with a straight face, but I wanted to laugh so bad. 

“Bihhhh, keep playing!” He imitated Plies as he tilted his head back and squinted his eyes making me laugh.

“Don’t talk about my bonnet then, big head. I’ll be back in a little while though.” I said as I was about to do my make-up but August smacked it out of my hand. 

“You don’t need it. And alright, be here before noon.” He said, giving me a quick peck on the cheek. 

“But I wanna wear it, and why? You taking my shopping daddy?” I said as I moved out of the way for him to wash his hands. He’s always complaining about me wearing makeup like its his face that I’m putting it on. 

“I'ma throw that shit away, but yeah.” He threatened, but I knew he was playing. He better be, because MAC was fucking expensive and that was the only brand of makeup I purchased mostly.

“Bihhhh.” I mimicked him from earlier as he chuckled. Laughing at myself, I went back in his room and plopped down on his bed. Since it was so cold in here, I put my hands in my pants. It feels like Antarctica in here. 

“I know you ain’t fingering yo self.” I heard August mumbled as he tossed me his keys. Ugh, I so can’t wait til I get my own car. 

“No, it’s cold as hell in here.” I mumbled, getting up to grab August’ grey Polo jacket that I always wore. Slipping on some dark denim True Religion jeans, I heard August blow a whistle. These jeans did fit good as hell on me. Looking around for some shoes, I grabbed my Columbia 4s and quickly stepped into them.

 "Bye babe, love you!“ I yelled out to August as he went back in to bathroom to brush his teeth. 

"Love you too!" 

Hopefully this goes well.
Grabbing the spare key that was under the mat, I unlocked the door and heard loud ass Chris and Bri. Haven’t even stepped a foot in the house and I can already hear them. 

Locking the door behind me, I appeared in the living room coming face to face with Bri. She’s gonna be sleepy at work tonight, trying to be Dr Phill. 

"Girl, I was ready for attack mode! You scared me.” She chuckled as I sat down on the couch. 

“Nigga, I told you not to make this shit until I came over here..” I heard Chris say in the kitchen. A few seconds later, he rolled in the living room with one of those black rolling computer chairs. Basic as fuck. I wanted to laugh but I couldn’t.
Once he saw me, he stopped rolling and sucked his teeth.

 "Really bihh? You tricked me.“ Chris said, shaking his head making Bri and I laugh.
"I had to!” she said throwing her hands in the air. 

“Whatever, why the fuck I’m here for?” He asked, roughly crossing his arms over his chest. 

“Cause I’m tired of yall arguing ALL THE DAMN TIME!” We did argue all the time. But shit, that just proves that we don’t need to be around each other.
“I honestly don’t give a fuck anymore. It’s sad that it took me to break my damn leg for me to realize that she don’t care, but oh well. I’m out your hair, Raye." 

He said as I gasped. I did care about him, it’s just that.. I don’t know but it’s not like I hate him. Fuck, I should’ve never said it first time. I didn’t mean it. 

"I do care–”

“Nope. Don’t even fucking tell that lie.  You hate me, remember?” He spat as my heart dropped. That’s how he’s feeling?

“Shit, I gotta make popcorn!” Bri squeaked as she quickly ran to the kitchen to go make popcorn.

“Chris, I don’t hate you. I swear I didn’t mean it, you just really pissed me off! I respect your little relationship with Alisha but you can’t seem to respect mines!” I yelled as he waved me off. The fuck is wrong with him? 

“It’s okay, you aint gotta lie. And because I love you! I was trying to fight for you! You left my black ass and went straight to August! Do you know how much that hurt me? Its like you were waiting for me to fuck up just so you can go to him!” He yelled as I scrunched up my face. A few seconds later Bri came and plopped back down on the couch, stuffing popcorn in her mouth. She’s being dramatic as hell of course. Typical Pisces.  

“That is not true! I left because I was so tired of you fucking up all the time! The apologizes and excuses were getting old and annoying, Chris. I’m sorry that you feel that way." 

"That’s some muthafuckin’ bullshit because you didn’t let me explain or nothing! You just broke up with me over some shit I didn’t do! I let you slide all them times when you was seeing that nigga August when I could’ve broken up with you! It’s all good though." 

"Ok Chris and I’m sorry! But you gotta stop saying I was talking to August when I was your girlfriend because I didn’t!” I yelled as he shrugged. That hurt a little.

“You just expected me to just get over you that quick? You thought I was just gone let you go? Nah I couldn’t do that. And Raye we were talking same difference. I see that I’m just wasting my time so I’ll stop now cause I see that Autumn is who you love." 

"Why are you making it seem like I’m the bad guy?” I asked calmly. I wanted to yell it, but yelling always gets us no where. 

“Did I fucking say you were? I owned up to my mistakes already but you act like you just the most innocent person ever!” He snapped, causing me to scrunch up my face. Why is he acting like this? 

“I didn’t say I was.." 

"Well admit that you was wrong for continuously seeing August." 

"Why do you keep bringing up old shit? When I do it, you get mad.” I rolled my eyes. Every time I bring up when we first met, he be ready to curse me out. 

“Cause I’m gone win this argument whether you like it or not.” He smirked, but that smirk fell once he saw me giving him a small smile. 

“Ok whatever, but I’m not gonna admit that.” I shrugged as he gave me a look like he wanted to slap me. 

“Why the fuck not?” He spat. He was so rude today. Somebody woke up on the wrong side of the bed. 

“Because I went to him for a good reason.. He was there for me ALL the time when you were treating me like shit. He was my ONLY FRIEND Chris.” He rolled his eyes and started playing in his black curls. 

“So you still don’t think that’s wrong? Oh alright, but when alisha showed up you wanted to act like I was the baddest nigga in the world. Running away like a little b-” he cut himself of once I gave him that look. 

“You full of shit, Raye. Head so far up Autumn’s ass.” He said making me sigh.

“First of all his name’s August. Second of all when that bitch came over just like any other time, you ain’t never want to check her. You treat her like she’s the only girl in the world especially when she gave you that gift, and as your girl at the time I was through. It was like you were saying you were saying, but you kept repeating the same actions from last week.” I said truthfully.

“Ok Raye, so when you gonna let me show you I’m sorry huh? You want to keep fighting or you want to try and be fucking friends first, something we never got a chance to be.” He said picking up his crutches and coming over to me.
I backed away and he chuckled. “Why you backing away for? I still give you butterflies?”

I smacked my teeth. “You wish.”

“Yeah, I do.” I heard him mumble as he looked down.

I was utterly and completely over all this mess. I wanted the drama to be done and to graduate in peace, but with him and August at odds I don’t know what I should do. I pulled out my phone and dialed August. It rang twice before he picked up. “What’s up babeh’? Miss me already?” He said making me blush.

“Can you do me a favor?” I asked him sweetly.

“Of course, you know I’ll do anythin’ for you.” he said making me smile.

“Can you get Ty to drop you over here at Bri’s I need you to fix something for her.” I lied.

“Aight, be there in 10.” he said hanging up.

“I know you ain’t call this bitch ass nigga over here to this house Silver.” Chris gritted at me.

“You want us to be friends, then the two of you are going to sit here and at least agree to co-exist.” I said seriously.

He groaned and crutched his way back to me closing the space between us completely. “Fine, but you mark my words Raye. One day your going to mine again, and when I get my hands on you I’m going to make you regret the day you let that nigga in my shit, or told him you loved him.”  He said pushing my curls out my face.

I shivered from the way he looked at me. The intensity in his eyes and words showed he meant what he said. “Go sit down cripple boy.” I said waving him off.

“Shit, I need more popcorn!” Bri said getting up and going to the kitchen.

“Aight Raye, remember what I said.” he said going to sit on the couch.
I opened my mouth to reply him, but the doorbell rang. I ran to the door knowing it was August. When I opened it he was leaning on the doorway looking like a sex God. 

“Mmm, you so sexy Auggie.” I said making him smirk.
He walked in and closed the door behind him before leaning me up against it 

“Nah, you sexy.” He said placing one hand over my head before leaning down to kiss me.

My heart rate raced as he kissed me, but I had to push him away. I was getting drunk from his lips being on mine. “Come on befo’ we end up makin’ love against this front doe’.” he said taking my hand.

He ran upstairs and I followed. I was going to warn him about Chris, but I knew he’d leave so I didn’t. When we got upstairs he stopped in his tracks as soon as he saw Chris.

 "Raye, start talkin’ now!“ He demanded.

I took a deep breath. I hoped this went well because I would hate myself if it didn’t. This could go really, really right or this can go reaaly, really wrong