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SO LIKE. my beautiful wonderful perfect friend @yukariis made an oliness video on youtube and …. i’m dying. It’s so beautiful u all need to check it ouT PLS


 Word count: 660

 “(Y/N)? (Y/N)!” Lucy screams right at your face, and you finally giving her some attention.

 “Sorry, Luh. I was…”

 “Thinking about your man, am I right?

 “Yeah.” A small laugh escapes your lips. Lucy knows that you usually get lost in your thoughts. It only got worse when you started dating the Joker.

 “Won’t you ever tell me his name?”

 “No.” If you only knew his real name, you’d tell her. But telling you friend that you’re dating the Joker isn’t a good idea. She may freak out. She will freak out.

 “You always look so creepy when I ask anything about him.”

 “I told you not to…”

 “Girls, can you please stop talking?” Your teacher points at you both, with an annoyed face. The worse idea you ever had was to keep in school. But it’s the last year, you thought, you can take it. But these teachers almost make you give up.

 “Sorry.” Lucy murmurs, looking ashamed.

 But not you. Since you met Joker your mind slowly changed, no way to try to deny it. You became fearless and a bit rude. How could it be different, when your boyfriend kills anyone who makes you mad?  Sometimes you think he’s building you up into someone as crazy as him.

 “(Y/N), did you hear that?” Lucy whispers at your ear.

 “Hear what?”

 “Do I have to ask you both to shut up again?” The old woman walks up to you, her hands on your table. She looks like a skinny mouse with dead eyes.

 “You can do whatever you want. But you need to know that I can do anything I like as well.” You smile at her, tilting your head a bit. The woman’s face turns dark with the shadow of fear. Is it something you said? Or just the look on your face that’s scaring people?

 “(Y/N)?” Lucy calls you, but you just listen to her when she shakes your shoulder.

 “I’m okay, Luh, I’m just…” An explosion makes the classroom shakes like in an earthquake.

 Everybody stands up, looking at the windows to see the dark smoke taking over the yard. The fire alarm should be ringing, but the silence is the only thing you hear. Then the yelling starts. The stupid English teacher is the first to run out the classroom, with the students right behind her. Unlike them, you just stay there in your seat, patiently waiting.

 “W-what are you doing?” Lucy goes back to look for you, desperate, with ashes in her blonde hair. “We have to go! Someone is…”

 “Wanna survive this? Stay here. He’ll come to save me. He probably already knows that my school is being invaded and it’s on his way.”

 “What? No, (Y/N), we need to go right now. You boyfriend is not a superhero. We need to go!”

 “You’re right, but…”

 “Pumpkin! Where’s my pumpkin? I don’t want to blow the other half of this school!” He singsonged. You jump up at the sound of J’s voice, happily smiling to your friend.

 “Who’s that?”

 “My lovie!”

 Running out the classroom, you see him at the corner of the corridor.

 “There, there.” J opens his arms and you run to hug him. “I needed to talk to you.”

 “(Y/N), get away from him,” Lucy speaks slowly like she’s talking to a child. No need for you to look at her to see if she’s scared or something. You can tell it by the tone of her voice.

 “Then you decided to blow up my school?” Ignoring your friend, you kiss your boyfriend.

 “It’s something very important. I wanted to buy you a necklace, but I couldn’t decide about the jewel’s color.”

 “Wait. Is he… (Y/N), is he…”

 “Oh, Luh, yes. He’s no superhero so you were right.”

 “You like it better this way, right, pumpkin?” J whispers in your ear, pointing to the huge whole he made on the wall. “Let’s go get you that jewel.”

 “Yes, lovie!”

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ZionT high maintenance behind...I was at kcon NY and I kid you not, he had them roll out a baby grand piano for him to just do one song on...I was living. Tumblr said my video of it was too large to upload though so here we are 🤷‍♀️


I’M ALIVE I LUH THAT MAN and smh thanks tumblr~D


TEEN WOLF AND PERCY JACKSON CROSSOVER!! Intro- The girl’s name in this is Lilah (pronounced Lie-luh) McCall, and man I hope you guys love this one! I had so much fun writing this because I got to do protective!Scott and protective!Percy and gods this was just so much fun lol. So this is set in Percy,  Isaac, and Scott’s senior year, and Lilah should be a junior but she’s not, but you’ll see why later on. 



“Absolutely not, Scott McCall! I’m working right now!” I spoke firmly into the phone, filing another report on the front desk computer of Beacon Hill’s Hospital. I was currently working the morning shift, and my brother Scott was attempting to use me as an excuse to get out of Economics.

“Lilah, please? It’s important!” He groaned, and I rolled my eyes.

“Is it a life-threatening situation?” I deadpanned, eyeing the empty waiting room.

“Well, not exactly-”

“Then no. I am not getting you out of Economics just because you forgot to study for a test. I have to go now, Perce has been calling all morning worrying about Annabeth and I’ve ignored his last three calls. Love you!” I chirped into the phone, cutting off his protests as I hung up.

I peered down at my phone yet again, debating whether it was worth it or not to call Percy back.

I sighed over-dramatically, and dialed Percy’s number. 

He picked up on the first ring.


“Percy! Relax, I’m working right now! I really can’t talk. I know you’re worried about Annabeth, but she’s fine! I just checked in with her, and her flight just landed in Indianapolis. She should be back in New York by-”

“Lilah, I know Annabeth is fine! I was checking up on you! You didn’t answer my last five hundred calls and I was worried.” He cut me off, sounding tired.

I smiled a little.

“I’m perfect, Perce, okay? But I really need to get back to work…”

I trailed off as the doors swung open, my eyes landing on an extremely attractive and very anxious looking blonde boy.

“Percy, I’m going to have to call you back.”


“Hello, I’m looking for Lilah?” I told the beautiful brunette at the front desk, eyeing her up and down in a hopefully discreet manner.

“I’m Lilah, and you would be?” She cocked an eyebrow, taking a sip of her coffee while keeping her playful blue-green eyes on mine.

“Isaac Lahey, pleasure to meet you sweetheart.” I grinned, extending my hand towards hers.

She shook it with a laugh.

“Scott’s friend?” I nodded at her, unsure as to how she knew me.

Noticing my confusion, she spoke again. “I’m Scott’s younger sister.”

I froze. Younger sister?

She chuckled, taking another sip of her coffee. “I’m technically supposed to be a junior, but I graduated a few years early. Just finished up at Harvard med, actually. There were some, ah, problems, back where I was staying, so I had to catch a later flight. I just got in last night. I decided to get some experience working back home, and I missed Scott and my mom.”

“I didn’t know Scott had a sister…”

“Half sister, actually. We have the same mom. I’m not surprised Scott kept me a secret, he’s rather overprotective. Now what was it that you needed me for?”

“Oh, right! Scott said you’d be able to help. We got into a slight altercation with a mischievous pack the other night, and my arm’s not healing properly. Deaton’s out of town and Mrs. McCall is off duty, so he said to come here. You can help, right?”

She looked slightly offended.

“Isaac, this is like fixing a scratch compared to the other stuff I’ve had to do.” She took my good arm, pulling me back into an empty room and sat me down on the bed.

“Now, I’ll need you to take a deep breathe, and exhale on three. Got it?” I nodded back, confused as to what she was doing. 

She grabbed a towel, and placed her hands firmly on my bad arm.

“One… Two… Three!”

As I exhaled, she shoved the towel in my mouth and snapped my arm.

She snapped my arm.

Holy shit.

I let out a loud scream, muffled by the thick towel. She waited a few moments for me to calm down as I evened my breathing, and pulled the towel out with a smirk.

“Your arm was healing wrong. I had to re-break it to set it, but you would’ve resisted if you knew it was coming. You alright?”

Alright? You just broke my bloody arm-”

She rolled her eyes, shoving the towel back in my mouth as I frowned.

“You’re fine. Now let me just wrap it so it heals properly…”

She trailed off, and I watched her curiously as she worked.

She had insanely beautiful eyes, almost like looking into the ocean. Her long brown hair swished as she moved, and I nearly moaned as she turned around and bent over to grab tape from a bottom cabinet.

She turned back around with a knowing smirk on her face, and I mentally cursed the hot McCall girl.

Shit… Scott’s sister!

Strangely, I only worried about the older McCall sibling for a few moments, as all my thoughts went off track when I noticed her red pumps and lips.

God damn it…

“There! All done. You’re free to go.” She announced, and jokingly offered me a lollipop. I let out a short laugh, snagging a bright blue one.

“Thanks, Miss Lilah. I’ll be seeing you around?” I asked hopefully, fighting back a smile.

“Sooner than you think.” She grinned wickedly, and the gleam in her eyes made me feel as if she knew something I didn’t.

But she had already began talking to another patient in the waiting room, and so I was left to my thoughts as I wondered about the painfully gorgeous brunette that I had never known of before today…

-later on that day-


“Alright you pathetic excuses for athletes! I have someone to introduce you to!” The coach hollered, and I laughed as I waved at Jen, who was watching from the bleachers.

The masses of lacrosse players all crowded around Coach Finstock, who was standing next to me. “This here is Lilah McCall! Since she’s actually going somewhere in life unlike the rest of you, she’s regrettably no longer a student here at Beacon Hills, which means she can’t play on this team! But she can still whip your sorry asses into shape, which is exactly why she’s your new assistant coach!” He shouted, and I caught Scott and Stiles’s eyes, shooting them a thumbs up.

“Everybody warm up shooting on Dunbar!”

The crowd shuffled over to the goal, and I turned to Coach Finstock.

“You could’ve gone pro, Lilah.” He whined, making me laugh again.

You see, I had been good friends with his daughter Jen for ages, and we had kept in touch over the years. I was pretty amazing at lacrosse, but I was more interested in the medical field than the the lacrosse field. I still took up Coach Finstock’s offer to help out, since I was back in Beacon Hills for a long amount of time since probably the fourth grade.

I had had a lot of other stuff going on… I mean, finding out you’re a demigod and all isn’t exactly the easiest thing in the world to adjust to.

I shook the thought off, focusing on the field in front of me.

“Sorry Coach.” I grinned. “Can I make them head out for a run?”

He nodded, and I set down my green lacrosse stick as I blew my neon orange whistle.


Coach rolled his eyes.”You gotta be meaner.”

“Listen up, you pieces of shit! Line your sad asses up single file and follow me, and for god’s sake, keep the hell up!”

I looked at Coach. “Better?”

“I’m proud.” I chuckled, smacking him in the arm.

“Let’s just pray your team doesn’t suck as much as I remember.”


Martins tripped over yet another tree branch, and the only reason I wasn’t cursing him out was because him stumbling gave me a chance to admire Lilah’s fantastic ass.

I thought it had looked nice in a dress, but in leggings

Lilah came to an abrupt halt, turning to face the rest of us. She looked completely fine, not a hair out of place nor a drop of sweat on her face.

“Alright, I’ll split you guys up now. I want you in groups of five-” Everyone immediately started looking for partners, but she shouted authoritatively over the noise. “That I will assign.”

We all groaned, but she let out another adorable laugh that I’m sure melted away any ill will any boy in the vicinity had towards her.

She began listing off names, but I tuned out until she called out mine.

“In the last group it will be Lahey, Dunbar, Stilinski, McCall, and myself. You will all run and meet back at the field in thirty minutes. I expect you to be running, and I will know if you aren’t.” She finished with a cheery smile, ignoring the resounding chorus of groans. 

I drifted towards her, only half listening to Dunbar’s chattering.

“Nice too see you again, Isaac.” She grinned at me, swinging her arms around Stiles and Scott’s shoulders. “How’s the arm?”

“Great, actually. Must say it was nicer to have it snapped by a pretty girl than an alpha.” She laughed loudly, ignoring Scott’s glare.

I noticed.

“So, ah let’s get running, shall we?” I rubbed the back of my neck uncomfortably, hitting Liam on the back of the head as he chuckled.

“Sounds like plan.”

We started off heading east, but Lilah had us turn and head northwest after about ten minutes or so. We came to short stop after fifteen, letting everyone catch their breath.

Lilah looked unfazed.

“Okay, i’m a werewolf and have enhanced physical abilities, but how the in the hell do you do that?”

“Lets just say Scott’s not the only supernatural McCall.” She winked, getting ready to run again before Scott grabbed her arm lightly.

“Just tell them, Lilah. Otherwise I won’t hear the end of their badgering.” He patted her head affectionately, smiling widely at her.

She shrugged her shoulders, turning to me and Dunbar, and I assumed we were the only ones who didn’t know.

“Isaac, remember I told you that Scott and I only share a mother? Well, on my father’s side… you know what, let me put this the easy way. Have any of you ever read the Percy Jackson series?”

We both nodded.

“It’s all true. Minus the parts where they don’t include me, but I was too prominent in tabloids, and there would just be too many questions. I’m Percy’s younger sister.”

We both stared at her in shock.

“So that means… No, you can’t be-”

She cut off my ramblings, flashing her eyes a blinding and unnatural shade of vibrant ocean blue.

“I’m a daughter of Poseidon… a demigod.”

-two weeks later-


“Isaac, you really can’t keep ditching your first two periods to come see me at the hospital.”

“Actually, I can. Seniors can leave during study halls, and I happen to have study hall for first and second period.” He grinned charmingly at me, leaning over the counter slightly.

I cursed him mentally, annoyed at how he could so easily take my breath away. It was unbearably frustrating, as I had dealt with pesky gods, a titan, hundreds upon thousands of monsters, and even tartarus itself… but here I was, undone like a schoolgirl by an exasperatingly good-looking teenage boy.

How cliché.

“Isaac.” I warned, leaning back a little against my will.

“Lilah.” He crooned teasingly, a devilish smile on his face that I was positive could and did make girls bow at his feet.

Not me.

“Why do come here anyway? The hospital cannot be that interesting.” I rolled my eyes, restraining myself from flirting.

“Maybe so.” He leaned in, a genuine smile gracing his lips. “But maybe it’s not the hospital I’m interested in. Maybe it’s the lovely brunette working the front desk, who I would really love to take out to dinner.”

I blushed, clearing my throat as he pulled away.

“Maybe she’s not interested.”

His grin merely widened, signalling he was not to be deterred. “Now, I know that not to be true. Allow me to convince her. If Beacon Hills beats Drexon tonight, then she has to go on a date with me. Does she agree?”

I pretended to think for a few moments, enjoying the way he tapped the counter, a habit that gave away his nervousness.

“I suppose she agrees. But she has two conditions.”

“Oh, and what would that be?” He leaned in again, pressing a gentle kiss to my cheek.

“Let’s say Beacon Hills loses. You have to run a lap for each point the other team scored, and no whining.”

He laughed. “And the second?”

I leaned in this time, making sure to whisper directly in his ear. “If you lose, she wants you to convince her again the next game.”

“Deal.” He replied instantaneously, his breath hitching in his throat as I let out a wicked chuckle.

“See you this afternoon, Isaac.”

-later on that day-


The warmer weather enabled the girls to wear shorts, but today my focus was not set on Lilah’s ass.

It was set on the game that would make Lilah’s ass mine.

I shot for the third time, thanking whatever god there was that it went in, tying us with Drexon. I heard Lilah’s shouts of encouragement mingle with Coach’s hollering of profanities, and smiled to myself as I headed back.

Three minutes left, and all we needed was one more goal to win the game. I exchanged nods with Scott, both of us knowing the play we were about tot perform by heart.

I stole the ball from #12, sending a quick pass to Stilinski, who sent it flying over to Scott. Scott passed it off to Dunbar as I bolted towards the goal, turning just in time to catch Liam’s pass as I nearly railed into #20.

I felt my heart race much faster than normal as I shot, the world slowing down as the ball flew past two defenders.

It was inches away from the goal, when suddenly the goalie’s stick shot up, ready to block the oncoming shot.

He was stopped by a screaming Stilinski, and in that split second I vowed to apologize for every rude comment I ever made to the boy.

The ball rocketed into the net, and the yells of the team were drowned out by the deafening cheers of the crowd. I only heard Lilah’s voice, screaming my name at the top of her lungs.

The whistle blew, signaling the end of the game as everyone rushed onto the field, but I pushed through the crowd to find Lilah.

I found her waiting on the sideline, grinning wider than ever as I made my way towards her.

“So, how about that date?” I asked, putting my arms around her waist as I carefully lifted her up.

“Sounds perfect.” She giggled, hugging me tightly. I whooped, spinning her around, which only made her laugh harder.

“What date?” A deep voice asked from behind us, and I slowly put Lilah down to find Scott McCall.

“Well, you see…” I turned and ran, dragging a laughing Lilah with me.

I would talk to him later, when he wasn’t about to kill me.

-three days later-


“So, this Isaac kid…”

“Perrrrcy.” I groaned into the phone, knowing exactly what he was about to say. “Scott already read him the riot act, and scared the living shit out of him, mind you. I’m surprised he’s even still talking to me after that!”

Perce laughed into the phone. “Don’t worry, I won’t kill the kid. I just want to talk to him, alright? I won’t do it over the phone, since Annabeth and I are still flying in to come visit you in Cali in two weeks.”

I sighed into the phone, looking a the clock on the wall.

“Shit! I have to go! I have lacrosse practice! Love you!″ I threw my phone into my bag, cursing aloud as I remembered I had only brought normal clothes, and not running clothes today.


I hopped in my car, kicking off my heeled boots and pulling off my jewelry as I flew down the roads, not particularly caring that I could get pulled over. The sheriff and his deputies loved me, and I really needed to get my ass in motion.

I swerved harshly into the high school parking lot, hopping out and running onto the lacrosse field barefoot.

“Sorry I’m not on time! My shift ran late-”

“Easy there, McCall. You’re fine. Now go get changed, it’s hot as hell out, and I’m sweating looking at you in that jacket!”

I laughed at Coach Finstock, heading off toward the locker rooms while ignoring the stares of the boys. As I entered through the doors and was hit by the refreshing blast of cool air, I heard distinct yelling form outside.

Isaac and Scott in particular.

Oh well.


Lilah walked out in shorts and a simple tee, her book bag filled with playbooks slung across her shoulder.

“Forgot running clothes. Sue me.” She shot at Scott as he sent her a curious glance. She tossed Liam her book bag as she fingered her Camp Halfblooded necklace tucked under her shirt.

“New set of plays for the defensive line in the green notebook. You run those with Finstock while I work with offense.”

Liam nodded at her, face still red from laughing at the scolding Scott and I gave three of the sophomores for checking out Lilah in her dress.

Lilah passed me on the way over to the goalie cage, a faint smile on her face.

“I don’t even want to know.”

“I think that’s a fantastic idea.” I muttered.

We headed right into the play, which involved a few diagonal passes down the right of half the field, and then a curve back to the left side with a final cross over to the right side, where the right wing would shoot and hopefully score.

We ran it a few times until Lilah was satisfied, and then she called everyone over to the cage.

“Here’s the game. If one of you assclowns can get a goal past me, the entire team is excused from the end of practice run.” She exchanged smirks with Coach as he tossed her his red stick.

“Poor bastards.” He shouted.

She got in goal, but we didn’t start.

“You don’t even have any pads on!” Marcus yelled, making Lilah scoff.

“I don’t need any. Are you pansies going to shoot or what?”

“This is too easy.” Liam muttered, launching a hard shot at her.

She caught it effortlessly. “Come on, can’t you do better than that?” She grinned.

Scott shot next, a shot that he had never missed before.

She caught it so quickly we didn’t even see her move, and the team let out a collective gasp.

She yawned tauntingly, egging us all on. “Try a little harder next time, this is too easy.”

Kira was next, and although she was a sweet girl, she was very competitive.

“Relax guys, I’ve got this covered.” She rolled her eyes tauntingly, shooting a ball so hard and fast we didn’t even see it fly through the air.

We did see it get caught by Lilah though, making Kira frown.

“Sweetie, I can beat you on your best day when it’s my worst day. Everybody line up again, you each get three more chances.”

We continues to shoot, each ball caught even more effortlessly than the last. I smirked proudly as Scott took the last shot, which was caught with an eyeroll by Lilah.

“Better luck next time, children! Now, I want four laps around the field! Then two rounds of stairs, and then finish up with some cooldown shots on goal.”

We were all too amazed by what just happened to complain, and my proud smile matched Coach’s.

“Good job, kid. Way to scare the hell out of them.”

“My pleasure.”

-the next day, a friday-


“Lydia, darling, I’m not wearing that dress. It’s too tight!” I spoke into the phone, still in my bra and underwear.

Scott was sleeping over Stiles’ house, and mom was working the night shift, so I was left home alone to decide on what to wear on my date with Isaac. I resorted to calling Lydia, a grave mistake.

“Fine! how about the coral one we bought the other day? The tan leather boots and jacket would go perfectly with that leather bracelet and bag we got. You remember how to do that braid ponytail right? Do that. Shit, I gotta go, Malia’s calling. See you tomorrow, love you!”

“Love you too, and thank you so much, you’re a life saver!” I hung up, hearing a chuckle form behind me.

I turned around slowly to find Isaac.

“AHHHHH!” I shrieked, clutching my heart.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to scare you.” He stuttered out nervously, and I laughed.

“No, it’s fine! i just wasn’t expecting you so early. I’ll be ready in a few.”

“Uh- ah-uh huh..” He stammered out, his face turning a brilliant shade of scarlet. I smirked, realizing why he was so nervous.

“Isaac… It’s just underwear. I wear a bikini like this all the time.” I laughed out, coming closer to him. I could practically hear his heart rate speeding up, and I decided to have little fun with him.

I inched even closer to him, still leaning against my doorway. I trailed my fingers up his chest, coming to rest on his shoulder as he blushed an still deeper shade of red.

“Do I make you… nervous?” I whispered, and he nodded furiously.

“Good.” I pushed him out the door, closing it behind him and howling with laughter.

“That’s so unfair!” He groaned from the hall.

“Get used to it!”


My fingers drummed rhythmically against the steering wheel, a pattern matching Lilah’s heartbeat perfectly. Love Me Like You Do by Ellie Goulding played in the background (song like here) and Lilah sung along softly.

“You have a beautiful voice.” I commented, making her blush.

“Thank you. I luckily didn’t inherit the dying walrus noises my mom makes when she sings like Scott did.” I let out a laugh, making her smile.

“Did I tell you that you look beautiful tonight?” I asked with a grin.

“Only about five times, but it’s appreciated. You clean up rather nicely, if I must admit it.” She teased, poking my side.

“You think I’m hot.” I spoke with a cocky grin on my face, not taking my eyes off the road.

“I do not!” She replied indigenously, rolling her eyes.

“It’s okay, I think you’re hot too.” I leaned in as I pulled into the parking lot of the restaurant. I fought back a smile as she instinctually leaned towards me, her bright eyes meeting mine.

“Do you?” She cocked an eyebrow, her eyes challenging me as the ocean roared in them.

“I do.” I breathed out, our noses nearly touching.

She puled back with a grin, making me groan at the loss of warmth.

“I guess you’re alright.”

“You’re such a tease.” I moaned, making her smile even wider as she winked at me, hoping out of the car.

-a week later-


“I cannot believe you are making me go to this.” Isaac muttered, pulling at his tie helplessly.

“It’ll be fun! Besides, I promised everyone I’d bring you.” I chuckled, fixing his tie for him after I finished pulling the last curl into my updo.

Tonight was the festival of Natalis Urbis, to celebrate the founding of Rome. The entire Camp Halfblooded would be attending, as a show of friendship and loyalty. We were united as demigods, and should act as such.

“I look ridiculous. What if the hate me? Oh gods, what if-”

“Oh, hush! They’ll love you, I promise.” I cut off his ramblings, moving my hands from his tie to the back of his neck.

He gulped, nodding faintly.

“It’s just… I really want them to like me. They’re so important to you, and…”

I smiled up at him. “You’re important to me.”


“Hm?” I hummed, trying my best to keep my eyes off his lips. We still hadn’t had our first kiss yet, constantly being interrupted at the worst possible times.

“I think you should know something. Well, I mean, you probably already knew, but-”

“Isaac, breathe!” I laughed lightly, making him smile.

“You’re my anchor, Lilah.” I froze, peering up curiously into his always tired but vibrantly happy blue eyes.

“Do you mean it?” I asked, entwining my fingers in his curls.

He nodded, still smiling as he leaned in, capturing my lips in a kiss.

I melted on the spot, suddenly unsure as to what the hell was happening but at the same time not giving a damn, because holy shit, isaac Lahey was kissing me.

And I’d be damned if I let him stop.


Leaving Home - Derek Luh Imagine


Could I get a sad/cute imagine where Derek joins Nate On tour and then y/n gets sad and when they get on the bus she stands left and waves goodbye and their all so sad because they haven’t been separated since they started dating long time ago?




I fold my purple monster hoodie and place it in my duffle bag a long side of my black ripped jeans and a picture of my beautiful girlfriend Y/N. I trace my finger over the water mark lining the top left corner of the picture remembering when we took this on her polaroid and when we got into a fight how she knocked glass of water over spilling on our photos. 


“Derek you are being so immature!” She screamed at me throwing her hands through her long hair and sitting at the table throwing her head down and outstretching her arms causing her to knock over a plastic cup of water. 

I gasped out as she cried out and we both ran towards the photo album holding our treasured memories. 

She frantically grabbed a towel and started to dry the wet spots as I picked up as many photos as I could. We got all the photos and dried them out some water marked like the one we took on the night of our 4 year anniversary.  

We both sank to our knees next to each other leaning against the kitchen island. I reached my hand out on the hardwood floor taking her dainty hand in mine. 

“I’m sorry. I should have believed you and I’m sorry for acting so immature.” I whisper rubbing her hand softly. 

“I’m sorry for yelling and knocking the water onto our photos.” She cried  rubbing away tears with her free hand. 

“Please baby don’t cry, it was an accident.” I say scooting her body into mine rubbing soothing circles on her hand and back. 

“I love you.” She mumbles into my neck. 

“I love you too.” I whisper into her hair kissing it and then continuing my circles. 

“Almost done packing baby?” I hear her silky voice say from the door way. 

I nod my head and continue to fold jerseys and place shoes into my bag. She wraps her arms around my waist and places the side of her cheek in between the blades of my shoulders. I turn around and rest my head on top of hers, stroking her long hair.

“It’s only two months.” I say pulling her closer to me. 

“I know but that is the longest we have ever been apart.” She mumbles into my chest as I feel tears start to soak into my tee. 

“It’s going to be okay, I will call you, text you, FaceTime you everyday and just think when I get home we can amazing ‘I missed you sex’.” I say pulling her back to look at her reaction. 

She laughs and rolls her eyes then snuggles back into me. “I just don’t want to lose you.” She says pulling away going to sit on the bed next to my bag taking out the picture of us. 

“You will never lose me.” I say taking the photo from her hands putting it in the bag, zipping it up and placing it on the ground. “Lets go to bed. I don’t leave till the morning and we can cuddle all night.” I say taking off my shirt and pants. 

She nods her head and climbs into bed already in one of my tees, I pull the covers over us and pul her into my chest. She places her head on my bare chest and traces my tattoos that linger my body. 

I can tell she is listening to my heart beat since her fingers dance to the same beat as my heart. I kiss her forehead and pull her tighter into my body if that is even possible and slowly drift off to sleep with my girl. 


I wake up the next morning to the sound of Derek’s alarm going off signaling he has to get up since he leaves today. I sigh to my self and slightly shake his torso  waking him up. He rubs his face and looks at the time. His face fills with sorrow as he looks at the digital clock to my longing eyes.

“It’s only two months.” He says locking his lips with mine  and pulling me closer to him. 

I pull away and smile placing my forehead against his. “You need to get up you leave in 20.” I say patting his chest and getting up my self making my way towards the bathroom where I do my hair and light makeup. I throw on one of Derek’s oversized sweatshirts and black skinny jeans. 

I walk out to see Derek dressed and eating some breakfast. He looks at me with sad eyes. “Your tour is going to be great. You can cuddle with Skate.” I laugh walking over to him embracing my self into his sturdy arms. 

“I aint cuddling with that giant!” Derek remarks causing both of us to giggle. 

We head to the car and I sit in the passenger seat as Derek sits in the drivers seat. He places his hand on my thigh moving it up and down as we drive to where the tour bus is leaving from. 

I look out the window holding back tears just reminding my self that its only two months. I know I sound pathetic but thats the longest I have ever seen apart from him. It was going to be hard. 

We pull up to the large parking lot and see Skate, John and the other fabulous crew joining them on tour. Skate is running around jumping up and down causing his gold chain necklace to bounce. I smile at the scene. Derek squeezes my thigh and we hop out of the car.

“D LUH! Y/N!” Skate yells obviously high and runs over and hugs us both. 

I laugh and his him back. “Be careful with him Maloley.” I say giving him a warning glare. 

“Mami, I don’t need no babysitter I’m a man!” Derek says lifting his arms flexing. 

“Your my man Luh.” I say kissing him passionately causing groans to come from the crew. 

We smile and hug one last time as they all board the bus. Derek is the last to get on and once the doors close I can feel my heart rate increasing and tears forming. Derek stands in the window with his hand against the glass and crestfallen expression on his face. I wave goodbye as the tour bus drives away. 

“It’s only two months.” I whisper watching the bus drive away. 


Here is a cute little sad Derek imagine! 

Requests will be open soon I have lots imagines for you guys! 

Love you all, 


“The Man From The Past” - Derek Luh Fanfic (PART 13)


‘Man, I haven’t seen you whole week, where you’ve been?’ He asked Derek. 

‘Oh, man, I’ve been in San Francisco, I got back yesterday.’ 

‘San Francisco? What were you doing there?’ He asked. 


‘Wait, what’s this? Are these yours?’ 

‘Shit’ Derek laughed. ‘No, these heels surely aren’t mine.’

‘You’ve got a girl here? Shit, why didn’t you tell me!’ 

‘Wait..’ Derek said. ‘Babe, come here, I want you to meet someone.’ 

At first I hesitated for a bit since I was wearing only Derek’s big, long plain t-shirt and my panties, my hair was a mess as well so I was feeling a bit uncomfortable, but then again, who the fuck cares? I thought to myself. They seem to be pretty close and good friends and Derek’s t-shirt is long enough to cover my ass. 

I went into the hallway where Derek was and he pulled me by my hand to him putting his arm around my shoulder. 

‘Nate, meet my girl.’ Derek said looking down at me. 

‘Hey, I’m y/n.’ I gave him a polite smile and his mouth dropped. Did I do something wrong? 

‘Wait, wait, wait..’ Nate said. ‘You’re the girl that this one has been talking non stop about? You’re that y/n? You’re actually real?’ He asked and I looked at Derek who was blushing and biting his lips. 

‘Man…’ Derek said faking a cough. 

‘Umm, well yeah, I am real as you can see.’ I chuckled.

‘Oh God, he described you as the coolest, the best, most beautiful, most amazing, most perfect girl in the world I almost thought you were imaginary, like someone from his imagination, but yeah, as I can see you’re real and fucking finally you two are together so I won’t have to listen him talking about you all the fucking time!’ He said. ‘No offense, I believe you’re a great girl’ I just laughed a little and looked at Derek. ‘I’m Nate, his best friend, nice to meet you y/n.’ He said pulling me into a hug which I found very nice and cute. ‘But bro,I just wanted to tell you that we gotta get back in the studio, we gotta get back to work asap.’ 

‘Yeah, I know, man. How about tomorrow? I’ll get up earlier so we can be all day long there.’

‘Sounds great.’ Nate said. ‘Now, I’ll let you two have fun’ He smirked as he did a handshake with Derek and gave me a friendly hug. 'Remember to be safe, kids!’ He said before Derek shut the door. 

I just stood there looking at him and smiling like crazy with my arms crossed.


‘You’re so cute.’ I said and he pulled me to him by my waist connecting our lips together. ‘Were you really talking about me the entire time?’ 

‘Y/n, stop.’ He chukled hiding his face in my neck. 

I made him look at me and then kissed him. He put his hands under my butt and I jumped wrapping my legs around his waist. He led us into the bedroom and then laid us down on the bed hovering over me. 

‘Can you drive me home?’ I asked against his lips and he nodded. 

‘But not yet.’ 

‘Surprise!’ A very familiar voice said when I entered my room. I looked up to see Kyle standing in front of me and I froze. I couldn’t move, I just kept staring at him with wide eyes and open mouth. ‘Baby, aren’t you excited to see me?’ He asked pulling me into a hug. 

Is it bad if I say that I almost completely forgot about him? I mean I know that he’s my ‘boyfriend’, but he didn’t call me in 2 weeks and now he comes back and everything’s just perectly fine?  

‘Um, yeah, I am.’ I lied. ‘So how’s your dad?’ I asked him. 

‘My dad? He’s good, yeah, he’s a lot better now.’

The atmosphere between us was really intense and it made me uncomfortable, but then he tried to make it less awkward by pulling me to him and attaching his lips on my neck. ‘Baby, I missed you.’ He said. 


I gently pushed him away from me and he looked at me confused. ‘Stop.’ I said. 

‘What’s wrong with you?’ He asked obviously surprised by my actions. 

‘What’s wrong with me? What’s wrong with you? First of all, this whole time while you were in Montana I was the one who was constantly trying to call you, to reach you just so I can hear your voice because I missed you so much, but you answered maybe like 5 times using some lame bullshit of excuses. And then, you haven’t called me in two weeks and now, you come back and act like everything’s just great? Are you fucking serious?’ I snapped at him. 

‘My dad was in the hospital.’ He said through his teeth.

‘And I’m really sorry about that, if that’s even true, but you can’t use that as an excuse to not call me. As your girlfriend I need to know what’s happening with you, in your life and around you. I want to, but you’re constantly being so difficult and unreasonable.’ I said angrily. ‘You keep sending me some weird signals making me question myself if you really love me or you just want to use me. I’m done with that. Why don’t you tell me what were you actually doing in Montana this whole month, huh? Are you sure it was just about your dad?’ I asked. ‘You need to stop playing games and grow the fuck up.’ 

‘Listen to me now,’ He said through his teeth taking my elbow harshly making me wince in pain. ‘I don’t know where’s your bravery coming from, but you need to shut your big mouth or else I’ll do it for you. You’re not going to talk to me like that you little bitch.’ 


signs as dylan o'brien tweets
  • aries: I get emotionally attached to inanimate objects
  • taurus: Alicia Keys would kick my assssss
  • gemini: Maroon pants how's everyone feelin' about 'em? Apostrophe....
  • cancer: did my first retweet. now i'm fuckin' exhausted
  • leo: I love allllll y'all motha f**kas
  • virgo: I luh ya cuties I luh ya luh ya luh ya cuties
  • libra: Man I love socks
  • scorpio: I don't think you're ready for this jelly
  • sagittarius: Think I'm finally gettin' the hang of this twitter thing hashtag
  • capricorn: Tweet others how you would want to be tweeted
  • aquarius: QUICK!!! what are DM's....?
  • pisces: I forgot my pillow

Man, the video for I Luh Ya Papi is so important