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In Sickness and In Health - Elias x Luca (Lulias)

For @gedonelune-romance.  <3

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“I can’t believe it.” From where he was curled up in the fetal position on the dorm room couch, Elias spoke, but his words were barely audible.  

“Believe it, Prince,” Luca muttered from next to him, sprawled out with limbs askew. “Unless you were faking throwing up into the toilet just now.”

Elias moaned softly, burying his face against a cushion.  “This is all your fault!”

“Me?”  Luca seemed a little more animated, able to briefly fake an innocent expression before he winced at a stomach cramp.  

“You were the one who wanted to go to that street fair.  After we had a perfectly nice, decent meal!”  Elias carefully rolled over so that he could aim a glare at Luca.  “And now we both have food poisoning!”

Luca guffawed. “How do you know it was the street food?  Maybe it was the food you ate?  What was it called, tartare?” He made a face. “Who eats raw meat like that?”

Elias looked as if he were about to retort, when suddenly he froze, and then managed to summon a surge of energy to dash off into the bathroom.

When he returned, he slumped back weakly against the couch and sighed.

Luca caught sight of his boyfriend’s expression and slowly reached a hand out to touch the other boy’s fingers.  “Heya, Prince,” he said, voice suddenly soft and kind.  “What’s got you down?”

Elias let his fingers curl around Luca’s.  “It’s just…it was our first Love Holiday together,” he answered quietly.  “I wanted it to be special.”

For a quiet moment, they stared at one another, before Luca drew himself up with some effort and began to move closer, close enough to lean in and brush his lips against Elias’ mouth.  Elias squeezed his hand, and allowed himself to be tucked against Luca’s shoulder.  He managed to hook one arm around Luca’s waist, savoring the warmth.

And then Luca smirked. “Well, you should be grateful for one thing.”


Luca grinned.  “I haven’t run away yet.” He paused, savoring Elias’ expression of confusion, before adding, “Even after smelling your vomit breath.”


The phandom/phamily is like, one of the best things that has ever happened to me. Okay that may sound a bit stupid but really. I honestly think this is the best fandom ever and you’re all so welcoming and caring. When I first started watching Dan and Phil, I was scared the phandom wouldn’t like me. But I guess I feel alot more comfortable with you guys now. (though you still probably don’t like me)

Thanks for being amazingly idiotic phangirls. -virtual hug-