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you seemed a bit down today than normal, so i thought you might appreciate knowing that (and it may not mean much) but i care a lot abt u and i want u to be happy. so take it easy, if u need a break im sure none of us would mind. <3 take care pls bc i (platonically) lub u

see this is what I mean when I say my tumblr followers are my favorite

u guys just pull shit like this and ur about to make a grown man cry

Snow on the High Mountains

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Light up with me my dear, light up. Under stormy night, tell nobody.

— Fleet Foxes, Blue Ridge Mountains

Pairing: Jimin x Jungkook

co-written with @jiminslolli @yoongsigh . also, preapare your tissues ;) and special dedication to @plumsoda

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You know what? I was fine with my other beautiful sons being happy, and then you whip out that stunning, complex and utterly intriguing honey bun of a character named T'challa? I had no more room in my heart for another husband for my husbands, yet there he is, heaped in a cuddle pile with Steve, Sam and Bucky all happy because of you and your devotion to him. But in all seriousness, he's great and you're great and thanks for showing me how amazing he is.

AHHHH okay lemme sit down gimme a sec it’s just that sharing my love of this beautiful character with ppl?? who actually listen and begin, in turn, to care abt him???? is what i live for tbh.

Listen T’Challa is amazing all on his own but lots of ppl overlook him for a number of reasons, NONE of which are valid lmao, and honestly he just deserves the world??? He’s been put thru sooo much and he is sooo strong and brave and SOFT and SAD and the only thing in this cruel world that I need is for him to be taken care of, he’s so fuckin PRECIOUS what the FUCK

He’s literally the biggest reason I ever rejoined fandom and tumblr at all.


i was tagged by all my faves aka @yewonu, @kookrps, @cutierps, @jonginrps, @jeonrps & @minhysks wow did y’all see them ?? bunch of beauties thru n thru .. im Emo . anyway i think ur supposed to post ur lockscreen + wallpaper + last song played + a selfie eksfs im sry abt that last one idk either

i think everyone has done this rip but imma tag my gfs @baeirens & @tuvns r we surprised by this rly n im also gna tag the actual sun @wangsheart & my best friend in the universe @maren1x1, and also @cittaphons & @wnhoswife & @julietcapulct & @jonglnsgf & @gelrps & @amiknownyet idk is that 2 many idgaf i lub u all

So I got over 1K followers (for a second time lmao) and I’m absolutely over the moon! Now is time for me to show some love by sharing some of my favourite blogs ! So thank you all so much for all the amazing support xx 

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@calumpoc @kacieblogs @assholemalums @huffpuffs @mikeysolo @mindkink @dadhatcalum @fullwizardstrawberry @clumhoodsvevo @bootycallcalum @youpornmichael @snapchathood @mahalocalum @lukeshit @calumshood-ie 

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I know this probably isn’t everybody but I did my best! To anyone I forgot, I’m sorry and you are most definitely supposed to be here! Thanks again to everyone for the undying love and support for my blog and my writing and everything in between. 

Big Love x



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◇ You, his mate, his beautiful mate, his world.

◇ Lay x reader

◇ vampire!au

◇ more vampire!lay - monster

◇ also i kinda wanna do more vampire!exo so if anyone has requests/ideas hmu also I just hit 100 followers?! wut!? much thank u guys i lub u all


His jaw was clenched tight, teeth gritted and hand crushingly wrapped around a vampire’s neck. Said vampire, despite the imminent death that was approaching, was laughing; a wheezing, cackling, disgusting laugh. Yixing’s nostrils flared in anger at the reaction he was getting, hand tightening and fracturing the bone hidden beneath the vampires skin.

“What did you say?” Yixing’s voice was dangerously quiet, eyes flickering between the vampire in his hold to Sehun, who was holding down another vampire effortlessly while listening to what the other had said. The vampire laughed again, watching as Yixing’s eyes began to turn pitch black in anger.

“I said,” he wheezed, struggling to breath through the pain while simultaneously cackling to himself, knowing that his death was approaching but not caring one bit, “You’ll regret this… Every vampire has a weakness - and we know who yours is…”

Yixing knew exactly who they were talking about - you, of course. You, his mate, his beautiful mate, his world. This - this - disgusting excuse for a vampire had threatened his mate, right in front of him. The red hot anger coursing through Yixing made him tighten his grip, before he inhaled deeply and closed his eyes. Think this through, he thought, calm down.

Yixing flung the vampire towards Sehun, who had finished off the other vampire, and glared at the coward who was trembling on the floor, still giggling to themselves. He rose an eyebrow, thinking of the horrible fate that awaited him. “Take them to the Courtyard.”

At the sound of the dreaded place of death, the vampire’s eyes widened - he seemed to regret what he had done, especially as he started wailing and flailing his arms around desperately, trying to claw at the marble floor of the ballroom as he was dragged away by Sehun.

Fixing his jacket, Yixing turned on his heel towards the exit of the mansion, planning to get to you as quick as he could. He had been away for about a week, reclaiming territory that had been stolen by other clans, and it was only during this brawl that a vampire had even mentioned his mate - and it made Yixing angrier than he could imagine.

He strode outside of the mansion that he had successfully reclaimed with his brothers, not even bothering to bid them goodbye as he disappeared in a whirlpool of smoke, mind completely fixated on one person and one person alone.


Yixing peered up at your house in irritation, eyebrows furrowing, lunging forward to knock on the oak door again. There was no answer, and Yixing cursed before he descended the stairs at the front of your house, circling back to your back garden. He regretted getting a masking spell put on your house; he couldn’t vaporize to inside your house, he couldn’t hear your heartbeat, he couldn’t smell your scent, and it made him all the more anxious.

“______!” He yells, knocking against the glass of your kitchen window. There’s no answer, and Yixing growls - he has to get in there, no matter what it takes. Backing away, he suddenly runs towards your back door, kicking with all of his force and busting the door open.

He’s quick to run through your kitchen, knowing that no-one’s home, and starts to look through the rooms, so fixated on finding you that he doesn’t stop to listen for your heartbeat. After seeing that you weren’t in the living room, he strides up the stairs, two at a time.

He peeks his head quickly into every room he comes to before he runs to your room at the end of the hall, bursting in and looking around frantically - only to see you, laying in bed, headphones plugged in and eyes closed peacefully. His eyebrows furrow as he looks around your room - nothing seems out of place. His (undead) heart rate is slowing down, his eyebrows knitting together in confusion but also relief.

He pads over to where you’re covered with your blanket, cuddling the pillow that Yixing usually used on the rare occasions that he’d stay overnight. He didn’t want to wake you; you needed your sleep, unlike him, but the threat loomed over his head and he didn’t want to take his chances.

He leans over you, brushing some hair from your forehead as he gently shakes you from your slumber. “Wake up, my love.”

Your frowning as you stretch, groggily pulling the earphones from your hears and wiping at your eyes to look at the man kneeling beside your bed. Yixing never visited in the middle of the night unless it was something important. “Yixing? What - what’s wrong?”

“Something came up, love,” he explains quietly, rubbing his thumb over your hand comfortingly. It always surprises people how uncharacteristically gentle he was with you compared to others. “There was… there was another clan residing on our land, and one of the vampires mentioned you-”

“Am I - am I in danger?” You ask softly, biting your lip. You remember how Yixing got possessive every time you were involved in any of his… business, whether it was a vampire trying to feed off of you, Beings trying to lure you into dangerous places, even if a Being tried to talk to you. He was completely adamant in keeping people away from you for as long as possible - until he turned you so that you could stay together for eternity.

Yixing smiles softly, bringing your hand up to kiss gently. “Never, sweetheart. Not under my watch - I’d just feel better if you came with me, just in case.”

You nod tiredly, starting to sit up and slip out of bed. You’re dressed in pajama shorts and an over-sized t-shirt that’s probably Yixing’s (he’s lost count of all the articles of clothing you had stolen from him, at this rate), and Yixing reassures you that you can return to your house tomorrow to fetch more clothes - and to get your back door fixed, he reveals.

“You broke my back door?” You ask sleepily, snuggling deeper into his chest as he readjusts you in his arms. He smiles a tiny smile, shaking his head and walking past your front door, closing it with one hand and holding you close with the other, 

“It’s minor, really. Nothing big-”

“You’re lucky my parents aren’t in the country,” you mutter, closing your eyes, “Otherwise they would’ve killed you.” You don’t mention the fact that your parents have no idea Yixing exists, at least not for now.

“Surely, you wouldn’t let them, sweetheart?” Yixing asks, fake indignation painted on his handsome face, readjusting you again as he gets ready to vaporize to his own home. You giggle, leaning up just a little to press a kiss on his chin before settling down to rest against his chest.

“Of course not, Yixing,” you sigh sleepily, a smile still painted on your face, closing your eyes and drifting back to sleep, knowing that Yixing would keep you completely safe.

And Yixing looks down to you, nestled comfortably in his arms, and he swells with pride and love, knowing that he would never let anyone hurt you, whether they were human or not, big or small, threatening or not.