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Change Your Mind (m) || Part 5

Synopsis: Jimin is finally returning home to Busan after a few years of college. His friend, Jungkook, tags along as well. Rather than being interested in the new sights, he finds his eyes following Jimin’s old friend- you.

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Pairing: Jimin x Reader x Jungkook // childhood friend au & fwb au // love triangle ahoy

Genre: Smut/Angst/Fluff

Word Count: 2928

SERIES: Part 1 || Part 2 || Part 3 || Part 4 || Part 5

A/N: alskgdfkl sorry this took a while qq i hit the road block for this so i’m also sorry that it is quite short and probably isn’t what you guys are expecting ^^; there’s one last part to this btw, i promise it’ll explain everything that is unanswered from here

Jungkook’s words reverberate in your mind, astoundment striking you like lightning.

“You… what?” You ask for clarification, ebullience leaving your body as if it has never been present to begin with. All you are left with is plain shock, movements desultory as you take a few steps back.

Jimin’s eyes widen at Jungkook’s proposition of a panacea, for those words are the last he thought would ever leave Jungkook’s mouth. Jimin remains niche against the wall, rising tension hitting the room in untoward waftures. The younger boy sighs and scratches the back of his neck. “I said we need to cut off what we have—whatever it is.”

“W- why?” You say a bit too desperately, feeling yourself unravel at his sharp statement. “I thought you- we had… why?

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“Julius Caesar is said to have been tall, fair and well built, with a rather broad face and keen, dark eyes. His health was sound, apart from sudden fainting spells and a tendency towards nightmares that troubled him towards the end of his life, but he twice had epileptic fits while on campaign.

He was something of a dandy, so that he not only kept himself carefully trimmed and shaved, but also, as some people have charged, depilated with tweezers. His baldness was a disfigurement which his enemies harped upon, much to his exasperation, but he used to comb the thin strands of hair forward from the crown of his head, and of all of the honors voted him by the Senate and People none pleased him so much as the privilege of wearing a laurel wreath on all occasions- he constantly took advantage of it.

His dress was, it seems, unusual: he had added wrist-length sleeves with fringes to his purple-striped senatorial tunic, which he wore not only belted but loosely belted at that- hence Sulla’s warning to the optimates: ‘Beware of that boy with loose clothes!’

The only charge ever brought against him regarding his sexual tastes was that he had been King Nicomedes’ bedmate… Licinius Calvus published the notorius verse:

The riches of Bithynia’s King

Who Caesar on his couch abused.

Dolabella called him ‘the Queen’s rival and inner partner of the royal bed,’ and the elder Curio ‘Nicomedes’ Bithynian brothel.’ Bibulus, Caesar’s colleague in the consulship, described him in his edict as ‘the Queen of Bithynia, who once wanted to sleep with a monarch, but now wants to be one.’ Cicero too not only wrote in several letters that ‘Caesar was led by Nicomedes’ attendants to the royal bedchamber, where he lay on a golden couch dressed in a purple robe, and so this descendant of Venus lost his virginity in Bithynia…’

Lastly, when Caesar’s own soldiers followed his decorated chariot in the Gallic triumph, chanting ribald songs, as they were privileged to do, this was one of them:

Home we bring our bald whoremonger;

Romans, lock your wives away!

All the bags of gold you lent him

Went his Gallic tarts to pay

And to emphasize the bad name Caesar had won for both easy virtue and adultery, the elder Curio refers to him in a speech as ‘every woman’s husband and every man’s wife.”

- The Twelve Caesars by Suetonius, published AD 121


Sam Winchester Graphic Challenge | semirahrose vs. hallowedbecastiel 
           ↳ Prompt: Dualities | O r d e r  /  C h a o s 

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do you, cinna and olivia have sonas? i'd love to draw them as the plastics or the heathers :3c


Ummmmm, I don’t have one… but I can make one just for this my dear anon? ;D

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Let’s talk about Maggie Sawyer :

Maggie Sawyer the smart, tough, just beautiful, so beautiful detective who loves guns, scotch, tiramisu which she could eat for every meal because its her happy food, and bonsai trees which might be random but Alex finds it adorable.

Maggie Sawyer who listened to Alex with so much care and empathy during her coming out and made sure Alex knew how she deserves to have a real, full, happy life.

Maggie Sawyer who lied about her own coming out story so Alex wouldn’t be scared and so she could have a better story to tell.

Maggie Sawyer who’s been called hard headed, insensitive, obsessed with work, borderline sociopathic by her ex and despite all of it, is still letting herself love and be loved.

Maggie Sawyer who deserves so much better.

Maggie Sawyer was outed to her parents at 14 and kicked out of her own house as a result. She was probably confused, lost, alone, without any supporter in the world but her aunt. Her own parents who she thought would always have her back gave up on her because of the gender of the person she would fall in love with. Maggie Sawyer had a really traumatic childhood and still managed to grow up to be strong and loving.

Maggie Sawyer doesn’t hate valentines day because it’s a manufactured holidays for patsies but because she associated it with her absolute traumatic experience which is completely valid. She  only had a negative reaction to Alex‘s surprise because she’s still in pain about her past.

And Maggie Sawyer shouldn’t have to suppress this trauma for Alex, Maggie shouldn’t have to hear her girlfriend’s sister telling her to change how she feels about this day for Alex. Maggie shouldn’t have to apologize to Alex for being in pain.

Like Alex said « this is a relationship » so Alex should have been the one supporting her girlfriend with her trauma and thanking her for letting her believe her coming out went well giving her the strength to come out to her own family.

The world tried to take down Maggie Sawyer but Maggie Sawyer grew up to be stronger, more loving and caring.

Maggie Sawyer deserves better. Maggie Sawyer deserves a respectful, caring, loving relationship more than anyone.