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Jason talks in his sleep.

“Batman, you stole my fucking snickerdoodles.” That was the first dead giveaway. Of course I would date a guy who talks in his sleep. It was both hilarious and scary at times. 

The time when he screamed in the middle of the night, softly crying, and whispered unknowingly in my ear, “Bruce will come for me…”, and I cried myself– that was the breaking point. I approached Jason on the job, wearing the same mask (I found it in his underwear drawer) as him. I wasn’t really surprised that he was the Red Hood, but I was dead set on getting him to agree with me on one thing.

“I know who you are.” I smiled at him. “And I’m not afraid.” Smiling at the man with the gun, I put your hand over the barrel and lowered his hand.

“Who are you?” He questioned cautiously, hearing my smug tone.

“You seriously don’t know?” I asked him, flashing a cheshire cat grin. “You live with me, don’t you?”

“What are you doing?” He put his pistol back in its holster. “You are going to get hurt!”

“Oh, goodness gracious, I hadn’t thought of it that way! Getting hurt while fighting people with superpowers, save me now!” I feigned sarcasm. I stepped up and looked at his eyes. “Did you really think that once I found out who you really were that I would leave you alone?”

“I–well, no.” Jason sighed. He removed my mask and stared into my eyes. “Listen, you might think that you’re tough and all, but it’s a dangerous city.”

I caressed his cheek gently and gave him a chaste kiss before sweep-kicking his legs from under him. “I think I’m fine.” I informed him. “Lesson number one: don’t ever lose your guard.”

“Good point.” He stood up, rubbing his ass. “Are you sure that you want to go all in?” 

“Yes.” I said without a second thought going through my mind. 

“Okay then.” He said, then looked up at the sky. “How did you find out?”

“You talk in your sleep, babe.” I smirked. “’Batman, where are all the clowns?’” I mimicked him jokingly.

“Well, there goes my cover.” He laughed. “I guess you’re a part of the team now. I’ll introduce you to Bruce– the real Bruce– tonight.”

“Great.” I wrapped my arms around his neck and smiled. “What do you want to do now?” I asked him, trailing one hand down his chest. He brought his hands around to lift me around his waist.

“I think you can guess.” He breathed against my lips between kisses. I gave in to him willingly. 

That night, after what would be considered a relieved hook-up on the roof of the Wayne Tech building, he was finally as in this relationship as I was. No secrets, no rivalries, just a team. Just how it’s supposed to be.

westallen literally falls under so many aus and tropes and it amazes me to this day. best friends to lovers? check. someone having a crush on their best friend? check. soulmates in every universe? check. true loves brings them out of the darkness? check check check check CHECK honestly i love those lovey dovey goofballs 

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Do you think it's okay for a little to not want aftercare after sex, or be cuddly and lovey?

I mean…. thats your perogative, but I am not exactly sure that on the subconscious level its all that healthy.

I mean.. I know how it is… I can go for hours, and end up a sweaty hot heaping mess with the sheets soaked…. Not exactly the best for cuddling. But that doesnt mean you shouldnt still enjoy a hot cup of tea and some netflix on the tablet while wearing one of my t-shirts…. 

aftercare isnt all about cuddling and hair stroking, it can be many simple things… but I think its needed even in the slightest form.

Beauty Is Found Within

Chapter Four

Beauty & the Beast AU

Summary: Alec faces the consequences of leaving Magnus’ apartment.

Quote:  Before Alec could do anything, there was a deep, menacing growl from behind him. The Shadowhunter turned slowly, the screen of his phone illuminating the shadows, and another message popped up from Magnus.

Warnings: It get’s a little bit gory at times so if descriptions of fighting and violence upset you, this particular chapter probably isn’t for you!

Read on AO3 here.

Get ready for some sweet action that will instigate Magnus and Alec’s lovey-dovey montage. Also, I’m going to ask you a question at the end so please read it and give me your opinions as it will determine how I write said lovey-dovey montage <3 Enjoy!

It was only as Alec exited the building that he realised he was free. It hadn’t even been intentional. He looked up and down the street, half-expecting his parents to emerge from the crowds, and forced himself to start walking. He didn’t want Magnus to change his mind and come after him. The further away he got, the better.

Alec’s phone told him that it was half past six. The sky was turning a brilliant shade of orange as the sun began to set and Alec wondered what would happen regarding the deal his parents had made with Magnus. The Warlock had let him go, so surely, he wouldn’t be the one who got in trouble?

As Alec turned down the alley he had cut through on his hectic journey to find Isabelle, his phone began to ring. To his surprise, the ID read ‘Magnus’ and Alec quickly rejected the call. If the Warlock had changed his mind, he would have to get back to the Institute before he tracked him down. The alley was darker than before and the hairs on Alec’s arms stood up. He was only wearing a thin blue jumper and it had more than a few extra holes. Alec’s phone buzzed again and this time, it was a text from Magnus.

Come back.

Alec shook his head and kept moving through the alley. Nothing the Warlock said could be trusted. Then, another vibration.

Where are you?

Before Alec could do anything, there was a deep, menacing growl from behind him. The Shadowhunter turned slowly, the screen of his phone illuminating the shadows, and another message popped up from Magnus.

It’s not safe.

Suddenly, something moved in the corner of Alec’s eye and a heavy creature collided with his chest, knocking him to the ground. The damp ground instantly soaked through Alec’s jumper and Alec moved his phone to light up the thing on top of him. A demon.

It was grey and twisted and opened its mouth too far, letting fat drops of saliva fall onto Alec’s neck. It stung slightly but the demons’ claws were digging through his clothes and into his skin. With a sharp grunt, Alec managed to lift his legs and kick the thing off, making it crash into an already dented dumpster. Alec scrambled to his feet, his phone damp and dirty on the floor, and he looked around for a weapon. There was a long piece of metal pipe several steps away but the demon was already charging at Alec. The Shadowhunter managed to dodge its attack but then, out of the dark, a second and third demon appeared, snarling and hissing, spitting ichor and making the ground smoke. Alec lunged for the piece of pipe, knowing that he needed a weapon, but as his hand closed around the freezing metal, one of the demons crashed into his side and sent him flying into a pile of garbage bags. The demon continued to skid on the now icy ground and Alec took advantage of its immobility by lifting the pipe and bringing it down over the creature’s head.

There was a nauseating crack and the demon lay immobile on the ground, black ichor pooling instantly and matting its uncut fur. Alec didn’t have the chance to celebrate his victory as the remaining two demons seemed to shift and grow before him.

Alec had had very little field experience, and any times he had left the Institute on a mission, he had been accompanied by Isabelle and Jace.

The pipe suddenly felt heavy and tiny white stars were beginning to cloud Alec’s vision. The two demons slowly moved closer and Alec mirrored each of their steps, stumbling backwards until he was against the wall. One of the demons let out a sickening howl before leaping forwards and Alec closed his eyes and swung the pipe. But, rather than hitting the demon, the pipe collided with the dumpster he was standing next to. The demon had frozen, mid jump, and angry red flashes of magic began to rain down in the alley.

A figure appeared on the street. Magnus. Still dressed in his formal clothing, he practically strolled towards Alec and the demons. Everyone and everything seemed stuck in place. The demons no longer made any sounds, despite their jaws opening and snapping, and Alec’s breathing was the only thing to be heard; shallow and choked.

“Honestly, if you’d just answered your phone, we wouldn’t be in this mess, would we?” Magnus said, more to himself that Alec. The Warlock clicked his fingers and the two demons melted away, leaving sticky pools of ichor in their place. “Can you honestly believe that half of my being is that?” Magnus nodded to where the demons had just been. “The human half really does matter, I suppose. Even if you’re all idiots.” Alec dropped the pipe and wiped his hands on his jeans. He was covered in filth and let his head rest back against the brick wall.

“How did you find me?” Alec said as Magnus brushed some imaginary speck of dirt from his red jacket.

“Magic.” Magnus said and turned around. “Anyway, as I was going to tell you on the phone, you can’t leave-” Magnus was suddenly cut off as yet another demon appeared in the alley. Before Magnus had the chance to do anything, it pounced and sunk its teeth into the Warlock’s arm. Alec barely registered what had happened when an incredible white light burst out from Magnus’ hands, dissolving the demon and forcing Alec to cover his eyes with his arm.

“What the hell was that?” Alec breathed, feeling eerily calm. Magnus was soaked in ichor and his hands slowly returned to normal.

“Just…” But Magnus fell to his knees, his bleeding arm against his chest, and his cat eyes bright in the darkness.

Thank you for reading!
Now, as for the lovey-dovey montage. I can either write a couple of long chapters where lots of things happen, or a few shorter chapters that will probably be updated more quickly. It’s your choice so please tell me what you would prefer!
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me reading smut: *is completely unfazed* lol nice
me reading fluff: *puts hand over heart* *literally starts screaming* oH MY GOD HE DID NOT JUST SAY THAT WHY IS HE SO CHEESY *has to stop reading for a good two minutes before continuing*


“Ah, at the end, Gray sama reached me”



not once, but TWICE!! (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

I have these few little favorite Yoi things which always get me and can’t get out of my head
Like when Yuuri immediately started crying in episode 7 because he was like   Victor might go?..Oh no I don’t want that
Or that they can be pretty dorky together
Or that they were fooling around when they practiced??
Or that they’re so in love???
OOOR that they don’t want to live without each other anymore????
They’re just soulmates???????


In Aria: “Stay close to me” in its single version we have one text:

I hear a voice crying far away
Have you been abandoned as well?
Come now, let’s empty this glass of wine soon
I’ll start getting ready
Now be silent.

With a sword I wish I could cut
Those throats singing about love
I wish I could seal in the cold the hands
That portray those verses of burning passion

This story that makes no sense
Will vanish tonight along with the stars

If I could see you
From hope
Eternity will be born

Stay close to me
Don’t go
I’m afraid of losing you

Your hands, your legs
My hands, my legs
The heartbeats
Are fusing together

Let’s leave together
Now I’m ready

But in its Duet version, text is a bit different:

I hear a voice crying far away
Have you been abandoned as well?
Come now, let’s empty this glass of wine soon
I’ll start getting ready
Now be silent.

(the missing piece of text)

Stay close to me
Don’t go
I’m afraid of losing you

Your hands, your legs
My hands, my legs
The heartbeats
Are fusing together

Let’s leave together
Now I’m ready

SEE? The piece of suffering in this aria is missed in the duet version, because they are happy together. And it’s not needed to suffer more.

i am done.

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