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Didn't someone suggest - Roy Mustang a while back?

((OOC: They did indeed… My only problem here is I would be worried about the number to Full metal fans that actually follow my blog (problems with running a a HP blog while being super invested in other fandoms XD) 

I wouldn’t want to put all the effort in to creating the look for no one to really engage with it? IDK prove me wrong! let me know if you’re a full metal alchemist fan because I would loveeee to bring a character like Roy online)) 

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THIS IS WHAT I WANT FOR SHAWN,him to meet a girl through his friend but him being a little intimidated by her at first like having a mini crush on her and him writing the most random songs about her but not so specific that everyone/she would know , then him becoming friends with her and then dating her and so on and so forth , like from the fear to friendship to all the cute little stuff that 'she' would do

awwww yes, i’m so into that idea. I’m so into the idea of lovers being comfortable and friends before ever even showing their interest for one another. I loveeee that concept so much. i want it in my personal life too. 

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What foods do you think certain dynamics like?

This is me procrastinating three assignments. I’ll more than likely revisit this when I have more brain cells.

  • - I generally think that Alphas like anything with meat. Like steaks, omfg…I fucking love steak. Like they would like the heartier foods. So meats grains, etc. Things that would help them be full and stay full for long periods of time, especially have them gain muscles. 
    • steaks
    • potatoes 
    • rice 
    • steak
    • pork
    • steak
    • beans
  • - Betas I feel like they loVEEEE things that are savory. Like anything savory like literally.
    • stuffed breads 
    • pastas
    • spiced meats 
    • fries 
    • soups/stews
    • asian dishes i feel
  • - Omegas love sweets. Or any kind of comfort foods. Things that would make them full in comforting way. They love healthy foods too.
    • chips
    • chocolate
    • cakes
    • cheese fries
    • nachos 
    • burgers
    • tacos 
    • cookies

Feel free to tell me otherwise though. This is just what I think about they would like. 


mchanzo week day 4 - red/blue

i love the contrasting colour schemes of these two, i think thats one of the reasons i love them as a couple so much
doing big coloured/lined pieces is so difficult in a single day! but im loving the challenge

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