i loved whenever they acted like friends

whenever I give a compliment I want it to be really genuine and well thought out.
I like to look over or evaluate everything I enjoy about a person and then try my best to put it into words. The way they act, dress, behave. The way they accomplish certain tasks. The way their laugh sounds or their overall presence. The things they do that make me love who they are.

ok but i need a plot where there’s these two idiots who are roommates, and they bicker and act like a married couple constantly, and can hang out like bros but they’re completely platonic, no we’re not in love that’s preposterous!! and it’s so evident that they’re into each other like whenever one goes out on a date, the other is all bitter like ‘no i’m definitely not jealous’. and they like leave bars together at some stupidly early hour and their friends tease them and they just go home and get drunk together instead. and like domestic washing the dishes and fighting over who does what and flinging soap at each other. and then one day it kind of just clicks, you know, like wow you’re my best friend but i think i might love you as more this is so difficult and just, give this to me now.

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Are you taking prompts? It's totally cool if you're not, but if you are, that sex toy prompts list also had "✥ this sculpting class is the bane of my existence and for the final project (where i’m supposed to use a non-clay medium) i’m going to troll my teacher and make a bunch of silicone dildos. will you donate your dick to my cause?" And that just seems like such a Bellarke situation.

Alright, I finally did it! It turned out a lot less smutty than the prompt suggests though and a lot more fluffy, I hope that’s okay. Thank you for prompting this - and yes, I do take prompt, always! 

[also on ao3]

“You need what?“

Bellamy can’t believe what he’s hearing. To be honest, he’s not entirely sure he isn’t hallucinating this entire conversation, tired as he is. The last few weeks have been brutal, and he’s barely managed to make the deadline for a paper that could make or break his career. So when he comes home after finally sending it off and then having to teach three classes back-to-back and reassure a bunch of panicking freshmen that they’ll get an extension on their own work, it seems perfectly plausible that he is in fact imagining it when he opens the door to find his best friend standing outside and exclaiming:

“I need your dick.”

It doesn’t sound any less crazy the second time, and Bellamy closes his eyes and pinches his arm, hard. But when he opens them again, Clarke is still standing outside his door, wearing tight jeans and a light grey, v-necked shirt and looking at him pleadingly. Not a hallucination then, even if the combination of that expression and that request – more like a demand, really, because Clarke is bossy as hell – seems to come straight out of one of the more vivid dreams he’s been having recently.

The thought must be showing on his face, because Clarke gasps and goes beet red.

“Not like that!” She pushes past him, smelling like the perfume he and Octavia chipped in together to buy her for her last birthday, and Bellamy takes a deep breath and then immediately feels pathetic.

“Well, what else would you need it for?” He snaps, a little defensive now because it’s hard to keep his cool around Clarke when he’s at his best, but dealing with her when he’s exhausted and she’s making nonsensical demands is damn near impossible.

“My sculpting class,” Clarke huffs, as if that would be sufficient explanation, then spots what he’s sure is a less than intelligent look on his face and keeps going. “We’re supposed to do a piece in a non-clay medium for our final project, and I want to piss my professor off.”

“The smug sexist one?” Bellamy asks, because even when his head feels like it’s filled with cotton balls, he apparently still remembers all the times Clarke ranted about the professor teaching her “Introduction to Sculpture”-class.

“Exactly. You know how he’s always showing us his “phallic art pieces” that are just plaster casts of his dick and making everyone uncomfortable?”

Bellamy nods. That habit in particular is one Clarke has been fuming about all semester.

“Well, I figured I’d give him a taste of his own medicine and make him look at someone else’s dick for a change. Or perhaps a whole bunch of dicks. A bag of dicks, so to speak.” She giggles a little at her own joke, then grins deviously. “So obviously, it’s got to be a better dick than the one he keeps shoving in our faces.”

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part two

He’s a thinker, a planner, and a philosopher, dissecting life and the world’s inhabitants. He likes to study the girl in his Potions period. She always wraps her hair into a tight bun, never quite catching each strand or curl. Her eyebrows never seem void of emotion, constantly expressing each thought or concern. He likes to watch her think. She does this thing, licking a stripe along her bottom lip, then quickly sucking the plump, pink flesh into her mouth. She doesn’t intend to give him a raging hard-on, but then again, she doesn’t even know he exists. He’s like a ghost to her. Constantly watching. Constantly waiting for attention, yet never being seen, never being realized, never being noted. He has a ‘shrine,’ as Zabini calls it. Its nothing much, just a box of things significant to them her himself. She dropped a quill in a hurry towards lunch; he meant to give it back, but never felt the urge to separate himself from a thing she touched, used, cared for. He wants her to touch him. He wants her to use him. If she only cared- then the world would be perfect.
Everyone has a way to deal with things. Theodore swims in the Black Lake when he’s stressed. On a cold day, when the wind shouts and the moon beams, he floats along the water’s edge, staring into black nothingness, the chill of the liquid plunging into his bones. No one gets why he does it, but Draco suspects he finds some sort of peace, knowing that the cold and dark feeling is his choice. Pansy’s a whore and everyone knows it. She’ll spread her legs for anyone that calls her pretty. She once said, drunk and insecure, that sex was an escape from feeling emotionally raped. He’s never judged her since. Blaise, perhaps, is the most sane of the three. He sings in the shower. Sure, to other houses, it might seem mundane, but to Zabini, its something else entirely. He’s quiet. That’s all he is, really. He’s the quiet, winter chill no one can touch. He only even responds to three other people in the castle, simply because they’re the only ones who won’t shriek in fear. Even with Malfoy, he barely laughs. The only time Draco ever saw him gasp for air from a joke is when Theo peed on himself at the beach. Yet, when everyone has left quidditch practice, and he thinks he’s alone, by himself, Blaise will casually hum a Sinatra tune, soon expanding into a full belt. He actually has a nice voice, from what Draco’s heard. In fact, he wouldn’t be surprised if Blaise pursued in the art, behind closed doors, of course. However, floating in the abyss, drowning in sex, and singing into an empty loo didn’t really scream Draco. He found an alternative.

Dearest Y/n,

You don’t know me. I don’t quite know you. 
You see, I don’t even know your middle name. I don’t know if you like the colour blue, or if you’ve ever been stung by a bee. Yet, I know that when you’re feeling sad, you pick at your fingernails and get an unbelievably adorable pout. I know that when you’re happy, you click your toes along the tile floor and crinkle your nose like a bunny rabbit. I know that you’re grossed out by frog legs, and that you hate being partnered with Anthony Goldstein. 
I realize this all must be a bit odd, and even creepy, so I’ll tell you some things about me. When I’m upset, I close my eyes, and imagine you and myself dancing in a field of violets. You’re dressed in a pretty, white sundress, your hair soaked wet from our day in the ocean. The sun is drying us, and for once in my day, I smile, imagining what life would be like if you were mine. When I’m happy, I write. I write to you, telling you about my day. I tell myself you’ll read this letter, and that you actually care about how my existence. I’m grossed out by messy eaters, and I positively hate cockroaches. 
I believe you have the right to know I’m in love with you. I understand how hard it must be to understand. But, please know that I believe you’re beautiful perfection everything. You’re my Aphrodite, my Cleopatra, my Victoria. I feel like I’m flying with angel wings when you bump into me while reaching for an ingredient and I can feel my heart leap into my throat whenever I hear your voice. I know this is what love feels like, and I just think you should know.

Best Regards,
Draco L. Malfoy

Four of these were made per day. He would vent about how stupidly Gryffindors acted, or if Trelawney assigned a project over the weekend. At night, he’d dream of Italian honeymoons and promiscuous rendezvous in the Prefect’s bathroom. However, on a particularly gloomy, Friday afternoon in February, he was interrupted abruptly from a smutty letter on the fourteenth.

Dearest Y/n,

It is finally the fourteenth of February. Saint Valentine has separated a day from the year where couples and singles and friends and enemies can come together, spreading the sheer joy of love. I absolutely despise it. I’ve never been anyone’s Valentine, but I think I could be a good candidate. I know that if you were mine, I’d lavish you in chocolates and diamonds. I’d enchant the Room of Requirement to become a lover’s paradise, complete with a lofty bed. I’d spread you onto the silky, pink sheets, kissing your neck and ravishing your skin. I’d watch your lips pucker with a choked moan, rutting into the mattress as you claw my back. Slowly, I’d lift your delicate dress, trailing my hand up your-

WHAT?!’ Blaise huffed, throwing a book towards Draco’s head. ‘We have a Charms exam Monday, and I am not allowing you to waste the weekend studying when we could finish it all right now.’ He took one look at the undignified paper before willing away his erection, and marching out the dormitory with a slam. He really hated it when Blaise was right.
Macbeth, the Malfoy family owl, was making a round trip to Draco for the holiday. His mother delivered a fresh box of sweets, to ‘get through the lonely times,’ while his father restocked his Gringotts account. However, the eagle-owl spotted a letter on the desk of Master Malfoy, along with a heady stack of signed and stamped messages. Hooting towards Theo, the boy smiled, lazily, slipping into his pajamas. ‘Hey, there, Oh Great Ruler, Macbeth.’ The owl nearly smiled, landing onto the shoulder of its companion. ‘How’ve you been, you elusive thing? Good, I hope.’ Snatching a rat’s tale from his satchel, he threw it into Macbeth’s mouth, smiling as the bird happily nibbled on its treat. Theo jerked his thumb towards the letters, almost smirking. ‘Can you believe he’s been writing telegrams to Y/n L/n for nearly two years and has yet to say hello? All he really needs is a nudge-WAIT!’ The bird swooped down to the desk, swiftly picking up a dozen letters, including the dirty passage he had yet to finish. Theo was already a dead man.

a/n- part II or nah

Never Be Like You (Draco x Reader)

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REQUESTED BY @westfields-maple

A song request! It contains lyrics from Never Be Like You by Flume - listen to this when reading!

Word count - 1,827

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Admittedly, Draco never thought he’d be so smitten over a girl like her. For as long as he could remember, he’d always imagined himself falling for a pureblood, someone with the same class as himself, but never a muggleborn. It started in his second year; the Y/H girl was seen studying by the Black Lake by him. Her sleek hair twisted in the wind as her eyes traced over the small print in her book. Occasionally, she would lean over to the boulder next to where she was sat and write something down for her own notes. He was staring- he’d never seen her before and he was enamored with her. Draco continued to adore her beauteous features from a distance, anxious of her noticing him. He was nonplussed as to how he’d never seen her for the previous two years- he was aware that he never acknowledged the students in different houses to his own but perplexion filled him as he watched her study for the millionth time. How had he not seen her? 

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Pentagon Kinks (Hyung Line)


Thigh riding: Jinho loves it when you ride his thighs, he loves the view of you riding him. The way your face contorts and how greedy you can be with his legs. He also loves holding you and this position really feeds into that. It allows him to hold your thighs, forearms, breasts, wrists. The options are limitless(!) and he really loves that. 

Pet names: Pet names are important to Jinho. He likes them because it’s something only he can call you. It’s just for you and him. Reminding him that you’re his whenever he calls you Honey, Sweetheart, Baby, Princess, Darling. He’ll use them all until he finds one he really likes. 

Light Spanking: See, Jinho loves the sounds you make for him. More than anything, so he’ll do anything to hear them. Leaning into you, pulling back your hair or even going a little rough, just to hear your sweet sounds. But one thing that he’ll do to hear your sounds is this kink. He likes it more because of the certain sound you make when he does it. It also feels good on his hand. He’ll groan with your moan as he spanks you and goes harder on you. 


Breath Play: For both of you really. Hui will use his beautiful hands to snuggle your thyroid or bring the covers over both of your heads and not let any fresh air in until you both come. Then, after you come and he sits up taking the covers with him, the cold, crisp air will surround you both. You and Huitaek will pant in the fresh air as he holds you and runs his fingers over the little marks his fingers made on your neck before they fade away.

Body Worship: Hui loves to take his time when he’s with you. To make sure that you know how much he loves you and wants to be with you. The thought of kissing each and ever inch of your body and then telling you how much he loves it, loves you. Its a thought that really gets him going. Huitaek will use his hands, lips, eyes, anything to explore your perfect body.

Oral: God, Huitaek loves oral so much. Giving and receiving. He loves making you shudder under his tongue and lips, he loves the feeling of you pulling his hair and he lives for your perfect arching. That said, the thought of you on your knees wrecks him even harder. He fantasizes your mouth and craves your kiss where he wants it the most. Hui will be open with you, so he’ll moan and groan as he guides you around his heat with his hands and coaching words, if you need or want it. He’s always going to return the favor, even if he had eaten you out just before you started on him.


Necking: Hongseok loves your neck. He loves watching it and kissing it, tracing his fingers over it. Maybe a bit of light choking? And lets be honest, you love his neck too. Hongseok would really enjoy you taking time to tease and play with his neck. Kiss it and whisper his name against it and he’ll slowly go insane. 

Surfaces: Counters/Islands/The Closest Wall/Random Door/Shower WALL/The Fucking Refrigerator. It doesn’t really matter where, Hongseok just loves to put you against a surface. He loves the sound you make and the sound the surface makes as you land against it. If Hongseok is out of the house and sees a nice corner or tables, his thoughts will immediately take him to you. The thoughts of laying you against it and seeing your arms above your head and you’re just in a bra and panties will haunt him. It is very possible that if the area isn’t too out-in-the-open then he’ll take you there the first chance he gets. Just to check if his fantasy could live up to the reality.

Hickies: Hongseok loves giving you hickies! He loves the look of his seal on you. The way you where his mark where ever you go. You’ll be covered with them because he’ll take time to add to the collection when ever he gets the chance. Hongseok will lean over during a boring part of a movie and suck another mark on your neck or shoulder, just to pass the time. He’ll be down with you leaving hickies on him, though he’d prefer scratch and bite marks. THE space on your neck, just behind your ear is his favorite to suck on. Imagine him coming up behind you and wrapping his arms around your body as his head slowly comes to that little space and then he begins his marking with a hum.


Hair: Hyojung loves the feeling of your hair wrapped around his fingers. If he’s had a bad day he’ll definitely pull your hair while he fucks you. However hot that may be, its not just for harsh days. Hyojung loves nothing more than his hair being pulled by your little hands. You could pull his hair while he’s going down on you or, you could pull his hair while he’s kissing up your body. He would fucking love it if you came into the shower to clean his hair. Like! Nothing could ever make him happier!

Role Play: Anything. Any role any play at all, Hyojung is down for it. Plus (!) he’d be so good at it. Professor/Student Doctor/Patient Cop/Criminal Stranger/Stranger! ANYTHING! He’ll play into it too, like if you’re out with friends and he sees you, he’ll just to act like he’s never seen you before and start flirting with you and then say something like “You know, I won’t be able to sleep tonight if I don’t have your number.” then you’re blushing and his members are like wtf is wrong with him, he’s literally dating her. 

Oral: Oh, Hyojung loves oral. He’ll give oral whenever you ask but he loves to receive it, oh so much. If you want to drive him crazy, suck him off. He’ll pull at his own hair and groan and moan for you. Gifting you with dirty talk as he tries to thrust into your mouth and fist whatever material is near him in his hands. He loves to be surprised with oral, so maybe try it out when your in a semi public place or on the sofa while you’re watching a movie but you don’t really care about it anymore. It doesn’t matter when or where just surprise him with oral and he’ll put you on a pedestal. 


Sounds: The sound of your voice is enough to make Shinwon at least curious at something closer than kissing. He genuailly loves to listen to you speak. The sound of your voice will simply make him smile. More than that though, is the sound of your moans and whines. He’ll do just about anything to hear them. Shinwon will lose his shit when you moan his name. He just can’t control how needy his body becomes to please yours with he hears his name on your lips. So say his name again, girl! 

Teasing: Shinwon will tease you without even noticing it. It’s the cheeky action and reaction that he likes and you know the boy can sexy like a pro. He loves when you tease him and lives to tease you. The boy will start talking about how beautiful you are as soon as you come out of the room from a shower. He’ll start talking about something that you two had done last night and how it drove him crazy, but he won’t all about it in a “dirty talk” kind of way. He’ll just talk about it casually with a smirk on his face. He’ll come up behind you and lightly push his fingertips into the line of your back and say something like “I wanted to leave a mark here all day.” and when you look up at him something will glow behind his eyes as he says: “What’s the matter. Y/N? Have you gotten wet again?” And the hair at the back of your neck will drip, reminding you that you had just came out of the shower. 

Aftercare: Shinwons after care is a bit different from others. He uses this time to recoup and cuddle. It’s closer to a "bedtime routine” than a care package in the way that he’ll hold you or you’ll lay on him while you both try to catch your breath and he’ll look up at the ceiling or over your face while his hands are tracing mysterious patterns on to your skin. He’d feel so special if you got up to get him a drink or snack but he’d be way clingy after sex so if you try to leave he’ll try to keep you bed. “Where are you going?” He’ll ask with either as an demand or with a pout. You’ll have to kiss him back against the pillow if you want to sneak away.

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I've noticed Jensen shuts down or says Destiel doesn't exist only when he does panels with Jared. But when he does panels with Misha he gives or tries to give a more honest meaningful answer about their characters relationship. He doesn't shut it down so quickly. Thoughts?

So like I said in the previous post  [x], I feel like this has less to do with the specific question being asked, and more to do with Jensen’s overall personality. Now let me preface this by saying, I don’t think that Jensen loves Jared more than Misha or vice versa—I think they’re both his best friends and he loves them equally. Their friendships are different however, and that makes all the difference in how Jensen acts when he is alone with either of them. Age has a lot to do with it; and I will use myself as an example here: I have (had … one passed away) two best friends who I adore with all my heart. One friend is younger than me by a few years, and the other was my age—older only by a couple months. Although I love them equally, I acted completely different with each one when we’d hang out. My younger best friend is like my little sister. I want to protect her first and foremost. I feel like that’s my job, so even though we can both get crazy and silly when we’re out and about, my first reaction whenever she suggests going on some new adventure, is to be calm, subdued and think “is this a good idea?” because—well, that’s the role I’ve always played in our friendship. I am the older, “wiser”, moral compass of the two and I need to help her navigate the best paths through life.

Now my other best friend … she and I always got into stupid situations together—and I was usually the one spearheading those plans. We would be loud and obnoxious and weird, because we weren’t necessarily “looking out for one another” (although, we did that too) but we were always trying to push each other a little further outside of our comfort zones. We saw ourselves in each other, and therefore, we saw our strengths and our weaknesses for what they were, and we tried to improve our lives—together. Whenever one of us got too “protective” of the other, it usually caused conflict, because neither of us played that role in the relationship. We were “equals” when it came to authority … and I think that is more the way Jensen and Misha see one another. Jensen looks at Misha as that crazy guy with no inhibitions whom he wants to be like; so when they’re together one on one, it’s like he has permission to let down his guard. When Jensen’s with Jared however, he needs to be in that big brother-protector mode. He watches over Jared as the guy explores his own limits.—  and don’t get me wrong, I think Jensen loves that role. That’s a deeply ingrained position for him, not just because that’s what he plays opposite of Jared on the show, but Jensen is a big brother in real life, and he’s used to being that protective watchman for his little brother and sister as well. I know I love being that person for my younger best friend (as well as my biological younger sister). I love being the one she can lean on, depend on, look up to. It’s very important to me and I think it’s extremely important to Jensen. Just look at how he acted when Jared had to leave Rome early because he was having a hard time with his depression. Jensen wanted nothing more than to protect that man, and he was a little anxious since Jared wasn’t within eyesight—he wanted to be able to make sure that he was okay.

So how does this affect the way he answers questions, you ask (to finally get back to the matter at hand) well, everything that I already pointed out, explains why Jensen responds differently in similar situations. When he and Jared are on stage, Jared usually does most of the talking, and Jensen jumps in when he feels it’s necessary. And any question that a fan asks him directly is usually answered in a brief and vague sort of way. Jensen is not long-winded when he’s on stage with Jared because his focus wants to be on Jared. He wants to be able to stand back a bit and “keep watch” and that’s easier when Jared is the one doing all the talking, so Jensen will keep his own answers brief.

With Misha however, he doesn’t need to be the protector (in fact, he might need a protector from some of Misha’s craziness every now and then … which is why Jared and Misha can get along so well).  So he can break into these long winded, deep, enthusiastic answers to questions because he knows that Misha is perfectly fine in the meantime, and probably doing something crazy behind him while he talks. So no matter what question he’s answering, whether it’s something simple or something about ships or what have you—Jensen will speak more, be more open, be more free with his words because he doesn’t have to take things as seriously with Misha around. More likely than not, if things start getting too serious on stage, Jensen knows he can count on Misha to break the tension at just the right time.

With my best friend who was a little older than me—I knew that when I started to get a little too loud, a little too crazy, she would always be there to quiet me down and to distract other people from my awkwardness. I think that’s how Jensen and Misha’s friendship works. Their reactions have nothing to do with any specific question that they get asked, and everything to do with the roles Jensen, Jared and Misha all play in each other’s lives. Each one is vital to who they are, and they all managed to slip perfectly into those places. They each fit together like puzzle pieces, and the final image is that of three best friends who make each other so happy and feel so complete, that their joy becomes infectious and radiates through anyone who sees it.

So we need to stop assuming that one particular action or one particular response is a blanket-emotion for Jensen’s (or anyone’s) life. Every situation is unique, but if you dig deep enough, you can find the real reason why someone reacts the way they do—and nine times out of ten, it’ll be due to love and a feeling of necessity rather than one of hate and loathing.

Jensen is a complex human being, but when it comes to Jared and Misha—his mannerisms become pretty simple. He loves them both. They’re both his best friends, and no one, solitary moment on stage is going to prove otherwise.

Unpopular Opinion:

I actually like Jieun?? Like whoa, crazy how could I with how she treated Bum, right? I should specify. I like her character. She seems realistically human to me and with a manhwa that’s got very little characters who are also all male, like, I like her? 

She is so fucking in love with Sangwoo that she nose dives straight into anger and irritation the second he’s brought up because she’s never felt like this towards someone before and it clearly annoys her. I mean, she’s blown up his phone, she snaps whenever one of her friends tease her about him being late  and gives shit to a handicapped guy who’s taking away the attention that she wants so badly. She’s acting like a middle schooler experiencing their first crush and it’s totally realistic for someone who seems like they’ve never fallen in love before. 

Y’all can hate her all you want, I get it. She was totally a cunt to Bum, so I understand where the hates coming from, but man I can’t bring myself to hate her.

The First Eyes, Newt Imagine.

Request: imagine where newt breaks up with the reader and goes with Sonya due to what he thought was loss love but then he takes her fro granted. So when the reader and newt breaks up his gets the worst nightmares start again, Sonya tries to comfort him but fails so they call the reader and the reader is the only one who can comfort and and make the nightmares go away. Newt realizes it and apologizes and makes up for it. FLUFFINESS PLEASE

A/N: Okay. So this request will have to be changed just a little bit to fit what I’m gonna write cause of a few things. First off, I can’t write him having a “relationship” with Sonya (SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN’T READ THE FEVER CODE) cause she’s his sister. So what I’ll do is make an OC for it. Secondly, in this it’s a little bit of an AU to where, He is immune and this takes place in paradise. I hope you guys enjoy it! And remember that requests and ships are 100% open.

Warnings: Mentioning of suicide attempt, AU Immune Newt, Paradise.


The walls aren’t very thick in our living unit. Paradise was something that had felt out of reach when it was first mentioned to our group after escaping the Maze, the idea of home felt so fleeting that we couldn’t trust it. At least my closest friends and I couldn’t.

I can still remember the feeling of my hands pressed into the box floor, the smell of the farm above invading into my senses, and I can remember the first pair of eyes I saw analyzing me from above. They were beautiful to me because it was all I had locked into my mind other than the ill-fated trip on the lift and I just can’t shake how mesmerized I was by the first eyes. They were his. I saw Newt before I saw anyone else in that place.

You could say that Newt saw me too because not after long of staying there we had become attached at the hip. It all started with being placed in the Gardens together but then turned into spending meals together and talking on our breaks. Suddenly everything felt better, the sun shined a little stronger and the warmth of it on my skin when I was invited into his company grew hotter. Newt sparkled up the the worst parts of being in that place.

Although I must admit that Thomas’s discoveries has piqued my interest on the subject of escaping the Maze. This was when Newt started getting a little closer than what was comfortable with me. Not that I minded, yet it was closer than being the most important part of each other’s lives. It was closer than the platonic care we had and transformed into unconditional romantic love.
Except we sucked at expressing it.

Other parts of our lives had stayed the same when shit hit the fan, like the little goodbye kisses on the forehead or even on the lips if we were in a life-threatening situation. We still talked like best friends, considered the other a best friend but we didn’t act like it. We acted like we were in love and everybody else picked up on it too. Towards the end of the Glade he’d just keep me closer, whenever trouble drew near. Maybe it was because he knew I felt safer touching him or maybe it was because he knew he felt safer touching me but it was enough.
We made each other safe and motivated to move on.

The Scorch hit us all hard of course, from the heat that drew blisters up on our skin to the desperation for water and for the cure to a disease which we were told spreads through the air like a wildfire. Newt still remained loyal at my side.

It was only when we were back in WICKED’s hands when he started to drift away. I recall his hand holding a bone-crushing grip on mine as they went out through the list of non-immune system and that I felt like I’d been given the ability to breathe again when I realized he was safe from the Flare. His eyes had closed gently. I could have sworn he wanted to die rather than not, that he just wanted everything to turn into a consuming black nothingness than be in a world with so much carnage or sorrow.

It felt like salt being shoved deeply into an open cut when he seemingly abandoned me though. When we got here he’d just isolated himself off from my world, almost from everyone’s until he felt good enough to start talking again. Even then it would never go back to how it was. The first few months were cold, lonely, and unforgiving. Specifically Newt was unforgiving. He told me that I didn’t understand because I didn’t know how it felt. He said I didn’t understand cause I wasn’t in the Maze when he jumped

“Is that why?” I mutter to myself while staring blankly into my ceiling.

My eyes sting with tears, like they do most nights, and I smoothen the sheets out to my body. The bed is always cold without him. In the Glade we’d fall asleep together, anywhere we deemed fit enough. In the Scorch we huddled together in the nights with sheets draped over us to protect from sunburn. The first night we were in their compound he held me all night. Now he holds her.

“Get her! Get her now,” I can hear the broken sobs from a few doors down, “I need Y/N!”

So the walls aren’t very thick in our living unit and before anyone can even rush into my room to alert me, I can hear exactly what’s happening on one of the only other inhabited rooms of the floor. His room.

“Y/N!” Jacqueline is frantically pounding on my door.

Jacqueline came into the picture pretty recently. Nobody’s really sure if they’re “together” but it looks to be that way as of lately. Thomas and Minho tried for the first month of it to keep them out of sight from me whenever they were together, the same overprotective brothers from the Glade still trying to keep me safe here. But I insisted it was okay. Cause it is, for me if Newt is happy I will be alright. The only problem is that he isn’t. According to Thomas he’s been quite the opposite.

I’m already up by the first knock, not even thinking to pull clothes on over my pajamas, meeting her within seconds.

“Is he hurt, what is it?”

“An hour ago we were just laughing and talking but he fell asleep and I think he had a nightmare cause he’s not doing well right now…”

Everybody is asleep on the floors below so we keep it as quiet as possible rushing down the hallway and stops me when we reach the door.

“This isn’t like what I’ve seen before he’s really messed up, are you sure you can-”

I shake my head and let out a sigh as I open the door, “I promise you I’ve seen him at his worst before.”

The sight we come into contact with just inside the room isn’t nice. Newt is huddled over on the floor sobbing and heaving for air, his chest looking like it’s collapsing into his thighs with every breath. I push myself forward to the horrifying image of the person I love so bent out of shape despite how much I want to freeze up. I know what to do.

“Newt, Hey,” I whisper once I’ve knelt down to his level, “I need you to look up at me.”

He doesn’t.
Jacqueline’s hands move to him but instantly push them away before they come in contact with him.

“I don’t want her here!” He cries and motions in her direction.

“Don’t crowd him or touch him or do anything really, he can’t breathe.”

Ignoring the flash of hurt and a little annoyance on her face, I push myself as lowly to the ground as I can a decent space away from him to meet his face.

“Listen to me, listen, you need to sit up okay? Newt, I need you to sit up for me before I can help you.”

My voice is as calming as I can will it to be for him. I rise back to the position on my knees when he starts to look up and take this as my opportunity.

I say, “Hey, Newt, look at me. Keep your eyes on mine okay?”

Tears have wet clear streaks down the front of his face through the thin layer of sweat, his face of strength is nowhere to be seen here. Whenever we were going through rough times in the Glade or out on our own in the Scorch Newt was the one who we counted on to keep it together. To keep us together. So he never faltered or misstepped, in public.

“Look at me, okay? Try to breathe like me,” I say and make an effort to keep breathing as deeply as he needs to.

I’ve dealt with this before. Every so often he gets bad nightmares about things that happened back in the Maze, specifically a certain incident. Of course she wasn’t there so she wouldn’t know how to handle him like this. She wouldn’t know not to crowd or especially hug him until he can calm himself down.

I glance up at Jacqueline and nod my head to the door, “Get him some water and take a walk for a bit. Just go back to your room once you bring it back.”

“But I-”

“No, go now!”

Sure I’m being a little harsh but it’s not for what I want. She can’t get in the way of him calming down, he’s been tense all week, I can tell just from how he’s looked lately and it hasn’t been let go.

“Hey,” My voice is soft and my pitch spikes a little, “Don’t stop breathing now, keep on doing it. Just look into my eyes.”

The eyes that are staring into mine are still the same ones I saw first in the box. Except now they aren’t as dark, they’re happy considering the situation and I can actually see a normal guy behind them. Nevertheless I stare into his eyes and keep nodding him along to breathe. His hand grips mine and he collapses into me,  face buried into my neck while he tries to follow my advice.

The first pair of eyes I saw clearly held some inner demons hidden within, the film of sullen darkness that settled over them didn’t go unnoticed no matter how much beauty I found there. No matter how many times I looked up, all I saw was mystery swirling in his irises.
Eventually Jacqueline comes back with a bottle of water most likely from the pantry on the first floor and sees him clinging to me like I’m his lifeline.

She walks in slowly, carefully as if she’s afraid someone is going to rip the carpet out from underneath her feet and sets the bottle down just next to him.

“How is he?”

I wish I could hate her. I really want to hate her and I really want her to be a bad person so I have a reason to but I can’t. She’s so good for him. She’s innocent and doesn’t know of the Maze’s horrors like I do. She doesn’t have nearly as many skeletons in her closet, so she brings a significant amount of light into his life.
But there isn’t a good reason to hate her. The only reason, unjustified at best, to dislike her is that she in a way took my best friend and if I’m being truly honest-my boyfriend from me. Yet the only person at blame for our distancing is us.

I smile up at her and whisper while stroking my hand across his forehead, “He’ll be okay soon, you should go to your room for sleep okay? Check in on him in a day or two cause he’ll want space.”

The light of hope that sparkles in her eyes falters for a moment but she nods regardless. He deserves someone that happy. Maybe that’ll rub off on him you know? It’s all I want, all I want is for him to be happy and whether or not it’s me who does that is up to him.

She doesn’t move forward anymore than she already has but lets her arms cross over her chest.

“How do you know him so well, Y/N, it’s like you know everything going through his head and you were able to calm him? How’d you know how to?” Jacqueline’s voice is strained, which tells me she must have been crying on the trip to get the water.

I shrug, “Newt and I have known each other for as long as I can remember. I have no right telling you about his past but you can know mine, I don’t mind you knowing. The Maze was terrible and life was miserable but he was there. He was my light.”

Instead of getting emotional or aggravated at my clear displays of affection to her new-whatever they are to each other-she listens carefully and looks like she’s mentally noting every word. This only makes my respect for her grow.

“We go way back, been each other’s anchor through it all and if I’m being honest I would have died without him.”

Newt hums softly into my breast at this, his tears wetting the skin exposed against my chest and leans into my body comfortable. Fingers tighten into fists of fabric from my tank top and he holds me back against him by it.

“You’re very lucky,” She says quietly and backs up until the door is directly against her back.

I don’t make a sound. There’s no point in me talking to her about it. I’m not the one he chose so I wouldn’t say I’m the lucky one.

“I guess, you should go. Go get some rest and I’ll take care of him for a little while.”

The door shuts with a light click and neither of us move a single bit from where we are, instead just cling on to each other for the sake of everything around us that’s crumbling. It reminds me of the Glade. Sitting here with him holding me reminds me of what it was like before we knew how doomed our world was.

While I do feel bad about making Jaqueline leave I also do not. She may be good for Newt but she doesn’t really know him well when I come to think of it. For example, I don’t think he ever let her stay the night over until now which would explain why she wouldn’t know that he gets these nightmares quite often.

They’re always of the incident but I ask anyways, “What was it about?”

His body isn’t stiffened or tense like it was when I got here but is now the exact opposite. Newt is slumped against me with his arms still held securely around my midsection and his face buried into my neck. I run my fingers through his hair, mostly cause it’s one of the things that puts him at ease but also because I’ve missed this. I’ve missed being close to him and being able to touch him like this.

“It started out really happy,” Newt starts to explain with a voice crack interrupting from his sobs, “I was hanging out with you like we used to and it was fine. We were laying on my bed and everything was fine then it just flipped to a different place out of nowhere. My ankle was broken like it was just after I jumped but this time nobody came to help me. I was just bleeding out while getting fed on by the Grievers. it was so slow…”

I was there the day that he was dragged back through the Maze doors, blood trailing behind him as if it was a lesson for others to see and read from. My heart just dropped into my stomach when I saw his sickly and pale figure laying on one of the cots in the Medhut.

That was the first time I realized how much I loved him though. Surprisingly it didn’t scare me off, it only pushed me closer to him. I spent as much of my free time devoted to waiting for his wake up and helping him walk again after he woke up.

“Well you aren’t there anymore, Newt, you’re here. You’re safe with me okay?” My voice is soft and my touch matches it.

“Promise me you won’t leave?”

The sound of his cracking, utterly distraught voice tugs at my heart strings and all I can manage to do is hug him tighter. Having him back in my arms is something surreal. Imagine not speaking to your boyfriend for months then out of nowhere, being just back to where you were, it’s terrifying. And even though I’m not sure if I can forgive him so quickly, it doesn’t matter right now.

All that matters is that he gets uninterrupted rest for the remaining duration of the night. After everything we’ve been through he at least deserves to feel happy here.

I move his arms from around me and stand up, holding his hands in mine, “Come on.”

His eyes gleam with hope, the same kind of sadness as earlier but he complies with it.
I love him. It’s a crazy, complicated, and passionate love but it’s there. And it’s mine.
The bed is warm with the two of us curled up in it. Newt’s arms hold me into his chest and I can already feel my eyes wanting to close.

Morning comes before I can register it and it comes with a harsh jolt back to reality. Light shines through the blinds next to his bed into the room to blind my eyes the moment they open. Newt’s arms are still clutched around my body and I’m slumped halfway on to him.

“Good morning,” I say groggily upon realizing he was awake already and let out a yawn.

His eyes still follow my every move, analyzing me like I’m some mythical created he’s in disbelief about.

“I’m sorry.”

“No, don’t-”

“Y/N! Stop it. I was wrong okay?” He defends his claim.

We’re still pressed against each other just as close but right now I’m surprised by how little I want to run away. We never fought before, not as badly as we have lately and I’m just hesitant all around to trust him. When he dropped out of my life it hurt, it hurt me badly especially since I thought he could be trusted the most.

“I shouldn’t have pushed you away like that and I know it’s wrong of me to just come back out of nowhere into your life but, you know me,” Newt confesses, “Y/N I’m afraid that if I let you go then I’ll never be happy again. I’m afraid that I hurt you too much this time…”

I take his face into my hands with hesitance.
“I want to let you in. Really, really badly but I’m afraid of that too. I’m just terrified of losing you for good.”

Maybe it was supposed to be this way? Maybe we were meant to just get each other through the dark times and leave that as is but deep inside of me I can feel that this shouldn’t be the end for us. I love him with every bit of myself, I’m invested in him now and I can’t just turn my back after all these years. His eyes stare into mine with tears brimming on the edges of his waterline.

“I love you, okay? I don’t want to lose you either so why don’t we just relax for now and give it another chance in a month maybe?” He’s talking so softly.

I counter, “What about Jaqueline?”

He looks slightly taken aback and playfully scoffs as if the thought hadn’t crossed his head until I mentioned it.

“We aren’t together, it isn’t a problem,” Newt says with a genuine pleading look in his expression, “Please, Y/N.”

My eyes shut to block everything out. I’ve kissed him more times than I could count. We’ve told each other I love you only on a few occasions but only because we’ve always been so sure in it. We didn’t feel the need to proclaim it all the time because the other always knew. If we have survived the Maze, Scorch, and taking down WICKED then why should this stop us?
All I can feel right now are his fingers drawing circles into the bare skin of my back and feel his eyes boring into my closed ones.
The first eyes I ever saw…

“Okay,” I say in a newly found confidence,
“I’m in.”

adorable-chinadoll  asked:

Prompt: Noodle carrying her girlfriend bridal style whenever she wants.

My friends love to do this with me. I actually hate when  people touch me though. Gender neutral.


  • Whenever the two of you were out it public. She made it known that the two of you were together. 
  • She would bend down and act like she was about to tie her show but nope, she went out grabbed your legs and swooped you up. 
  • She would claim that she was getting ready for your guys’ wedding but you would just roll your eyes. 
  • The next time she did it to you, you were at the mall looking for some clothes for the winter season. 
  • She grabbed your hand and she lifted you up. Everyone was giving the two of you weird looks but this wasn’t new to you. 
  • But the last time she did it to you, you guys were in court and just finally married. 
EXO Reaction when they go back being friends with their ex

Oh… this is the most awkward thing ever… or not.. who knows xD Xo, Admin A~

/I don’t own any of the gifs used, unless stated otherwise/


*Really really awkward, even tho he tries to pretend everything is cool* “What should I do now? What should I say… should I say hi and give her a kiss on the cheek or… just a handshake…”


*Always running away from her* “This is… I’m going to start crying in front of her I better go now galaxy doesn’t cry this isn’t his style bye”


*Tries his best in making everything look normal but… kinda looks a little bit awkward* “I’m not a third wheel-I’m not a third wheel”


“Oh no bab-girl I’m okay.. I just.. got something in my eye… wait here I’ll go get a hug from Chen, brb” *Panda needs love, panda misses his panda girl* 


*Eats eats and eats so he doesn’t have to speak*


*Always so nice, always a gentleman* “I made you some coffee, I know this is how you like it. So.. how has it been for you?”


“Look at me.. look at me… I’m so sassy… flawless Baek!” *Trying to get the girl back*


*Stops functioning* “She’s… still so beautiful..-no don’t think of that Luhan stop!”


*He would be that ex boyfriend that would support you no matter what happens* “I told you I would be by your side forever”


*Tries to act normal but to be honest it’s really too much for his precious heart* “I’m just glad she’s happy… she deserves the whole world… I just wish I could be by her side…” *Can’t stop thinking about the you two every time he sees you*


*Always an angel* “I’ve missed you, are you okay? Is everything going well? Tell me about everything, come to me whenever you need me”


*It’s like seeing an old friend after so many years* “It’s been a while hasn’t it? We should catch up sometime.. I would love to chat with you sometime. Today was a good day, because I got to see you again”

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ponyboy headcanons

- this boy loves painting and drawing let me tell you 

- his specialty: sunset watercolors 

- dimple city my friends i’m talking on his cheeks, the small of his back, by his lips

- arm freckles 

- actually loves getting purple bruises on his knees for the aesthetic™

- gets super excited whenever he sees animals 

- acts like he loves thunderstorms but is lowkey terrified 

- reads poetry before bed but will never let soda notice 

- admires darry on like 8 levels but doesn’t make it obvious 

- doesn’t realize he sucks on lollipops like it’s dick until steve asks if he’s blowing his blow pop 

- so bisexual but isn’t aware it’s a thing 

- this sweet baby wears so many cardigans and everyone calls him a librarian but he doesn’t care because he’s warm

I Have a Secret~ Part 2 (Final-James Potter)

A/N: Gif’s not mine.

Summary: Second and last part to “I Have a Secret” based off the line “I think I’m in love with you and it’s scarring the shit out of me”. Tbh this whole thing was based off that line.

Pairing: James Potter x reader

Word Count: 1732

Warnings: Swearing, fluff

Other Parts: Part 1

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When morning did arrive, James still wasn’t really sure what he was going to do. He thought about it all night and barely got any sleep. Y/N liked him. No, not just liked him, loved him. He had never really thought of her as someone that he had the option to date. They were friends. The more he thought about her, the more he realized that she was actually really pretty and funny and she had always been there for him.  It was all very strange. Yesterday, he would have denied ever loving any girl other than Lily. He would have said without hesitation that Lily was the most beautiful, deserving girl in the school. Now he wasn’t so sure. He had been so caught up in trying to get Lily to go out with him that he almost never even glanced at another girl, but now there was a girl right here in front of him that he knew would say yes in a heartbeat.

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Warnings: swearing, fluff. Pairings: Pietro Maximoff x Reader. A/N: this one shot was requested by @la-rosa-de-valaina23 The numbers asked were 3, 46 and 94 from the prompt list. Gif not mine. It was Pietro and Wanda’s birthday. I was super excited because we were going to a very exclusive club that Tony reserved for the gang. Wanda, Natasha and I were getting ready. Tony bought us some really fancy dresses, he wasn’t original though. He bought Wanda a red dress and Nat a black one, they are Scarlet Witch and Black Widow. He bought me a beautiful white dress, it was tight and short, enough to catch Pietro’s attention. My girl friends knew how I felt about him, whenever he passed by, I acted like I was doing something really serious and like I didn’t care about him at all, then the girls would look at me and make funny faces. They were like sisters to me. When I first joined the avengers, I was clumsy and naive but they helped me to find the real me, this gorgeous fearless woman I am now. I loved being me around them, they made me a better person. Natasha tough me how to fight with and without weapons, on the other hand Wanda taught me how to manipulate people mentally, without any power may I add. The guys of the team would be really nice to me, no one would disrespect me or make fun of me, that way I could feel this like home. We are a family, a family with so much sex tension. Wanda and Vision were always flirting and touching each other “in an innocent way ”, they would cook together, watch a tv show together but they never kissed. There is also the weird relationship of Natasha and Dr Banner, they were so cute together. When he turned into the “other guy”, she was the only one who could pull Banner back. I felt laughs behind me. “What?” I turned around to see my girls. “We were talking about you and you didn’t hear a thing?” Natasha inquired raising an eyebrow. “I was thinking” I said looking at myself on the mirror. Then realized that I needed a dark lipstick if I wanted to look sexy af. “We were saying that my brother is going to faint when he sees you” I couldn’t help but blush “Oh look, she’s blushing” “Stop girls. Even if I walked there naked, he wouldn’t notice me” I said looking down. “Then we’ll make him look at you” Nat said standing up. “How?” I said confused. “You’re making him jealous. We just need a boy who plays your love interest” She said and Wanda clapped. “I know! While you are talking to him, we’ll be talking to Pietro and saying things like ‘he’s cute’ and stuff” Wanda wanted to make his brother jealous, that’s a thing I’ve never seen coming. “You think?” I asked without any trace of confidence. “Oh cmon. You look gorgeous, everyone is going to be looking at you” Nat said and made me smile. “Fine, just I hope I don’t screw this up” we laughed. We all arrived at the club, the music was way too loud. The club was dark, I could see my friends’ faces only when a green light passed by. We had a table just for us, Pietro was surrounded by gorgeous women and I was jealous as fuck, jealous and angry. My head started hurting five minutes after we got in, so I decided to leave them and went to the bar to get a drink. I ordered a margarita and the bartender told me it was on the house, I assumed that Tony paid for everything. The cold drink ended up being two cold drinks. I thought I was seeing double but it was a different drink. Pietro was sitting next to me with a bright smile on his face and I looked at him with the best resting bitch face I had. I turned my head around and he touched my shoulder. “Hey. Is everything okay?” I wanted to yell at him for being with those girls. “Everything is fine Pietro.” I said seriously. “Why are you mad at me?” I raised an eyebrow trying to keep playing fool. “I’m not mad at you, Piet. Go and have fun. I’ll be there in a minute” I gave him a fake smile and he walked away happily. I ordered another margarita because if I was going to be around Pietro and his girls, I was going to need a lot more of alcohol. I drinked the drinking so quick I got a little dizzy. I stepped accidentally with a guy. “Oh I’m sorry” I said. He looked angry. “You should be more careful, drunk girls aren’t pretty” oh no he shouldn’t. “Excuse me? I’m not drunk and if I was, it wouldn’t be your business” I snapped back. “Who do you think you are? I’m calling the owner of the place” I felt an awful pain, it was because he grabbed my wrist so damn violent that it was hurting me. He looked me in my eyes. “Listen asshole. I am an avenger, Tony Stark invited me, go to the manager and he will kick you out. So let me go or you will regret it” He wasn’t scared of me, not at all. “Oh I’m shaking-” I kicked him in the balls and he fell down quickly. “Now you’re shaking” I walked towards the table. I sat next to Wanda and in front Pietro. I tried to avoid the fact that my wrist was killing me. I put my left hand, the injured one, down the table so they couldn’t see it. I tried not to think about it because Wanda would try to read my mind. So I thought of Pietro with the other girls. It was one blonde girl who I think she was touching him under the table while a ginger girl was whispering things to him. The whole idea of him with other girls made me sick. I just wanted to go home and sleep. Wanda looked at me and smiled. I didn’t understand why until Steve sat next to me and wrapped his arms around me. “Hi gorgeous” he smiled with that perfect smile of his. “Hi Steve. How are you?” He definitely cheered me up when I was feeling down. He was a great friend and the best thing is that he knew I wasn’t interested in him and he wasn’t interested in me either. So we were great friends. He came closer and whispered to my ear. “Wanda told me you wanted to make Pietro jealous” he whispered and I felt so damn happy. I had totally forgot the idea of making him jealous. I giggled and pulled him away. “Steve! Don’t say that” I played the fool and he laughed. “Are you bored? Maybe you and I should go to the dance floor” he said and I nodded. “Let’s see if you’ve got some moves, Rogers” He grabbed my hand and took me to the dance floor. Steve was a great dancer, for his age. He was almost 100 years but he moved like people that are 30. He was awesome, knew how to handle his body and definitely he knew how to make Pietro jealous. His hands were always on my waist, pulling me closer to him. He was very good at this. He got closer to my ear. “I think he’s coming” he said without going away. “Why do you think that?” I couldn’t see a thing. “Because he saw us from the table and now he’s gone” I looked at Steve and then I saw him. Pietro was walking towards us very angry. He stood next to Steve. “Y/N. Can I talk to you for a second?” Steve walked away with his thumbs up. “What’s up, Pietro? Your girls were so shallow that they fell asleep while talking?” I said angry. “What? No. I can’t stand the fact that you were dancing like that with him. Since when you and Steve were a thing?” He was heartbroken. “It’s none of your business Pietro. I can date who I want” I snapped back. “No, you can’t” he was furious. I’d never seen him like that before. “Oh really? And why’s that?” I teased him. “Oh my god, Y/N. Can’t you see? I love you!” He said and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. “You what?!” I needed to hear it again. “I love you Y/N. You are the most beautiful person I’ve ever met. You are kind, honest, fearless and gorgeous. I will die if I let you go” I smiled. “I love you too, Piet” he smiled and hugged me. He put his sweet lips over mine, he tasted like vodka and orange juice. His lips were soft but they definitely knew what they were doing. He pulled me away and smiled. “Happy birthday Pietro” “That was the best present ever. Why didn’t you tell me how you felt?” He inquired. “Because I was afraid you didn’t feel the same and maybe that could ruin our friendship” I said looking down. He grabbed my chin and forced me to look at him. “There’s no way I wouldn’t be in love with you” he kissed me again. “Let’s go with the guys"We were walking to the table and he stopped. He grabbed my hurt wrist and showed it to me “Who did this to you? Y/N… who hurted you?” “Believe me, it was nobody. He got what he deserved anyway. I kicked him in the balls” he kinda laughed. He was worried anyway “I’m fine Piet, now I am” Then, we sat together and the sluts were gone. Steve was smiling me from across the table, Nat was sitting next to him. Wanda was making funny faces like she was kissing some invisible man. Then Tony came in. “You two?” He pointed at Pietro and me. Pietro grabbed my hand and squeezed it “Finally. Everyone owes Wanda twenty bucks”

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Let’s Play Pretend

My fellow Shield sister is first! <3 Thank you @i-kneel-for-king-loki for the request!

Prompt: (4)”You should be kissed and kissed often and by someone who knows how” (9) “You made my fingers all dirty, you better lick them clean.” (10) We are pretending to be a couple to play a prank on our friends. But I think at some point we might have quit pretending.
Featuring: Dean Ambrose

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Scared - A Lydia Martin Imagine

Hi. Can you please do an imagine where it’s kind of an AU, but the reader is a Winchester and her and Lydia were best friends since kindergarten. She then dies, Cas brings her back, sends her to beacon hills, she becomes best friends with Scott and stiles, later dates stiles, he cheats on her (no offense, I love stiles), s the pack goes to a party, gets a little tipsy, her and Lydia end up dancing with each other while stiles just kinda stands there and watches. Cute little drunk kiss somewhere please. So sorry about this horrible Idea, it was a cute thought, but it’s crap. Sorry for bothering you. - @twdpansy

A/n I wasn’t able to add in the part about supernatural because of the fact that I don’t watch the show but I hope you like it! Also, I know werewolves can’t get drunk in teen wolf but for the purpose of this imagine lets pretend that they can lmao

Y/S/N: Your Ship Name

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    “Can you please go to the party?” Stiles begged.

    “Stiles I honestly rather stay home then go get drunk,” you answer lazily.

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word count: 1 902
warnings: none

summary: Y/N stays alone at the Salvatore house as she is surprised by her boyfriend, Kai. Not soon after there’s another surprise for both of them.
note: This is my first (published) story written in English. Hope you like it.

*gif by me

Y/N had the whole Salvatore house to herself since her brothers were out with their friends for the weekend. Instead of accompanying them, she had decided to stay home to have some time alone to finally watch movies and read books in privacy.

It was dark outside, and Y/N started looking at a comedy film. She laid flat on the couch, only wearing a gray baggy shirt which revealed more than it hid, and white shorts. But she didn’t care how she looked; no one would see her this way.

Initially, she had invited her boyfriend Kai over, but he said he had other plans already. Though she still wasn’t sure what these could be.

She never thought she’d start a relationship with Kai after everything he had done to her and her friends. But somehow the heretic managed to creep his way into her heart, making her fall for him more and more from day to day. And then she had finally admitted her feelings to him, involuntarily.

“Y/N? What are you doing here?” Kai asked, standing in the frame of his apartment door, arms crossed in front of his chest. He couldn’t think of a reason why she was here; it’s not like they were friends. One time he had even nearly killed her to get to the hospital and his sister Jo.

But here she was. Giggling and grinning like a little kid. Her vision was a bit blurry, and everything around her seemed to spin relentlessly.

“Are you drunk?” 

Kai’s expression was uninterpretable, but Y/N could swear she saw a somehow worried spark in his eyes. Or maybe it was just her dizzy brain making things up. 

She kept on giggling and gave a gushing head-shake as an answer. An answer Kai didn’t believe, of course. 

As she was trying to get closer to Kai, she stumbled and nearly fell if it hadn’t been for the heretic. He caught her before she could reach the ground, holding her tight. Her heart beating faster the longer Kai held her in his arms. 

“Thanks.” She mumbled, avoiding eye contact. It seemed like she suddenly realized where she was - and who he was - because she freed herself from his grasp, eyes going wide. 

Why did I go here, she asked herself. She knew why but she wasn’t ready to admit her feelings. Kai was bad; he was the one who tortured, maimed and killed people. He was a psychopath, and she couldn’t trust him. But instead, all she could think about was that she wanted to touch him again. She wanted to feel his strong arms around her again.

“Y/N?” Right now he was a little bit confused by her behavior. One second she was a giggling, drunk girl and the other second she seemed to be like her sober self and battling something out in her head. 

“Can I come in? Everything’s spinning.” She questioned, putting a hand to her head. It was hard for her to keep her eyes open since everything inside of her was starting to feel an utter tiredness. 

Kai nodded, unsure what else he could do. He knew it would be wrong letting her go home alone in her current condition. She walked inside, this time without stumbling over her own feet. Although Kai again would’ve been there to catch her because he was following her closely. 

The girl went to the living room, laying herself flat on the couch. She saw that Kai must’ve been watching a movie since a scene on TV was paused. 

She unpaused the video with the intention of watching it but instead, she closed her eyes, hoping it would end the spinning. Just a few seconds later she heard footsteps as Kai came back, putting something on the table in front of her. 

“Drink this.” He demanded, seriously. 

Not even slightly suspicious she took the drink and drained it in one sip. The water helped her, and she felt her mind becoming clearer. A yawn escaped her mouth as she closed her eyes again, ignoring Kai’s presence. Not soon after, she had already fallen asleep. 

Without her notice, a smile appeared on his face. She looked so peaceful. Until now he never actually realized this strange feeling in his stomach whenever Y/N was around. It felt like butterflies flying all around. 

He kneeled down in front of her, placing his palm on her cheek and stroking it lightly with his thumb. Y/N mumbled something he couldn’t understand, but it only made his smile grow larger. 

A sudden urge to kiss her overcame him. He wanted to taste her, connect with her. But on the other hand, he didn’t want to cross any borders by taking advantage of her drunkenness. 

So instead of kissing her, he lifted her up, carrying her bridal style. Even in her sleep, her small hands found their way around his neck, getting herself a hold. 

Kai carried her to his bedroom, slowly laying her down on his bed. He covered her with a blanket before he turned around to leave.

“Please stay.” She murmured, quietly. 

Y/N had opened her eyes a bit, looking directly at Kai. A sleepy smile showed up on her face, begging him to stay. Surprised Kai glanced at her, not sure what to do now. On the one hand, he wanted nothing more than to be with her but on the other hand, he wasn’t sure if that’s what she really wanted. 

“Please.” She insisted, so Kai took a few steps back towards the bed and lay down next to her.

Immediately she snuggled closer to him, placing her head on his chest. Kai awkwardly wrapped his arms around her, lightly stroking her hair. He heard her heart beating fast under his touch.

“I love you.” Y/N whispered, her voice muffled. 

He couldn’t believe what she just said. Not even once someone has ever told him to be loved, but here she was. The same girl who he had caused so much pain to get to his sister when he wanted to merge with her, was now the one to tell him she loved her. 

Only when he thought she was asleep again, he answered her.

“I love you, too.”

But Y/N hadn’t been asleep; she had heard his answer. It was hard to keep her heart beat at a steady pace because else he would’ve known she was awake. Although, she had confronted him later after she ‘accidently’ had popped up at his place a few more times.

Not that soon after they started dating in secret, managing that no one found out about their relationship. Though it was becoming harder to keep it a secret. She always had a feeling her friends knew something was different. They just didn’t know what it was.

At the moment, Y/N poured herself a drink and made herself some popcorn as she suddenly heard a thud upstairs. She grabbed a knife, holding it out in front of her. Slowly she walked out of the kitchen, suspiciously looking around.

Everything seemed to be the same as before, but she feared not being alone anymore. Now, she thought, it ’d be nice to have vamp-hearing. Then maybe I’d know if someone’s here. Unfortunately, since she was just human, she didn’t have the advantage of heightened senses. 

Without warning, someone took the knife from her hands.

Likely the same someone embraced her from behind, placing his hands on her waist. He put his head on her shoulder, gently kissing her neck.

“Kai.” She sighed, slightly tilting her head.   

Y/N forgot he had scared the hell out of her just a few seconds ago; she didn’t care about it anymore. Instead, she wanted to get lost in his touches, his kisses on her neck. 

“Your heart is beating fast, princess.” Kai said, grinning. 

He swiftly turned her around, their faces just a few inches apart. They locked eyes; his incredibly blue eyes met her dark brown ones. 

When she couldn’t wait any longer, Y/N leaned in to kiss him. She hooked her arms around his neck while his right hand went all the way up from her waist to her cheek, resting there.

“I’m sorry I scared you.” He whispered as he broke the kiss just to deepen the following one. 

Using his vampire speed, he whooshed them to the sofa. Y/N pulled him closer to her - so close, that there was no space in-between them anymore.

They were trapped in their own world, blinding out everything else around them. Kai held her lips captive with his, once she began to trace lines with her fingers on his back. Both got lost in each other. 

“Y/N?!” A loud voice brought them back to reality. Kai quickly got up, glancing at the door. 

Y/N did the same, staring at her friends who all had equally shocked expressions on their faces.

“What is he doing here?” Damon asked, pointing at Kai. He smiled innocently, putting his arm around his girlfriend’s shoulders, pulling her closer towards him.

Meanwhile, Y/N most likely wished to vanish into thin air. She hadn’t planned her friends found out about her relationship this way. Though she had wanted to tell them, she wanted to wait for a good opportunity. Potentially after they had forgotten about the things Kai had done and were able to forgive him just like she did. 

“Just keeping my girlfriend company.” Kai still had this innocently smile, not letting go of Y/N. 

“Your girlfriend? Really, Y/N? Why him?” Elena said towards her best friend. 

Now Y/N felt anger burning up inside of her. Why did every one of them get a pass to love whoever they wanted, but she just couldn’t be with the guy she loved? It’s not like Damon or the others hadn’t done terrible things, too. 

“I love him, that’s why. He is nice to me, and he helps me whenever all of you have better things to do.” Y/N freed herself from Kai’s grip, taking a step towards her friends. She balled her hands into fists. “These last two months he’s been a better friend to me than you in our entire life.”

“But he killed most of his family. He even tried to kill you, or did you forget about that?” Bonnie took a step towards Y/N.

“Do not act all innocently. All of you are responsible for at least one death, too. And FYI, if Kai really just wanted to hurt me he would have had multiple opportunities by now. Why don’t you give him a second chance?” 

Before one could answer, Y/N felt how she was dragged outside the room. 

“Let me go!” She screamed, punching Kai’s back. “I’m not finished yet.”

“Yes, you are.“ Kai simply answered, letting her back on the ground. He had brought them outside, the cold air making her freeze. 

She still had a fire in her eyes which only slowly disappeared. Kai kept looking at her, a sudden smile appearing on his face.

“You didn’t have to…” But before he could go on, Y/N placed a finger on his lips, shutting him off. She smiled lightly. 

“I know. But I wanted to because I love you.” 

“I love you, too.”

Kai cupped her face, placing a gentle kiss on her lips. Although her friends didn’t agree with their relationship, Y/N knew she’d never leave Kai.

Love at first sight part 2(fetus Harry Styles x Reader)

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Harry was a fun guy to hang out with. He made me laugh with his not so funny jokes, took care of me when I was in a bad mood and always proved me that I could trust him and rely on him. Thinking back at the first day at my new school, Harry and I had become close after I took a seat next to him in maths. He invited me to have lunch with his friends afterwards. Unfortunately, I also met the girl Amanda had warned me of. Keira was her name. She looked very innocent and nice from the outside. I almost began to like her but then I got to know her real personality. She was a snake.

Whenever she got the chance, she tried to disgrace me in front of my friends, especially Harry. One day, she “accidentally” spilled coffee on my new white shirt. I was very close to tears but luckily I could hold myself back. Harry was very pissed off, but like an angel and good friend that he is, he tried to soothe me. He also gave me one of his shirts so I didn’t need to walk around with a coffee stained shirt. Keira was a big challenge to be honest. I had to gain all my strength and patience to endure her horrible acts. She was just jealous, I know, and she was simply in love with Harry, but she had no right to terrorize me.

Speaking of my relation to Harry, I felt that our friendship seemed to change into something more. Whenever I saw him, a wide smile appeared on my face and my heart slammed against my chest very heavily. Amanda also realized that. She told me, that sometimes when Harry and I were hanging out we acted more as a couple than friends. I never noticed it. It was Harry after all. He always made you feel special when you were around him.

“You like him more than just a friend, don’t you?” Amanda asked me as we were chilling on my bed and going through some magazines.

“What do you mean?” I asked. Suddenly, my voice was shaking terribly and I felt myself blushing.

“Oh come on, (Y/N), you can’t fool me! I know you have feelings for Harry! Don’t deny it!”

I just shrugged with my shoulders, not feeling the need to justify myself. “Everybody has feelings for Harry, Am.” I mumbled.

“If you just haven’t noticed, he likes you back.”

I sighed and ran my hands over my face. It was frustrating. I knew I was falling for my best friend but I still wasn’t sure if he returned my feelings. Even Amanda’s claim didn’t give the assurance that I needed.

“How can you tell?” I asked her. “He treats everyone equally. I don’t see a difference between me and other people.”

She laughed at my stupidity. I knew that. “You’re so oblivious, (Y/N). Even a blind man could tell that Harry feels more than friendship for you. Haven’t you ever noticed how fast his behavior changes when you enter the room? Once he was laughing and fooling around with Liam, Niall and Louis and the next second you joined them, he was totally someone else. Believe me when I say he likes you. No, love is a better term in your case.”

I groaned and buried my face into my pillow. Everything was so confusing and I really wanted to find it out. Did he seriously love me or was Amanda just imagining things?


I sat in the little cottage in the backyard of my house. It was kind of my safe heaven when I wanted to relax or let out some anger. My mom and I were arguing a lot recently over little things which pissed me off. So I escaped to my cottage so I wouldn’t run into her. We needed to blow off some steam because it was necessary.

My thoughts were all about Harry lately and I just couldn’t help but remind myself of how gentle and kind he was treating me the last couple of days. We were friends for five months now. How fast time passes. I was still conflicted about telling him that I loved him. Our friendship meant so much to me. It was the most valuable thing that I possessed. I would do everything to keep him in my life. He was a guy you want to spend a lifetime with.

Today, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself. Whenever he had the chance he would delicately lay his arms around my shoulders, especially when boys were around. I liked this gesture to be honest. It was another proof to me how much he cared for me.

Suddenly, someone knocked on the wooden door. “(Y/N)?” His voice sounded so heavenly and angelic when he talked. A bunch of butterflies erupted in the pit of my stomach. Unbelievable, how much of an effect he has on me. “Are you in there?”

“Yes, come in.” I replied.

He opened the door and entered my private lounge. Only he and Amanda had access to the cottage. I never let anyone except for them in here. Not even my own mother.

Harry greeted me with a genuine smile. He looked handsome as ever without even trying it. He could be wearing a potato sack and would be looking good in it. Now, he wore a long-sleeved pink pullover and dark blue jeans. His hair was slightly messy but it didn’t matter too much. He took a seat right next to me on the mattress that I’ve put on the floor and decorated with different sizes of cushions.

“Are you okay, (Y/N)? You texted me you had to talk to me? Is everything alright?”

I was going to confess my feelings for you but now that you’re here I feel like a coward.

“I-I just need your company.” I claimed. “I’m not in a good mood, Haz.”

A concerned expression was visible on his face. He furrowed his eyebrows, looking worried.

“Why? What happened?” I opened my mouth but no words escaped my lips. I felt a lump in my throat and it was hard for me to swallow it down.

“I just don’t know, Harry.” I whispered. “I’m so confused recently. It gives me headaches.”

Harry threw his arm around my shoulder and pulled me against his side. He knew how he needed to comfort me. He never asked too much questions, giving me as much as time I needed before I would spill the answers out of my mouth.

“Whatever it is, I’m sure it’ll be alright.” I hope they will.

“Harry, there is something I need to know.” I began to talk. My body heat increased immensely and I felt warm in every little cell in my body. Here we go. Now or never.

“I don’t know how to start this conversation so I will ask you a question which I hope will not sound random to you. Amanda has noticed some changes about you, Harry. Changes that occur when I’m around you. Honestly, I must say I never noticed them because I am oblivious and stupid but I just need to now, Harry: Do you have feelings for me? Do you love me Harry?”

Suddenly, the color in his face vanished and he turned very pale. He nervously bit on his lower lip, thinking about what to say. I, in my position, felt bad for putting him into a situation like this.

“I-I don’t know how to reply to your question, (Y/N).”

“It’s okay, Haz. I’m sorry for making you feel uncomfortable. I needed to know because I developed deep feelings for you. I love you Harry, more than a friend. Even if you don’t love me back, it’s no problem to me. I can live with that. I just hope I didn’t make things awkward between us. I don’t want to lose you, Harry. You mean a lot to me. I need you in my life.”

We stared at each other, being surrounded by complete silence. I kind of knew I shouldn’t ask him. I made things more complicated I think.

“I’m so sorry, Harry.” I said, shame was engulfing me. Tears welled up my eyes and threatened to fall down my cheeks. I couldn’t look at him in the eyes. I simply was ashamed. Before I could tear my gaze away from him, I felt warm and soft lips capturing mine into a hungry und passionate kiss. I couldn’t process what was going on, my thoughts were all spinning in my head. Was he really kissing me or was I imagining things?

Harry pushed me down so I laid on my back and he on top of me. Not for a single moment did he tear his lips away from mine. I tangled my fingers in his messy curls, slightly tugging at them. My actions elicited a moan from his lips, he seemed to like it. I closed my eyes, enjoying the feeling of his lips, tasting him. My heart skipped thousand beats and I was on cloud nine.

“I love you.” Harry said between the kisses. “I love you, I love you, I love you, I fucking love you so much.” And after each sentence, he kissed me even harder. We pulled away to take a breath, to fill our lungs with air again. He pressed his forehead against mine. I felt his breath on my lips, causing tingles on my entire body.

“Do you know how much I was longing for to hear this?” He said. “I’ve been in love with you since the day we meet. I’ve fallen for you since the moment we crashed into each other and looked at each other in the eyes. I’ve fallen so hard for you, (Y/N). It was love at first sight. Do you know how painful it was for me only to be your friend? I wanted to be more. I still want to be more. But I couldn’t tell you because I’m a coward. I fucking couldn’t tell you that I am in love with my best friend.”

He pressed another kiss on my lips.

“I’ve dreamed of kissing you, holding you. God, I even dreamed of making love to you, how crazy is that? I want you (Y/N). I want you to be mine and only mine. I don’t want to share you with anyone. No one can look at you, kiss you and touch you the way I do. I fucking love you and I want you to be my girlfriend. Please be mine forever!”

His words caused a wave of different emotions in me. I wanted to cry and laugh at the same time. I wanted to slap him for not telling me earlier. But the most I wanted to love lim. I wanted all these things he wanted too. With him. I couldn’t imagine myself with somebody else but Harry.

“I want to be yours, Harry.” I confessed. “From the bottom of my heart.” He offered me a cute and dimpled smile and kissed me again.



Reaction to Their S/O Loving to Drink Milk. . .

hello-btsfangirl said: If you’re request are open I shall request something… oh now I felt fanzy. But okay so I like to keep things gender neutral so my request is Got7 reaction to their s/o LOVING TO DRINK MILK, like instead of energy drinks or sugary the drink milk 😅 I drink milk in class 😂 also they drink milk whenever they just want to relax … Milk is number one 😋

Reaction to Their S/O Loving to Drink Milk…

A/N milk is good. i have some friends who absolutely hate it tho… like, how?? How can you eat cereal?? what about MILK shakes?? or ice cream?? what would the world be without milk??? sad. that’s what it would be. y’all gotta appreciate milk and cows a little more. get your act together people, and love milk. This is also pretty short cause it was a vague request, but that’s totally okay. I just hope you like it Anonie <3

Kai Eonni ~


He would probably admire it. Like he’s the kind of dude that would just like that kind of stuff. It would probably motivate him to take better care of himself as well.

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This would be what Jackson is all about lmao. He would love this and would get really into other healthy things with you, like eating, activities. Anything. He would be all about this. He would also think it’s pretty cute too.

(i chose this gif just because i can lol)

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He wouldn’t really think much of it. Though he would remember this when it was your birthday or some other holiday where you give gifts, and would give you things associated with milk. Like milk candy, ice cream or something along those lines.

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He would think it’s cute. It would kind of remind him of a kitten that really likes milk. Though he wouldn’t tell you, he would just keep that to himself, but it would be something that he found oddly adorable about you. He’s a doll <3

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He would think it’s cute. You have something you like, he respects that and would think it’s cute. He would, kind of like Jinyoung, keep that in mind when it came time to get you gifts. He might tease you a little about your love for milk.

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He wouldn’t even really think about it. He would know of your love for milk, but like, it wouldn’t be a big deal to him. He knows everyone loves something, and milk would simply be your love (aside from King BamBam himself lmao, i make myself laugh, i admit it – i dont know why this one got to me though)

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He would probably give you a nickname based off your love for milk, lezz be honest. He would find the weirdest things to joke about connecting to your love of milk and find the weirdest times to bring up your love of milk as well. He’s just weirdo, let’s just end it on that note. I love you Yug-Puppy <3

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