i loved whenever they acted like friends

ok but i need a plot where there’s these two idiots who are roommates, and they bicker and act like a married couple constantly, and can hang out like bros but they’re completely platonic, no we’re not in love that’s preposterous!! and it’s so evident that they’re into each other like whenever one goes out on a date, the other is all bitter like ‘no i’m definitely not jealous’. and they like leave bars together at some stupidly early hour and their friends tease them and they just go home and get drunk together instead. and like domestic washing the dishes and fighting over who does what and flinging soap at each other. and then one day it kind of just clicks, you know, like wow you’re my best friend but i think i might love you as more this is so difficult and just, give this to me now.

Things to remember about Book!Katniss Everdeen

-She loves her leg hair
-She is a fashion hoe™, she screams whenever she sees a clothes,
-“I act delighted, but I have zero interest in the Capitol people. They are only distractions from the food.” SAME GURL SAME
-She doesn’t know what she’s doing 100% of the time??
-She literally never asked for any of this romance BS and she wants it GONE
-Literally her response to bread boi saying something romantic is “ugh”
-SHE IS FRIENDS WITH ALL GIRLS, GIRLS ARE AMAZING AND SHE DOESN’T HAVE TIME TO TEAR OTHER GIRLS DOWN ye I know she kills ppl but like,, Katniss Everdeen loves girls ok
-SHE’S 16 NOT 26
-She’s p selfish at first and only thinks about her own self preservation when it comes to the uprising, and is definitely no martyr-hero, both the Capitol and the rebellion use her as a symbol and romanticize her as something she’s not
-Literally when she figures out a rebellion is happening she’s like “GALE LET’S LEAVE” she’s not a hero/rebel at first she’s just a normal person who didn’t ask for any of this drama
-Also her “talent” is fashion except Cinna does all of it and I find that hilarious

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Unpopular Opinion:

I actually like Jieun?? Like whoa, crazy how could I with how she treated Bum, right? I should specify. I like her character. She seems realistically human to me and with a manhwa that’s got very little characters who are also all male, like, I like her? 

She is so fucking in love with Sangwoo that she nose dives straight into anger and irritation the second he’s brought up because she’s never felt like this towards someone before and it clearly annoys her. I mean, she’s blown up his phone, she snaps whenever one of her friends tease her about him being late  and gives shit to a handicapped guy who’s taking away the attention that she wants so badly. She’s acting like a middle schooler experiencing their first crush and it’s totally realistic for someone who seems like they’ve never fallen in love before. 

Y’all can hate her all you want, I get it. She was totally a cunt to Bum, so I understand where the hates coming from, but man I can’t bring myself to hate her.


My name is Jordan , I am a female, and I just turned 17 years old! (I’m an Aquarius) I have submitted on here multiple times and love making new friends and having people I can talk to whenever and not have to lie and be completely open. So a little about me: 

~ I love to read, write, sing, act, binge on netflix, tell jokes/puns, draw, and music. 

~I dislike cleaning, racists, homophobes, Trump, and pineapples on pizza. 

~ I am from the United States and my language is English, but j'apprends á parler français. 

~My ideal penpal would be 15-19 years old, like talking about space and astrology, up for deep talks at 3 am, able to deal with my quadruple replies, be able to deal with when I get excited, be okay with sending memes, and overall be a good person. This is open to guys and girls and I am a judge free zone. 

~ I have mental health issues (bipolar manic depression) so I’m very understanding, but also sometimes I might just need space so please don’t let that turn you away. 

~ I really like to be completely open with my penpals, so if thats something you can handle that’s all good. If you want, you can contact me through my tumblr, instagram, or twitter. 

~I wanted to put a picture, but it was asking for a URL so if you want to see a picture just message me or go to my other social medias.

Hope to hear from you! 

Tumblr: @grandspianos

Instagram & Twitter: osnapitzjtibbzy

Crave - A.I.

RequestCan you do an Ashton smut based off crave by tove lo?

Summary: Y/N and Ashton are secret friends with benefits who act like they despise each other when they aren’t hooking up. 

Pairing: Ashton x Female Reader

Warning: smut

A/N: There aren’t that many lyrics to work with for this song so I kinda interpreted this my own way with the lines “you are my favorite mistake, the one I keep loving to make” and “got my body all figured out, know what my trigger’s all about” and all that. Hope you like it.

Ashton hated Y/N- or at least he pretended to. He’d glare at her whenever others were around, refusing to talk to her or being flat-out rude if he had to make conversation with her. “Oh my god, Y/N, shut up,” he’d tell her whenever she spoke, mocking every word she said. She treated him the same way, so he had nothing to feel guilty about. They were constantly at each other’s throats when they weren’t alone, but they acted totally different behind closed doors.

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Blame @blogthegreatrouge

Lemme see…

Sansy loves the dress up corner. She wants to be a ballerina. She is a goody two shoes who wants to look after everyone. She is normally first in last out of daycare and cries going home.

Bluebell is really shy but loves playing with certain sans (will see them when I upload them) they play hero but whenever she is a lone she gets picked on because of her babyish nature.

Iris likes to cry crocodile tears and acts really shy at first. When she finds a group of friends she is bossy and sneaky. She would be one of the bullies in the nursery.

anonymous asked:

So I dated a girl and we broke up about 6 months ago, but she keeps coming back to me to be "friends" but we always do the same things we did while we dated, just like without the label. And whenever someone new comes along she always gets distant from me, and I know that she only comes back to me when she wants attention, and she knows that I still love her and will always accept her. How do I break my ties with her? I can't keep destroying myself for her anymore

Only you can stop yourself from acting like that! Try to focus on other things in your life, stuff that you like to do, that you enjoy. I don’t know, sports, music, school, friends, drawing, movies. Try as much as you can to move forward keeping your mind busy and giving yourself some value. I know it’s hard but try with your heart to keep your distance from her if it’s breaking you down. You must love yourself first, love what you do, what you believe and who you are, and when that happens, you will be able to put yourself first before anyone

Baekhyun Scenario (ANGST)

Can I request a baek scenario where u guys are dating but he never shows you any affection, no kissing, or anything. He’s always very cold & distant from you. But whenever he talks this “certain”(a girl he loves but she only likes him as a friend he’s always smiling, etc. He never acts like that with you. You usually like to wear t-shirts & jeans & one day he humiliates u in front of some his friends by saying that he feel ashamed of how you dress/do things. And later you get an argument & you leave him. Once you’re gone he realized what he did wrong & wants you back doesn’t know how to since he doesn’t know to express his feelings . happy ending ! LOTS of angst please but happy ending! ~Anon

{There’s been a lot of requests for angsty Baekhyun scenarios… XD Thank you so much for your request! ♥)

Warnings: Angst!

B/F/N ~ Baekhyun’s Friend’s Name

You swore there used to be a spark. Really.

When you and Baekhyun first started dating, it was perfect. You felt like you were flying, almost. You instantly bonded, felt as if you understood each other. But then, as time went on, you felt as though something inside him was triggered, and he suddenly… Hated you. You didn’t know what exactly, whether it was just him or if you had done something wrong, something which you had no knowledge of. Either way, you were scared of losing him.

He never kissed you, never showed any affection like he used to. He barely even slept beside you anymore. Not to mention the sex life was next to none existent. He scoffed or sighed at every little thing you did, things that couldn’t even be considered as annoying. You wanted to ask what the hell his problem was, but, again, you were scared, no, terrified of losing him. You had fallen in love, hard.

B/F/N had decided to organise a trip to the bowling alley for her birthday. Since it was expected for you to wear something casual, you went for the usual: Jeans and a t shirt. Baekhyun dressed as well as he possibly could, and you almost raised an eyebrow as you saw him almost desperate spray himself with cologne. “It’s only the bowling alley, y’know. You don’t need to make that much of an effort.” You remarked. He scoffed and rolled his eyes as he stormed past you coldly. “Come on. We’re going to be late.

You arrived after a very long and awkward car ride. You sigh as you get out the car, him practically rushing into the bowling alley, you trailing after him. When you walk in, you see B/F/N, and she smiles warmly at you both. He suddenly breaks into a warm smile. “Hey B/F/N!” Wow… You hadn’t seen a smile that genuine from him in a while. She chuckles and hugs him, as he holds her almost lovingly. She pulls away. “Hey, Baekhyun. Nice to see you, buddy!” She walks over to you and hugs you. “Hey Y/N. God, Baekhyun, you’re so lucky, she gets prettier by the day!” You blush and look over at him, but he’s already walked off to join his other friends. You sigh sadly, and she raises an eyebrow. “Woah.. Did something happen?” You bite your lip, whispering “I don’t know…” She sighs and smiles at you warmly, trying to cheer you up. “C’mon. Let’s go join the others.” 

“Y/N!” Chanyeol practically engulfs you in a warm hug. You giggle and smile wide - Chanyeol’s smile and positive attitude was definitely contagious. You hug the others, Jongdae commenting on your outfit, saying how nice you look today. “Aw, this old thing?” You joke, winking at him and chuckling. Baekhyun scoffs, loud enough for everyone to hear him. Everyone turns to him and he hisses “Quit embarrassing me, Y/N.” You frown and look at him worriedly “Baekhyun what are you talking abo-” He interrupts you instantly and harshly, his cold, loveless eyes staring straight at you. “You know what I’m talking about Y/N - everything you do is embarrassing. Even the way you’re are dressed.” He gestures to your outfit. “I don’t know why Jongdae is lying to you, that outfit looks awful on you, and why do you act so stupid and flirty with my friends, hm? I don’t even know why I started dating you.” He rolled his eyes, but then raised an eyebrow as tears of anger filled yours. “Well, you don’t have to deal with me any longer. I’ll just take my embarrassing self to someone who actually appreciates me. Go fuck yourself, Byun Baekhyun.” You turn and quickly ran out of the bowling alley. B/F/N gasps and glares at Baekhyun “Are you kidding? You are unbelievable! She’s given her heart and soul to you and you’ve decided to stomp all over them. You are a piece of shit, Baekhyun. Get out of here.”

As Baekhyun goes home that night, he’s in despair. He didn’t expect you to leave him, he thought he wanted that, but he didn’t realise he’d feel this way about you doing it. Suddenly, he felt a gaping hole in his life, he didn’t realise that the person he thought was a burden would mean so much to him when they were gone. He whimpered and bit his lip. He didn’t know how he felt in this current moment in time. Suddenly there was a knock on the door, and he open it solemnly. You stormed past him. “I’m getting my stuff. I’ll be staying in my parents house if you decide you want me again. Though I doubt you will.” You go upstairs and grab a suitcase, stuffing your clothes into the suitcase. Baekhyun trails upstairs nervously, how in the hell is he meant to fix this situation? He bit his lip as tears threatened to fill his eyes. “I’ve fucked up… Haven’t I?” You suddenly laugh harshly. “Fucked up is an understatement, Baekhyun. How dare you do that to me, make me look like a fool in front of all your friends.” He looks down, you were right, you were too right. He suddenly walking over, stopping your hand movements. “Y/N… Don’t leave me.” His face suddenly crumples and he starts to sob. You wanted to push him away, slap him in the face, tell him to not touch you, but you were in shock. You’d never seen him cry like that before. “B..Baek..” 
“N-No.. Please hear me out… I know, I fucked up, big time. I will never be able to take back how I’ve treated you, what I said earlier today. I’m a terrible person and I will never forgive myself. But please… Give me one more chance.” He pulled you close to him. “I will start this again. I’ll treat you like you deserved to be treated, like the beautiful person you are, inside and out.” You practically melt at his words. You nuzzle into him, mumbling “Promise?”
And he did.

{Hope you enjoyed! Thank you so much for requesting! I will continue to work hard♥}

anonymous asked:

I gotta talk about my crush I'm going to burst so heRE GOES she's so smiley and she wears the cutest glasses and she remembers things that I offhandedly mentioned months ago and looks at me whenever she says them and I get the feeling that she might like me but I'm not fully certain bc she acts this way with all her friends and ahhhhh idk man she's just so cute and adorable and I love her so much man I don't know what to do I'm just so gay for her honestly

aaaaaaaaaa i just broke out into the widest grin i’m so happy for you!!!! please please please update me on how it goes with her this is the cutest thing ever

i feel like Luke would act extremely innocent and kept to himself when hes with you around friends and family but whenever you’re alone with him he is constantly touching you, not always sexual whether it be his hands on your hips and kissing your neck to pinning you down on the bed making you squirm and no one would suspect anything because Luke Hemmings is just that shy lanky and friendly boy that your parents love

blue night radio ♡ 151130

jonghyun: wa~, it’s my first time talking about my first love on air. (pause) when i think of my first love i have a few people that i can think of. i don’t know who exactly was my first love (though). there was a girl that i really liked when i was in my first year (of elementary school). we weren’t in the same class. i really, really liked her (though) so i remembered what her school backpack looked like. so, whenever i would see her backpack on my way to school i would run in front of her and i’d act like my friend was behind her to turn back and say: “hey, hurry up~” in order to see her face. i would repeat this and run in front of her again to see her face… again and turn back to call that “friend” who wasn’t… even there. maybe this is what you would call a first love? maybe not. (source: thatcoolcatmeow)


whenever i think about tanaka and noya slowly going from bros to boyfriends i die a little bc like?? they’d probs be such nerds abt it (tanaka especially), like they obv love and respect each other a lot as friends and thinkin about the bro love slowly turnin into romantic love is p much my fave thing?? they’d literally be the dorkiest boyfriends tbh and they’d be so fuckin good to each other?? and they’d be so nervous abt entering that territory but i bet noya would act totally cool abt it so that tanaka doesn’t worry much bc that’s just how noya is u know?? but on the inside he’s like “fuck fuck fuck this is happening what do i do how do i act??” bc like he doesn’t wanna fuck it up he doesn’t wanna lose his best bro bc of this but like he likes him so much?? BUT HE’D JUST HIDE ALL OF THAT FROM TANAKA BC HE JUST WANTS HIM TO FEEL COMFORTABLE AND HAPPY BUT I FEEL LIKE TANAKA WOULD KNOW ANYWAY so he’d just like take noya’s hand and kiss the top of his head and tell him they’re gonna figure this out together and basically what im saying is i need life alert at this point bc i have fallen into the pits of tananoya hell and i can’t get up

Poor Clarke Griffin.

Clarke Griffin has lost so much. SOOOO much. 

Her father
Her best friend 
Her innocence
Her first love (Finn)
Her other best friend (Bellamy’s) trust
Her people
Her second love (Lexa)

Like this poor girl is only 18 years old. She has experienced more loss in the last 2 years of her life (Since her father died) than anyone I know. So whenever people are hating on her or calling her out for not acting “rationally” or “defending people who don’t deserve it” or just being confused, REMEMBER this is a broken child who was handed the weight of the world and a title she didn’t want… 

I feel so bad for Clarke Griffin. 

External image
External image

She was my best friend for 4 years, I loved her with everything I had. Last October I was sexually assaulted by a family member, I didn’t tell anyone for 2 months and when I did open up to her she said she would always be there for me and protect me.

So anyway she started seeing this guy behind my back, not telling me, acting off, getting up and just leaving me with her sister when I was over her house, I could tell I was losing her - her eyes looked empty whenever she looked at me, like I was damaged goods and wasn’t enough. 

The last time I saw her we were planning to go and see PVRIS, she hugged and kissed me bye and said she would see me soon. I didnt see her soon, New Years Eve I spent with her sister, she found out - got jealous and blackmailed me about the assault. That was the last text I ever got from her. I haven’t seen her in 7 months, shes still with the guy she was seeing before who controls who she talks too. She blocked me off Facebook and my number. I found out recently she sold my laptop that I left with her sister. I thought she was gonna be by my side for my entire life. I loved her - more than a friend. I still do. I dont want to anymore.

Dear Joey,
Happy birthday! I can’t believe it’s already your birthday again, I feel like you turned 23 like, a month ago. Wow.

Well I just wanted to write this little not to say thank you. Thank you Joey for being there for me when I had no friends that were. Thank you Joey for understanding when no body else understood. Thank you for being there when I was lonely and sad and making me smile whenever I was down.

You taught me so much about following my dreams and finding my passion and being myself. I first started watching your videos a couple years ago when I was in eighth grade and was just trying to be like everyone else. But you showed me to stand out, to be myself, and to go and find friends that loved me either way.

Joey, you will always have the most special place in my heart. And I’m thankful that when YouTube is just a memory and you’re retired from your career in acting (you’re going places!) that I’ll be able to look back on all those days I spent wasting my time on the Internet, and smile.
Because I wouldn’t have it any other way.

So I don’t want this little note to become and entire essay so I’ll wrap it up.
Thank you so so so so much Joey,
I hope you have the most wonderful birthday ever.

Much love,