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All Night (Live) - Brad Simpson & Matoma

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Name: Anna
Age: 15
Country: Russia

Hello. I am Anna. I wanna find a pen pal just for talking.

I love reading, watching movies and TV series ( especially comedies & sitcoms) and listening to music (twenty øne piløts, the Beatles, nirvana, blur, Lana Del Rey, oasis, FOB, classic music and other— I am any-music lover).

Also I like to study world history and science.

I adore GOOD jokes and memes.

I am the best adviser.

We can discuss everything that I listed.


I’m waiting.

Preferences: 15+

I haven’t special preferences.

  • me: i love trying new things!
  • other person: ooh, here, try this new thing!
  • me: oh.... no thanks.... *goes back to my favorite thing*
Ship 01: Annon

Could I have a ship please and thank you? I’m female, 15, 5'6", and I have shoulder length black hair and greenish grey eyes. I have super pale skin an a few feckless across my nose. I love reading, listening to music, drawing, and watching tv. I’m pretty quiet most of the time and don’t like big crowds, and I also don’t like talking to people I don’t know and I have a hard time trusting people, but once you get to know me I’m funny, sweet, and sometimes sarcastic. Hope you have a great day

Male Ship:

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Theon didn’t believe it possible but there you were and his heart stopped. It had been only a second but you intrigued him.

How could the niece of Tyrion Lannister be so shy?

It was, believe it or not, you who made the first move, him being to insecure to talk, and with an extra push from your Uncle, you two began courting.

You and Theon are very alike and this can cause some complications in the relationship but at the same time, it pulls you tighter together.

Female Ship:

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You and Dany met in Season 5 and instantly clicked. You defended her and she you, even her children loved you. She is a bit over protective and lives in fear of loosing you, but she is committed and kind to you, caring about you non- stop.  The only thing that really drifted you two apart was your difficult past. That’s were your personality is different from hers.

While she is often to busy to share your hobbies, she adores watching you doodle or something in your freetime.

Your relationship is kept a secret from everyone but your Uncle who found out in… Well…. Let’s just say he found out and ran.

You are very passionate lovers. Literally it was love at first words. You guys are like soulmates.


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Your eyes told me the story at first, then again with mentions of freckles, and finally when you said you were sarcastic I knew you were a member of House Lannister, but in my mind, perhaps you were the true born child of Robert and Cersei. This being said, Cersei made sure you wouldn’t be a problem and fostered you off to Vale when you were eight. Lysa Arryn “raised” you and helped take care of Robin. After the death of her husband, Lysa sent you home, where you for the first time met your baby brother Tommen.

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You are born between Mycrella and Joffrey, second eldest.


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Robert adores you. It is clear you are possibly his only child, but that’s not why: he adores your personality and is very over protective of you. He writes you often and will send you home at least twice a year, usually at least four times.


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Your mother was honestly terrified of you and wasn’t afraid to show it. When you survived infancy, it meant that Robert not only had a true born heir, but now there was prof that her children could be bastards or worse, children of incest. This being said, she does care in a strange way, she just cares about her other children more and will try to separate you from them (spoiler: it doesn’t work). She writes once a year, just to inform you of life in the capital.


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  He’s a brat to you, extremely over protective, and is very jealous of your relationship with your guys’ father. Joffrey with you is very bipolar. He cares and will show it sometimes but he also is pretty crude to you as well. Deep down however, you are one of few (or only) he cares for. He wrote to you at least twice a year while you were gone.


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Your baby sister was so little when you were fostered off she did not even remember having an older. Upon finding out she would write to you CONSTANTLY (more than your father) and would never leave your side when you got home. When she was sent to Drone, her writing became even more frequent and she even picked up your enjoyment of drawing. She is defiantly of your best friends, but I’m not gonna count it because she’s family.


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Much like you did with little Robin, you were a really big part of Tommen’s life and you two clicked as soon as you met. You being shy and him being hidden from the world, he spent a lot of time by your side while you listened to music, reading, drew, and played with his cat together. He confides in you and you in him. He is one of two males beside your father that you are the closest to. He would be one of your best friends.


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Though a little more compassionate than his twin, your uncle shared your moms fears. However he did care about you dearly and worried for you. He wrote twice a year.


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To say that you and Tyrion were close would be an understatement. You constant stood up for him whether he was present or not even though you are shy and he you, though you didn’t really need it. He broke you out a the Landing with him to protect you! By far you are his favorite out of the children of his sister. He would give his life for you.


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He doesn’t care all that much until he sees your face. Then he knows you are a threat to his family.


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She tolerated you and appreciated (and despised) your relationship with her son. As soon as Jon was killed, she sent you home without hesitation.

Jon or Jonh:

He never got to know you, but you knew a lot about him and mourned his death dearly.


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  You saved me (and my mom) a TON of pain and suffering by stopping this boys annoying and childish habits. You pulled him from his mother and taught him how to be proper but most importantly, kind. He looks up to you and misses you dearly when his mother sends you home.

Best Male Friend:

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You had only met the boy a few times, but you tried to write to him.  You never expected him to ever write back. He did only once, to thank you. Telling you that you had helped him through a hard part of his life and filled you in, begging you to continue, but he wouldn’t be able to reply for another year, only being able to do so because of his friend Sam.

  Best Female Friend:

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Funny, how you love the girl who want to run Needle through you is the one girl you admire the most. She was a true warrior and kind at the same time. Beautiful, selfless. Everything you wished you be but couldn’t because of your position. You hoped one day to meet again.

Season/ Book you are introduced:

Season 1, Episode 2.

 A Game of Thrones by George RR Martain.


Nah you are still alive and well.

Last we saw you on the show, you were on your way home with your Uncle and the Queen, ready to over throw your mother. Though… Be careful in battle… You are a fan favorite and we don’t want to loose you yet.

  Last we saw you in the book, you are being consulted by Tyrion while you fear for the fate of your little siblings and contemplate if you should go and see your sister or not.

ID #46288

Name: Nataly
Age: 21
Country: Russia

My name is Natasha, I’m from Russia. I am 21 years old. I like to draw, take pictures of the sky, make bracelets, stickers, soap. I really love cats, sweets, watch TV shows and movies, listen to music, read books, drink tea in the evenings, collect cute things, bells. My favorite colors are purple, mint, black and white. I would like to have friends all over the world! Your gender does not matter, age too. We can tell something to each other, send postcards, some little things, share a playlist for the season of the year. I will be very happy if you want to talk with me ^^ I also love anime ~

Preferences: I prefer writing through snail mail, but If you want, we can chat online

Hello studyblr world!

I want to introduce myself to all of you, knowing facts about me you’ll probably connect easily to me.

Why I started this blog:

I wanted a place where I could:

  • reblog pictures or post pictures myself about school, since it takes up so much time from my life ;)
  • motivate myself and others through the posts
  • meet people who also attend high school (or uni)
  • have tips for studying 

Basic facts:

My name is Elisa, you can call me Liz

I’m 17

I come from Italy (which has other cities besides Milan and Rome)

I attend the ‘liceo linguistico’, which means I study languages, and I’m at the third year (corresponds to a junior in American High School)

Keep reading

Wait For It
Leslie Odom, Jr. & Original Broadway Cast of Hamilton

This song is precios! Actually I adore all Musical’s songs. I hope I’ll have opportunity to see “Hamilton” with my own eyes. Truth about me is I love musicals so much so I would watch all favorite movies and tv-shows at musicals version ahahah and live in musical world. Lol. Yup, that’s me.


Lucy | 15 | Gay 🌈🏳🌈🏳
• I’m looking for friends or even something more, because I need more gay people in my life.
• I love everything about music and theatre❤🎵
• I also watch a lot of gay TV shows 🎥
• Space is my home (especially at nights lol)🌠
• Please talk to me, I love talking to people.

Tumblr: @taylaw13 or taylaw13.tumblr.com
Twitter: @LucyPokorna11
Snapchat: lucy.taylaw
Instagram: lucy_taylaw13

ID #16336

Name: Martha
Age: 21
Country: UK

Hi! I’m looking for some new friends to exchange letters/postcards etc with. I’m currently entering my final year of university and I study Chemistry. In terms of interests, I spend most of my free time online, watching TV or listening to music. I also love travelling (my dream trip would be to visit Japan or Australia one day) so it’d be cool to talk to some people outside of the UK although if you’re from the UK that’s fine too!
TV: I’m currently watching OITNB and Scorpion as well as Steven Universe and I also watch Supernatural, Sense8, the X-files and loads of others! I’m also slowly getting into anime and am currently watching Attack on Titan (I recently finished Death Parade which I loved!).
Music: I listen to a range of music - anything from Ed Sheeran to Kanye West. In particular, I like Frank Ocean and bands like Marianas Trench and Circa Waves. I also still listen to a lot of the music I liked as a teen so MCR, FOB etc.
Other: I really enjoy watching Youtube, mostly Dan and Phil but also KickThePJ, Sprinkleofglitter and AnthonyPadilla. I also love to play videogames especially retro ones and am currently spending a stupid amount of time working through the Crash Bandicoot remake! I also play Guild Wars 2 and games like the Uncharted and Mass Effect series’.

Preferences: Someone 18+, I’m up for chatting with anyone regardless of gender, sexuality or location. I’d prefer to talk via snail mail although if you’d rather talk via Tumblr/email/skype first then that’s cool too.

Be my friend

Hey you, yeah you! Talk to me and be my friend 😊 if you need a friend, which I do. It would be nice to have internet friends, I’ve never done this before so I’m kind of nervous!!

About me:

• I love Game of thrones

• I’m funny

• I would marry memes if I could ♥️

• I spend 90% of my week watching tv shows

• I love all kinds of music

• I’m obsessed with Audrey Hepburn

• I’m very relatable and get along with all kinds of people

• I love makeup and boys and girls ♥️

So if you still want to be my friend and want to know more about me then talk to me!!please I would be so happy 😊😀😀

LOVE YOU ♥️♥️♥️

Studyblr Introduction!

Decided to start a studyblr, @stressences! I’m hoping that this process will help me improve my organizational skills and motivation towards school. Big shout out to @noodledesk for the encouragement ♡

About me:

Sports are a big part of my life. I play basketball, touch football, and ultimate and I’ve been known to dabble in badminton, tennis, swimming, softball, and ringette

I love to draw - you can check out my art @tallyntallyn

My favourite colour is green

I listen to a lot of music from a lot of different genres

I’m currently really into BTS’s music

I love to read and watch, books, manga, TV, and films. A few off of the top of my head are Justified, Cainsville, The Raven Cycle, Naruto, and Sherlock

I like maths, sciences, art, and English

I have two dogs

Current studyblr inspiration:

noodledesk cafeofstudying elienstudies procrastilate thecoffeedesk acadehmic sweetlighttriumph ttstudys minastudying lilsdesk studywithinspo beverlymarshs kolstudies snowystudiess elkstudies lycheenotes 

tagged by @suju-bangtan ily as much as i love the moon and thats like a whole lot um also criminal minds is my jam

One Song:  Flower (You) - VAV

Two Movies: Band of Robbers, The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

Three TV Shows: Voltron: Legendary Defender, Stranger Things, Criminal Minds

Four People: John Hanford, Danna, Jin, Sam

Five Foods: ramen, pad thai, green grapes, soft boiled eggs, chicken

Six People: @hoshimybabe @kaep-jjang-veryjjang @ayoyoungg @capncoups @loudlyuniversallystarfish @notebooksandtea

ID #51485

Name: Ugnė
Age: 18
Country: Lithuania

My name is Ugnė, I’m 18 years old girl from Lithuania and I would love to get to know people all over the world. I love learning about new people and their cultures so I hope I can find some long-distance friends.
I speak Lithuanian, English and can hold a conversation in German. I’ll be going to my final year of highschool and after that I hope to take a year for myself to travel, enjoy myself and grow as person, and maybe study something later on.
I am into music /I’m particulalry fond of indie but my music library is full of everything/ and my favorite bands at the moment are Fahrenhaidt, Sleeping at Last, dandelion hands and Damian Marley as well as some musicals. I love watching TV - Rick and Morty, Lucifer, Skam, B99, Doctor Who, Torchwood, some anime, Studio Ghibli, Marvel and Harry Potter. I love reading, long conversations, tea, makeup, taking walks and napping.
I love discussing anything and everything and learning about new topics, so someone who would like to talk and ramble about theories, delve into all kinds of deep questions and just love to share about their day, passions etc. would be preferable!
I’m bi so I would like someone who doesn’t have any issues with LGBTQ.
I hope to meet some new people all around the globe!

Preferences: Looking for people around my age (16-22). All races, genders and sexualities are welcome. Just don’t be LGBTQphobic, racist.
Email or any other social media platforms, but I’m open to snail mail once I get to know you better!


Hi! I’m Anaïs from France. I’m 20 and a university student (English Studies). What I love studying the most are languages. I’m currently learning Spanish, Korean, Chinese and Russian. I also love to listen to music, binge watch tv shows, dance, work out, and read books.

I have actually been following the studyblr community for over 2 years, which has helped me so much at becoming more productive. I’ve only decided to create one now (mostly due to laziness) and, as I wanted it to be my main blog, I created a new account (and I am in the process of following again everyone I used to follow before, and there are a lot!).

♥ Some of the studyblrs I love include: @studyquill, @tbhstudying, @emmastudies, @studyign

I can’t wait to finally be a real part of this wonderful community. Let’s study together!

Hey there! I’m Justin, and I’m looking for a pen pal for snail mail or email!

I’m a theatre major, in my junior year. In my spare time, I write, draw, play guitar, read, and watch a lot of TV. I love 80’s movies, Musicals, Cartoons (right now I’m watching Ducktales), and board games. I’m also learning to sew, and hope for a set of watercolors for Christmas.

I’m looking for someone who can talk fandoms with me, someone who wants to be best friends, and someone who can keep up with my odd sense of humor. Ideally, I’d like to speak with someone roughly my age. @

If you want to reach me, my tumblr is @alcubiere. You can also email me at mtgzarachi@gmail.com. Hope to hear from you soon!

princess-of-the-fandoms  asked:

Can you do my ship? I’m 4'11, female, and I have medium length hair, that’s brown and have brown eyes. I love to listen to music, read, and watch tv. I’m really clingy but can give them the space they need if they asked. I have very low self-esteem but am also very loving. I am also very sarcastic.

@princess-of-the-fandoms Your Teen Wolf Ship is: Liam Dunbar

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You both are the missing piece to each others puzzle. You both tend to be shy around one another, but when it gets down to it, you both know that you are meant to be. He is always telling you how beautiful you are, although you never believe him. He finds it absurd that you cant look at yourself the way he does. He loves everything about you, though he finds your height to be the most adorable. Especially when you sass him while standing on your tiptoes!