i loved watching him even though i hated this movie

auxiliary-love  asked:

Any favorite movies?

Magic Mike. No, uh, shit. I don’t have a lot of favorite movies. I like violent, action packed movies that get you going.

I like a mixture of movies. I don’t really have a favorite. Unless it’s a romantic drama or any kind of drama since Cartman loves them, then I can actually get him to cry out his feelings. He cried at Marley and Me when we saw it the first time, even though he was more upset it wasn’t about a cat.

I like uh, comedies like Ted. My dad got me into that movie, even though I wasn’t supposed to watch it but my fat dad hates it because it’s like family guy.

Disney movies! I really like the princess ones like the little mermaid! I really like Jurassic Park too, because the dinosaurs are soooo cool and they’re not that scary.