i loved watching him even though i hated this movie

-always being his partner in class.

-“go away stiles” replied with “you love me Y/N.

-matching his sarcastic comments with equally sarcastic comments.

-"have you eaten today Y/N?”.

-stealing his flannels and him secretly loving it.

-“I just wanna hug stiles…please?”.

-him sending you mugshots of himself.

-“kiss me…*you kiss*… Again”.

-him leaving you funny voice messages when your ignoring him.

-“Loooooooove youuuuuu Y/N”.

-lots of PDA and everyone finding it cute.

-“Zip it stiles”.

-him treating you like his queen.

-“stop playing tricks on meeeeeeee”.

-him winking at you when he knows your secretly looking at him.

-“can you get me some ….uh…. Lady stuff” replied with “ohhhhhhh that’s why your cranky *laughing* of course princess”.

-always going on exciting trips to places where he thinks you’ll like.

-“stop videoing me!!!!” Replied with “but your too cute Y/N”.

-reading his favourite books and having inside jokes about them.

-“bring some spare clothes to school with you…your sleeping over”.

-treating each other to random things that each other talked about ages ago and forgot.

-“no Y/N you can’t just steal all my clothes like that”.

-him yelling your name across the hall and waving when he sees you.

-“Mmmmm you look hot today Y/N”.

-he always tucks you under the covers and pinning you down when your grumpy.

-“marry me?” Replied with “no stiles were too young….wait a few years”.

-doing impressions of each other to make the pack laugh.

-“you make me so happy”.

-him opening up to you and only you.

-“I can’t sleep” replied with “it’s okay I’m coming over right now”.

-he’ll print if any photos that you take together because you make each other so happy.

-“stop making me laugh!!!”.

-constantly being asked to go over his house.

-“thank you mr.stillinski,see you tomorrow”.

-sleeping over each others house because your parents love him and mr.stillinski loves you .

-“does this look okay?” Replied with"I think you’d look better with no clothes on at all" replied with “shut up stiles!”.

-doing movie marathons and him making you watch Star Wars even though you secretly hate it.

-“1…2…3… I swear to god if you don’t come give me a kiss by 5 your gonna get it”.

-fighting over stupid little things but then ending up with stiles fussing over you making sure your okay.

Dating Harry Would Include...

- Harry not wanting to be affectionate during work.

- Constantly being bothered by HR. Who’s only doing it to mess with Harry.

- Cisco asking you why you like him.

- Telling Harry, “I love your eyes,” Which he responds with, “I know.” A small smirk or smile.

- Calling yourself short and Harry not seeing your height as a problem.

- Telling Harry to “Guess what’s for dinner?” And he smiles already knowing but answers anyway. “Burgers?”

- Making Harry watch romance movies with you even though you both hate them.

- You just want an excuse to cuddle with him.

- Giving HR hugs and Harry gets jealous but then thinks about it and realizes that he’s jealous of himself. And then thinks “Wtf has my life become?”

- You hating coffee which is a major turn off for HR, when you told him the breaking news he left you alone for the rest of the day To:“Rethink your friendship.”

- Which makes Harry so happy that he couldn’t stop smiling that day.

- Harry being really nervous to tell you he’s got a kid,

- And you tell him that it’s not a big deal and not to worry, cause you already knew abut Jesse.

- Even though you’re from Earth-1, you go live with him on Earth-2.

- Wearing Harry’s clothes to work just because you feel like it.

- You trying to cook him dinner for once.

- And failing, burning the pasta.

- Waking up in his bed and trying to go to the bathroom but he won’t let go of your waist.

- Getting into really heated arguments over random stuff, “I said no tomatoes, Harrison!” “Oh! Sorry, next time I’ll watch them make it!” (Yes, you’re talking about burgers.)

- Your the couple that’s not afraid to argue in front of people.

- Sometimes Team Flash gets concerned/Scared when the two of you fight.

- You fight right in front of them. (Sometimes.)

- You both have short and bad tempers.

- Things escalate quickly.

- Sometimes mid-fight Harry throws something on the floor. Which you respond with, “This is why we can’t have nice things!” (This has happened in front of the team, causing Cisco to laugh and try to cover it up as a cough.)

- Sometimes (Mostly you.) will slam Harry into a wall to shut him up.

- It works, but sometimes it backfires and you’re gripping his jacket just right and lean in. Pulling him towards your face.

- Heavy and heated make out sessions.

- Cisco has walked in on these. Unfortunately.

- Cisco covers his eyes immediately and says “He’s scarred for life.” or “He can’t un-see that.” or “Why didn’t I vibe this before?” and then walks out.

- You and Harry both being hard headed so when you finish fighting neither of you says, “Sorry.”

- You just pretend it never happened.

- Harry making you watch movies full of blood and guts trying to scare you, so you’ll crawl into his lap.

- It doesn’t work.

- You waking up early and going to S.T.A.R Labs just to crawl into his bed from nightmares that you rarely get.

- Harry being over protective.

- The first time you woke up in Harry’s bed you ask, “Did we…”

- Harry honestly not knowing what you were talking about. “Did we, what?“He asked groggily. “You know?” You made hand motions.

- Neither of you knows the answer.

- Both have massive hangovers from the night before.

- Teasing him at work. Like slurping your drink… what did you think you, perv?

- Jokingly ask Harry if he can you come down to Earth so you can kiss him.

- Harry not understanding the joke ask, “What?” And you say, “Your tall and I’m not jumping.”

- Harry looks at you questioningly, “You’re not that short. Just four inches shorter than me.”

- “I know I just like messing with you.” You smile.

- Telling Harry that you might be pregnant.

- Harry freaking out. “What!”

- “Haha! April fools bitch!”

- Harry getting made for a few minutes because he wasn’t ready to have another kid.

- Harry telling you, “You’d look great in a short dress, you should wear one.”

- Harry secretly loves your legs.

- Your roll your eyes. “Sure and I’ll ride on a unicorn’s back.”

- Finally wearing a dress but with leggings because of your self-conscious about them.

- Looking through his clothes, and finding a mini pulse gun in his boxers drawers.

- You were like, “What the front doors?”

- Calling him affectionate names to throw him off his game at work.

- It causes him to be a sputtering mess. (Infront of everyone.)

- He blushes slightly, from the attention he’s getting.

- He doesn’t like to admit it but he has a slight praise kink. (Likes being called a “Good Boy”. Seeking approval from their significant other.)

- Which you know about.

- You secretly love it.

- He like when you pet his hair.

- His face gets super red.

- He falls asleep (sometimes) when you do it for a few minutes.

- Telling Harry too, “Talk nerdy to me.” And he responds with, “You did not just…”

- You smirk. “I did.”

- “You know what would look great on you.” You smiled. “What?” “HR’s hat.”

- Harry ignores you for the rest of the day.

- “I was joking!” You groaned chasing after him down the hallway.

- “Not funny.” He grits his teeth together.

- “I was gonna say your body on mine, but I didn’t wanna get you excited at work. So I changed it at the last minute.” You defend.

- You wanting to have fun, “Let’s drink.” Harry: “I’m doing science right now.”

- Pout till he stops working.

- Sometimes you can’t wait so you stand in front of his work till he agrees to go out with you.

- “Do you ever brush your hair?”

- Smirking, “Are you complaining?” Blinks twice. “No.”

- Before you go to sleep in each other’s arms you say, “Sweet dreams.” Harry: “Only if you’re in them.” He kisses the top of your head. Your arm over his chest, head on his arm.

Downside of living abroad - Tom Holland

Word count: 1246

You had been living abroad for about 8 months now. You’ve been home 3 weeks ago, but today you got the news from your mom. You grandmother had died last night. You were heartbroken. You always looked up to your grandmother, she had taken care of you when your parents weren’t home. As you became a teen, your parents started to care more about their jobs. They knew you were very independent, but they travelled a lot, so you always turned to her.

When you and your best friend had your first fight at 14, she gave you advise, and helped you apologize to her. At 16, when your first boyfriend broke your heart, she comforted you. She even called your school the next day, saying you were sick. At 18, she helped you make the decision about college. You wanted a gap year, but because of Brexit everything could change if you waited. The future was unclear, but you always wanted to study in England. She told you to never base life decisions on money. It was just paper. Happiness can’t be weight in paper.

So, you took your gap year in London, where you met the love of your life. At least so far, he was. She was the first one to know, and now she was just gone. There was a long way home to your country of origin, and you knew your grandmother didn’t want you to spend the money or the time on going home for her funeral. She never believed in death. When your cat died when you were 13, she told you, how the soul lived on.

You let your fingers gently touch the ink on the paper, where you had just been working. You had drawn her favourite bird, as a way to say goodbye to her. She had been sick for a long time, so you knew her time would eventually come, you just weren’t prepared for it to be now. You had never been so home struck as you were now. You left the drawing at the table, as you went back to your bed, the heartache taking over again.

It had taken you 5 hours to draw the bird, because you had started crying so many times. Now you were full on sobbing, and just holding your teddy bear close to you, trying to find some kind of comfort, but everything felt empty. You felt like there was a hole in your heart, and it was just hurting so bad.

“Babe?” You heard the familiar voice say, as the door to your bedroom opened. You didn’t even look up at him. “Hey, darling. What the matter? What’s the matter?” He ran towards you, and sat down on the floor next to your bed. He looked up at you, concern filling his eyes.

“She’s gone” You whispered. You still couldn’t believe the words that came out of your mouth. “She’s dead, Tom” You added, as you let out yet another sob. You heard him sigh, and you knew he knew what you meant. He knew she was sick, and he knew how much she meant to you.

“Darling, I’m so sorry” He got up, and laid down on the bed, gently pushing you just a bit towards to middle. He didn’t even say a word, as he wrapped his arms around you, and just held you tight. It was usually all you needed to find comfort, but today it didn’t work. If anything, it just made you even more upset, and you knew he felt it too.

“Love, is there anything I can do for you? Do you want to talk about it?” He offered. I just shook my head. He couldn’t bring her back, no one could. You hated having him see you this way. You were a mess. You knew he hated seeing you upset, and even though you were hurting, you didn’t want to upset him.

“Can we just watch movies tonight? I just need a moment alone first” Your voice cracked several times, but you weren’t sobbing as much now. “Alright darling. Whatever you need” He lightly pressed his lips against your cheeks, as he left the bed. You let the tears flow for a while. You knew she was in a better place now. She was flying free like a bird, like she always said she would.  You gathered yourself, and took a deep breath.

You kept reminding yourself that she was in a better place, that she was happy, that she had finally found peace. As your breathing got steadier, you slowly got off the bed. You were still sad, but it was more tolerable. You walked out of the bedroom, to find that Tom was gone. You sat down on the couch, thinking he might just have went to the bathroom. Shortly after the front door opened, and Tom and Harrison walked in, carrying several boxes.

Harrison sat down the boxes, gave you a hug, and left just as quickly as he had come. Then a strange sound came from one of the boxes, almost sounding like a meow. You shot Tom a look, as he brought one of the boxes to you.

“I got you something” He opened the box, and took out a beautiful fluff ball. “Her mother abandoned her. She’s about 4-5 weeks old. I know you used to have a cat back home, and I thought… Maybe it would cheer you up a bit” He told as he gave you the kitten. She was pretty. One of her cheeks were red, and she had red spots all over her white and grey fur. You could feel the tears pressing again, but this time it was happy tears. This boy was just too perfect.

“No! Don’t get upset! I can take her back! I thought you’d be happy. I’m so so sorry!” He panicked as he saw your tears. You couldn’t help but laugh at him, as you held the kitten to your chest. She quickly clung to your shirt, trying to bite your hair. “It’s happy tears. You’re too sweet, Tom. You really didn’t have to. I don’t know what I would do without you right now” His face suddenly turned into one big smile. “I thought we could call her Y/G/N”

“It’s perfect” You laughed again, as the kitten crawled to your shoulder. “Oh shit! I forgot the ice cream. Oh god, I hope it hasn’t melted” He ran to one of the boxes, and put the ice cream in the freezer. The void you had felt in your heart was gone, and you once again realized how much you loved that idiot.

“Tom, what’s in the other boxes?” You asked, as he walked back to you. “Well. I couldn’t just give you a cat. So, I got a litter box, a cat tree, toys, food and more toys” He sat down on the floor and started unpacking the boxes. “I might have gone a bit overboard with the toys” He said as he turned one of the boxes upside down. Possible all cat toys ever invented fell to the floor, making you giggle.

You joined him on the floor. You forgot all about watching movies, and instead you spent the whole night playing with the little fur ball. Once again, Tom made you forget even being upset. He knew exactly what you had needed, even when you didn’t. How could you have gotten so lucky?

(This could be the kitten Tom got you. I based the kitten on her anyway)

Lazy Day wtht Joe

imagine for @not-a-creativewriter

“Joe!! You said we could go on a date today!” I whine.

“I’m sorry I’m just super jet lagged today can we just stay in?” He asks.

“Yeah I guess, but you owe me a date!” I laugh jumping on the bed.

“Do you want to make a video with me today? And maybe just lay around and watch some films?” He suggests.

‘’Yeah sounds like fun! I’ll go make some breakfast.” I smile.

I walk downstairs and start up the stove to make some eggs. I poor some orange juice in some glasses and make some toast with peanut butter. I put it all on a tray and bring it upstairs to a shirtless Joe setting up is camera.

“Now thats something I could get used to.” I smile setting down the tray giving him a hug.

“I think I could get used to you staying with me every night.” He smirks giving me a kiss. “Do you want to make a video?”

“You and your videos.” I chuckle.

We sit down and put on a tv show while we eat. He tells me about his trip to Croatia he just came back from. It’s been two weeks since we’ve seen each other and we hardly talked while he was away because of the time difference. I’m so glad we get to spend the day together even if it’s just chilling around the house. 

“So would you like to do the innuendo bingo challenge or the boyfriend does my makeup?” Joe asks.

“Um why don’t you let the fans choose?” I say.

Joe agrees and makes a poll. In the time he’s waiting I shower and put on some sweats and a hoodie.

“Looks like they want me to do your makeup!” He cheers.

“Oh my lord.” I laugh.

I gather all my makeup and we head to the kitchen and set everything up in there. I lay out all my makeup and organize things by what they are. 

“Hello everyone! Today I’m here with my beautiful girlfriend (Y/N)!” Joe smiles.

“Hello!” I say. “So what are we doing today?”

“Well it seems to me that I’m doing your makeup.” He responds.

“Ow Joe! Thats my eye!” I yell.

“OhI’m sorry!” He laughs. “What even is this??” 

“Its glitter adhesive, so if you want to put glitter on your eye it will stick!” I laugh.

“Oooh lets add some glitter!” He mocks all girly.

He puts on the glitter adhesive and chooses a bright blue glitter.

“I can’t even open this!” He yells. 

He then accidentally breaks the lid open and glitter goes everywhere.

“Joe!” I laugh.

“What in the bloody hell. I hate glitter.” He moans. 

The whole time we’re laughing and even though sometimes I would get stabbed in the eye , I was still loving this time we were spending together.

I love being so close with him. He’s so wonderful at what he does. 

After we were done, we put on a film and layed around and cuddled and ordered some pizza for lunch. We then moved to some videos for a while but after I started winning he wanted to go back to watching movies. Joe fell asleep on me about half way through the second Iron Man. I played with his hair and continued watching myself. He woke up about an hour later and wanted to start editing.

“Joe you used eye liner in my eyebrows I didn’t even notice!” I laughed as we were editing.

The whole time we were editing I noticed all the wrong things he did and used and I cringed every time but it was so fun. Watching him do what he loves warms my heart.

We moved the laptop from his desk to the bed because it was more comfy.

“Should I go get started on dinner?” I ask.

“Can we have mac and cheese please??” He asks.

“Joe thats hardly a dinner. But sure why not.” I laugh.

I come back upstairs form making mac and cheese with some hot dogs and beer to a Joe passed out on the bed. I quietly put the food down and take a picture.

“I guess doing my makeup today wore him out! So glad my sleepy boy is back home. @ Joesugg “


I hope you all like this! it’s been forever since I’ve written an imagine! 

Preferences # 14: He Got Jealous
  • Brad: I always wonder what was going though his mind, and why he did the things that he did. He always loved to go party and simply have a good time, he always thought that I would be waiting when he returned. I started to get tired of always waiting and I knew he hated it when I went out and partied. If he wanted to play that game well, I could as well, one night I decided to go to the club that he always went to and decided to party like he did. “Whoa, why is she here?” he asked. “Looks like to have a good time” Tristan said. “No way” Brad said as he made his way down to where I was. By the time he got to me, I was already dancing with someone else and the jealousy started to kick in. “Hey, ” he said. “Hey Brad” I said as I continued to dance with the guy. “Hey, Stop” Brad said as he pulled me to him. “Excuse you, ” the guy said. “Yea excuse you, ” I said as I went back to the guy. “Ok, you made me jealous you can stop now, ” he said. “I can party as well, ” I said. “Yea with me, ” he said as he pulled me up to the VIP area. “Brad!” I said. “Just stop! I want you with me, ” he said. “Why? You never wanted to party with me before” I said. “That’s not true, ” he said as he placed his arms around me. “Your just jealous thats all” i said. “Well yea but i love you and your mind” he said. “Im always yours Brad but im tired of waiting” i said. “Im sorry” he said. It seemed like once he got a dose of his own medince he didnt do it anymore, when he went to out i was right by his side and we partied as a couple.
  • Tristan: I always knew how to get my way with Tristan and sometimes that was a good thing, but at times it could be something bad. I also knew how to make him jealous and I loved it when he got that way because he was so cute. “Tristan im going out, ” I said. “Where?” he said. “Out to lunch with my ex” I said. “Wait, what?” he said. “I’m going out, ” I said. “Why with him?” he asked. “Because I want to, ” I said. “Hey now, ” he said as he pulled me close to him. “What?” I asked. “I’ll take you out to lunch” he said. “But i have plans babe” i said. “Come on” he said with a pout. “Tristan come on” i said as i tried to pull away from his grip. “Baby stop” he said. “Stop what?” i asked. “I dont want you going out” he said before kissing my lips. “and why is that?” i asked. “Because i love you and im your boyfriend” he said. “i know all of that” i said as i looked at him. “Please, i can take you out to lunch” he said. “Fine” i said as i looked at him. he grabbed my hand as we left the apartment, i loved it when he was jelouse because he got more adorable.
  • James: he loved to hang out with his friends and I wasn’t a stranger either, I adored his friends so I hung out with them as well. “What we do today babe?” I asked. “We are going to Brad’s pool party” he said. “Sounds fun, ” I said. We left the apartment and walked across the street to Brad’s apartment where everyone was already there. “Hey guys” Brad said. “Hey party!” James said. “Yes a party” Brad said. We all went out to the pool where everyone was at and just started to have a good time. I started to flirt with Connor just nothing harmful just a little playful. “James is so lucky” Connor said. “Yea, I guess he is, ” I said as I kissed his cheek. “You’re amazing, ” he said as he pulled me close to him and hugged me close. “Hey now,” James said. “Hey babe” I said as James pulled I closed to him. “You’re mine, remember, ” he said. “Babe calm down we were just talking” I said. “Looked like more, ” he said. “Of course not, ” I said as I wrapped my arms around his neck. “Just know your mine” he said. “Babe just calm down” i said as he pulled me close to him. “I love you” he said. “And i love you” i said into his ear. “i hate when they are all over you” he said. “babe listen to me ok? no one will take me from you i promise” i said. “i know that” he said. for the rest of the party James kept me close to him and i didnt mind because when he got jelouse i thought he was adorable.
  • Connor: when he got jealous he got more protective and cuter and I just couldn’t help it. “Oh Connor?” I said. “Yes babe?” he said. “Come watch a movie with me, ” I said. “Sure babe, ” he said as he made his way downstairs. We snuggled up on the couch as the movie started to play, he loved to watch chick flicks with me so he didnt mind. “Wow look at that” i said. “What?” he asked. “look at that body” i said. “hey now” Connor said. “he is so damn hot” i said. “what about me?” he said with a pout. “Look at those abs” i said. “Im done” he said as he got up and went upstairs. I followed him and grabbed his hand pulling him towards me. “I love yours better” i said. “Why you saying all of that” he said. “Babe your the one for me i promise that, its just a movie” i said. “But thats what you want i cant be that” he said. “And i dont want you to be that baby i want you” i said. “but” he started to say untill i kissed him softly. “I love you and that wont change that” i said. “i love you babe” he said. “i can dream but i have the real thing in front of me” i said. “Really?” he asked. “Yea really i have everything that i have with you” i said. “ok good” he said. Even though he hated the idea he would still watch the movies with me but i didnt make the comment to make him jelouse anymore.

It’s like having a class the day tomorrow and you still chose to watch korean movies. Anyways, forget it, if it’s A Warefolf Boy you’re watching. Haha! I fell in love with the movie, seriously. I’m speechless. I can’t say anything but just it was totally heart-warming and amazing! I definitely must-see. One of the best. I know that the ware wolf-human love story is so common nowadays but to tell you what, this one is really different from those.

  • It’s Song Joong-ki. No matter what the plot is, I will still watch this movie. Who wouldn’t what that? An almost 2 hour movie full of him even though he doesn’t speak. Like, omg! I am so inlove with him! ♥ 

  • It took 47 years. I mean, seriously? Waiting for someone that long? That must be true love. Tho it just saddens me that they can no longer be together in the end. Totally heart-breaking.

  • “Don’t Go”. It’s when you’re watching and you’re about to cry because of the scene, then suddenly, he spoke those words. I’m like .. “Now I’m really crying”. Haha! 

  • Pushing him away. I know it’s necessary but I still can’t help it. I hate that part. She slaps him then says sorry for hurting him. Aww. 

  • Fuck the Annoying guy. I hate him so much. It turns out that he turned into a psychopathic person in the. Then he dies. Yeah right, he deserves it.

Five words: I just loved the movie ♥ 

Twenty-Four ~ Part 2 ~ Dinner and a Dress

Originally posted by nadinpu

Warnings: Bad Break ups, working, mentions of death.

Pairings: Chris Evans X Reader; Sebastian Stan X Reader

Word Count: 



Chapter 2 - Dinner and a Dress

“That’s all for today people, see you all in two days! Enjoy your break.” The director calls out and I let out a sigh of relief as I crack my neck. “Thank you Ms. (L/N).” He says as he turns toward me. I give him a quick nod followed by a polite smile. “Mr. Stan; we’ll see you in two days, enjoy your premier.”

“Thanks,” Sebastian says smiling brightly. He waits for the director to leave before he turns to me and says, “Alright so today sucked.”

“Please do not remind me. I can’t believe I had to kiss you over and over again.” I say a smirk crossing my lips.

“You liked it and you know it.” He says nudging me with his elbow.

“Whatever you say,” I reply as we walk from the studio to our trailers.

“So you’re going with me tomorrow right?” He says raising an eyebrow at me playfully.

“Do I have too?” I say as I furrow my brow. I had a million reasons why I didn’t want to go but I couldn’t tell him about it.

“It’s just one premier, that’s all I’m asking. If you want I’ll buy your dress and take you out to dinner afterwards.”

“You’re offering me food?” I say chuckling as I stare over at him.

“If that’s what it takes,”

“Alright then fine, but I get to pick the place, no arguments about the price. Understood?”

“Yes ma'am,” He says using his best southern accent making my body quiver.

“God don’t do that!” I reply biting my lip.

“Oh you mean,” He clears his throat before continuing once again in his southern accent, “Yes Ma'am,”

“God you are such an ass!” I yell out smacking his arm making him laugh out loud.

“I know, it’s one of my best qualities.” He replies sarcastically making me chuckle.

“So I guess since you are being so generous with buying me a dress that I assume you want to come along with me to pick it out?”

“You know me so well,”

“Okay but I expect TJ Hammond, not Carter Baizen; alright?”

“Oh I see how it is.” He replies and I smile brightly. “But I guess, I can do that.”

“Good, don’t need you trying to join me in the changing room.”

“You’d like it and you know it,”

“Not the point,” I say as I start walking again.

“OH! You admit that you’d enjoy it?”

“I didn’t say that,”

“Yeah, but you didn’t deny it.”

“Seb, I will kill you.”

“Alright! I’ll drop it.” He says a smirk filling his face. “So shall we go shopping?” He continues holding his arm up to me.

“We shall, and thank you so much for offering to buy my dress.” I say as I loop my arm through his.

“No problem and thanks for going with me.” He replies patting my hand.


After leaving the studio Sebastian and I head to the nearest dress store and after a few dresses I find the perfect one. Even though Sebastian offered to pay I told him that since I was the one wearing it I would pay. We argued about it for a moment before he caved; like he usually does. After that we went back to my apartment for dinner, which he ended up making.

I narrow my eyes as I sit at the bar watching him cook. He was up to something but I didn’t know what it was. He had never wanted me to go to a premier so bad with him before so I wanted to know what was up.

“Sebastian,” I say tapping my fingers one by one on the countertop.

“Oh shit what did I do?” He says as he turns toward me a smirk covering his lips.

“I don’t know; what are you planning?” I say as I stop thrumming my fingers on the bar and lean forward with a raised eyebrow.

“What are you talking about?” He says mimicking my look.

“You, offering to buy me a dress, offering to not only buy dinner but cook as well,” I pause as I look over at the omelets cooking in the skillet making my stomach growl and my mouth water. Shaking my head I quickly turn back to him and continue, “What do you get out of it?”

“I am appalled that you would even think-”


“Alright,” He says flipping the omelet to keep it from burning. “You haven’t been out, really, since you broke up with what’s his name,”


“Yeah him,” Sebastian says shaking his head at me before he continues, “I figured you could use a night out with friends and a good movie.”

“How do you know the movie is gonna be good?”

“Uh because I’m in it?” He says making me chuckle.

“Oh please; let me remind you of a couple movies you were in that sucked,”

“Please don’t,” He says shaking his head. “Or I’ll start naming yours.”

“Touché Mr. Stan,” I say nodding at him.

“You ready?” He asks as he moves the skillet over to a nearby plate to slide the omelet into it.

“Uh yeah? What kind of question is that? I love your omelets.” I say bouncing up and down in my seat.

“What are you gonna do when I get married?” He asks a smirk covering his lips.

“Um I’m gonna move in with you and your wife so I can have omelets whenever I want.” I say as I stand up and walking over to the fridge, pull out two beers.

“What if you don’t like who I marry?” He asks placing the plates on the bar.

“Oh that’s a tough one,” I say as I walk back over to the bar and set the bottles down continue, “Then I guess I’ll just have to endure; because there is no way I’m letting these go.” I point down at the omelets and he laughs.

“You’d live with someone you hate for my omelets?” He asks chuckling.

“Oh yeah,” I say nodding. “Because these are like a gift from god.” He shakes his head at me before he reaches into the silverware drawer and grabbing two forks hands me one. Laughing and talking about randomness we eat our omelets then after washing the dishes we walk into the living room and as he plops down on the couch I say, “What movie do you wanna watch?”

“Anything, although I might fall asleep watching it.” He says letting out a loud yawn.

“If you’re that tired why don’t you go home and pass out?”

“Don’t wanna,” He says nestling down into the comfort of your couch.

“I swear you live here more than you live in your own apartment.” I say as I grab the remote and plop down beside him.

“I told you I like the view better than mine,” He says as he moves to lay his head in my lap.

“Uh huh, whatever Stan,” I say as I start flipping through channels.

As I search I suddenly become aware that he has fallen asleep and I shake my head at him. I gently move some stray strands of hair from his face and turn my attention back to the TV. Flipping though channels once more I unconsciously stop on one and my heart clenches. There on the TV was a guy I thought I had loved but I couldn’t be with. He probably still hated me and it was all over a miscommunication. Gulping down a breath of air I go to change the channel but find that my heart won’t let me. I just wanted to look at him for a little longer.

It had been eight years since I had last talked to him and even now it still brought back fond memories of what we had. Tossing the remote down on the couch beside me I prop my head up on my fist as I watch the movie. It had been one of my favorites and even though he was one of the main characters it wasn’t about to stop me from watching it. As I sat there unconsciously running my fingers through Sebastian’s hair my mind drifts back to a similar experience with a person I thought I had loved.

“Come on,” Chris says as he looks up at me his head resting in my lap.

“What?” I ask a smile covering my lips.

“You can’t tell me you actually like this movie?”

“Um yeah, I do what of it?” I say narrowing my eyes at him.

“The last thing I pictured you as was an oldies girl.” He says smiling up at me.

“Uh excuse you; To Wong Foo is a classic, not oldies.” I say as I look away from him back to the TV right as the style or substance scene comes on.

“Okay but seriously,” He says drawing my attention from the screen.

“Yes?” I say raising an eyebrow at him.

“It’s a good movie I’m not gonna lie, but it surprises me that you like it.”

“Really?” I ask raising an eyebrow. “Why does it surprise you?”

“Well,” He says clearing his throat, “From what you told me about your past, I figured you weren’t able to watch stuff like this.”

“Oh believe me I wasn’t.” I say quickly as a chuckle escapes my lips. “Let’s just say my father was very strict about stuff like that. No drag queens, pretty much anything LGBT related were banned from our house.”

“That must’ve sucked.”

“Oh yeah, especially when your favorite movie was this.” I say as a chuckle escaped my lips as I look from him to the TV in front of us.

“So do you ever think about going back?” He asks and my heart tightens in my chest.

“No,” I say flatly as I narrow my eyes.

“Can’t say I blame you,” He says pulling my hand from his hair and bringing it to his lips. “From what you’ve told me about them I’m surprised you stayed as long as you did.”

“I didn’t have much of a choice,” I say my eyes turning sad.

“Well you’re free now,” He says and I start laughing. “What?”

“When you said that, all I could think of was the little old guy from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.”

“Oh the I’m free at last guy?” He asks a smile covering his lips.

“Yes!” I say my laughing growing louder.

“I loved that guy, he totally made the movie.”

“That he did.”

“Okay, so name something you miss about Oklahoma.” He asks as he intertwines his fingers with yours.

“Oh wow, okay, um the food, definitely the food.” I reply making him laugh.

“Just the food?” He asks and I smile.

“Not just the food, but it is a big factor. I also miss the weather and the countryside.”

“Not a city girl, huh?”

“Oh I love the city don’t get me wrong, I just miss the country occasionally. That’s all.”

“We’ll have to take a trip there sometime.” He says quickly and I smile.

“You’d hate it,” I say as I look from hi back to the TV.

“Don’t know until I try.” He replies making a bright smile cover my lips.

“Then I guess we’ll really have to take that trip huh?”

“Yup,” He says and I smile as I lean down and gently place my lips against his.

Suddenly I am brought back to the present as Sebastian rolls over on the couch wrapping his arms around my waist. I look over to see that the timer on the TV had made it turn off and I let out a heavy sigh. I feel something wet fall down my cheek and I instantly reach up and realize that I had been crying. Sniffling as I wipe the tears away I very carefully pull out of Sebastian’s grasp. 

As I stand up I walk into my room and return with a blanket. I very carefully drape it over his sleeping form before I walk back into my room and climb into bed. I hadn’t thought of Chris in a while, why were the memories just now coming back into my mind? Perhaps it was because of the premier where I would undoubtedly have to see him again. I just hoped he wasn’t still angry.

Will Continue in - Truths and Premiers 

10 Things I Like About You - Steve Rogers x Reader

Requested by estheletic: how about u were one of the women who helped steve out as soon as he got out of the ice (and helped him get used to the world a little after the scene in tfa where he goes into Times Square) and at first maybe he doesn’t like-like u but he likes to visit u when he’s feeling lost (which is often) so that u can keep him company and introduce him to modern things like movies, music, books, tech, social media, etc. and u think he’s gorgeous but u don’t wanna push it further than professional/friendly bc u know he’s already vulnerable but he starts falling in love with u

Everything had to be perfect. You’d cleaned your apartment top to bottom and set out enough modern day snacks that the only way to finish them all tonight is if you just spent the entire night with Steve eating them. He was coming over tonight with a newly acquired list of films he wanted to watch.

It had been rather hard to organise a day for the two of you to just spend time together, you were busy doing missions for Shield when he was free and he was just always doing something for the Avengers or Shield. But that didn’t stop the two of you from constantly trying your hardest to sort something out, because before he’d joined Shield and the Avengers, Steve had been your friend.

You were one of the nurses who’d been there when Steve woke up. You remember your first meeting, which had not gone as well as you planned. Then again, the whole thing had seemed rather daft to you when Shield told you what they wanted you to help with. You were a trained nurse and psychologist, but you prefered to use your ‘healing touch’ when you were out on missions rather than on just one man. Of course Shield argued with you for about a week and gave you no choice but to do it.

Meeting Steve will always be an experience you’ll never forget. Shield had given him his own place to stay at which was heavily monitored, you had a feeling that he had no idea about all the cameras. Sure technology had been getting pretty good around the 1940’s but you still doubted that Steve would have been able to guess where all the tiny cameras had been placed. You, on the other hand, had to take one look around Steve’s home and you were able to guess where all the cameras were. And yet, you couldn’t actually find Steve.

Panic set in immediately. At first you were going to just call into Shield and tell them it’s their problem now, that way they’d stop giving you these sorts of missions. But then you saw something that got you thinking, a pair of shoes. They were the standard Shield trainers that you’d be given when being trained, and had obviously been given to Steve because he had no other clothes other than the Captain America museum. Further inspection through the wardrobe confirmed his thoughts, he had no other clothes than the ones Shield had given him.

Keeping this in mind, you recalled his file and he didn’t seem like the crazy sort of guy you’d find walking barefoot around the streets which is what led you to believe that he mustn’t have gone far.

And like most of your hunches, it turned out to be correct. You found him on the roof of the apartment building sleeping on the floor with a blanket on top of his body. A sigh escaped your body as you finally got to assess the damage. At the time Shield hadn’t disclosed to you that he was Captain America, in fact, they never even mentioned to you that he was a soldier in his past life. All they’d told you was that he needed to get use to the modern world and they probably just assumed that he’d have told you whatever else he felt he could. They’d also probably kept some information from you so you’d just take the job without asking loads of questions.

You decided to wait for him to wake up, you sat on a box which had been placed on the roof and just stared at him, trying to gouge as much information as you could from his outside appearance. His entire body language even while unconscious told you that he was a soldier, but he held none of the physical scars a soldier would normally have. It seemed so weird and you couldn’t wrap your head around it.

It got to around 10 in the morning when he finally awoke. The reason you’d visited him early was because you had plans for the rest of your night, you were suppose to be going on a date but instead you messaged and cancelled whilst you were waiting for Steve to wake up. He was more important to you now.

Steve rolled around on to his back and began to stretch out his muscles, showing off to you his wonderful six pack which you would come to appreciate very much.

“Hello.” You said in greeting and he shot up, thankfully not revealing anything as he’d had the decency to put pants on.

Steve didn’t seem at all happy to see you. In fact, you’d dare say that you’ve never felt so unwanted in your entire life and it was very awkward to say the least. “Who are you?”

“Y/N,” you greeted, “Shield sent me over. You’ll probably be seeing a lot of me actually.”

“Does that mean I’ll always be waking up with you hovering over me?” He challenged you, but all he earned was a laugh. You liked that kind of behaviour, it was nice and refreshing to meet someone that doesn’t take themselves too seriously, even after being encased in ice for over seventy years.

You shook your head once you finished laughing, “no, tomorrow you can text me to let me know when you’re free for me to come over. But first, I’m guessing we’ll have to get you a phone.” You threw a plastic card at him and he managed to catch it with quicker reflexes than you’d expected. He looked at it with confusion so you decided to explain, “it’s a credit card, can be used in exchange of money. A gift from Shield.”

After that small exchange you went shopping with him, it was difficult for him at first and he looked uncomfortable though he did try very hard to hide it from you. Eventually it became easier for him which you were very glad about. The easiest way to get him out in the world was to go running with him, which turned out more stressful than you thought it would.

It was only after he’d run ten laps before you’d finished running your first, that you were hit with the news that he was a super soldier. You also convinced him to start going for a cup of tea after each run, you’d sit in your favourite cafe and share a fancy bun which was overly priced whilst people watching.

You were doing all these things to help Steve get back into the world, and you had no idea that you were actually helping yourself in a way.

Steve began to depend on you and you began to depend on Steve. He’d come to you whenever he needed help with something or if he just needed to talk, Steve knew that you’d be there for him. And you went to him whenever you needed a distraction, or you just wanted to smile. You and him shared a specific banter that was almost magical with how it could just distract you and simultaneously cheer you up. And that’s why you formed a friendship that lasted even after Steve stopped needing your guidance. It’s why together, you forced the world around you to stop for a moment so that you could have more moments with one another.

He arrived at your apartment building with alcohol, you took the bag off of him as you invited him in and began to set out the drinks as well. Then you pulled out a flask, “what the hell is this?” You asked, admiring the many jewels covering the flask.

“It’s from Thor. Apparently it’s alcohol for God’s, might even get me drunk.”

“Ohh,” you released a low whistle as you placed it out. “Okay, so did you bring the list?” He pulled it out of his pocket. “Great, so, I’ve got all my DVD’s, Netflix and Amazon. So if we don’t find them, well then I’ll just have to pirate them but don’t tell anyone.”

He continued to stand behind the couch, looking at you with raised eyebrows. “I’m pretty sure I only understood half of that sentence.”

You rolled your eyes and stood up, grabbing his hand so that you could pull him into the seat next to you. The excitement to get tonight started made everything else, like explaining Netflix, unimportant. The list from Steve wasn’t very long, which was fine, there were five movies on there and you had that night and most of the next day to watch them.

The first one you watched was going to be Star Wars but you told him that would have to be done another night as there are seven movies needing to be watched. Seen as that would have to be delayed you ended up watching a movie you knew Steve had only put on there because it was your favourite: 10 Things I Hate About You.

Steve was practically an expert on the movie because you’d talked about how much you’d loved it so much. You’d shared many facts you had about it, even quotes it in the odd conversation though he usually never noticed.

That night was also the night you introduced him to your favourite food, skittles.

It got to the part where you got to quote the characters poem and you managed to do it word for word. “I hate the way you talk to me, and the way you cut your hair, I hate the way you drive my car, I hate it when you stare. I hate your big dumb combat boots and the way you read my mind, I hate you so much that it makes me sick, it even makes me rhyme. I hate the way you’re always right, I hate it when you lie, I hate it when you make me laugh, even worse when you make me cry.” As your eyes began to brim with tears at your favourite film moment, you were too blind to see the way that Steve was staring at you. Not the movie. You. “I hate the way you’re not around and the fact that you didn’t call, but mostly I hate the way I don’t hate you. Not even close, not even a little bit, not even at all.”

The scene ended and a tear trickled down your chin, you let out a little sniffle and quickly wiped it away. “Sorry, I just get really into this movie.” You laughed off your emotions, finally looking over to Steve who had yet to stop looking at you. He didn’t understand why he was so drawn to you in that moment, but there was just something about you getting really intense feelings over a movie line that made his heart sore. Maybe it was seeing you crying, or maybe it was the way you showed off your dedication to this one movie by being able to quote it. Whatever it was, it had Steve feelings very strange.

“It’s okay,” he said softly. Then you did something that surprised the both of you, you laid yourself against his chest.

Though the two of you had been friends for a while now, you’d mostly avoided any romantic interest with him because it just seemed unprofessional. At first anyway. You could easily admit that you were attracted to him from the first moment you met him, but it was like some sort of taboo. He was your job, but now you’re beginning to see things a little differently.

You took a break after the first movie to go to the toilet, refresh the drinks and stuff like that. As soon as the credits rolled you stretched out your limbs, feeling very comfortable whilst being pressed against his chest. He was way more soft than you’d thought he’d be, all those times you’d seen his abs you’d just imagined them to be rock solid but he was a nice sort of squishy. “So what did you think?”

“I liked it, I can see why you enjoyed it so much.” He also began to stretch his arms upward, and instead of returning his arm to the edge of your couch, he placed it around your waist. You shuffled so you were laid on your belly, that way it was easier for you to look him in the face but you came to find that you were actually closer than you thought. “So, is that the sort of guy you’re into?”

The question threw you off a little as you’d never expect him to be asking you it, but you answered anyway. “Not really, I don’t think I have a ‘sort of guy’ yet… what about you?”

“I had a type I suppose, back when the war was going on. I suppose now I’m going to have to find a new type though, there aren’t many girls like Peggy anymore.”

“Wow,” you snorted, “that’s so nice of you to say.”

“I didn’t mean it like that.” You sat up to get away from him and he quickly followed.

You don’t know why, but you had this sudden sense of rejection drowning you. It felt like Steve had basically just said he didn’t like who you were because you didn’t act the same as the way girls back in the 40’s did. “Well it came off like that Steve.” Rather than sitting around and probably causing an argument to break out you went to the bathroom to cool off. Whilst you did feel hurt, you also felt like you didn’t have the right to be feeling such things when you’d told yourself time and time again that nothing could happen between the two of you.

Whilst you were in the bathroom pacing with your arms crossed, you heard a knock on the door. “Y/N,” Steve called, “I’m sorry.”

“I’m sorry too,” you sighed, mentally repeating to yourself that you shouldn’t be feeling this way. You moved closer to the door, resting your head against it. “I just took it the wrong way is all.”

The door creaked slightly and you guess that Steve had also placed himself against the door frame, “can you come out then? We’ve still got moves left.”

“Yeah, just give me a moment please.” You were tempted to start hitting your belly, thinking that maybe then the dumb feeling of heartbreak would realise you were more threatening than it was and proceed to cower before you.

Even though you said that he didn’t move away from the door. “Y/N, I didn’t mean it in a bad way. I don’t hate the difference, I was just saying that there was a difference. I like you, you’re different to Peggy but I still like you a lot. I like the way you’re tough just because you are, not because you have to be. I like the way you speak your mind, and the way you dress and how you behave. I like how much compassion you have despite them maybe not deserving it. I like how you treated me the day we met, not like a broken man out of his time but like a friend who just needed help. I like- look, I can’t do this behind a door can you please open it?”

You’d been staring at the door open mouthed as Steve said these words, it was so surprising to you but it didn’t at all feel unwanted. You’d thought that this wall you’d put up had been much stronger but hearing him say these things made it crumble in a second and suddenly all you could think about was having a relationship with Steve. One where you sat down and watched movies a lot more than you do, one where dates are a thing and not running competitions, one where you can cuddle and kiss and just smile.

Your hand shook and it’s movements were slow as you went to open the door. It’s like a part of you was screaming this was wrong because once he was your patient, but that was a long time ago now. The other part of you knew that, and you were thanking that part so much.

Once the door was open it revealed a nervous looking Steve which was a sight to see. His body had tensed up and he kept rubbing his hands through his short hair. “I like you Y/N,” he said, not daring to wait any longer in case his nerves got in the way, “I like like you.”

You didn’t know how to tell him your feelings with ease, you weren’t as brave as him and though you felt like the words needed to be said, fear was holding you back. So you did what you do best, you quoted the movie. “Some asshole paid me to look after this really great guy.”

Thankfully Steve caught on rather quickly, and the smile that exploded onto his face made your legs go weak. “Is that right?” He said, performing the line of Kat Stanford perfectly.

“Yeah, but I screwed up, I, um, I fell for him.”

I love to know so much about him.
I know where he’s most ticklish, I know the specific spot on his neck that he loves to have kissed, I know he can’t resist it when I bite his bottom lip gently, I know his favourite way to sleep, I know he still doesn’t believe me when I tell him he sleep talks, I know he likes to have his hair played with while we watch a movie, I know it’s my fault he chews the skin on his lip because he’s spent three months watching me do it, it’s now his habit too, I know he sprays his deodorant on the same way every time, I know he eats a whole lot, I know how he likes his coffee, I know he really hates it when I grab his butt but I do it anyway, I know he hates his curls even though I love them, I know he used to have his ear pierced, I know his love for a certain city will overtake his love for me one day and I know how unbelievably terrified that makes me
—  I know him (M.R)
I'll protect you.

Anon  asked for a dan Howell x reader imagine where dan is spending a cute date night at the readers flat and they watch movies and cuddle and stuff! Horror movies as an excuse for more fluff! Here we go!

Y/N pov
I stir the pasta as I wait for it to soften. I look at the clock, slightly anxious, as I wait for Dan to arrive. You see, my boyfriend was THE Dan Howell and because he is always busy, we don’t get to spend the night at each others house very often so I was really excited for tonight. We were going to have a home cooked meal made by me, Maybe some wine and cuddles with a movie. I couldn’t wait for the cuteness overload that was going to be happening in around 10 minutes. I am snapped out of my thoughts by a tapping sound on my flat door. I put the wooden spoon I was using on the counter and go to see who it was. I yank the door open and there, in all his 6'2 glory, was Mr Daniel James Howell. As he lifts his head, our eyes meet and as they do I feel my knees go weak as I fall into deep pools of chocolate. He grins cheekily at me and lifts his hand, showing the bottle of red wine he was holding. “Hey.” I say breathlessly. “Hey beautiful,” he greats me back and I shake my head at him, pulling the door open wider, inviting him inside. He enters and I shut the door behind him. I turn around only to become trapped in the circle of his arms. He smiles down and me and softly presses his soft lips against mine. I kiss back eagerly, my arms snaking around his neck and my hands getting tangled in his smooth brown hair. He lifts me up slightly but I pull away as I remember the pasta that was left cooking. I quickly jump out off his arms and run back to the kitchen. “Y/n, what are you doing babe?” Dan chuckles. “The pasta!” I yell as I grab the spoon and stir it around, breathing a sigh of relief as I realise that it was done but not over cooked. Grabbing the colander, I hold it over the sink and dump the pasta in it to drain off. I grab two plates as Dan goes into the cupboard and grabs two wine glasses and  then, using a cork screw from the drawer, opens the bottle and proceeds to pour us both some of the sweet, dark red liquid. I grab the sauce from the microwave which I made before and serve us both some pasta and sauce which looked really good by the way. We sit down at the table in my kitchen across from each other and tuck in.

—— Le skip the eating coz no one needs that shit!  Jk haha—–

I put the plates and utensils in the dish washer and close the door. Dan stands behind me and wraps me in his arms. “Should we watch a movie babe?” He whispers in my ear and kisses my neck lovingly. I nod and let him guide me to the living room. We sit down together and I get the TV remote from the coffee table in front of me. Switching on the TV, I go onto the Netflix (No Netflix and chill you dirt mongooses!) option and press the ok button. As it loads, Dan pulls me against his side and takes the remote from my small hands. I snuggle into his warm body and fit my head into the space between his head and his shoulder. I watch the screen as he goes to the horror movie option and the presses on ‘ring. Oh no. Why the hell would he do this? We both hate horror movies!“Daniel, what are you doing?” “Don’t worry about it babe.” He reassures me as we both settle into the couch in each others arms and the movie begins to play. After around an hour of creepy girls climbing out of wells and TV’s, my head was digging into Dan’s chest, my hands clutching his black jumper, my eyes screwed shut and Dan squeezing me with his face buried in my hair. Finally having enough as samara the creepy bitch once again pops up onto the screen again, I take the remote at turn off the TV completely then curl back into Dan. He cuddles into me more but we don’t say anything. Deciding to break the silence that was suffocating me I say quietly, “Dan, I’m scared.” He holds me closer and nods, indication that he too was scared. At that very moment, the power cut out plunging us into complete darkness. I jump violently and start to shake as panic overloads my system. “Don’t panic babe its okay.” Dan says in  my ear soothingly even though I knew he was scared more than me because it was now dark and we watched a movie he hated. “I promise I’ll protect you. Even from samara.” His sweet words warm my heart and make a giggle bubble in my throat. This was one of the many reasons why I love him. He could make me laugh even in a scary moment and comfort me even when he was scared as well.

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Okay so little side note right here but I actually scared myself making this imagine. I know it isn’t scary and is fluffy AF but I actually went and watched the ring in order to immerse myself and I think I may have shit my pants a little. Samara is one scary bastard! I hate myself but I still loves you anon who requested this! Hope you like it! All the fluffiness for you!!xx

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Thank you, Alan. The Harry Potter generation grew up hating Snape, hating this man who tortured Harry because of something his father did. When we learned the truth, most of us still hated him, but none of us ever hated you. We loved you, so much. You gave us this brilliant performance, you gave us a world that we still all escape to and you loved it just as much as we did. I remember the first movie of yours I ever saw. It was Dogma, I was 8, I was confused, but I loved you. Then I saw Galaxy Quest and laughed so hard I cried. Then came Snape and everything changed. I watch Love Actually every year and even though you’re an asshole in that movie, there is still something in you that mesmerized me. So, thank you. Thank you for everything. And I hope all the angels up there turn to page 394. 



“Santa!” your little cousin shrieked. Your cousin was only 4 but like you, she loved Christmas. When your aunt had asked you to babysit her and your 1 year old cousin, you had gratefully accepted and suggested that you would take them to sit on Santa’s lap, unfortunately in the moment of excitement about spending time with your cousin and going to see Santa, you had forgotten about the date Harry was planning. So when your aunt dropped your cousins off early the next morning, you had no choice but to call and cancel the date with Harry. You knew he would likely be angry and hurt since he had been planning this for a while and had just gotten home from the tour, but sometimes, family comes first. Either way, you were dreading the call.

“Hey Haz,” you said after he picked up on the first ring.

“Hey (y/n), excited for our special date today?” he asked immediately.

You felt a frown form on your face, this is going to be harder than I originally thought. “Actually Harry, about the date tonight..”

“What about it?” he asked confused and sensing your apprehension he continued, “Do you not want to do anything anymore?”

“No. I-I want to go on the date, but I can’t. Well, not today anyways.” you answered nervously. 

“What do you mean you cant?” he questioned.

“I told my aunt that I would babysit my little cousins. I totally didn’t realize the dates conflicted. I’m sorry Harry but my cousin is already here and I have to take her to see Santa later.” you admitted.

“Oh. Well if you can’t come on the date today, can I at least come see Santa with you?”

“You want to come see Santa?”

“Yea, well, I really just want to hang out with you so if taking your little cousin to visit Santa is how I have to do that, then yes. I want to come.” he confirmed. 

This is why I love him, you thought to yourself. Smiling into the phone you told him to meet you at your house in an hour.  

After getting your cousins dressed in clean clothes and pulling a winter coat on each of them, you waited for Harry. He had said that he would drive, so you grabbed the car seats your aunt had left as well as a diaper bag for the baby. When his black range rover pulled up to your house you stepped outside, carrying two car seats. Harry grabbed one from you and plopped it onto his back seat before grabbing your arm and pulling you against his chest. He smiled and leaned down, pressing his lips lightly against yours. “Hey babe.” he said. You smiled and pecked him on the lips before placing the second car seat on the other side and dragging him inside to meet your cousins. You introduced them and watched as Harry warmed up to them and started goofing off. He helped you get them out the door and into the car, but stopped you before you hopped in the passenger seat. He gave you the look, and immediately you knew what was going to happen. You smiled mischievously as he grabbed your hand, spun you in a circle and tugged you into his chest. He passionately kissed you as snowflakes began to fall and landed in your hair. “Ready to see Santa?” he asked smiling. You bit your lip and nodded as you kissed his lips again. He laughed and teased, “(y/n) I know how tempting it is to kiss me, but if we don’t get going you are going to make us late.” You laughed and lightly punched him in the arm before hopping in the car and getting on your way.

The car ride to the mall started off great, you and Harry sung along to Christmas songs and laughed as your cousins sang the wrong notes and danced. The ride took an awkward turn however when your cousin asked, “(y/n) is Harry your boyfriend?”

“Yes he is my boyfriend.” you answered her.

“Do you and Harry kiss each other?” she asked again. You turned around in your seat to look at her, she was smiling and curious.

“Why do you want to know if Harry and I kiss?” you asked.

She shrugged and laughed. “I don’t know.” you turned around and looked at Harry. He was holding back a laugh. “Harry?” she asked again.

“What’s up cutie?” he said looking into the rear view mirror to watch her.

“Do you love (y/n)?” 

“Yes I do love (y/n).” he answered while squeezing your hand tightly and smiling. 

Thankfully, there wasn’t time for anymore questions. You and Harry grabbed the kids out of the car seats and carried them into the mall. You tightly held Harry and your cousins hand, worried that you would lose them in the crowds of rushed Christmas shoppers. Harry carried your 1 year old cousin and pulled his hood over his hair to minimize the chances of being stopped or surrounded by paparazzi or screaming girls. Finally, after what seemed like forever wandering through what seemed like millions of people you reached the line to sit on Santa’s lap. The line was fairly long and you weren’t sure how your cousins would take the wait. 

You and Harry quietly laughed at the kids who screamed and cried while sitting on Santa’s lap. Harry told you about his experience of sitting on Santa’s lap with Gemma while you slowly moved up closer to the front of the line. After 20 minutes of waiting your cousins started getting bored and anxious. They began to throw a fit and cry and you looked at Harry for help. He calmly handed you the 1 year old and picked up the 4 year old. He tickled her until she was laughing so hard she couldn’t breathe and hung her over his shoulder. He played I Spy and gave hundreds of high fives before the four of you reached the front of the line.

When it was finally your turn, two elves helped your cousins onto Santa’s lap. They smiled and a picture was taken before Santa asked them what they wanted. You and Harry stood back watching. His hand snaked around your waist and you leaned your head against his shoulder. “One day that will be our kids.” Harry said in a whisper.

You couldn’t help but smile. Harry was the best guy you could ever ask for. Not all guys would cancel a date to wait in line to see Santa with two screaming kids for over an hour. “Yea.” you answered turning to face him and pressing a sweet kiss onto his lips. He wrapped his arms around your waist and pulled you closer, just as he was about to kiss you again, your cousin came over.

“(y/n) you and Harry have to tell Santa what you want for Christmas too.” she said.

“I already have everything I want right here.” Harry answered while placing a wet sloppy kiss on your lips. “My Christmas wish already came true. I love you (y/n)”

You smiled and kissed him whispering, “I love you too Harry.” The two of you then grabbed your cousins and carried them to the car where they promptly fell asleep. “Thanks for coming today Haz.”

“I’d follow you anywhere love. Even to the crowded mall full of screaming kids.”

“I hate that our date had to be canceled though.” you told him looking away.

“Hey. I had more fun today with you and your cousins than I would have on the date. Well, my date may have ended in bed naked and watching a movie, but this was still fun.” 

You leaned across the seat and kissed his cheek whispering, “How do you know that isn’t going to happen?”

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5SOS Preference: Period

“Can you write on when your dating one of them and you get your period?”


“Luke, I swear to God, if you do not stop this car soon I will pee in your car and you will not like me at all ever again,” you pouted at your boyfriend, who was laughing at you. “I’m serious!” you tried to reason, but you just ended up laughing.

“It’s because you’ve had like four bottles of water today,” Luke grumbled as he pulled into a service station. “I’m going to restrict your water intake,” he teased as you hopped from the car. You teasingly flipped him the finger before hurrying inside and to the bathroom.

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Magcon/26mgmt Preference #1 : When You’re On Your Period

Jacob: He comes home late from the studio wondering where you were since you usually waited up for him. When he walks into your guys shared bedroom he sees you curled up in all the blankest on your bed. He strips down to his boxers and crawls in right behind you, softly pulling the blankets until he was covered by the white comforter. His movements wake you so you slowly turn over wincing in pain as another cramp struck, making you feel like someone was punching you in the gut. “Cramps?” He would question, noticing your pained face. As you nodded he rolled you over rubbing small circles into your stomach as he kissed your neck muttering a sweet “Goodnight princess, I love you.” wow i need a jacob cuddle rn

Nash: Nash hated this week even more than you did because it meant no sex. You guys would be watching friends with benefits when Nash would slowly start kissing your neck and running his hand up your thigh. You would casually brush him off saying that you wanted to watch the movie even though you were clearly more interested in what Nash had in mind.  “Come on baby girl, I need you. And you can’t expect me to not be turned on by this movie.” Nash stated as Justin Timberlake started taking his clothes off on the tv screen. “I can’t Nash, i-it’s kinda that time of the month.” You would stutter, your cheeks heating with embarrassment. “Sorry baby.” Nash would say pecking your cheek, “and besides, I don’t mind cuddling on the couch all night.”

Cam: Cameron would always stay home and cuddle with you while you were on your period, but unfortunately he was in LA for two week so you would have to deal with the cramps alone this week. As you finally got comfortable on the couch with The Notebook in the DVD played, there was a knock on the door. Grumbling profanities as you left your comfy nest you walked to open the door. You opened the door revealing the mailman with a huge box in his hands. After you signed for the package you ran to the kitchen to open the box containing a huge teddy bear and a note from Cam. “Dear Y/N, since I can’t be there for you this week I figured this guy could, Love Cam xx”

Taylor: Tay loved your time of the month or as he called it, “BJ week.” When he got home he would find you in the living room reading a magazine. He would rip the magazine from your grip and throw it across the room kissing up from your collarbone to your ear lobe. “Happy BJ week Y/N” he would mutter, making you chuckle softly as you pushed him on the couch slowly unbuttoning his jeans.

Aaron: Aaron would know when it was your time of the month because you had a calendar with your marked days on it. So the night you started he would run to the mall and buy you pads, tampons, chocolate, some movies and Chinese takeout. When he would get home you’d pull him into a tight hug and cuddle on the couch all night.

Carter: “GET OUT!” You would scream as you slammed the door on Carter’s face running over and jumping on your bed grumbling about how much of an ass he was being. An hour later you felt a hand wrapping around your waist holding you softly. “I’m sorry.” Carter would mutter kissing your cheek. “I was being an ass-“ “Damn right you were.” You rudely interrupted making Carter chuckle. But he didn’t fight with you anymore because you knew how moody you could get.

Shawn: When you came home from school you heard Shawn’s guitar so you quietly snuck up on him listening to the song that he obviously wrote for you. You couldn’t control the sobs anymore so you let the tears flow wow I think im so funny by making bad puns you couldn’t help it, his song was so sweet. As soon as he heard your sobs he spun his head around to catch you sobbing in the doorway of your guys bedroom. “Damn it babe you weren’t supposed to hear this til- why are you crying, you hate it don’t you, I knew I shouldn’t have written this stupi-“ “ no S-Shawn,” you sobbed. “It’s beyond perfect I’m just really emotional right now.” “Oh.” He smiled stupidly knowing what you meant.

Jack G: Your period made you incredibly horny, so unfortunately you had to last through a week of Gilinsky teasing the shit out of you. “Mmmh.” He would groan as you scratched his back under the soft sheets. “Don’t start Glinsky.” You would warn but he wouldn’t stop. “Oh, that feels so good baby.” He would moan out. And with that you turned over crossing your arms across your chest ignoring all of Jack’s protests. A few seconds later he would roll over, kiss your cheek and wrap his arms around you as you both drifted into a deep sleep.

Jack J: You and Jack were having a heated make out session when he started to pull away but you just crashed your lips back on his to keep him from talking, slowly running your hand down his chest to the button of his jeans. Once it was open you pulled his pants until they were around his ankles coming back up to palm him through his boxers attaching your lips to his collar bone. “Stop Y/N, we can’t you’re on your-“ “Shhh baby let me take good care of you.” You interrupted. ”But we ca-“ “ Just because I’m on my period Jack, doesn’t mean I can’t make my man feel good.” You said bringing your lips back to his neck. You didn’t hear anymore protests from Jack that night. i think i went to far with this one

Matt: Matt would come home from hanging out with the guys, but he was still hyper wanting you to get up and do something with him, sighing you would decline all his requests because of your cramps. They made you want to lay in bed for the rest of your life. “Come on babe don’t be a lazy ass and get up and do something with me.” Matt would say frustrated. “Why don’t you leave this lazy ass the fuck alone and piss off.” Matt would stare and you shocked and the profanities that just left your mouth. “Oh, I-I’m sorry Y/N, I’ll jus-“ “No Matt please stay, I’m sorry, I’m just a little moody, cause, um, you know…” You would mutter slightly embarrassed. “It’s ok princess.” Matt you say climbing into bed with you.

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