i loved tyler dancing


The boys catching you dancing to Panic! At the Disco.

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I want to know what you know of grace. I want to learn to be liquid in movement and tender in space. Teach me of fluidity, of passion expressed through fingertips and flesh. Teach me to bow, backwards if I must, to the light above me, around me, and inside me. Tell me of grace, I will listen.

Stumbled on this photo I took in my backup hard drive and remembered how much I loved it.


Imagine being a dancer and the pack always coming out to support you at your recitals. 


This will hopefully get longer with the more request i get sent but until then this is what i have.



AJ Styles/OC- Reader breaks a rule while waiting for AJ to come home from his meeting, but breaking the rules will lead to punishment.
Warnings: DADDY KINK(to the max), spanking, overstimulation, light choking i think thats it.


I Mean What I Say.

AJ Styles/OC/Dean Ambrose- Dean said don’t lose the match for us, yet here we are with a loss.
Warnings: a slight daddy kink, little bit of choking, PRAISE KINK BLESS


An Idea

Alexa Bliss/AJ Styles/OC- Alexa and reader want to get with AJ and he wants to get with them. One idea changed everything for them.
Warnings:I have no chill, light spanking, light hair pulling, this is a threesome, female on female


Make it all better.

Baron Corbin/OC- Reader and Baron get into an argument that leads to Baron showing her how much he was sorry.
Warnings: Arguing(like a little bit, does this need to be a warning,), smut, hair pulling, like a spank.


Skating AU

This was just an ask for a Breezango Ice skating AU and I fell in love with it so yeah.


An ask for Tyler dancing terribly and Fandango showing him how its done.

Plantonic Kissing

When Fandango becomes comfortable with people, well he kisses them. Tyler is the person he is most comfortable with.


Tyler is confused when Becky asked him if him and Fandango were dating.


Phone Call

Chris Jericho/OC- Reader wants Chris to help her but he gets a phone call during it.
Warnings: Pure smut not a lot of plot to it, Daddy kink, Choking for like a millisecond.



Dean Ambrose/OC- Reader skeptically asked Dean a question. He took it very seriously.
Warnings- Over-stimulation(like alot), spanking, a slight daddy kink


Sharing is Caring

Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.
Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.


With a Little Help from My Friends

Finn Balor/OC- Reader has a little problem that Finn helps her out with.
Warning:There aren’t really any, except for pure smut so yeah.


Finn Balor/OC- Seth is friends with the reader and that makes Finn a little jealous.
Warnings: Spanking



Finn Balor/Reader/Seth Rollins- Seth and Finn are keeping a little secret from the Reader and she wants to find out what it is.
Warnings- Little bit of spanking, choking, this is pretty long as well so.

Working Together

Finn Balor/Reader/Seth Rollins- The boys help reader build a table from IKEA and now she really wants to thank them for their help.
Warnings: a slight daddy kink like always, spanking.



Finn Balor/Jeff Hardy/OC: Reader uses the boy’s moves without their permission. It winds up being helpful though.
Warning: a slight Daddy kink, choking, I think thats it


Lazy Day

Jeff Hardy/OC- The reader doesn’t want to get out of bed and tries to persuade Jeff to stay with her. She thinks she did a good job.
Warnings: other than smut, theres no warnings. Like nothing kinky which is a little sad.

NSFW Alphabet

Something I tried.


Jeff Hardy/OC- Jeff and reader were “friends” during Ring of Honor and now they are both in the WWE. A little reunion never hurt anybody.
Warning- not really any, spanking, a little hair pulling.


Change That

Randy Orton/OC- Reader’s day has been long and just wants it to end, but Randy has another idea.
Warnings: Daddy kink(because I’m a terrible person), spanking, choking, just pure nasty


Missed you.

Seth Rollins/OC- Reader took control of the situation, but lost it just as quick as she got it.
Warnings-Submissive!Seth(don’t freak out its short lived), daddy kink.

Take my whole life too

Modern AU, just a sweet and sappy little Bellarke one-shot. 612 words.

AO3: http://archiveofourown.org/works/11065533

Sometimes, he couldn’t believe she was real. More specifically, that she was his. He should really not be distracted right now, seeing as there were still some things for tomorrow’s lecture he needed to tweak to get it right, but could anyone blame him? It was the whole situation. The rain was softly ticking on the window while only a faint yellow glow of the streets down below came into the room filled with small candles. Across from him sat a girl with a messy blonde bun with loose locks that somehow looked perfect, big round glasses, wearing black panties, his favourite AC/DC shirt, and thigh high socks. That was it. That was all she needed to look as flawless as she did.

 Clarke’s eyes were closed as she listened intentely to the music coming through her earbuds. Slightly rocking her head from one side to enother, engulfed in whatever song she was listening to. The way she seemed completely cut off from this world, sturred something inside Bellamy. Eventhough they couldn’t have been dating more than five months now, he couldn’t picture his life without her anymore. Maybe even more important, he didn’t want to. Her determination to reach her goal, her willingness to sacrifice everything for the people she loved, how she always tried to find the bright spot, no matter how dire the situation, he just knew she would leave a giant hole if she ever left.

Apparently she sensed him looking at her, eyes fluttering open. A soft smile formed on her lips, as she took one earbud out. “It’s my absolute favourite at this moment”, she told him, while holding it out to him. He scooted closer to her side of the couch to be able to put it in his ear without pulling hers out, and started to listen to the strumming of a ukelele. Somewhere he recognized the song, but he couldn’t place it.

 Wise men say only fools rush in, but I can’t help falling in love with you

“I love this cover so much. Such a shame there isn’t a studio version.” As they listened for a while, Bellamy started to sway with the rhythm of the song as well. It was such a sweet song, but the way it was sang gave him a bit of a bittersweet feeling. “I don’t know, I think it’s a lot more raw, much more real this way.” The audience was singing along with the singer at this point. ‘Cause I can’t help falling in love with you. There was one guy that shouted a little bit higher and louder as the rest of the crowd, and Bellamy felt chills going down his spine.

 He looked at the girl sitting across from him with her back against the side of the couch, focussing on the music, her knees tucked into her chest, and he couldn’t imagine a more perfect moment. He stood up, bending over awkwardly to make sure neither of them lost their earbuds. Holding out his hand, he looked at Clarke with a smile. She, slightly hesitant, put her hand in his while she returned his smile, with a hint of uncertainty. 

As he pulled her up, Bellamy put his righthand on the small of her back, pulling Clarke close to him. He heard the song starting over as he had expected it would, Clarke had a habit of putting songs on repeat until she got sick of the. He softly put his forehead against hers, and slowly started to move around the room, never breaking contact with her. If it were up to him, they would keep dancing like this for an eternity.

“No More Waiting” - Digital Oil Painting

The Doctor pushed her up against the wall, bracing her face in his hands, his expression dark and hungry. “No more waiting,” he gritted out. “God, no,” Rose said, breathlessly, right before his mouth claimed hers with searing ferocity.

This is NOT a Photoshop filter, every stroke is painted by me.


*Requested* Imagine trying to get Tyler to dance with you

(Sorry that this imagine is quite short, I really didn´t know what else to write tbh. I hope you still like it)

Word Count: 328

Your name: submit What is this?

You are entering the Mystic Grill, getting immediately surrounded by a lot of people because there´s another party thrown in there today. You spot your friend Tyler sitting on the bar.

Y/N: “Hey Ty, what´s up?”

He gets up hugging you tight.

Tyler: “ Hey Y/N, want a drink?”

Y/N: “Sure.”

You both spend some time talking, as you suddenly heard your favorite song coming on.

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