i loved thos movie before i loved him

I got 2 new Amiibo today! Welcome to the family, Tom and Corrin!

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The movie long forgotten, you follow him to your room where he sits on your bed and brings you to stand in front of him, between his legs. He looks up at you with a big grin before saying, "I love you tho much." You return his smile and reply with a quick, "I love you too," before leaning down and capturing his lips in another heated kiss. Rich's hands grab your waist and slowly starts to lift your shirt. Breaking away from the kiss so you can finish taking it off 🌱(14/26)

*looks at 🐙* Baaaaaabe~ I love youuuuu ♥️♥️♥️

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I love my boyfriend with all of my heart, he's got the most gorgeous eyes and he's got the cutest gap between his front two teeth. I love him so much and he makes me so happy, I've been pretty sick the past two days and he's visited me both days after he got off of work and we'll just stand outside hugging for a good ten minutes before we go inside and watch movies together. I'm sorry if I've rambled but I just love him so much and I had to tell someone! -R

i feel you! me @ yara tho like x1 million (i only said this to spite that anon ^^)

((i need to go to sleep but just know the one thing i am absolutely there for regarding the mlp movie

is the capper and rarity ship i joked about before the first real trailer that definitely seems to actually be a thing at least teased.. like.. I WAS JUST JOKING BUT I’M DOWN SHIT

i’m gonna.. ship that… so fucking hard… u have… no idea

i really really love those type of ships.. like.. idk how to explain it but hopefully u get what i mean..

i’m just rly excited for capper in general tho HE’S A FUCKING QT I LOVE HIM he’s gonna be a new fav. loveeee me some con-artist turned hero chars and such..

and the movie

and just

i cannot wait to gush over so many things

also i’m gonna probably crack ship trixie and capper since my beloved trixcord isn’t a crack ship anymore so we gotta fill that quota))

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Honestly loved the movie but I focused on the good parts like the cute ass puppy and Harry being back. I went to see it with a friend and surprisingly I wasn't the one that ended up in tears

I love those parts also and Colin’s acting once again touches the softest part of my heart I mean nobody does helplessly vulnerable better than him. 

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