i loved thos movie before i loved him

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for the anon ship thing.. im a 5'1 trans boy and i'm bisexual! i like to play video games and listen to music like all the time lol also i love dogs and scary things!! even tho horror stuff scares me a lot i still love it... i play the violin so i do a lot of stuff with that too

I ship you with: 2D!

~ You two have a whole lot in common! And that’s not easy to find for him.
~ He loves the fact that you play an instrument he’s never tried before
~ Love for horror will get you a long way with this boy

~ Getting spooked by a scary movie and having 2D wrap his arms around you to protect you
~ Having a video game contest and having to give him kisses so he isn’t sad when he loses(;
~ Playing your violin for him so he can fall asleep