i loved this video so much so i made gifs

★ Hey everyone! I hit 500 followers recently, well, the day ‘Serendipity’ was released, this is why I made this gif for this first follow forever (tbh we were blessed by this beautiful song and video, so I had to)! Anyway, it may not seem much but just think what it would be to have over 500 people around you in a room…for me this is pretty big 💙 I’m so pleasantly grateful and surprised that so many people follow me since I really started this sideblog a little month ago! 

I know that I’m not a big talker (I’M SO SHY and sometimes i’m on anon to spread all my love 😘💙💞 + i’m super expressive in my tags tho lmao), but just a small talk with any of you makes me happy, really. And I’m super thankful for all those who make my experience here worthwhile!   

Thank you so much to everyone who follows me, I love you all, the sweetest followers ever. And also to all those I follow who keep my tumblr filled with great content, and who are lovely as well. My dash is radiant thanks to you, really, thank you for brightening up my dash every day 💙

★ So, below are all blogs that I really enjoy following.
note: this is somewhat alphabetical

italics: favorite blogs/those who inspire me

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★ I’m saying it again but, to the blogs I follow, thank you for blessing my dashboard with awesome content and your amazing soul. Keep going, and I wish you all the best in your life. And I’m extremely thankful to those who reblogged or liked my gifs, and some of my graphics I do from time to time, for all the kind messages, and I’m thankful to have people even following me, thank you. I am proud to be a part of this amazing big family and to stan seven angels who deserve all the love that world can give, like all of you, thank you, thank you with all my heart ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡ ♡

hi! I recently unfollowed a bunch of blogs and I feel like I just keep seeing the same stuff over and over again so I really want to follow some new blogs! even made a lame banner for it. Please give a like or reblog or whatever if you post anything of the sort :

  • Final Fantasy Series - i’m not really picky with a specific game,  whether it’s xv or vi, all good in my book
  • Dishonored
  • Bioshock
  • Skyrim
  • Kingdom Hearts
  • any video games really
  • IF Y❤U MAKE Y❤UR ❤WN EDITS/GRAPHICS  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ 
  • ~~~aesthet!c shit~~~
  • fashion
  • nature/scenery/etc (anime scenery also counts)
  • ghibli
  • sailor moon
  • pokemon
  • art
  • animals (i love caaaaaaaatssssss!!!111!1)
  • food (sweets n stuff)
  • space

Also this is a sideblog and i follow from @articlemokneys​ just an FYI!

thank you so much!  ♡


There’s too many adorable things going on in this gif alone and the entire video just made me very very happy, hehe. ^__^ Also, I am suddenly in desperate need of face Breezango and I honestly think it would suit them perfectly, they’re hardly heels as they are now, they’re honestly too sweet for that anyway!

I fell in love with Mai’s whole “resurrection” scene. Like, it was made so beautifully. I also loved how her hair came in and I wanted to make her hair kindof flow, like it was in the wind.  

In the actual video, it falls down, it doesn’t go back and forth like it is here. But, I love her hair so much that I wanted to mess with the frames and make it look like her hair was flowing.

I don’t know if I like how it looks ( I may have messed up the order of a frame here and there, ) but I think it’s the best I can get xP

Edit: The way I type sometimes can be confusing, so to clarify: I didn’t draw anything. I just switched around and added a few of the same frames from the video to make it loop.

It made a gif from part of a video I recorded, I recorded so many.
I cried and laughed so hard, this guy is the light of my life, no one understands. He has saved my life countless times, I love him so fucking much.

A very very short animation of Kurt singing Blackbird *—*
I love animating things, I hope one day I’ll be doing it as a job… buuuut let’s be realistic.

I’m sorry for that thing in the corner (lol)
I thought that if you want to upload a gif you obviously have to… upload a gif (?) But nooo, Tumblr wants you to upload a video to turn into a gif (????) So I got confused and turned the gif that I had into a video using an app that leaves an enormous watermark in the corner *—*
I’m sorry c’“:

AAAnyways. Hope you like it, I put so much effort into this☆


yoon jisung x tumblr tags

Congratulations on finally debuting, angel!! ❤️


- Mercy comes in many forms.
- You’re confused.
- It’s not so bad Wynonna, up there. I saw Wyatt, and he is so damn proud of you. But I will kill us both before I let you walk in service to the devil.
- If I die they can’t use me.
- Two birds, one stone.
- They baby’s coming. You can save it. Aim high.
- I will do my best.
- Take one out on my way down.
- Or me…