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I'm having a lot of trouble liking Hanbin. After reading about numerous drama-filled issues regarding his family and seeing that clip/gifset of him wailing on Chanwoo and looking absolutely remorseless I just can't bring myself to like him and it throws off my whole dynamic for iKON. One of the biggest pulls for me in kpop groups is the group dynamic so it makes me sad as I love all of the other members and their music. Do you have any information that could make me see him in a better light?

I’m sorry but ‘numerous drama filled issues regarding his family’? Are you by any chance talking about the issue with his dad’s company? That issue had absolutely NOTHING to do with the rest of his family. And we don’t even know the real story behind it. There are only articles that blew shit up and people who didn’t want hanbin to make a debut because of it. That’s absolute bullshit if you ask me. How is hanbin responsible for smth one of his family members did? That’s like saying ‘the bad is in his blood’ but we’re all responsible for only our own decisions and actions and not for other people’s. I only read good things about his family (from direct sources not allkpop and other shitty websites)

Here are just some: 

I don’t know if the scandal is even true tbh. There were no real consequences and he isn’t in jail so idk. But I’m not going to excuse his dad’s behavior now, all I’m saying is that we don’t know for sure if it’s even true. And what’s especially important, it’s definitely not hanbin’s or his other family members fault nor responsibility to stand up for his dad’s actions. 

As for the hanbin and chanwoo issue, I already talked about it when it happened back then and I still stand by what I said. I think it’s not as deep as we think. I feel like it’s a thing that also happens to siblings a lot. They joke around and suddenly one gets hurt by the other so they went overboard with the joke. I just don’t believe that chanwoo feels uncomfortable nor threatened when he is around hanbin. There are too many interviews, too many videos just too much content that proves it otherwise. You can’t judge a relationship by a 10 second clip. You have to look more into it. I also felt uncomfortable back then but now after looking into their relationship, reading interviews and watching videos I just realized that their relationship is just like two brothers and they are super comfortable around each other. Chanwoo feels good around all members and he hangs around bobby and hanbin super often, he makes fun of them, teases them, cuddles with them and he loves them and the same goes for the other boys. 

(they often play games together in bobby’s room)

(info: chanwoo is talking about the fact that hanbin changed the climax lyrics from 5 members to six members on my shoulders)

There is so much about hanbin you don’t seem to know and it makes me really sad to see that people think of him as some kind of monster when he is such a caring, funny, kind, hard working and lovable young boy. 

(he performed despite his eye infection)

(he even posted a picture of himself and the kids in the fancafe)

There are so many more fanaccounts, fancams and other videos I could post about adorable and nice things he did but I can’t make you fall for him if you’re not willing to look more into him by yourself. So I really hope this helped you and that you’ll start researching more about him and maybe even fall for him.

a/n: the amount of schmoop in this fic is making me nauseous

“Hey guys, it’s Tony,” Tony greeted the camera with a wave. “Today I’m joined by a very special guest-” 

Steve laughed from behind the couch Tony was sitting on, making Tony throw his hands up frustratedly, yelling, “Oh my god, this is the 6th take, Steve!” 

Steve appeared from behind the couch in a fit of giggles. “I’m sorry, I just can’t-, ” he said before he was full on laughing again. 

Tony sighed, pretending to be annoyed despite the huge grin on his face. “Just, come here, you big dork.” 

Steve immediately moved to sit next to him, his hand wrapping around Tony’s trim waist, pulling him even closer. “Hi, guys.”  

Tony rolled his eyes, gesturing to Steve. “So, if you didn’t know, this is my boyfriend, Steve, or better known as The Captain here on Youtube. Today we’re going to do something all of you guys have been asking for a long, long, time, even before we even got together actually,” 

Steve chuckled. “We’re going to do the boyfriend tag.” 

“Happy?” Tony asked to the camera. “Now, to be honest, the questions on the boyfriend tag are overrated-

“They’re not really overrated-” 

“But they are questions that are frequently asked,” 

“And quite important to our love arc,” Steve said, nuzzling his nose on Tony’s shoulder and Tony hands went up to play with his hair. 

“Cheesy, but I agree. So let’s begin!” Tony clasped his hand together. “Where did we first meet?” 

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