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Writing Romantic Subplots

Anonymous asked: “I have a problem with the romance subplot. How can I make the characters act like they are in love, not just saying that they are in love?”

Romantic subplots can be the most difficult thing to pull off, or the only easy thing that seems to come together naturally. I know readers can be highly critical of some romantic subplots (rightfully so, sometimes). Most often, when I see there’s an issue, it’s because the reader hasn’t gotten to see any kind of development in this relationship. There isn’t necessarily an expressed fondness, or in some cases a reason to be so fond of someone that they can say they’re in love. Or the last thing is that not enough time has passed to believe that these characters could have made that jump that fast.  

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in light of ryuki’s 15th i’d like to take a moment to say how much i love & cherish kido shinji??

i think one vastly underappreciated aspect of ryuki is how our main character knows from the very start that he’s getting into Some Shit. (not the full extent of it, of course, but enough.)

godai puts on the arcle belt i think with a subconscious knowledge that he’s signing himself up for something in the long term, but exactly what is still basically unclear to him. kouta becomes gaim having heard a vague warning from mai, but with no real concept of what she meant or what’s in store.

whereas shinji is told in plain & simple terms that if he does this, his entire life will change, and he will be forced to fight again & again indefinitely or risk his own death. and yet he makes the contract anyway, simply because he wants to help people. not people he knows/cares about personally, just… people.

he makes the contract over & over in timelines we don’t even get to see. he manages to stumble into being a rider again & again, somehow - someone who wasn’t Meant to be there, who wasn’t chosen/manipulated by kanzaki, someone with no real “wish” disrupting the otherwise perfectly planned rider war.

and yet you can imagine so easily how he might have died in those other timelines, too: protecting someone, every time.

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hi! can i get some (separate) headcanons or scenario for Kuroo, Oikawa, Iwaizumi, and Bokuto & their fem short fencer gf/crush? it's fine if this is really short if you can't come up with anything :) i fence competitively and everyone thinks it's weird and surprising here where i live. thank you so much for the awesome writing!

I have a vague concept of how this sport works, but it’s definitely not something simple, there’s a style and specialized score count and all sorts of things that need to be accounted for.. So I did a little bit of research. Also, I did these as headcanons both because I have discovered my love for them and because I think I’ll be able to get more down per character this way! Please let me know is something is off that you want me to fix, Anon!

Hope you enjoy!

P.s. This is an OLYMPIC sport, it shouldn’t be weird for you to compete in it! Just my personal opinion. Plus, you’re, like, freaking sword fighting. That’s hella cool!

Kuroo Tetsurou

  • Instantly demands to see the weapon she uses (whatever it may be foil, epee, or saber depending on what she’s focusing on - or maybe all of them!) and he’ll want to hold it. He may talk big the whole way up until he gets it into his hands and then he has no freaking idea what to do with it.
    • I mean, it’s a sword. “How do you hold it?” “What’s this thing on the end?” “Why is the hand guard shaped like that?” The questions will just be rolling from him. He’s just so curious!
  • And he’ll want to see her practice or compete. He’ll show up to any match when he can and be there in the crowd cheering - they can cheer right? Not like tennis where it’s courteous to be silent? Even if it is, he’ll probably shout and upset everyone around him to quickly apologize afterwards.
  • And even if he doesn’t know all the rules or scoring system, he’ll attempt to chat it up with her, pretending like he understands everything until he actually does - boy probably goes home and googles every term that was foreign to him.
    • I can see her catching him at one point and just stopping to stare at him with a wide grin, “You have no idea what any of this means, huh?” But he still CARES because she’s so awesome at what she does and he does want to know! It’ll take time and he’ll be a pro in the knowledge before long.

Oikawa Tooru

  • Wants to try on her gear so badly. Doesn’t matter that it won’t fit, he just wants to look as cool as she does dressed in the all white clothing. No, it won’t fit him? Then how about the mask?
  • This dork will DEFINITELY throw that mask on and pick up her weapon to just around the room as if he knows what he hell he’s doing. He doesn’t obviously, but this gives him a chance to deploy his real plan, because boy can be sneaky!
    • Ya know those cheesy scenes in movies where the one gets behind their significant other and be all close to guide them through the stance and motion? Yeah, that’s what he wants her to do. Press right up against him and guide his hands to where they need to be and move.
  • He’ll offer to help them practice whenever he can. Even if he’s not that good and it’s probably more like wasting time than actually practicing, he’ll definitely enjoy being on the opposing end and experiencing firsthand their strategy rather than just watching it from the sidelines.
  • Proud boyfriend also probably goes around boasting about his amazing girlfriend who is badass with a sword and take them all out. He’s exaggerating on the details of what kind of ‘sword fighting’ she actually does, but it’s enduring nonetheless.

Iwaizumi Hajime

  • Immediately begins investing his time in the rules and regulations that go into the sport. Before she’ll even know it, she’s explaining something and he’ll be throwing in his two cents on the strategy as well. He wants to be knowledgeable of the sport as much as he can be in order to help her in any way he can.
    • Of course he’ll support her from the crowd and be encouraging, but - similar to how he is with Oikawa - he wants to support her from her side as well. Help her rise to her full potential as much as he can.
  • Practice is something he’ll always try to be there for - holy shit, I think I’m turning him into her coach - and he’ll watch carefully through the whole sparring match, conscious of every point she gets and the way she gains it. He’ll even throw in suggestions on how to guard himself.
    • Note: he’s not trying to take anything over or away from her by inserting himself into her practice, more like he just wants to be one of the pillars that got her to wherever she goes - maybe the Olympics?
  • Gets so stoked when she wins a match. And even if she doesn’t his pride is just bursting for her that she might as well have won because you better believe there will always be something worth celebrating. He’ll never let her feel as though she didn’t amount to what she was striving for.

Bokuto Koutarou

  • “OMG, you fence?!” He’ll be soooooo stoked and, much like Kuroo, want to have that weapon in his hand RIGHT NOW. Though he’ll be quite a bit more reckless, swinging the thing around as though it won’t hurt anyone.
    • “Kou! There’s a reason you have to wear protective gear while fencing!” And he’d probably go out and get himself a jacket that he wears every time he shows up to her practices.
  • Literally gets so excited about the gear and weapons. I can see them just hanging out around the house and he’s got her saber in his hand or sticks it through the belt loop of his pants to pretend he has a legit sword. He’s such a nerd that he’d pull it out at random times shouting, “EN GARDE!”
  • Precious boy is insanely supporting. Whatever she needs him to do or be, he is on it. She needs a sparring partner, he’ll be on the other end of her foil. She’s nervous about her next match, he’s there in the crowd shouting despite whatever looks he gets. She wants reassurance, he can list every single accomplishment she’s made without hesitation.
    • In turn, he won’t push himself into her practicing sessions. He knows what it’s like to train to get better and he’d hate to make her lower her skill level to face off with him. Granted, if she offers then he’ll be all over it.

I’m sitting in the student union building, and I am really probably not in any condition to write a coherent thought at the moment for many, many reasons but I just want to say - I have to? need to? I don’t know, but I want to –

I have been consumed with thoughts of Baccano! and the Naritaverse at large over the last few days. I say consumed. I likely mean it, too – I write this post for I have been consumed with thoughts of Baccano!, of its world, its characters, its concepts, everything. 

I write this because I have never, ever, been so invested in a fictional series before as I am now. As I have been for the last several years. It has been years since I first was introduced to Baccano! (via the anime, of course, as so many of us were), and I am still here. 

I am still here.

Over the past several days, I have been consumed with thoughts of Ryohgo Narita’s world - love for his world, warm and vague and diffusant. Well, I am always generally filled with love for his stories, but these last few days I’ve been drifting, scattered, buzzing on the edge of conscious sobriety - scattered thoughts of Baccano! and Vamp! and Etsusa Bridge, and so on, so forth, etcetera, to be continued. 

I did say I am probably not in any condition to form a coherent, sharply conscious thought at the beginning. Do keep that in mind. 

I say this: I have never been so invested in a fictional work as I have with Narita’s works.  

Most of us started with the anime. I did, too. It was one of my first anime, in all likelihood. Perhaps in my first ten - certainly in my first twenty. 

And so, I watched the anime, young, teenaged, drawn in by its premise which seeme right up my alley. 

I watched it, and I wanted more.

So - so, I ventured forth, sought out the light novels - the fan translations, of course, for this was long before Yen Press even hinted at a license - and I read them. I read them, and I wanted more

I reread them. I visited the wiki. I visited fanfiction.net, then AO3 - I know I did, I must have done. I rewatched the anime. Later, I’d rewatch it again. And again. Subs, this time, or some time, at least. 

I wanted more.

I joined tumblr - joined it as a language/linguistic blog, one that I have neglected for months but still exists - and while I was reblogging posts on language learning, on Greek, on French, my eye was on the the fandom side of tumblr. 

Of the Baccano! fandom. 

And eventually, I created this blog, agallimaufryofoddments. 

I can’t tell you how much it meant to me - realizing that there was a tiny but vibrant and active community of Baccano! fans on tumblr - that there was a community at all. 

There were people posting fanart, fanfiction, analyses posts, aesthetic posts - there were people who loved this series and invested their time into it - that was astonishing to me. 

And over the last few days, I have been scattered, drifting. Vaguely overwhelmed with how much I care.

Once upon a time, I watched the 2007 anime adaptation.

Everything began from there. 

I read the light novels, read fanfiction, visited TV Tropes. Rewatched the anime. Eventually I’d join Tumblr, and realize that a fandom existed at all.

Eventually I’d become an administrator of the wiki.  Eventually I’d start to write fanfiction of my own. Analyses and speculation of my own. Eventually I’d start to transcribe the audio commentary. Eventually I not only emotionally invested, I monetarily invested. 

And God, what a wonderful lot the community is.  How diverse it is, for a fandom so small. How wonderfully diverse. 

I have never come across a fandom so small, and so, so, talented. The range of interests and specialities across such a small fandom is breathtaking.

There are those like @toushindai, devotees to the 1700s, to Huey, to Monica. To Elmer. To Rosetta, and Jacques-Rosé, to Majeedah. 

Those like @houjicha and @grandpanacea, who champion Firo Prochainezo, he who is “main character-ish.”

What about @lua-russo, celebrator of Lua Klein and Ladd Russo, Goose Perkins and Spike. Or of @birdschach, who celebrates not only them but NIck, lovable and underappreciated?

@vilatile is the one to turn to for Christopher, for Rail, and the Lamia.  Looking for an Ennis fan? @eyes-like-a-gentle-knight has got you covered. @sarcasticdebate too, though don’t forget - she equally promotes Rachel above others. Meanwhile, @thegoldenhigh is forever a spokesperson for Maiza, and @insertimaginativenamehere for Elmer. 

@maitressepatria - Luchino, Niki, Fermet feature the most in her fics and thoughts, and aren’t we lucky.  @pippenpaddlopsicopolisthethird for Jacuzzi, I should think. 

What about Felix Walken/Claire Stanfield? You’ve got @chancellorxofxtrash and @memethighs for major Felix advocates, among other favorites of theres (and among other Felix proponents, I’m sure)

And of course, who else could one associate with Dallas Genoard but @the-youngest-gandor-brother, who is certainly the most vocal supporter of Dallas that I know of. The Gandors, too, are his bailiwick. And if we are to speak of Dallas and the Gandors, we must of course think of @avvos as well. 

Even the Runoratas have a representative - in the form of @hrh-gwen - lover of Sham and the Runoratas, fond of Renee and more besides. 

@lizalaforet - take a guess.  Innit great, though? 

Isn’t it brilliant? 

There are more I haven’t mentioned above - more members of the active fandom, I know, but rest assured, I’ve been planning a relevant post to that for at least two months now, so - so, if you don’t see your url above, rest assured - I am thinking of you, and you will be mentioned in said future post. 

I just had to share my thoughts and feelings now, before I burst. I had to. I had to.  I adore how diverse the active Baccano! fandom is in terms of their interests, adore how the fan content produced as of late - fanfiction, fanart, aesthetic posts, analyses posts, speculation posts, etc-motherfucking-cetera is so varied in content, reflective of the diversity in fans’ specialities. 

I have no idea if anything I’ve written up till now is remotely coherent. It’s likely all rambling, as I tend to do. Babbling is probably the more apt term.  I said at the beginning that I’m likely not in any condition to write anything coherent, and I’ll stand by it. My heart has been racing all day, and I’ve been present but not present, and I have been a functional and emotional mess for the past several weeks, but I really, really, really had so many recent strong feelings towards Baccano! and the time I’ve put into it and the time the fandom has put into it and the diversity of fandom interests and the pot has bubbled over at last.

I’ll likely regret writing this post in the morning for its incoherency and overlong rambling, and in all truthfulness I have not been in the best of headspaces over the last several weeks, motivationally speaking, emotionally speaking, functionally speaking. But I say this: 

I am still here.

And I’ve meant every word of what I’ve said thus far. I have never invested as much into a series as I have Baccano! and the Naritaverse, and I certainly have never seen a small fandom as diverse and drenched in talent as I have with the fan community here. 

Perhaps I’ll grow out of Baccano! someday. (If I live that long for a someday). But for now - at this very moment, it seems impossible. At this very moment, at least, I must acknowledge the impact it’s had on my life. That it’s had an impact on it at all.  That you’ve all had an impact on it. Because you have, all you wonderful people with wonderful ideas and creativity flowing out of you in spades.

You have. 

Thank you.

Here’s a sketch of Alice Angel. She’s a character that’s featured on a poster in the hit new horror game, Bendy and the ink machine. When I first saw this game, I instantly fell in love with its design and concept. Though it currently gives vague details about the characters, I still enjoy the difference in their designs. For those of you who are waiting for some other sketches, don’t worry. I haven’t forgotten and I’m trying to stay on top of everyone’s requests.

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How do you organize your characters? And if you have a lot of them and you're too lazy for profile sheets, what do you do?

i use google docs to keep track of my characters, since i haven’t found anything as useful (i love custom fonts, too, and i can change the color of the page when my eyes hurt). i also take advantage of the spreadsheets for names and family, as well as other important information.

i use a lot of random generators and i compile my vague ideas into a doc for “character concepts”. i especially use this one.

as for profile sheets, i usually go looking for some. most of them are vague enough to use, but when i’m feeling especially lazy, i use this:




Misc Details:

most of the time though, i just have separate documents for my characters. they usually look like this:

[name, gender/sex, age, zodiac]

[appearance details, vague personality details]


- this character is allergic to fish

- they also really like collecting buttons

- they want to garden, but they kill every plant they touch

i do it like this, because even if it’s a little unorganized, it’s something i can just toss in there for later, so i don’t forget. i’m a messy writer. so, so messy.

The thing is I am all for celebrating the fact that Furiosa and Max don’t kiss or share any expressions of attraction and on an entirely textual level the relationship is platonic, but I have to harp on the fact that there is such a thing as non-sexual romantic dynamics whether you’re considering how the characters feel or just the suggestive parallels and structures writers may have in mind when they want to approach something as a love story in the most vague/open-ended way. I rant about this a lot but with Fury Road I just can’t let it go because it has one of the most breathtakingly simple culminations of non-physical intimacy I’ve seen in a while.

The film deals very heavily with sexual assault victims but on the broader level it’s about a society that ruthlessly objectifies and pillages people’s bodies with no concept of sexual/reproductive consent or bodily autonomy of any kind. Max is commodified for his O negative blood and forced onto a battlefield to serve as a muzzled IV bag (in a clever invention of the writing that effectively elevates the sense of injustice towards a non-consenting blood donor by making him also a humiliated hood ornament who could get badly injured at any moment). In the context of a film that charges forward in almost non-stop violence motivated by an insidious war of bodily control, the moment at the end when Furiosa is dying and Max is outright frantic to give her his blood might as well be tantamount to a love scene.

In fact it’s more effective than a love scene could have ever been, because the submission is entirely his. Some hope for a place of good humanity could have been represented by one of the women trusting Max or Nux with her body, but the scene we get feels less forced and more poignant for how unremarkable the event should be: it shows that every little violation does matter, by bittersweet contrast with how freely and kindly these things would be given in a world where more caring could thrive. The fact that Max loses all emotional control here–rushing to share his name with her, probably more vulnerable at that moment than the character has ever been in the entire franchise–only makes it a more powerful moment. After the events of FR he may very well never see Furiosa again, but the scene makes it hard to believe she didn’t affect some kind of change in him in what little time they fought together, and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with finding their little journey romantic, in its own strange purgatorial way.

(ETA: There is, interestingly enough, a piece of early concept art that appears to be where the transfusion scene came from, and George Miller wrote a note next to it describing this embrace as something out of “a post-apocalyptic Gone With The Wind,” whatever you’d suppose that means.)

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  • relationship status: thirsty
  • favorite colour(s): recently, millennial mint green. more traditionally, the ever fashionable black
  • lipstick or chapstick: lipstick!
  • last song i listened to: 2 on – tinashe 
  • top 3 fictional characters: aomine daiki… maybe yukihira souma (truly the level of “lmao fuck u” i aspire to be). every other character i can think of blurs into one big glob of mild, vague, but fond approval to be given the occasional headpat of affection. this question has taught me how to separate the concept of love from thirst. maybe amy dunne from gone girl for being continuously debatable.
  • books i’m currently reading: i put off continuing the drunkard’s walk by leonard mlodinow to read china rich girlfriend by kevin kwan

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I love what some people hate about FFXV

So I’ve read that people aren’t happy with the vaguely gay main party dynamic in Final Fantasy XV. I’ll make this point bearing in mind I have spent most of my time on side quests as opposed to getting too far in the actual story…

So far, aside from a few mentions of girls (don’t know what constitutes a spoiler so if you’ve played you know what I mean), the characters have a really interesting friendship and I think it’s awesome. A lot of people online have construed this as the main characters being gay or, better phrased, not straight. Either way, that concept is brilliant.

If they’re not straight: brilliant! A game normalising something other than straight characters without being gimmicky! What a breath of fresh air. I’m glad it’s vague and not the main focus as all straight media doesn’t make the focal point of the character as “they’re straight”, rather their personality and story and everything else take centre stage and the fact that they are straight comes not as a definitive factor but just as a normal trait like having blue eyes. That’s why I love that it’s vague. If any of the main characters are not straight then I’m glad it’s not the focus as I find a lot of media does in situations where the protagonist(s) are anything other than straight. The fact they didn’t establish the non straight character as flamboyantly gay talking about little but being gay to emphasise the fact they aren’t straight… It is awesome because their sexuality isn’t their defining factor.

On the other hand, if they’re straight: This is also awesome! Finally men can be close, caring, fun-having friends without their sexuality being questioned. Let people be close and friendly without being about sexual orientation. Normalise that too, please! I’m so sick of men being portrayed as rock solid, emotionless and tough people regardless of situation. Finally we can let men be human rather than some crappy societal “norm” that says they can’t dress a certain way, hug each other or be caring towards one another or… God forbid, show any sign of softness in character. Let them be fluffy and adorable, playful friends. Thank you Final Fantasy XV!

Seriously, thank you

What is Moe Hell and why are we in it?

The anime industry is stuck in Moe Hell and I would like to take some time to talk about why.

No doubt, if you’re an anime fan you’ve probably seen or heard of Moe Hell well. What is Moe Hell? Well its simple to explain, due to a list of convoluted rules set by some members of 2chan in Japan. The term Moe was introduced as a way of describing cute girls you want to hug and protect and love. The Rules are as follows:

  1. Moe characters are cute. (Easy enough, very vague and covers a large amount of characters.)
  2. Moe characters are young. (See this is where the concept goes down the shitter really fast.)
  3. Moe characters are innocent. (Now it’s in the sewers.)
  4. Moe characters are quirky. (Not as bad as the previous two but still a problem.)

Moe originated as a sort of hybrid between Lolita(Or in English: Little Girls) and Bishoujos (Beautiful young girls-Young women). They were fully/moderately grown girls that possessed a younger woman charm and spirit. Why did this captivate so many people you may ask. Well its a part of many Japanese (straight)men like in women(Mostly the emasculate ones). See a good chunk of Japanese men like women who are soft and can be taken care of, loud women, angry women, independent women are unattractive to them. (And their treatment of stronger women in media is abhorred, but that’s a matter for another day.) Anyway, the men who are regulars of 2chan aren’t exactly top of the proverbial food chain. So it would make sense that any girl who would be interested in their pathetic asses is fictional. That being said, the concept of girls who were young, pretty and soft was popular among them. They were girls, but they weren’t too intimidating, they would never hurt you, and if they did it was because they secretly liked you and were bad at expressing it. 

Unfortunately, it sold well. Most of you probably heard the term Otaku before, well the term is not something to take pride in. Otaku are looked down upon in disgust, not because their nerdy, but because they’re creepy and disgusting. And because they end up ostracized that they spend little time socializing and end up just watching anime, playing games all day or on 2chan. As a result, this demographic ends up being the largest and most influential in Japan as they spend the most money on anime products. So, marketers did what they’ve always done and started appealing to that demographic. And so we’ve entered, Moe Hell. 

Moe Hell refers to this age in anime where characters are constructed around the concepts listed above. Female characters are made to look younger, more moe, in order to bring in more of an audience. 

“Well how do you make a character moe? isn’t cuteness based on opinion?”

Indeed it is, that’s why the anime industry has employed the usage of general cuteness in order to hit a large range of people.

 Step one is face shape. 

In classic anime a female character’s face is its flat and angular. The eyes are a bit big, but sharp and focused. She has most of her face too.

In contrast:

Look at these things(I don’t care if you like K-on, these designs are ridiculous). They’re so round, the eyes, the face, even the hair is rounded in. They gave them bigger cheeks so that they would look bigger when puffed up too especially with that emphasis. Their eyebrows are lines(except for the one who has that as a physical quirk.), their nose is a dot and they don’t have lips. Not to mention their tiny ass proportions. 

To make them as Moe as possible, they rounded them up, shrank or erased “unattractive” facial features. and made their eyes and mouth the main focus. And because of it, this show is still moderately popular, not because its a good show, but because the characters are cute. 

And when something sells with in easy formula, boy do companies try to cash in. Suddenly this style is all over new anime, why? because if the story is lacking we can at least make up for it with moe characters. Its such a cheap tactic that it is personally offensive. And honestly it bleeds into characters that don’t need moe to be popular. 

This is Rem from Re: Zero. She is a popular character and another victim of Moe Hell. But the fact of the matter is that Rem is not a popular character because she’s moe(sure she had fans immediately because of it.) But the bulk of her current fans like her because of the character development that she has gone through. I have no doubt that even if she wasn’t moe she would be a popular character because of the story. Yet the studio still felt that this style needed to be in the series. 

To Summarize, Moe Hell is a phenomenon created by the anime industry in order to increase consumption from their loser fans when the anime itself doesn’t have the story or characters to do it on its own. Fullmetal Alchemist, Cowboy Bebop, and Naruto are all examples of anime that don’t employ Moe as a draw in and they are some of the most popular of all time. If you want to end moe hell, then I encourage you to stop supporting anime that rely on Moe to be considered entertaining. Reward an anime for the writing/animation instead. 

Also fuck Japanese otaku men.

I present to you my recreation of a piece of GW2 concept art: “Charr Great Wall” by Kekai Kotaki.

External image

External image

External image

Since around 2010, before much about the game was known, I had fallen in love with this piece of concept art and decided I was going to play a character that looked like the Horned Red Knight in the centre.

Now my dream is finally realized, but it was more difficult to put together than I thought.

I started with a Human Male Guardian. The helmet was the easiest part, but the body had to be draped with red cloth from body to toe, with a large metal collar around the neck and vaguely triangular shoulder-pads. The slim, slightly pointy gloves were also a challenge to decide on.

My final product is the Dark Templar Helm, Human T3 Cultural shoulders and body, Arah legs, Reinforced Scale gloves, and Heritage boots. The dyes used are fluff, and lifesblood.

Full album here: http://imgur.com/a/4maTq

Thanks for your time, I hope you like it.




He is my absolute favorite and I have been itching to draw him forever now. I had this sitting in my sketch book, but I couldn’t get a decent picture of it so I just re-did it 8) I need the practice anyway

It took me a while to figure out how I wanted to draw Leo…I was really trying to grasp how I always imagined him when reading. My personal head canon for him is that he has really thick curly/wavy hair that can easily get out of control, and I can see Leo try to push it out of the way when building smart things. I can imagine him using stupid little headbands when working on projects ghuhgh

Also I thought the little mechanic-work smudges would be fun for him…
..and for some reason, I perceived him to have some light freckles. Less for the “mischievous” aspect of his character, but mainly I could see Leo/his close friends not too sure if some of the little spots are freckles or just more small smudges from working. :) I have a little head canon that when he was really small and tinkering with mechanical things, his mom would always be trying to rub at his freckles thinking he had just gotten himself messy, again. TuT

This is just a quick expression study of him.. I referenced Flynn Rider concept art to help figure out some “Leo-esque” expressions, since sometimes he vaguely reminds me of him a bit ;P heh.

Messy messy art/color job, but it was fun to do really quickly <3 lol I originally had no intention of coloring it but whoops
Ahhhh I love PJO characters *u* but definitely MORE LEO ART ON THE HORIZON

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I'm sorry if you've answered this question already, but I was wondering how you read critically (not even specifically for a school, but in general). I want to read more classics and nonfiction, but I want to be able to analyze and think critically on the topics the books speak on. I really admire how you're able to make connections between various pieces of media while reading. Any tips on how to start?

i’ve answered different variations of this question in my english tag! like everything, making reading a critical and active process (rather than one of passive absorption) takes practice and i am by no means a pro at it (i’m not even, like, vaguely proficient at it. i’m still working on it day and night and i still suck but it’s a process and a painfully enjoyable one at that). you might find tim parks’ article “a weapon for readers” helpful for a start!! constantly be questioning everything—when a big concept like ‘morality’ or ‘love’ or ‘the passage of time’ comes up in a book, i start off with basic questions like how is the author defining this concept? how is it influencing the characters’ actions/interactions? if it’s in first person, how much can we trust the narrator? does it even matter whether we can trust her or not? what’s the relationship between ‘morality’ and ‘love’? and etc. 

for connections between different mediums, it’s rly about watching / reading / listening to as many things as you can!! and also about timing. i had coincidentally decided to watch the movie nymphomaniac right before i started my comparison essay on sons & lovers and lolita, so i was able to draw connections between the three pieces. but since you’re asking about in general, that shouldn’t be an issue. i’d say it’s not entirely a conscious process—the process of associating one idea with another is something that just happens. which is why knowing lots of different fields—art history, the film-sphere, philosophy, and even stuff outside the humanities, math, physics, biology—is so important for “thinking” in general. and i’m definitely not claiming to be well-versed in any of this, far from it, but these are inspiring guidelines for my learning that i try to keep in mind!! 

here is a list of “culturally significant” films by euo that u can pick and choose from, and here is a cool site for art history by khanacademy (though i would recommend just hanging out in an art museum and reading all of the painting placards). oh and here is BBC Radio 4′s weekly culture podcast that touches upon many different facets of “culture” and “the arts”. hope this was kind of helpful!

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Hi! First of all I love your blog; you have some of the best and most specific and helpful writing advice all in the same place that I’ve ever seen! My weak point as a writer is characterization. I hear people talk about “character arcs” a lot and I have a vague concept of what they are, but nothing specific. Could you explain character arcs in more detail- if there are different types, strategies for creating them, etc? Thanks!

Aww, thank you so much! <3

Character arcs aren’t as complicated as they sound. In a nutshell, they are the character’s personal journey. In other words, how they change as a person from the beginning to the end of the story, because of the events in the story. 

There are mainly three types of character arcs:

1) Positive Change Arc - the character changes in a positive way. For example, they start out afraid of the world around them and end up a brave adventurer.

2) Negative Change Arc - the character changes in a negative way. For example, they start out happy and cheerful, and end up angry and gloomy.

3) Static Arc - the character doesn’t change at all. This is usually because their personal journey was completed before the story started, so they don’t change as a result of their experiences in the story. Instead, their experiences may underscore or even strengthen who they already are, or they may instead change the people and world around them.

I hope that helps! :) <3

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So, what are your favourite POI episodes?

Why must you torture me anon? :P (I totally love you for this question.) These are in some kind of a vague order, but I didn’t think too hard about their placement on the list.  

1. RAM - This was an episode made purely for the fans. I dare say a lot of causal viewers were completely lost while watching it, but the concept of having an episode told entirely in flashbacks delighted me. 

It was also superbly written and I loved how it tied multiple characters and storylines together, and finally told us the full story of how that laptop got to Ordos. It also basically related everyone in the POI universe to Harold somehow, which I adored. Combine that with Dillinger, Control, Special Counsel, Hersh, Shaw, Kara, the many callbacks and parallels, and finally Root’s appearance in real time at the end, and this episode definitely makes it to the top of my list. 

2. If-Then-Else - I’d been clamouring for an episode that gave us a peek inside TM, and this episode delivered brilliantly. It’s one of the most innovative concepts ever attempted by this show and I love how much thought and detail went into this episode. It was also a very difficult episode to shoot, so kudos to the entire team for that.

This episode was an awesome blend of heartbreaking drama, angst and humour. The repeated simulations juxtaposed by flashbacks to Harold teaching TM were very well structured and written. We learned so much about TM – how it thinks, how it reacts, how it views its assets, how it prioritizes its tasks, how it sees the world. Add to that some amazing direction and cinematography, Harold’s speech about chess just being a game, the simplified simulations, and of course, Shaw and Root’s big moment at the end, and we’ve got ourselves a winner.

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