i loved this song and video

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Hi are you latinx? Im not trying to start anything but I gotta tell you... seeing your last fanart was really upsetting. Mostly bc of how u portrayed lance dancing to despacitio. That's not the only spanish song out there, and it sucks to see that the only time people REALLY hype up latinx culture is when it follows the sexy latin lover trope. Not saying u can't depict latinx culture at all, just be aware of stereotypes. I get that you didn't mean any harm but u could have chosen a diff charact.

Sorry I didn’t mean to step on anyone’s toes. I just love Lance, the song, and the video and put all 3 together >_< 


Okay so I’m back with another Olitz video, it can be a bit heartbreaking but I just love this song so much so I couldn’t not make a video with it; it’s so them, it’s perfect for Liv and Fitz.


So, the first time I heard this remake was obviously on SOA (music video has scenes from the show); but this song is so hauntingly beautiful and made me think of @whenimaunicorn and her idea of serialkiller!Ivar. ~ Ivar is an estranged lover and when his ex is moving on with her life, he kidnaps her suitors and kills them… Always teasing her that she’s next on his list. Unless, she comes back to him. {I’ll always love you and make you happy If you only will say the same But if you leave me to love another You’ll regret it all some day} Read more: Jamey Johnson - You Are My Sunshine Lyrics | MetroLyrics

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When are u gonna post good shits—I mean videos mel????? I'm crying. BTW, do you like touch it or forever in the album???

I was gonna make some but I got sick and I’m not feeling up to it atm :c


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We need your music video cheerleading right now! It would be nice to make it to 15 million by midnight but the numbers are moving so slow.

I think people need to see the kinds of moves they can do while playing the song. Gets people going. Here’s a move I recommend for the chorus:

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Get that footwork going. You want the left foot to hit right at the end of “I love it” *tap* and the right foot at the end of “I hate it” *tap*. And that head swing. Don’t hold back. Dance along!

i love when ppl make unofficial music videos for songs but they use scenes and clips from films i remember watching a mv for nights that used parts from the wolf of wall Street and another mv for u by majid jordan that used in the mood for love

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How about 2D teaching his s/o how to play the melodica?

When making this I couldn’t stop thinking of this video and I’m dying

  • Every time you hear the melodica, you can’t help but laugh because you always thought it was a weird looking instrument and it sounded really funny
  • That was until 2D offered to teach you to play it
  • You agreed but every time you try to play it you always burst out laughing
  • “Love, I can’t teach you if every time you try to play it you always laugh”
  • The first song that he teaches you is Clint Eastwood and surprisingly you got it off the bat (with a few mess ups here and there)
  • 2D is so proud of you, he actually ask’s you to play it again so he can record it and send it to the rest of the band
  • “Well, looks like I’m not needed in the band anymore. You can take over for me!”
  • Everyone is happy that you learned Clint Eastwood so fast and Noodle posted it on her Instagram (with your permission of course)
  • “You did great love, I’m very proud of you!” 

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IVE GROWN UP LISTENING TO USHER OKAY LISTEN LOL I love Usher (more old vs new but still) and Caught Up with forever be in my “I dance my ass off to this shit” playlist. Like lose my shit to this song.

(I also got a commercial telling me Prince Royce is on tour before the video played and I’m in feels)

“And I will cry you a thousand tears
The day you will return
Tonight I swear I’ll stay right here
Until you will return”

“Do you remember me ?” @stripeyworm​ (thanks again for the BG !!!)