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I still wear your t-shirts to bed sometimes and although I have washed them a lot I can still smell you on them. What I am trying to say is I am in love with him now but I will always love you too.
—  m. a.

Id love to say don’t date the boy who you go to museums and rock shows with. Or that writes you poems on the back of paper at work, or paints you pictures when you’re sad;because they’re going break your heart. People with depth always do.

I will tell you though. The experience is worth the chance you don’t work out and well worth the pain of it ending. This is how we live: contrast.



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What are you writing next?

Two chapters of Ride The Storm will come out over the next two days.

Then I need to turn to some products for my work for a while.

When I need to be creative I will be working on two Mad Sweeney prompts I got this weekend, and a one-shot (promise!) of this Modern AU Fake Dating Lagertha and Ivar scene I cooked up looking at the shots from comic-con.

Those Heathen Eyes” is actually still on the back burner, too. It’s the piece I’m trying to be most serious and vivid about so it goes slow.


ya girl’s in a short film

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Hi, I really really love your art! I read you didn't enjoy The Summer Palace that much, and I'm not sure if you've answered this question before, so sorry if you have, but why is that? I just want to hear your opinion. Thanks!

Thank you so much anon~ No, I haven’t answered this before and I’m happy that you’re asking, because I love chattering about this book ♡

Well, I think my expectations for Summer Palace were just a little too high, especially after GBFAS which I absolutely adored!
I was very excited to get answers to all these questions we were left with at the end of KR. How will joining their kingdom work out? Did D+L’s relationship change after Damen finally knows what’s up? What did they do with the child? But none of these were even mentioned…instead, we just got another sex scene which I personally don’t care about, so that was a bit of a bummer. The fact that these things were not adressed also made the plot of KR (which is my least favorite book of the trilogy) look even weaker, because it kinda confirmed that, for example, the child was a very cheap plot device with no deeper purpose whatsoever.
Also, I was outright confused by some parts. With lines like “Laurent had too much pride [to kneel]” or “He loved the way that Laurent kissed, as if Damen was the only person he had ever kissed,…” (although this is actually true?!) we are all back to naive KR!Damen and I still don’t understand Pacat’s intention while writing these lines. Other things that put me off where the Auguste/Kastor parallel (which is just nope) and the fact that Damen still considers certain aspects of slavery as erotic. In general, Summer Palace did not make him look very good haha…

Of course, there were also some things I did like! Laurent sticking flowers into Damen’s hair was always my headcanon and my heart made a little jump while reading. Running around naked or Damen’s inner cinema about giving Laurent a new horse and kissing him on horseback was very sweet as well. But overall, I was just a bit disappointed with Summer Palace.

how am I not meant to cry about the fact that chris doesn’t think she’s a good friend? that girl has backed every single girl in the girl squad from day one like this girl literally left a bus vilde was kicked off and was the one who asked sana to join the bus because she’s just a friendly girl who probably didn’t even know how much that would’ve even meant to sana plus countless other examples like this girl deserves to know what an absolute blessing she is in her friend’s lives and how much they love her not only for being there for them but because of who she is in essence